Chapter 42 Assassin Squad part 2

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Chapter 42 Assassin Squad part 2

Aria was not a fool, and she understood that for Lucien to leave the room, saying that someone arrived was not a good thing. She didn't care what they would think about her peeping on the roof and jumped in front of Lucien.

"Do you know who they are?"

Lucien looked at the beautiful middle-aged harpy-woman seriously. Now was not the time to flirt but he wouldn't forget about it later...

"I think they are mercenaries. Stay with the Queen while I deal with them."

When Lucien tried to go, Cassidy instinctively took his arm. "Thanks to you, I already feel good enough to fight."

Lucien has always lived alone. The Evil King created him and his sisters as weapons and didn't let them have any emotional involvement with other people, so Lucien thought it was all new, but excellent.

He loved how Mia was loyal to him, and now Cassidy was like that too... so cute... A possessive desire to keep them close to him to protect and make them happy grew more and more inside him.

Lucien pulled Cassidy around the waist and held her tightly against his body as he kissed her pretty mouth intensely. "You still need to recover fully. I'll solve this quickly, and come back so we can continue..."

Cassidy didn't know how to explain it, but she felt so right in Lucien's arms. The more intensely he hugged her, the better the good feeling was... a feeling of security and affection. She couldn't and didn't want to say no to him.

"Mm... I will wait for you, so come back quickly." Cassidy bit Lucien's lip as she tried to keep his taste in her mouth until he came back to give her more. It was so hard for her to let him go, but she wanted to be an obedient woman, so she released his arms.

Lucien squeezed Cassidy's soft ass and then gave little Ko to her as he headed to the street with his loyal companion.

Everyone heard Oya's roar. Astrid and Mia turned and saw Lucien coming towards them with a severe expression. Mia had already seen that look and knew something was wrong.

Before Mia could say anything, Lucien gave her a tender kiss on her mouth. "It seems that some mercenaries don't want to live anymore. Stay with your mother while I help them reach into the afterlife."

Mia tried to say she would stay with him, but Lucien slapped her on the ass. "It's okay, Astrid and Oya are with me. I prefer that you take care of your mother because she is not yet fully recovered."

Mia, like her mother, wanted to be an obedient girl and obeyed Lucien. She gave him another kiss and ran into the inn.

Astrid couldn't help laughing with a little jealousy. "If I'm a good girl, do I also get kisses?"

Lucien smiled at her. "I don't think you're capable of being a good girl..."

Astrid was going to ask Lucien what the situation was when she saw him raise his arm and take an arrow less than ten centimeters away from his face.

He broke the arrow and looked at a dark alley across the street. "Shoot as many as you want... This won't stop me from disemboweling you!"

The answer that came from the dark alley was many arrows. Lucien dodged some and broke others with his hand. Astrid took a large pair of dark steel gauntlets from her storage treasure and equipped them.

Oya wanted to run into the alley when Lucien was attacked, but she waited patiently for his order. Astrid also waited for Lucien while blocking some arrows that came towards her with her big black gauntlets.

After dodging more than fifty arrows, Lucien heard a chain coming towards him. He thought of his katana, and it appeared in his hand with the purple glow.

He raised the red katana and the chain wrapped around the blade. The attack was to grab him but now he has control of it with his katana.

Lucien didn't think twice and pulled the katana with the chain and the person holding it out of the alley. The hooded man released the chain but was still thrown to the ground by Lucien's high strength.

The intense sex session with Cassidy was doing Lucien very well. Their connection was powerful, and his body was absorbing the improvement quickly. He could already be considered an S-rank adventurer or Diamond-rank mercenary.

Isaac was shocked at Lucien's high speed but thought he would be weaker to have superior agility. Then he managed to pull one of the strongest members of his group...

Lucien took advantage of the moment when the man fell to the ground and ran towards him with his katana ready.

Another man came out of the shadows, pointing a spear at Lucien, but Oya was running beside him and jumped on the spearman.

More arrows came from the alley, but Astrid also moved towards Lucien and blocked some arrows with her heavy gauntlets.

Lucien dodged some arrows and came to the man, who tried to get up but was not fast enough and cut his arm off with a katana's swift strike.

"AAAAAAA!!!" The hooded man screamed in pain as his severed arm spilled blood all over the floor.

Lucien didn't want to kill the man so easily, so he kicked him in the head and quickly headed for the alley, where two archers were still shooting arrows at him.

Astrid followed Lucien while Oya fought the spearman. She had already scratched him but had to dodge the spear's attacks to keep from getting hurt. The fight seemed balanced, but Oya continued using her high speed to cause cuts to the spearman who had never managed to hit her.

Oya is a mighty beast. She battled more than a hundred soldiers from Light Empire before she was severely injured and had to flee.

Now, she was even stronger than at her peak as Lucien's tattoo on her forehead also increased her power even in small quantities. After all, he patted her several times, which made her feel pleasure.

While Oya struggled with the spearman, Lucien entered the alley and saw the two archers on top of a platform. He tried to find a way to get up while dodging the arrows but then two hooded figures came out on either side and tried to pierce him with blades.

"Too slow!" Lucien dodged the blade of a sword and a dagger. But the hooded man used two swords and tried to hit him with a quick stroke with the other sword.

He could also dodge this blow, but he didn't want to and let the blade get closer as he knew it would be blocked.

The metallic sound of the assassin's sword hitting Astrid's heavy gauntlet was loud, surprising everyone. She smiled at the hooded man who was slowly being pushed back by her high strength.

"Am I still not a good girl?"

"Hahaha... Lucien couldn't help but laugh at Astrid's comment. "You are not a good girl! But I don't hate that..."

Astrid started exchanging blows with the double sword assassin while Lucien began to attack the dagger assassin.

*Clang* *Clang* *Clang* *Clang*

The double sword assassin was very fast and strong, his swords were dancing skillfully, but he had trouble dealing with Astrid. Her heavy gauntlets were fatal against swordsmen as she could easily block strikes without being injured while his sword lost its sharp with each blocked hit.

Astrid would have defeated the double swordsman easily, but she had to dodge the arrows of one of the archers while fighting, so she tried to move their combat out of the archer's field of vision.

Lucien was attacking quickly with his katana, but Isaac, the assassin with the dagger, deflected his strikes with his enchanted dagger.

Isaac did not understand how it all happened so quickly. His mission was simple; capture an A-rank adventurer and Shadow. Everything seemed to be going well, but when Maggie activated her circle magic again, he didn't see Lucien in the room but in the corridor coming towards them.

Isaac knew about the white tigress but thought that the lancer and the assassin with the chain could deal with her while he defeated Lucien. He could still count on the double swordsman to support him, the others, or Maggie while she cast spells if anything went wrong.

His plan was flawless, but there were still two scouts who were experienced archers. He was cautious when he told the scouts to stay on top of a house, or he would be dead by now. Lucien is so strong and fast that he could fight him while dodging arrows.

Lucien's power to be much more than Isaac expected was not the only bad news. There was a person with Lucien who looked as strong as he. Now, Isaac's assassin squad was fighting separately, destroying the formation, which he took so long to train.

Isaac thought the situation was desperate, but he still had one last asset. He told Maggie to start channeling her magic when Lucien cut the chain assassin's arm. Now, he just had to hold Lucien for a few more seconds until she finished her spell, and they could get out of this nightmare alive.

Isaac was very fast as he was managing to deflect Lucien's strikes, but then he was unable to deflect once, and Lucien cut his chest with the katana. It wasn't a fatal wound, but it started to bleed, and Isaac went into despair.

Isaac stepped back, and Lucien did not follow him. The archers had magic backpacks with hundreds of arrows, so the archer never stopped shooting arrows at Lucien.

Lucien looked at Isaac with a smile on his face, while dodging the arrows. "Your biggest mistake was not attacking me or underestimating me... It was trying to peep on my woman!"

Isaac used the time that Lucien stopped attacking him and took a healing potion out of his pocket. He tried to drink it, but the potion left his mouth... In fact, his hand fell off with the potion... Isaac was confused for a second before realizing that Lucien had cut off his arm, so the immense pain attacked him.

"AAAARRRRR!!!" Isaac felt a lot of pain and couldn't even think of how Lucien approached him so quickly.

Lucien was still absorbing the improvements he gained from Cassidy, so he was not straining his body too much but was slowly getting used to his new strength and speed. He could have hit Isaac from the beginning but preferred to exchange a few strokes with him before starting to dismember him slowly.

Isaac started to scream as the pain of having his arm severed tortured him. "Maaaaagieee!! Cast the damn spell now!!!"

Lucien could hear the woman named Maggie murmuring an enchantment at the beginning, but Lust warned him that it was a fire spell, which he could easily avoid the area of ??effect with his high speed.

Maggie was terrified when Lucien easily cut off the chain assassin's arm. He was so strong and had the tigress and the mysterious woman with him. Maggie didn't think twice about starting to channel her fire spell with the most significant area of ??effect.

Everything within a hundred meters would burn, but it was still the best chance for them to make it out alive, so she started channeling as fast as she could.

But then she saw Lucien turn into a blur and cut off Isaac's arm. She thought he was still hiding his true powers, and she became more afraid, losing her concentration on the spell.

Maggie heard Isaac's scream and tried to sing her spell again, but Lucien stayed in the same place, dodging the arrows, and she didn't understand why he didn't attack her before she finished her spell.

Lucien saw that Maggie was terrified and asked Lust for her suggestion. "Does she have any talent?"

Lust had already scanned Maggie and answered quickly to Lucien. "She is not as amazing as your royal pair of mother-daughter or Astrid, but her sight skill is quite useful, and you can always train her as a loyal servant. Of course, if you want."

Lucien didn't know if he wanted another woman to worry about now. He couldn't even absorb everything Cassidy had given him yet...

But he still tried to give Maggie a chance. "Stop channeling the magic now. Then I won't kill you."