Chapter 37 The Queen part 2

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Chapter 37 The Queen part 2

"What happened?" Ravenous was confused when Lucien stopped kissing her and made a worried expression.

Lucien was worried about Mia, but he tried to make the best expression he could while trying to explain the situation to Ravenous. "Do you remember that I talked about a girl named Mia? I can't explain how but I know that she's in trouble."

"???" Ravenous was even more confused, but she saw the seriousness in Lucien's eyes and wanted to believe that he was not lying. "Do you love her that much?"

Lucien caressed Ravenous cheek as he spoke lovingly. "If you agree to stay with me, she will be your sister so, and you will have to get along with each other."

The words "Mia" and "sister" in the same sentence provoked sad memories in Ravenous. She tried to forget and focused on Lucien's problems. "We'll talk about it later. Now, about your Mia, can I go with you?"

Lucien was happy that Ravenous offered help before he asked because he didn't know anything about the city. "She told me that she would meet me in a square nearby. Do you know where it is?"

When Ravenous said she knew it, Lucien took her hand and ran towards the door, but she stopped him. "Are you going out only in pants? And it's not even a whole pair of pants."

Lucien couldn't think straight now. He had to try to contain his nervousness as reasoning was much more useful. He ran to get the parts of his armor, which were scattered around the room. Ravenous was solicitous and helped him to wear up the black armor quickly.

After getting properly dressed, Lucien called Oya and Ko to go towards the door. When they arrived at the door, Lucien stopped and looked at Ravenous with a strange look. "Don't care about them. We have to get to the square as soon as possible."

Ravenous didn't understand Lucien's words until he opened the door, and she became surprised. "You must be kidding me!"

There were over a hundred people in the corridor at the front of the training room. Several girls in a row led by Jeanne, Marie, and Anne. Everyone wanting to spy on the fight between the devil and the demon.

Lucien tried to pass them holding Ravenous's hand, but Jeanne held his other hand and stopped him. "What happened in the fight? Where are you going?"

Lucien had no time, so he tried to make his point very clear. "Stupid woman! I know what you set up to me, but now is not the time to resolve this matter. I have to get out of here, and if you try to stop me..."

Oya felt Lucien's anxiety and knew he didn't want to be stopped by the woman, so she roared to help her master.

Jeanne did not expect Lucien to be so rude to her and quickly released his hand. Lucien passed Jeanne, but Marie and Anne stepped in front of him. "Lucien, what happened? Can we help?"

Lucien thought about accepting the girls' help, but Ravenous spoke quickly, preventing him from saying anything. "Don't worry; I'm with him."

Lucien can't help but remember Mia. Ravenous was similar to her because they were both very determined and seemed to dislike Anne and Marie... He pictured what it would be like when they were good sisters...

After Ravenous left with Lucien, the corridor was silent. Everyone wondering how Lucien could have survived the "man-breaker." Anne can't help but comment sadly. "Not only did he look great, but they looked like a loving couple..."

Most of the girls were happy that Lucien managed to "win" Ravenous and was fine for them to have a chance with him. But Marie and Anne were not happy. They look at Jeanne with a disapproving look, and she understood that she did shit.

Jeanne was in shock. She kept repeating confused phrases. "How is it possible?... They shouldn't be so well... Did he tame her? Or did she tame him?"

While the girls speculated on how Lucien and Ravenous became a loving couple, they ran to the square closest to the guild. It was already night as they ran hand in hand through the streets.

Lucien asked Lust if he could try to communicate with Mia by telepathy now. But she couldn't give precise answers.

"As I said, your connection to her is not that influential yet. So you can try, but it is not guaranteed that it will work."

As he had nothing to lose by trying, he called Mia on his mind. "Mia! Mia, can you hear me? Mia!?"

After a few seconds, he heard Mia's voice, but he couldn't hear the entire sentences at first. "Lucien!... I'm listening to you... But how is that possible?... What kind of magic is this?... Where are you?"

Lucien was happy that they were improving telepathic communication. Lust said that she didn't know how it worked, as there have never been cases like this before.

But she thought that he would probably improve that communication by training and developing the connection with the women he put her tattoo on.

Lucien was calmer when he heard Mia's voice. She was also much calmer, knowing that he was looking for her.

The square near the guild was vast and had several trees forming a large garden. Mia conducted Lucien to where she was waiting. A place there were no people around.

When Mia saw Lucien, she ran and hugged him as she babbled. "Lucien, you have to help me! My mom is getting worse fast, and I don't know what to do..."

Ravenous, who followed Lucien from behind, saw when a hooded woman came out of the shadows and hugged him. She assumed it was Mia and didn't interfere in their moment...

But hen when she heard Mia's voice, she was terrified and surprised. Ravenous could not believe that such a coincidence would happen to them.

But now was not the time to think, but to act, because they could be in serious danger if they did not leave that place.

She approached Lucien and took his arm while she spoke seriously. "We have to get out of here now!!"

"Astrid!?" Mia hadn't realized that had someone with Lucien before, but when Ravenous came over and spoke to them, she recognized her friend immediately and couldn't help but be very surprised.

Lucien was even more confused than them. "Astrid? Do you know each other?"

Mia understood that the situation was hazardous and spoke her idea quickly. "I'll tell you everything later, but now we have to get out of here. Come with me. I know a safe place."

Then Mia pulled Lucien by the hand while he pulled Ravenous, whose real name was Astrid, by the other hand, and Oya followed with Ko on top of her. towards Mia's secret location that was the simple harpy inn.

Aria and her daughter, Ella, were very distressed by Cassidy's situation. They knew the whole story and always tried to help Cassidy and Mia.

But they are simple people who had no wealth or knowledge, so all they could do was give a room at the back of the inn to prevent them from being discovered.

After knowing how Cassidy was becoming worse fast, they were desperate as it was not something simple that calling a doctor could solve. The poison in Cassidy's body was absurdly potent, and they couldn't trust anyone to help them...

Mother and daughter harpy waited anxiously for Mia to bring the man she claimed could save her mother.

A few minutes after Mia left, she heard movement in the secret passage in the inn. Only she, Ella, and Mia knew that passage, so Aria approached only to see a strange scene that made her very confused.

Mia came in holding the hand of a handsome young man, who held the hand of a beautiful middle-aged demi-human woman... And behind them came a pair of white tigresses?!?!

Aria was very concerned about Cassidy's condition, so she asked quickly in a respectful tone. "Mia, is he your boyfriend?"

Mia was also very concerned about her mother, but she couldn't help but blush as she replied instinctively. "He's the only man for me."

Astrid expected an answer like this as Lucien seemed very in love with Mia and even said that they would be sisters... She can't help but be worried about what this situation would be like as she was already like a sister to Cassidy...

As the situation was urgent, Mia led Lucien and Astrid to Cassidy's room while Aria and Ella were confused in the hall.

When they entered the room, Astrid ran to Cassidy's bed and started to cry. "Cassidy, forgive me. I still didn't get the antidote... I'm a failure as a friend... please, forgive me..."

"???" Lucien was perplexed and looked at Mia for some answers.

Mia looked at Astrid, crying on her knees in front of Cassidy's bed and couldn't help but be sadder.

"Astrid was my mom's best friend, but we had to split up after they tried to kill us... I'll tell you everything later, but now you need to help my mom..."

Mia instinctively trusted Lucien, but she was also a smart girl and didn't expect him to work miracles all the time. But she saw how quickly he recovered after suffering serious injuries in the battle against Light Empire soldiers. So, she thought he knew some kind of healing magic or had some healing items.

Lucien hugged Mia while looking at Cassidy. The first thing he noticed was her pale skin and colorless hair. She seemed very sick and even a little old but still had many similarities with Mia. Both are fascinating beauties.

He thought of Lust's words about being able to heal her with his body, but as Cassidy was unconscious, he didn't know how to proceed and asked Lust for help.

Lust was already analyzing Cassidy's body and was surprised. Not only did Cassidy have a very high latent power, but the poison that afflicted her body was very strong.

She concluded that Astrid should have done something to keep Cassidy alive after being attacked with that poison. Lust could only think of Astrid because her body had a high poison affinity, but even then, it wasn't enough to cure Cassidy... But Lucien could, of course, with a lot of hard work.

Lust knew that the situation was simple but also complex. The idea of ??saving someone using the body was bizarre, but not only did Lucien have the means to improve the body of his partners through her powers, but he had also absorbed some of Sophia's life affinity.

Now his body was like a great healing potion, and Lust explained how he could cure Cassidy.

"Her organs are failing, so you have to act fast. Life essence runs throughout your body, so if you make her drink your saliva, it will be enough for her to wake up."

"Then, you will have to work hard in several sessions to rid her body of the poison completely."

"The more essence you give her, the faster she will recover. But you will have to rest for a while to your life affinity to recover your essence and then continue..."

Lucien heard all of Lust's explanation and did not doubt it. The problem was that he didn't know how to tell Mia that... And now Astrid was also part of the group...

But now was not the time to think, as Cassidy could die at any moment. Lucien had to speak the plan even though it was bizarre. "Mia, I can help your mother, but..."

Mia didn't have time to speak as Astrid spoke before she, still crying desperately. "Please, Lucien, if you can save her, I will do anything, but please, help her now."

Lucien patted Mia on the head as he spoke lovingly to them. "You don't have to do anything as it is my duty to help those dear to me. The problem here is that I'm going to have to do something strange to help her."

He looked at Mia seriously. "Mia, did you felt the improvements in your body, right? You know that my body can strengthen yours as well as yours strengthen mine. I can heal like that too."

Mia understood what Lucien said and can't help but blush. "Do you mean you have to do that... with my mother's... ass?"

Astrid thought she had heard it wrong and asked confusedly. "The Queen's ass?!?!?!"