Chapter 43 Assassin Squad part 3

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Chapter 43 Assassin Squad part 3

"Where is she?!?!" One of the scouts over the roof lost Astrid out of his sight.

"Damn! Forget about the woman. I can't shoot at that son of a bitch!" The archer who was trying to shoot Lucien did not understand how he was fast enough to dodge all his arrows without leaving the spot.

The archer who tried to shoot Astrid realized that they would not be able to beat Lucien's group. "Let's run away now!"

He didn't wait for his partner to answer and jumped off the roof toward the opposite direction of the fight.

"Heeee?!" But the man never expected that the moment he stepped on the ground, a sword would cut him in half in less than a second.

The other scout heard his mate's scream and looked down. He saw a beautiful black-haired woman holding a long sword dripping blood beside his friend's severed body.

"Fuc-" He didn't have time to curse Cassidy because Mia's dagger cut his neck. The poor man died choking on his blood.

"Quick, Maggie!!! Do the damn spell!!!" Isaac crawled on the floor away from Lucien as he tried to stop the bleeding from his wound with his hand.

Maggie didn't know what to do. She was terrified as she watched Lucien walk towards Isaac with his katana dripping blood. She realized that the archers had stopped shooting arrows, which meant they had fled or died.

She wasn't sure what Lucien would do to her if she surrendered, but she was sure he was fast enough to stop her from finishing channeling the spell.

"Get away from me, you devil!!" Isaac continued to crawl but reached the alley wall, and Lucien approached him slowly. Isaac knew he was over, but he tried one last move to kill Lucien.

He tried to pick a bomb in his magic backpack, but Lucien acted quickly, cutting off his hand.

"AAAAAARRGG!!! FUCK YOUUUU!!!!" Isaac screamed in pain when Lucien cut off his hand. Now, he was bleeding from the shoulder wound where his arm was severed and his severed hand.

Isaac's screams were music for Lucien. He would have no mercy for anyone who tried to hurt him and his women. Lucien spiked his katana to Isaac's thigh, punching it to the ground to keep him on the position.

While Isaac screamed, Mia jumped off the roof and threw the head of one of the scouts next to him. She knew Isaac as the leader of a famous assassin squad.

Cassidy also came out of the back of the alley and threw the top of the scout's body that she killed, also beside Isaac.

Astrid came from another alley, where she had forced the double swordsman to go out of sight of the archer. She dragged the body of the man, which had several broken parts in strangers ways. It was not known whether he was alive or dead.

"AAAAA!!! Release me, damn beast!!!" Oya entered the alley dragging the chain's assassin by the leg. The man had his arm severed by Lucien and tried to escape, but the white tigress caught him after leaving the spearman in pieces.

"Shit! Shit!! shit..." Isaac and Maggie had the same thought. They were a group of assassins who cruelly killed their victims, but today had a more cruel end than they could have ever imagined.

Fear took control of Maggie, and she stopped reasoning as she tried to run. But Cassidy quickly approached her, and kicked her on the back, sending the terrified girl against the alley wall.

Maggie felt enormous pain when she hit the wall. Cassidy's main attribute was strength, and her kick was really mighty, breaking some of Maggie's bones.

Maggie fell to the floor and tried to beg, but Cassidy approached her and stomped on her belly, making her vomit blood.

Lucien didn't feel sorry for Maggie, but she stopped channeling the spell when he told her to. So, he wasn't going to kill her yet. "That's enough, Cassidy. Bring her here."

Cassidy didn't care about the life and death of the mercenary girl, but she got a little pissed that Lucien didn't call her Queen. She thought he would be upset with her for not staying inside the inn...

She didn't argue and took Maggie by the arm as she dragged her towards Lucien.

Lucien looked at Isaac and asked seriously. "Who and why?"

"Do not kill me, please!!!" Isaac could think of nothing but begging while he was in great pain.

"AAAA!!! NOOOO PLEAAASEEE!!" Lucien started to spin the katana in Isaac's thigh, but he only screamed and said nothing useful.

Lucien looked at Maggie, who was moaning in pain, then looked at the chain's assassin, who was screaming as Oya bitted his leg.

Mama tigress understood the intention of her master and opened the belly of the assassin, who screamed as never seeing his guts being ripped out from his inside by Oya's fangs. He couldn't resist the injuries and died after a few seconds with the worst pain he could feel.

Isaac passed out, watching the brutal scene. Maggie started to vomit more blood while crying. The double swordsman woke up by his companion's screams but was unable to move because Astrid had broken almost all of his bones.

Lucien's women could not help but find the scene brutal. Still, they would not be sorry for their enemies. Astrid and Cassidy thought it was better for Lucien to do this kind of thing as it was necessary to be ruthless to their enemies.

Lucien looked at Maggie and then at the double swordsman. He thought that only one was needed to give information and had already chosen who would be the next victim.

Maggie and the double swordsman knew that one of them would have the same end as the chain's assassin, and could not stop crying terrified. She fought for a long time along with her mates, even though they were unkind and assholes, they were a team, and she felt bad for wanted he died and not her...

"NOOOO!" When they heard Lucien's order, Maggie was relieved, but the double swordsman screamed in fear and pissed himself while the tigress jumped on him and started to bit his belly.

Oya was cruel just as Lucien wanted and did not kill the man quickly but rather bit him for more than a minute until the poor man died from the loss of blood and organs.

Maggie spent many years in the Black Hand Party group. They were cruel and dishonest, but she had never seen anything so brutal as Lucien and Oya. She squeezed her legs that so she wouldn't piss in fear like the double swordsman.

Lucien looked at Maggie and asked in the same severe and calm tone that he spoke before. "Do you have all the information I need?"

Maggie was beyond terrified and started to stutter. "Yes... Yes!! I will tell you everything... Please... just do not kill me... I beg you... I'll say everything..."

"They are mercenaries from the same group I worked for. They probably came after me..." Mia spoke with shame because she felt bad about having been discovered by the mercenaries.

She always made sure that no one was following her before entering the inn, but this time she made a serious mistake, and only thanks to Lucien, nothing terrible happened.

Lucien gave Mia a loving look. "It's not your fault, Mia. The only wrong are them, and the one who sent them."

Then he looked at Maggie, and the affectionate look that he gave Mia changed to the severe look that made Maggie so afraid. "Who is your leader?"

"Black Hand! He is the leader of our mercenary group, but the leader in our squad is him, Isaac." Maggie spoke quickly and pointed to Isaac, who was still passed out with Lucien's katana in his thigh.

Lucien pulled his katana and raised Isaac by the collar of his shirt. Then he started hitting him in the face until Isaac woke up screaming for him to stop. "Did you order her to do the spell to peep on us?"

"No, no no no... Please, let me go!!" Isaac could only beg and cry while he was in great pain.

"Yes, it was him! He forced me to do the spell to peep on your wife!" Maggie understood that Lucien was angry about her spell, and didn't want to be punished for it, so she started blaming Isaac.

Lucien pressed Isaac against the wall and took his dagger from the ground. The dagger was quite long with 35 centimeters of blade and 15 of handle. The blade was made of a yellowish metal and looked very resistant as it blocked the strong strikes of his katana.

He sent the dagger to his storage ring and took out a simple sword, which Mia looted from the soldiers of the Light Empire. Lucien slipped the sword into Isaac's shoulder, it was through his body and punctured the stone behind him, nailing Issac on the wall.

Isaac didn't even have any more hands to try to take the sword out of his shoulder. He could only scream and swing what was left of one of his arms, but that only caused him more pain.

"Now, the final touch, as I promised." Isaac thought the situation couldn't get any worse, but Lucien made a precise cut in his belly just enough that his guts started to fall slowly.

Isaac had no hands to cover the cut and could only watch his insides slowly come out of his belly as he died slowly and painfully.

The girls did not look at the scene. Lucien wasted no time and began to question Maggie, who told him everything.

After Maggie finished telling everything she knew about the Black Hand's orders, Astrid was the first to say what Cassidy and Mia also thought. "You better kill her."

Maggie flinched with fear. Lucien looked at her sternly. "I won't kill you, but if you do not follow all my orders or make any suspicious movements, Oya will disembowel you, painfully..."

"Yes, yes yes!! I understood! All your orders!" Maggie was sure things would not be comfortable being at the mercy of someone she attacked, but anything was better than dying as painfully as her mates.

Everyone in the assassin squad, except Maggie, was dead, so Lucien and his group hid what was left of the bodies and went back to the inn.

As soon as they entered the inn, Aria came to ask if they were safe. Lucien said that they had to talk about what to do now, and everyone went to Cassidy's room at the back of the inn.

Mia was the first to speak. "We need to get out of here fast. Black Hand controls the third strongest group of mercenaries in the city. He sent these assassins to capture us quickly without anyone knowing, but now that they died, he will attack us with full force."

Everyone agreed with that. Even Maggie wanted to leave town as she not only failed the mission but also gave all information to Lucien so Black Hand would kill her along with all of them.

Lucien understood that Black Hand was very strong and probably had many mercenaries like Isaac and his group. He could only defeat them easily because he had the help of Oya and Astrid.

He was very strong and fast, but that advantage would only work against a few enemies slower than him. Against an army, they could do nothing even with Cassidy and Astrid at their peak.

Lucien felt terrible about being weak and not being able to face Black Hand now. He looked at his women expecting to see disappointed looks, but what he saw were loving smiles.

Cassidy took his arm while saying affectionately. "You saved me when no one else could. We don't have to stay here. I will go anywhere with you."

Mia took his other arm while smiling happily. "Yes, my mother is right. We can go anywhere! We just have to always be together."

Astrid can only sadly smile as Lucien did not have a third arm for her to hold. "I need to go to the guild to solve something, but after that, I'm going with you!"

Aria understood that probably an army of mercenaries would come after them and did not want to stay here to take risks; she had to think about her daughter's safety. "I would like to go with you too..."

Lust couldn't help laughing in Lucien's mind. "With these nice women sooo in love with you, it won't be long before all of you are strong enough to beat everyone in this city. Just hide for a while and continue..."