Chapter 406: Good news with a little bit of mystery

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Chapter 406: Good news with a little bit of mystery

“Is this really happening?” Laure thinks aloud as she sees the alleged Nature Spirit performing the offering ritual with Lucien and his wives.

“I think so…” Clovis comments as he smiles. Somehow, he knew that Lucien is an extraordinary person, but not to the point where the Nature Spirit came into their world just for his wedding ceremony.

The fox-people are equally impressed. Lucien, Eve, and their group are already the most unbelievable people they have ever seen, but they continue to impress everyone even more.

Lucien’s wives, as well as his sisters, the Sins, and he are also surprised at how things are going. The Nature Spirit looks really friendly, but Pride and he still think she wants something from them.

After Elsie, the Nature Spirit calls the next woman to perform the ritual. It’s Oya who stands in front of the pillar next to Lucien.

“Moon Tigers… I respect your race very much.” She comments as she looks into Oya’s beautiful eyes. “I have fought many battles alongside Moon Tigers, and they have always been my most loyal companions, and fierce, of course.”

Oya doesn’t know what to say. She can feel that the Nature Spirit is excellent and friendly, but she cannot feel that marvelous and mysterious sensation that she felt for Lucien when they met as she only feels that for him and her children.

Lucien smiles while holding Oya’s hand. “Really loyal… there is no better way to describe my beautiful Oya.”

“Hubby…” Oya comments as she smiles at him.

The ritual proceeds normally, and the Nature Spirit gives Oya a beautiful seed. “Your people are very loved on the Brown Star as well as on most demi-human worlds. So, you will be very popular when you go there.”

Again, the Nature Spirit advises them to go to the Brow Star, or she just knows that Lucien wants to go there to find out who attacked Adeline. Anyway, he and Pride continue to doubt her intentions while the other Sins don’t know what to think.

Oya returns to the other girls’ side, and the Nature Spirit calls little Ko to perform the ritual. When the little tigress approaches the pillar, everyone makes felicitous expressions while finding her very cute.

Lucien takes Ko in his arms, and the Nature Spirit smiles at her. “So cute… however, aren’t you too young to be married?”

Little Ko makes a confident expression. “I love Master too!”

“Oh, Master?” The Nature Spirit smiles at Lucien. “Is this Master that good?”

“The best!!!” The little tigress responds quickly and kisses Lucien’s cheek. “Master takes care of my mom and me. He also gives us good food and pats.”

“I see…” She comments. “So you want to demonstrate how much you love and respect your Master, right?”

Ko paces her ceremonial bowl on the pillar and hugs Lucien tightly. “Master is the best Master, so Ko will never want another male.”

While everyone feels they will pass out because of little Ko’s cuteness, the Nature Spirit giggles and looks at Lucien. “As expected… any woman who gets too close to you will never accept another man in their hearts.”

Lucien sighs. “I’m not sure if this will always be a good thing.”

“I understand…” She makes a thoughtful expression. “Even if it is not always your intention, you must be responsible for everyone you charm.”

“I never considered don’t do it.” He smiles.

“Keep it up, and you will have unlimited power…” The Nature Spirit comments with an expectant expression. Then she helps little Ko to do her ceremonial ritual.

Seeing little Ko doing that ritual doesn’t seem really weird. Everyone understands that she is not his daughter, so she is a smart girl for wanting to ensure that she will have the best husband when she becomes an adult.

After making a beautiful and powerful seed for Ko, the Nature Spirit also makes seeds like that for all of Lucien’s demi-human wives. They are thrilled to have the entity they most respect doing that important ceremony with them. It is an honor and great happiness.

His human wives understand how important the Nature Spirit is to demi-humans, and they also respect her. And she also begins to do the same ritual for them.

The first one of his human wives to stand in front of the pillar with him is Mia. She smiles as she holds Lucien’s hand and then smashes her chosen flower with the angel’s wings powder.

Then the Nature Spirit creates a beautiful seed and gives it to Mia. “You may not be a demi-human, but you are also no longer human, just like the child that grows inside you.”

Those words make Mia smile even more, as do all of Lucien’s other wives. He is also joyful with that as he asks. “Can you tell me if all my lovers are pregnant?”

“I do.” She nods. And then she looks at his wives on stage. “Hmm, almost all your wives are pregnant, but these children are special… your sister will give birth soon due to her powerful life mana, but this time will be long for others and will also vary according to how much life mana you can give to them.”

Again, the girls are delighted, but some of them, especially those who joined the group more recently and Dawn, who has not yet had sex with him, make concerned expressions.

While holding Mia’s hand, Lucien looks at Nature Spirit with a grateful expression. “Thank you so much for that… however, I would like to understand more about it. Can you tell me anything else?”

She smiles at him. “There’s not much I can say to you right now. But you already know that it is thanks to your powerful life mana, boosted by the rose, that your wives can become pregnant.”

Lucien again thanks to the Nature Spirit and then makes a concerned expression. “Is that… I have to boost my troops… and…”

“Hahaha…” She starts to laugh. Then she looks him in the eye with an expectant expression. “I know more than anybody what it is like not to be able to escape from our true nature.”

She looks at his wives while talking to him. “And this… this is your nature. Also, you are not like that by fate or because of your demonic contract. You were planned to be like that. You cannot change who you are.”

Then she makes an expression of disapproval. “Yet, you can refuse to act the way you want. You can choose which path to take and bear the consequences that we will all share.”

Those words are very mysterious and confusing, not only for Lucien but also for the Sins. He is now sure that the Nature Spirit is the sister of the mysterious woman who appeared in his dream and that they both do not want to tell everything they know about him, and possibly the mysterious woman who is probably his mother.

While the mood is getting strange and mysterious, the Nature Spirit smiles and looks at his troops. “But don’t worry; your troops are not pregnant. Yet… I believe that one day they will also be.”

“I mean, as I said, your wives are pregnant because you give them a lot of demonic energy and life mana every day, while your troops don’t get as much of it. So, some of your wives are not yet pregnant, but soon they will be if you have sex many times a day.” She explains.

Then she points to his tattoo. “Also, the soul contract is what allows them to absorb as much of your energy as possible. Without it, it is almost impossible for a woman to become pregnant with your child.”

Although the Nature Spirit leaves Lucien and his group with many new questions, she owes him nothing but still explained to him a lot of things that they could hardly discover on their own, at least before Sophia became much more powerful and understood more about life energies.

“I am really grateful for your help.” Lucien slightly bows to the Nature Spirit while speaking honestly. Knowing that his tattoo can prevent hundreds of women from becoming pregnant will make him much less concerned.

She smiles at him and brings her face close to his. Then she suddenly kisses his lips quickly. He could avoid that, but a part of him was very curious to experience those beautiful lips, which taste like honey and flowers.

She giggles while stroking his face. “It’s alright. I know that helping you will be very beneficial to me… indirectly or directly.”

“DAMN!! Did the Nature Spirit just kissed him?” A fox-man thinks out loud while he’s more jealous of Lucien than ever.

“What a lucky guy…” Others comment.

“Lucky?” A fox-woman makes a disapproving expression. “I bet any woman, even she, loved his kiss!”

Meanwhile, Lucien’s wives make expressions of jealousy while the Sins smile. The Nature Spirit, a primordial being, seems not only friendly with them but also very interested in him.

The Nature Spirit takes a step back and smiles at Mia again. “I wish you and your little girl all the best; This seed will generate a beautiful tree as fruitful as your marriage.”

“Thank you!” Mia speaks in a very cheerful and expectant tone. Then she goes back to the other girls’ side.

While Lucien looks at the Nature Spirit with a thoughtful expression, she calls the next woman to perform the ritual. She makes seeds and wishes good luck to all of his human wives just like she did to the demi-human ones until it is Sophia, Amelia, Lust, Envy, and Sloth’s turns.

She extends her hand to Sophia while speaking to Lucien. “Although all this situation has been planned, the love that this beautiful lady has for you is the purest and most genuine kind of love that exists.”

“I know.” Lucien smiles at Sophia as he takes her hand.

Sophia continues to smile as she places her ceremonial bowl on the pillar. The Nature Spirit looks at her flower and smiles. “A beautiful flower… well done.”

The ritual proceeds normally, and Nature Spirit creates a beautiful seed for them. Then she winks at Sophia. “Due to a great amount of life mana in your flower, your tree will grow faster than all the others.”

While the other girls make expressions of jealousy, Sophia giggles. “Hehe…”

Lucien hugs Sophia and caresses her belly while whispering in her ear. “We have to do another ceremony when we return to our homeworld so that your mother can also see how beautiful you look in this dress.”

The fact that he thinks about how her mother would like to see her wedding ceremony leaves Sophia thrilled. He always seems to be thinking about her good as she always thinks about his good.

She kisses him while talking in his mind. ‘I love you so much!!!’

Although it is not common to see siblings doing such a ceremony, the fox-people can’t help but applaud and praise that beautiful scene. If even Nature Spirit came to give them a gift, their love is definitely not something immoral or bad.

While Lucien and Sophia kiss, they can both feel the jealous gaze of their other wives, especially Amelia and Envy, of course.

She stops kissing and starts laughing. “I have to let it be Amelia’s turn, or she’ll beat me up.”

Lucien also laughs while giving quick kisses on her sweet lips. “I think she would beat both of us and the Nature Spirit as well.”

Everyone on stage hears their words and the Nature Spirit giggles. “Though, I’m sure she is the happiest host of Envy ever.”

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