Chapter 405: Nature Spirit's Blessing (2/2)

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Chapter 405: Nature Spirit’s Blessing (2/2)

For hundreds of years, many Alliance clans, especially the fox-clan, performed the same offering ritual to Nature Spirit at wedding ceremonies. The clans’ leaders make the ritual symbols and mix two seeds, generating a tree blessed by Nature Spirit.

The ceremony of Lucien and his girls is undoubtedly being the most impressive of all due to him and Eve being so amazing, as well as his many wives.

However, everyone is incredibly shocked as they watch a tree branch lively grow from the tree drawing on the stage floor.

Not only are fox-people very surprised, but Lucien, his girls, and the Sins are also very curious about that.

As that branch grows vertically, other smaller branches begin to grow around it. The branches intertwine with each other and form a humanoid figure approximately 1.7 meters high.

Then, surprising everyone, even more, those branches really start to form a person. First, those branches become a body with only limbs and feminine curves made of wood, then that wood texture starts to become fair skin, which looks stained.

Next, big branches come out of that figure’s head, clearly horns that maintain the wood texture. Then other features like eyes, mouth, nose, nails, and hair start to appear, making it explicit that she is really a woman.

When the private parts of her begin to change from wood to skin, another layer of wood begins to appear over such parts in the form of armor, with the soft parts being made of leaves.

As soon as her pointed ears are complete, everyone can see that the mysterious woman is a peculiar beauty, being nothing less impressive than Lucien’s wives, even his sisters, and the Sins.

With beautiful yellow eyes, long blond hair, and a very sexy body, that woman has gentle facial features, similar to Sloth.

Apart from the wooden horns, her legs are also quite different on the shin when they become similar to Wrath’s legs; that is, she has hooves that resemble those of a goat and not the usual feet. Also, that woman has brown fur in the area of her shin.

Lucien quickly materializes his red katana and feels the Ghost Lady tremble in his scabbard, clearly upset that he didn’t choose her to fight.

Wrath also materializes a great red mace while Donna and Amelia also prepare their weapons to get ready if the mysterious woman is hostile.

However, Sloth looks at her with a curious expression. “Who… are you?”

The woman looks at Sloth while strangely moving her mouth. Then she quickly looks at Lust and the other Sins before gazing at Lucien.

She opens her mouth, and they can see a long wooden tongue turning into a flesh one; then, she moves it a few times while making strange sounds.

“A… u… hmm… ahem… It’s been a while since I used this form… it seems I forgot how to speak this language.” The woman smiles.

That woman does not appear to be hostile, but Lucien continues to hold his red katana and asks the same question as Sloth. “Who are you?”

That woman closes her eyes and breathes deeply. At that moment, a pleasant breeze appears from nowhere and shakes all the trees and plants on that courtyard, making the whole environment seem to react to her action.

Then she opens her beautiful yellow eyes again and smiles at Lucien. “You just asked for my blessing, but don’t you know who I am?”

Due to that woman’s words, Lucien can’t help thinking that she is the Nature Spirit, yet that seems very crazy. “You are the…”

“Nature Spirit, right?” Sloth completes his words as she gazes at the mysterious woman with an amazed expression.

The woman also smiles at Sloth. “Yes, my… friend.”

“And what do you want from us?” Pride asks in an arrogant and authoritative tone.

The Nature Spirit looks at Pride with an expression of disapproval, but Lucien agrees that knowing what she wants is the most important thing right now, so he agrees with that straight question.

But she ignores Pride and looks at Lucien again. “My sister said you were going to ask for my help soon, but it looks like she didn’t explain everything to me… as usual.”

Those words make Lucien and his group even more confused, as well as the fox-people. He dematerializes the red katana and relaxes his body. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

The Nature Spirit points to the bowl with the seed. “You asked for my blessing to have a fruitful marriage, didn’t you?”

Lucien nods. “Yes. However, it was just a ceremonial ritual of the fox-people. I didn’t expect that you would come here in person to… bless me?”

“Hahaha…” She starts to laugh. “I’m not a shitty God who walks around blessing people in exchange for faith.”

Lucien, Lust, Envy, and Wrath can’t help but smile when the Nature Spirit mocks the Gods. But he again makes a curious expression. “So…”

She stops laughing but still continues to smile. “Well, I had a difficult fight a long time ago when defending the demi-human races and received help from a small clan of fox-people. However, that battle devastated their world…”

She looks at Anne, Else, and Scarlett with an expression of gratitude. “So, to reward them, I taught them an enchanting that uses energy from nature itself to combine two normal seeds, creating a super seed that generates a tree that grows faster, stronger, and more fruitful.”

“So, I created many seeds and made a giant tree. From the seeds of that tree, that fox-people recreated the forests of that world using the enchantment that I taught them.”

Then she points to the ceremonial bowl. “I think since that day, that fox-people has always made one of these seeds in wedding ceremonies while asking for my blessing.”

She makes an embarrassed expression while shrugging. “I cannot give blessings… But I can create incredible seeds if you want.”

While Lucien doesn’t know what to think of the Nature Spirit, Sloth seems to be finding everything exciting. “The big tree you made… it is the great oak of the Brow Star, right?”

“You are really smart.” She nods.

Before Sloth asks something else, Lust steps forward while looking thoughtful. “You talked about your sister… who is she? And what does know about Lucien?”

The Nature Spirit does not answer Lust but looks at Lucien. “I thought she had already contacted you and left you confused as hell.”

[Confused as hell?] Lucien thinks as he quickly remembers that mysterious woman who appeared in his dream.

“You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” The Nature Spirit asks. “How did she speak to you? Was it a vision, a dream, or talking objects?”

While Lucien nods, the Sins are shocked. The Nature Spirit is supposed to be a legendary primordial being that may not even have been real. But she is in front of them, talking to them, and still says that she has a sister.

They cannot feel a powerful aura coming from her body, which appears to be just a normal plant. But somehow, they believe that she really is real.

Pride still maintains an arrogant and even hostile posture. “So, you decided just to come and enjoy the ceremony of a demon? What are you hiding from us?”

The Nature Spirit looks like an amiable person, and she smiles at everyone, but when she looks at Pride, she makes a neutral expression. “He’s not just a simple demon. Many of his wives are demi-humans, too. Also, I never received a blessing request from the hosts of the Seven Great Demons.”

While Pride still maintains a hostile expression, Lucien quickly winks at her. Pride stops questioning the Nature Spirit, and he smiles at her. “Well… as you can’t give us blessings, you come here to…”

She smiles amiably at Lucien as she approaches him and touches his face. “Just my presence at your wedding ceremony should be a reason for you to be thankful.”

Lucien takes the Nature Spirit’s wrist and moves her hand away from his face as he smiles at her. “I guess so…”

She smiles at him before looking at the fox people in front of the stage. Then she raises her hands, and that pleasant breeze shakes both the plants and her hair.

“My good fox-people, I, the Nature Spirit, came here to wish all the best to Lucien and his beautiful wives.” She talks, and the fox-people go crazy with happiness, applauding and praising more than ever.

While the Nature Spirit smiles at the fox-people, the trees and plants on that courtyard magically begin to grow even more as they become more beautiful and healthy, leaving everyone more impressed.

Then she approaches the pillar in the center of the stage and takes the seed created by magic. She looks at it before looking at Lucien. “Oh, that would make a nice tree, but I think it can get better.”

A green light appears around the seed in her hand and quickly disappears, leaving that seed bigger and brighter. Also, Lucien and his group can feel that there is now a powerful life aura coming from that seed.

She puts the seed in Lucien’s hand. “You should plant it in your Soul World.”

Lucien feels his life mana being stimulated by that seed. That energy is so powerful and pleasant. “Thank you… this is incredible.”

The Nature Spirit smiles at Anne. “If he doesn’t treat you well, you can use that enchantment to call me, and I’ll come and help you beat him up.”

Anne approaches Lucien and hugs him while looking at Nature Spirit. “I’m sure it won’t be necessary, but I appreciate it.”

The Nature Spirit nods and walks back to the pillar, so she looks at Lucien’s other wives. “So, who’s next? I’m going to make beautiful seeds for all of you.”

The girls still look hesitant, so Lucien gives that seed to Anne and nods to the girls, making it clear that they can accept her gifts. He is suspicious of everything she has said so far, but to know what she wants, he has to play her game.

The Sins are also very curious about the Nature Spirit, but they also understand that if they try to force her to speak her true intentions, she could disappear as just as she appeared. That body is clearly not her real body, but something similar to their demonic energy bodies.

While Laure cannot believe what she is seeing, Elsie approaches Lucien while she is also impressed by everything that is happening.

‘Is she really the Nature Spirit? The protector of the demi-humans?’ She asks Lucien mentally.

He quickly responds. ‘Maybe… but I think she wants something from us…’

Lucien and Elsie walk to the front of the pillar and look at the Nature Spirit. Then she smiles. “The offerings…”

While Elsie paces her ceremonial bowl on the pillar, the Nature Spirit takes Anne’s bowl and smells the powder inside it. “Hmm … life energy… a flower made with powerful energy, cursed though… still, very fragrant, and… angel feather… hahaha… I loved it.”

She holds her hand out to Anne, who quickly takes the bowl, so she smiles. “Great offering, little-fox.”

Anne smiles at the Nature Spirit and goes back to the other girls. Then she looks at Lucien and Elsie. “Your turn.”

Elsie takes the small stick to start smashing the flower, while Lucien takes the gem and shark tooth from his storage ring.

When Nature Spirit sees that green light, she laughs. “Oh, there is that life energy… what an interesting tooth… what creature did you get that from?”

“Sharks…” Lucien talks about the sharks around the life crystal mine.

“I see…” The Nature Spirit smiles as she looks at that tooth up close. “You could bring one of these for me when you visit my home.”

“Sure; where is your home?” Lucien asks in a relaxed manner, but he is very curious to know more about her.

“On top of that tree that I talked about.” The Nature Spirit responds in a friendly and honest manner, surprising Lucien and the Sins.

Sloth makes a thoughtful expression. [So the Brown Star has a Primordial Being taking care of them…]

Daisy also makes that same expression. [And the Vampires still think they are the leaders…]

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