Chapter 39 My Queen part 2

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Chapter 39 My Queen part 2

"Mmm..." Cassidy couldn't contain her moans of pleasure. A pleasure, which Lucien was giving her just kissing. She can't help wondering if it could get any better...

"Ahhhhh!" Then she felt him squeeze one of her breasts. His firm but gentle touch made her shiver, and he kissed him even more intensely.

Cassidy wanted to think it was all about healing... But she didn't think about anything other than Lucien's body... He was just in his underwear, hugging, touching, and kissing her whole body, and that's wonderful...

Lucien loved Cassidy's body. She had a perfect hourglass figure as sexy as Astrid, and he loved those beautiful breasts, which was bigger than his hand.

Lucien wanted to feel her skin and broke the kiss so she could undress, but Cassidy followed his mouth, not wanting to stop kissing. He tried to take her shirt off while she tried to keep the kiss, and he couldn't help but smile.

"If you don't get undressed, we can't start..."

Cassidy blushed when she realized she looked like a silly little girl in love. "It's your fault for being so good at kissing... You must have done some kind of magic or used some item..."

Lucien began to give tap kisses on Cassidy's lips. "Silly Queen, I didn't do anything. It is so good because we are very compatible. If you behave well, I can always kiss you... But we can do even better things..."

Cassidy didn't like being called "Silly Queen" by someone much younger than her. Then she tried to make an angry expression at Lucien.

But he kept giving tap kisses on her lips, and she couldn't keep her expression upset for more than ten seconds. He was so kind to her, but at the same time so intense...

She raised her arms and let him take off her shirt and bra. Lucien looked at Cassidy, trying to hide her huge breasts with her arms in an adorable way. "You are so beautiful, my Queen. I'm pleased to be able to heal you..."

Cassidy's heart was beating faster and faster. She felt a mixture of feelings that was driving her crazy. But she didn't want to back down... "You already have my daughter, and now you will have my body... You will have to take responsibility for us!"

Lucien started to kiss Cassidy's belly and slowly rise up until he reached one of her breasts and began kissing her nipple. With one hand, he began to massage her other breast.

"You and Mia will stay with me from now on, Astrid too. I will protect you, so don't worry about anything... Just enjoy it..."

Cassidy started to moan because having Lucien kissing and sucking her breast while caressing the other was too damn good. She held his head with both hands for fear of getting lost in pleasure...

"Ohhhhh! This is soooo good!!!"

Lucien felt his body heating up quickly. Not only did he love Cassidy's body, but he also liked how she felt good with his touches. He wanted to make her moan more with pleasure while calling his name...

Lucien started to move his mouth over Cassidy's body towards her pelvic area while she held his head, still moaning. He left marks of his passionate kisses all over her belly...

He kissed again on Cassidy's low belly area and quickly removed her pants. She wore white panties as her bra and Lucien started to kiss it. "You smell so good..."

"Don't say things lik- Aaahhh!" Cassidy was a mature woman, but she couldn't help being very embarrassed when Lucien started kissing her panties and praising her scent... She tried to complain, but then he pulled her panties away and directly kissed her pussy, giving her a lot of pleasure.

Lucien could only describe Cassidy's pussy as fluffy. It had small and delicate pink lips, a little black hair on top, which was now a little faded by her weakened state, but it still smells of spring and flowers.

Her pussy was already wet and began to drip a mixture of Cassidy's love juices and Lucien's saliva as he licked and sucked that delicious flower. "I love your taste, Cassidy... My Queen..."

Cassidy had already accepted that Lucien would be in her life not only as her daughter's husband but something else... So, she didn't mind him calling her by name, but... He spoke "My Queen" in such a sensual way that she couldn't help but love it.

"Mmm... aaaahh... More... please... right there!" She could not and did not want to contain her moans. Cassidy didn't think it was possible to feel that much pleasure. Her mind went blank as Lucien continued to suck on her pink.

"LUCIEN!!! AAHHH!!! " Lucien's tongue was too intense, and Cassidy had her first orgasm while holding Lucien's head tightly and moaning loudly.

Cassidy's love juices squirted, and Lucien drank it all without wasting a drop. It was different from the ones he had tasted before, it was sweeter than sour, and it smelled so perfumed that he could easily get addicted to it.

Lucien looked at Cassidy as he licked his fingers, which still had a bit of her love juice. "You are so delicious, my Queen. I want to eat you entirely..."

She was breathing hard while still enjoying the pleasure of her first orgasm. Seeing Lucien drinking her juices made her hornier... He seemed to like her as much as she wanted him... "I can... try to... use my mouth... on you too..."

Lucien loved Cassidy's cute expression when she offered him a blowjob. The fact that his essence was beneficial against the poison was a bonus as Cassidy was looking towards his pelvis with an eager look.

She wanted him. He wanted her. And they both knew that for healing or pleasure, they would do anything...

Lucien lay down while Cassidy accommodated on top of his knees and began to take off his underwear slowly.

"I never did that before... So- it's so big!" Cassidy could see from the tent that it was Lucien's underwear that his dick wouldn't be small, but when she released it, she was surprised as it was much bigger than she expected.

Lucien saw Cassidy's surprised look, but there was no hesitation in her eyes. She didn't think twice and started to lick his cock gently.

Lucien's cock was already hard, but it got even harder when he felt Cassidy's wet tongue around it... She licked all over his cock and then started to put its head inside her mouth.

He was enjoying Cassidy's inexperienced movements. She was trying hard to give him pleasure, and it was working well as his mind started to go blank as she pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

Cassidy couldn't believe that Lucien's cock was so good. She had never tasted anything that delicious before... Not even that wonderful kiss they had was as good as the flavor of his dick. She wanted more and more of it while licking and sucking intensely it.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

She got more and more accustomed to its size inside her mouth and began pushing his cock deeper into her throat. She knew he was enjoying it because Lucien moaned loudly, and it only made Cassidy hornier.

"Mmm..." Lucien was feeling great pleasure with Cassidy's tongue and throat around his cock. It didn't take long for him to feel his dick wanting to mark the inside of her mouth with his cum.

"I'm cumming!! Drink it all, my Queen!! AHHH!!!"

Cassidy felt Lucien's cock to tremble inside her mouth as he told her he was coming. She instinctively tried to take his cock as deeper as she could into her throat, and when she felt his hot liquid coming out, she tried to drink it all excitedly.

But it was more than she expected, and a little leaked out of her mouth. She couldn't drink it all and was upset as it was not only so damn delicious but also very good for her body. She could feel her strength coming back, and her weakness disappearing.

Cassidy started to lick and suck Lucien's cock wanting to drink every drop of that marvelous milk. Then she gave Lucien a begging look after cleaning his cock thoroughly.

Lucien knew that his essence was not only good for her body, but she also loved it and wanted more. He, of course, wanted to give her more, but not in her mouth.

"You will drink more, but..." He pushed her against the bed and started kissing her breasts while Cassidy moaned with pleasure. Lucien wanted to hear her asking for his dick before giving it to her.

She understood what he meant and felt his cock rub against her pussy as he kissed her. Cassidy's body got hotter and hotter as her pussy began to produce lots of love juices, wetting the bed.

"Do you want me to beg for it too? It's all right! I beg you, please, hurry up... Give it to me in my..."

She knew that Lucien was teasing her by rubbing his cock on her, but she was ashamed to say naughty things like that because she had never done anything like this before.

Lucien continues to kiss Cassidy's whole body while listening to her try to beg in an adorable way. But he wanted to tease her even more.

Lust said that his powers improved as the connection between him and his partner improved, thus improving the pleasure they felt together. So he wanted to explore every way to make Cassidy closer to him emotionally and physically.

"Say you want my cock in your wet pussy, or I won't give it to you," Lucien spoke decisively as he rubbed his cock over Cassidy's pussy, making her more and more excited.

Cassidy couldn't believe what he was asking for. She had never even thought of such naughty things, but now her whole body was begging for Lucien's body. She wanted to shout whatever Lucien demanded and fought the shame to get what she wanted so badly.

"Pleaaaase! Put your dick in my naughty wet pussy!" Cassidy couldn't take it anymore and took Lucien's cock. He didn't stop her from positioning it on her pussy and looked at her kindly.

"From now on, you will be mine and only mine, my Queen." He didn't wait for her reply and thrust his cock inside her in one movement.

Cassidy's pussy was too tight, but it accepted Lucien's cock eagerly as he pushed its way through those pink and wet inside walls until the bottom.

She felt so much pleasure that she had another orgasm as she tried to squeeze and suck Lucien's cock inside her.

He felt great pleasure as penetrating that beautiful pussy of his perfect Queen. Her pussy tightened his cock, and he thought that if he moved a bit, he would come again.

Lucien stood for a few seconds enjoying the sensation of Cassidy's pussy squeezing his cock while she enjoyed her orgasms. Then she hugged him as she moved upwards, trying to get his dick deeper into her pussy.

Cassidy saw the lewd smile on Lucien's face and knew he wanted her to beg more. She couldn't be mad at him for teasing her if he made her feel so good next.

"What do you want me to say this time, you devil?"

Lucien smiled at Cassidy as she tried desperately to make moves on his cock, but as he was on top of her, he was in control of the situation. "Say you want me to fuck your pussy in a mess, and I'll do it."

Cassidy was already getting used to Lucien teasing her, but he seemed to go further every time, and she couldn't deny him anything. Her body wanted him that much, for pleasure far more than for healing...

"I beg you, Lucien... fuck my pussy in a mess! AAaaaaahhHH!!!!!!"

Lucien didn't wait for her to finish speaking before he started moving his body, making his dick exploring every part of her beautiful pussy, which accepted him excitedly.

"Everything my Queen wants..."


Outside the Queen's room, two people redder than tomatoes stared at each other with similar thoughts.

Mia couldn't believe what she was hearing and asked Astrid if she had heard it wrong. "Did she ask him to... fu... her... in a mess?"

Astrid was sure her Queen would never say things like that, but Mia's question made it clear that they had both heard the same thing. "What exactly is he doing to her?!?!"

Mia, who couldn't be more flushed, spoke softly. "Whatever is, seems to be too good..."

Astrid thought the same but would never say it out loud.

They continued to listen behind the door while their hands instinctively caressed their innermost parts, making their bodies get hotter and excitedly...