Chapter 40 My Queen part 3

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Chapter 40 My Queen part 3

"Ahhhh... Mmm!!" Cassidy couldn't stop moaning with such pleasure so great, which she never thought possible. "Your dick is so good!!! It's reaching my deeper parts..."

Lucien had already had wonderful sex with Lust, Sophia, and Mia's ass, but he loved the way that Cassidy was different from them. "I love your pussy, my Queen. It's squeezing my cock so hard..."

He didn't know if it was Lust's influence or his true nature that made him like Cassidy more and more. Not only she, but he also wanted all the women he loved along with him that way...

"Mmm... More pleeease, Lucien... harder!! Ahhh... I can't get enough of it!"

The more Cassidy moaned with pleasure, the more pleasure he wanted to give her as it was so good for his body. The more she pushed her body against him, the more he pushed his cock inside her beautiful wet pussy.

"Soooo fucking good!!!" Cassidy just felt like giving herself to him more and more. She was always a very rational person, but now she didn't care about anything but Lucien and would give him everything...

As they both connected their feelings more and more, Lust's tribal tattoo appeared on Cassidy's low belly area. It was not slight shade purple like Mia's one, but in the same purple as Lucien's.

Cassidy was very focused on pleasure and didn't notice, but Lucien couldn't help but smile when he saw the tattoo glowing at full power. He started kissing her while they kept his thrusts firm and deep inside her.

Cassidy could not handle such amazing sensations, and when Lucien started kissing her with such affection, she was taken to the heaven of pleasure by his cock and mouth.


She had a glorious orgasm, and Lucien also cummed listening to Cassidy's adorable moans. He filled her pussy with his cum while they both felt so much pleasure.

Cassidy instinctively put her legs around Lucien's waist and didn't let him out of her while trying to devour all his cum with her pussy. "I want it all! Give me, pleaseee!!!"

Lucien began to kiss her lips, neck, and breasts passionately. "We're just getting started... My adorable Queen..."

As always, Lucien cummed a lot and added to Cassidy's large amount of love juices, her pussy could not accept everything at once and began to leak the mixture of their essences.

She passed her fingers around the base of Lucien's cock to get some of their juices and drink it. But then she saw the purple tattoo on her skin and remembered that Mia showed hers and explained about it.

"What is the true meaning of this tattoo? Is it some kind of magic?"

Lucien stopped kissing and looked at her with a kind look. "This is a peculiarity of my body, which even I do not fully understand. But the meaning is that you accepted me completely, and I will never abandon you or fail to take good care of you."

Cassidy was thrilled by Lucien's bold words. She thought she was acting like a silly little girl, but she didn't care and just wanted to be in his arms without thinking about anything else...

She held his head with both hands while looking closely at him. "I am happy to hear that, and I will carry this mark with pride of belong to you... So please give me much more of you..."

How could Lucien not be pleased with Cassidy acting so cute? He wanted to be worthy of her trust and make her as happy as possible or even more than was possible...

He got even more excited, and his dick got harder inside her wet pussy, which begged for more and more. "You can have everything from me, my Queen!"

"OHHH... YESSSS!!!" Cassidy loudly moaned when Lucien thrust his cock into her pussy more and more. She still had her legs around his waist while they were both connected to the max.

Lucien wanted to give her more pleasure, so he held the headboard with both hands, using it to impulse his thrusts harder on her. "You are so hot! I will fuck your dirty pussy until you are satisfied!"

Cassidy felt different from before... Lucien's cock was reaching even deeper into her insides, hitting her most sensitive points and giving her pussy even more pleasure.

"Yes, Yes, Yeeees!! Fuck me so hard and mark my pussy with your cum!"

Lucien thrust his cock harder and faster inside her pink, but Cassidy begged more and more. The bed started to move according to their movements, but Cassidy's loud moans still made the loudest noise in the small room.

"Damn, I'm cumming! Take it all, my Queen!!!" Lucien couldn't resist for long inside Cassidy's amazingly tight pussy, which squeezed his cock so hard, then he came after five minutes.

Cassidy had already come twice when she felt that hot juice, which she so loved to fill her pussy. Her body glowed with pleasure as she barely felt the cold of the poison anymore, while Lucien's heat dominated her joyful body.

"Ahhh... You're filling me up... I love it so much!! My pussy and my whole body can't live without it anymore..."

Lucien kissed Cassidy while she drank his saliva with her mouth and his cum with her pussy. He pulled his body against her using the headboard and filled her insides with his cum full of life mana.

While they both enjoyed their orgasm together, Lucien used too much force on the headboard and broke it, making them both laugh.

Then Cassidy started kissing Lucien passionately again. "You already gave me a lot, but... I still want more... Please... I love it so much..."

Lucien wanted to say yes and keep fucking her like that, but Lust continued to give him advice. She said he should make Cassidy say dirty things as it would help to improve the pleasure they felt together, and Lucien couldn't deny that it was great to see the Queen blushing while saying naughty things.

Not only did Lucien like Lust's ideas, but he could feel that Cassidy's pussy tightened when he teased her, so he followed everything Lust said. Of course, he thought about the words, and as he teased Cassidy, Lust only pointed the way.

Now, Lust said that he should give his essence in Cassidy's other hole but should tease her more to improve their pleasure and connection further.

Lucien looked at Cassidy's pleading look and found her so cute. He wanted to say yes to everything she wanted, but she was also so cute when she was embarrassed that he wanted to tease her.

"You know what you have to do to receive more..."

Cassidy blushed to know what Lucien wanted. She didn't mind doing anything with him, but she didn't know much about sex or dirty things. "You devil! What do you want me to say?"

Lucien moved his cock inside her slowly, making Cassidy very eager as she bit her lip, trying to resist his teasing. "Say you're my naughty Queen and want me to fuck your ass hard."

"My ass?! No! It's dirty!" Cassidy knew that Lucien had done it in the ass with Mia, and she wouldn't judge them, but she couldn't do it as seemed very weird.

Lucien took his cock out of Cassidy's pussy, making their mixed love juices wet the bed. She felt like part of her body was missing without Lucien's cock inside her... Cassidy wanted to do anything for him to penetrate her again, but she was too embarrassed.

He caressed her cheek tenderly as he spoke as lovingly as he could. "No part of my beautiful Queen is dirty. I love your whole body, and I need to put my essence in all your holes for the healing to be more effective."

Cassidy's heart was beating faster when Lucien acted so tenderly to her. She couldn't deny anything when he was so lovely and would do all he asked.

She lowered her head on Lucien's chest as she blushed even more and spoke quietly. "Fuck your naughty Queen's ass so hard, please..."

"You are so adorable, my Queen!" Lucien started to kiss Cassidy's beautiful mouth, which he loved that much. Then he made her on all fours on the bed while he knelt behind her.

Lucien looked at the fantastic view of Cassidy all on fours and wanted to stamp it in his mind like an immortal painting. Her ass was huge and so damn hot... He loved that beautiful ass, which may only belong to him and no one else.

He held and caressed her ass with both hands then started rubbing his cock between her sexy buttocks. He loved that soft sensation of Cassidy's soft ass and knew it would be easy to come if he did that for a long time.

Cassidy thought to do it in the ass was weird, but when she felt Lucien rub his cock in her ass, teasing her, she couldn't help wanting him to put it inside.

She looked at him, trying to make an upset expression, but it ended up looking cutely. "I already said what you wanted... But you keep provoking me... I will beat you!"

"Hahaha... You are soooo cute!" Lucien wanted to provoke Cassidy more, but he also wanted to explore that pink ass, which looked excited to meet him.

Lucien remembered how difficult it was to get into Mia's ass without using his saliva to lubricate, so he started kissing Cassidy's ass gently and then put his tongue inside when she was relaxed. The inside of her ass was very clean, and Lucien loved that her entire body was so sweet.

Cassidy's body got warm when Lucien started rubbing his cock in her ass, but she got even more excited when she felt his tongue in her ass. It was a new sensation so much good as any he had given her before.

Her body relaxed as she enjoyed that pleasant sensation, but then he put his tongue inside her ass, and it felt so good that she moaned. "Nooo!!! Your tongue!! It's inside my ass... Mmm... It's so good... Ahhh..."

Lucien soaked her ass with his saliva, then positioned his cock on her pink bud. "Do you want it, my naughty Queen?"

Cassidy felt Lucien's cock right in her ass and couldn't wait to have it inside. "Yes, I want it! Please, put your dick in my naughty ass!"

"Ahhh... sooo good!" Lucien pushed his cock slowly into Cassidy's ass while enjoying that fantastic squeeze.

"You're stretching my ass!!! Mm... sooo fucking good!" Cassidy felt Lucien's hot cock open her ass, and even though she felt a little pain, the pleasure was much greater.

Lucien continued to slowly push his cock into her ass until it reached the end. Her ass was unable to accommodate his entire cock as it was too big, but it was enough for more than half to get in.

Cassidy felt Lucien's cock fill her entire ass, which got very hot, then she felt him hit the most profound part of her ass, and the pleasure was so great that she had another orgasm. "Your dick arrived at my bottom!! It's so good there!!!"

Lucien gently hit her bottom a few more times then started to move his cock, making a sloppy mess in her ass. "Fuck! Your ass is so hot!!"

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Lucien pushed his cock harder and harder into Cassidy's ass while his pelvic area hit against her buttocks, making a loud noise, which made five people very horny.

He wanted to enjoy that feeling for longer... Lucien could hold his erection, but he liked Cassidy more and more, so he wanted to cure her of the poison as quickly as possible.

"I'm cumming!!!" Lucien held Cassidy's ass tight and pushed his cock all the way while filling it with his hot essence.

"It's so hot in my ass... sooooo fucking good..." Cassidy had another orgasm as she felt Lucien's hot cum filling her ass. Her body grew even more heated, and the poison, which had been afflicted her for so long, was almost finished.

Lucien pulled his cock out of Cassidy's ass, and she fell down on the bed while some cum leaked out of her ass.

Lust realized that Cassidy's body was recovering from the poison faster than she expected and cannot help but praise Lucien. "You are doing a great job! A few more times and she will be fully recovered. I said that provoking her would have a good result..."

Lucien looked at Cassidy's beautiful body and thought out loud. "Hum... A few more times..."

Cassidy really wanted to heal, and after experiencing so much pleasure, she couldn't help but be doubly thrilled to hear Lucien's words...

Still, she tried to improve the situation. "Many more times, please..."

Lucien and Cassidy started to laugh but then heard two voices coming from outside the room.