Chapter 45 Who's coming with me? part 2

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Chapter 45 Who's coming with me? part 2

Lucien was very pleased with Anne's answer. He didn't have as much affection as he did for the cute Mia and her mother, but he certainly liked Anne very much.

"Mm..." Lucien gave Anne another tender kiss. She didn't expect to kissing to be so good that she didn't want to stop.

"Ah!" Lucien had to squeeze Anne's ass; otherwise, she wouldn't let him go. Anne bowed her head as she blushed, freeing Lucien from her passionate embrace.

"Where are you going?" Jeanne heard Lucien's question to Anne and wanted to know where he was going on the first day he arrived in the city.

Lucien did not have a good first impression of Jeanne when her group attacked him. Then she tried to use Astrid to hurt him. He also heard from Maggie that the person who gave information about him to Black Hand was Mason, Jeanne's nephew.

He thought that he and Jeanne would always be on opposite sides, but Lust insisted that she had great latent potential, so Lucien had to conquer her for his quest for power.

Lucien looked at Jeanne and realized it was the first time he had seen her without the helm. He couldn't help being surprised because Jeanne was not only stunning but was also the first person he saw with pink hair.

Jeanne was the same height as Lucien. She had a mature sexy body a little less curvy than Astrid and looked to be almost forty, but her fair skin was immaculate. She had beautiful gray eyes, and her long pink hear reached until to the middle of her back.

"She is beautiful! You just have to correct her behavior, and she will be a good woman." Lust realized that Lucien appreciated Jeanne's beauty and commented in his mind as she saw considerable use in Jeanne's unawakened skills.

Lucien trusted Lust's words and would try to make Jeanne one of his good wives, but not now. The mercenaries could already be hunting them, so Lucien had to be quick.

"I am going on a mission with Ravenous. She went to prepare everything, and we will leave the city as soon as possible."

The girls were confused as they did not understand how Lucien would go out on a mission so fast and thought it must be Ravenous's thing. Jeanne wanted to ask Lucien about the details, but he ignored her and started talking to Marie.

"Do you want a kiss too, or will you stay?" Lucien provoked her, but he did not approach Marie, making it clear that he would not do the same as he did with Anne.

"I'm n-not... s-sure..." Marie felt several emotions at the same time. She was happy that he was leaving town, but she was sad that he didn't think of her the same way as Anne.

Marie is an extremely rational woman, but she cannot help being a little jealous of Anne. She was doing what she wanted and was not hesitant to be honest with her feelings.

She started to panic because she didn't know whether to refuse Lucien or not. She thought it would be a week, but he was requesting her answer now...

"It's okay, Marie. You don't have to force yourself. It won't be long for me to come back, and you can decide later." As Marie freaked out, she felt Lucien's warm hand on her head... It felt good and comforting... His gentle tone soothed her.

Lucien continued patting Marie on the head until she couldn't resist hugging him. He let her hug and sniff his neck while he continued patting her head and saying that she didn't have to panic.

Maria didn't know why she got so emotional, but she didn't care anymore. Thinking too much was just giving her a headache, so she stayed in Lucien's embrace for a while... She really liked his scent, but she wouldn't fall as easily as Anne...

"You can't hug me whenever you want! I'll just let you do it this time!" Marie maintained her stubborn stance but didn't realize that she was hugging him.

Lucien knew that Marie would be a lot harder to deal with than Anne or most of the other girls. But he didn't hate it and thought it was worth it to conquer her, even if slowly.

"You don't have to go with me now, but I want your help with something."

Marie did not understand how this kind and loving person could be the same murderous devil as before. She knew he was good for his women, but the change in his personality was unbelievable.

She didn't stop hugging him because she was ashamed to look him in the face. "I haven't decided yet if I will. Give me a few minutes, please... Also, what help do you need?"

Lucien agreed with Astrid that they would accept an adventurer mission, so their leave would not seem suspicious. She would need some time to prepare things with the guild staff. At that time, Lucien had thought of doing something.

"You said you knew a blacksmith who could make arrows for my bow. Is that smithy far from here?"

Marie thought she would be disgusted by having physical contact with Lucien. Even though he was beautiful and attractive as much as possible, she saw him as someone without morals like her sister...

But Marie realized that she had no aversion to him, but the opposite... She seemed to crave more and more for his body. She heard his words but could only make "Mm" sounds as she wanted to keep in that embrace.

Lucien liked to break Marie's proud posture with affection. He felt like smashing his enemies but the women he would like to beat like that...

After a few minutes, Anne could not take the jealousy and had to interfere. "Marie, you have to answer Lucien and stop sniffing on his neck!!! We are still in the middle of the hall, and people are staring at us... Jeanne is as red as a tomato!"

Marie felt angry at Lucien. Anger at him for being so damn good and making her look like that... She would certainly find some way to punish him at another time, but now she had to help him.

She made a great effort but managed to get out of his arms. The sensation was horrible, but she tried to think rationally again. "The smithy is quite close to here, so we can get there in less than ten minutes. Let's go?"

"Yes, let's go there quickly."

Lucien took Marie's hand and extended the other hand to Anne. Marie blushed and accepted his hand with a little reluctance, but Anne didn't think for a second before grabbing Lucien's hand excitedly. Lucien liked Anne's cuteness, but he also didn't hate Marie's strong personality.

Of course, everyone in the hall was looking at Lucien and his girls all the time. The romantic scene made the boys proud of Lucien, and the girls envied Marie and Anne.

Polygamy was permitted by law in Portgreen. It is not like that all over the world for the same reason that it was not very popular in Portgreen; there were not enough incredible men to captivate many women at the same time.

Most men who had more than one woman were wealthy people who could pay for it. Usually, the best men married incredible women who did not allow them to have other wives.

But Lucien was not only the most handsome of all... He was strong and confident enough to tame the terrible Ravenous; he was also tender sufficient to catch the two new beauties of the guild at the same time and in front of everyone.

He was not yet an adventurer, but Lucien was already considered a legend among legends by most adventurers. In the future, when they created a card game about famous adventurers, Lucien's card would be called "The Loving Devil," but that is a story for another time...

Lucien left the guild with his new "girlfriends," leaving the adventurers with a lot of talks and a confused Jeanne.

She felt that Lucien was unbelievable and did not know if she wanted to be close to him or not... She remembered that she had promised to go on a date with him, and she would go back on her words...

While Lucien went to the forge, Astrid was sitting on a very stylish and comfortable sofa. She was in a large room full of exotic furniture, which seemed to be worth a fortune.

The floor was made of furry carpet, and there were many paintings on the wall. The person who used this room as an office was clearly someone very peculiar.

This person was one of the two guild leaders. Olivia Dupont was undoubtedly a woman who was considered uncommon. She was sitting at the front of Astrid, staring at her while they talked.

Astrid was always sad when she looked at Olivia's face. She would be considered one of the greatest beauties of all time, but there were three huge scars, which covered almost her entire face.

They looked like three deep cuts made by some kind of claw. One of the cuts went through Olivia's left eye... It looked really terrible. Olivia wore a mask that only didn't cover part of her right eye, but now that mask was on the table.

Olvia looked at Astrid and knew she felt sorry for her... "Did you come here just to feel sorry for me? You were the only person I showed my face not to be sad but to be able to trust me... But now you're not telling me all the truth..."

Olivia was the most mysterious person in the guild. No one has ever seen her face since she only showed it to Astrid. Olivia helped Astrid when she needed to hide a year ago, but as they could not easily trust each other, Olivia showed her face while Astrid told part of her story.

Astrid looked at the mask on the table and sighed.

"You don't tell me everything either... As I said, I'm going on a mission with Lucien, and I need you to authorize his ID card quickly. He's not the best person in the world, but I totally trust him so that you won't have any problems with us."

Olivia knew who Astrid was, but she didn't know that the Queen was alive. Now, Astrid has said that she is going on a mission with her new partner, and Olivia can't help but suspect. "You never liked men. What's so good about him?"

Astrid needed authorization from one of the guild leaders to make Lucien a real adventurer, and she hated the other guild leader, so she came to Olivia... But Olivia wanted to know more about Lucien...

Astrid looked at Olivia and spoke as seriously as possible. "You are my friend Olivia. Trust me; I will never hurt you... Lucien and I are running away from a problem we had with some mercenaries... We don't want to cause problems for the guild... I hope you understand and let us leave in peace."

Olivia knew there was a lot more than Astrid was telling her. "Okay, I'm going to make his ID card, but I hope you trust me more as I trust you..."

Olivia took the paper with Lucien's information that Astrid had given her and started making his ID card. She made an A-rank adventurer ID card with his name and various status information Astrid gave her.

How Astrid fought Lucien as his examiner, Oliva relied on her assessment. Lucien's ID card showed that he was a swordsman and had Oya and Ko as companion beasts.

Olivia spent half an hour making Lucien's ID card and handed it to Astrid when she finished. "You and your boyfriend can go. Good luck, my friend."

Now, he and Astrid could leave town on a mission, and no one would find it suspicious. At least in the guild, as Black Hand had already sent people after the Assassin squad who had not returned.