Chapter 5 Lust Contract part 2 *

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Chapter 5 Lust Contract part 2 *

So fucking damn good!

Like no other taste he had ever felt before.

Lucien could not contain his moans, and Lust had not held anything since begin.


He hugged her waist tightly as he followed the lead of her expert tongue.

That was Lucien's first kiss. He wanted to do his best. He is not in love with Lust, even though he saw her as the most charming woman in the world.

Lucien always regretted not being able to do anything to save his mother, and now that he knew she was still alive, he couldn't waste any time and had to become strong to rescue her.

And Lust was the best way. Actually, the only one he had. So he would have to follow her lead. He would do anything to save his mother, so giving his body and soul is not a problem.

Lucien's mind was full of thoughts, but it had only been a few seconds. He was trying hard to show interest in her because he knew it would be like that with The Lust.

He had already accepted that he would have to be entirely hers to make them both strong. A contract with a great demon is something that would bind them until death. So he wouldn't hold back now.

Lust felt Lucien hugging her tight and trying to subdue her tongue. She couldn't help but be surprised at him acting so spontaneously.

She read all of his memories and knew that the boy is totally uninterested in women. Even though he lived in this fortress in the mountains, there were still beautiful servants who tried something with him. And even sisters...

He never did or thought of anything like that, but now he was trying to overpower her. Lust could only believe that her charm was increasing a lot in recent years.

She liked that very much, but she wouldn't be Lust if she let the virgin take advantage of her. She struggled against his tongue while using one hand to reach inside his underwear and caress his dick directly.

Lucien, who was already feeling great pleasure from that wet kiss, felt even better and couldn't help but open his mouth while moaning loudly.

When he stopped kissing and stepped his mouth back, Lust attacked quickly and bit his tongue.


Lucien was feeling so much pleasure that his cock was so fucking hard as rock in Lust's hand.

He tried to hug her again, but she stepped back, avoiding him. He was perplexed, but she didn't lose her naughty smile and explained her point.

"Do you want to eat me on the cold floor?"

Lucien was taken aback by Lust's words. He knew they were going to have sex at some point, but he thought she was just teasing him now.

"And about the contract?"

Lust was a little disappointed. She thought he was completely crazy about her body, but he still showed many signs of rationality. She kept her sensual smile and seductive tone.

"Every great demon has their own way of making the contract. In my case, is it not obvious how it will be?"

He thought it made a lot of sense for every great demon to do this differently, but about Lust's case, he still wanted to confirm.

Lust saw a little hesitation in Lucien's eyes and becomes a little more concerned.

"Yes... you need to fuck my pussy. Do you not want it?"

Lucien was once again surprised at how fast the thing is progressing.

But Lust is his destiny, and he couldn't go back. He strengthened his resolve with thoughts of his sweet mother as he walked towards Lust, trying his best to make a seductive smile.

He saw a little concern in Lust's eyes and didn't want her to think that he didn't desire her. So he had to make up for that mistake by being bolder.

Lucien walked towards Lust and started the kiss this time. He didn't stop in the kiss but also lifted her legs from behind and put them on around his waist while supporting her by the ass.

He stopped the kiss to talk, and a string of bright saliva still connected their mouths. Lust was loving it all so much and was wetting Lucien's waist with her vast amount of love juices.

"Do you think anyone could not desire the Great Lust?"

Lust wanted to act dominantly and seductively by saying something or just laughing. Still, her body acted alone, and before she could think of anything, she was already kissing Lucien again.

This time Lust was kissing him even more wildly. She held his head with both hands and seemed to be trying to devour his tongue in a mess that mixed their saliva in a way that could only be described as extremely lustful.

After kissing for as long as Lucien can hold his breath, Lust stopped the kiss and looked at him with her eyes sparkling by excitement.

"If you want me only for you, just be mine. You don't have to be only mine because it wouldn't make us strong, but you can never forget that I will be the most important to you."

"You will serve me, warm my bed, and fight for me until you die. Alright like that?"

Lucien couldn't help thinking that no one would be more important than his mother. But it wasn't time to think about her if he didn't have the strength enough to rescue her yet.

He needed Lust, and everything she asked in return was very reasonable. A contract with a great demon is something that people would kill for, so he knew it wasn't right to refuse anything she asked for.

"So, I will serve you until my death! My lady, Lust."

That was all Lust wanted to hear, and she wasted no time before eating the string of saliva until connecting their mouth and continued kissing wildly.

She really liked to kiss in this position because Lucien had his hands busy supporting her, so she could do whatever she wanted with his head. The stimulation in her ass was an extra that she also loved.

Lucien was enjoying it too. He wanted to think that it is only for her, but he couldn't deny that he was really enjoying that delicious mouth and that wonderful ass.

After some minutes, stopping just to breathe, Lucien thought about going somewhere else, still holding Lust, who was clinging to him in a very seductive way.

"Let's go to my room."

Lust had already wet Lucien's clothes with her love juices, so she was more than ready to move on to the next stage and couldn't be more looking forward to it. She responded with a nod and an "mm" sound while Lucien left the room.

That temple was built to summon the great demons and perform the contract ritual. So the people who knew the place the most are the chosen ones who would make this contract.

Lucien and his sisters knew each part of the temple, and since the others were all in the main hall, it was not difficult for him to sneak out through the back door.

It was really a funny scene. Lucien was running furtively through the narrow stone streets of the fortress with a beautiful woman on his back.

Lust felt like a young lover sneaking from her parents with her boyfriend. She found Lucien's back very pleasant and felt that there were few places she would feel more comfortable.

Lucien would always be ready to carry her like this because at no time did he take his hands off that big soft ass.

The tour did not take long, and soon they arrived at a block of small stone houses. It was a very simple place and not unlike the rest of the fortress except for having a few jars with a beautiful yellow flower that smelled very good.

Lucien entered through the door of the small house and went quickly towards the bedroom. The room is very simple as the rest of the house and only had two furniture and a single bed that didn't look very comfortable.

Nobody would think that the chosen ones, children of the great Evil King, live like that. But Evil King himself did not want his children to be spoiled and only focused on training hard to fight the great war.

Lust felt Lucien's hesitation when he entered the room, but he quickly cleared up the situation to avoid any misunderstanding.

"My bed is small and not very comfortable..."

Lust was happy that he showed such consideration for her, but her body no longer cared if they did it even on the floor, which would not keep cold with the fire burning into her.

"Just fuck me hard right now because I can't wait any longer!"

Lucien didn't think twice about throwing Lust on the small bed and tearing off his shirt. He was also very anxious and ended up tearing his clothes while trying to remove it.

Lust was enjoying the beautiful show that was Lucien fumbling. She was just wearing a simple white dress that is the only outfit she was able to materialize because she didn't have much mana left.

It only took Lucien a few seconds to rip off all of his clothes, but Lust was very impatient and started to touch herself while moaning by excitement and anticipation.

Lust didn't know why she is in such an out of control state. She had already made many contacts over the years and is, as expected, very experienced in sexual matters.

But now she couldn't stop touching herself, wondering how good it would be to have Lucien destroying her wet naughty pussy.

She thought that maybe it was because he is the most attractive of all the men she saw or the fact that he didn't succumb and attack her madly like the other hosts.

Lucien couldn't stop thinking about his mother. He felt guilty for wanting Lust so much not only to be strong but also because his body was so attracted to hers.

He had never felt like that before, but he knew it is the passion that he read in many books. This crazy passion was clouding his senses, and he had a hard time even doing something simple, like taking off his clothes.

He couldn't help blushing when he got naked, and his cock pointed stiffly upwards, showing that it is more than ready to work hard.

Drool dripped from Lust's mouth as she looked at that big piece and couldn't help wondering if it is the legendary "great dragon."

Lucien and Lust stared at each other without saying anything because their looks made their thoughts clear.

"I want to fuck you so hard until I can't move any more!"

"Come and eat me entirely!"

Then he jumped on the bed and started kissing Lust madly. She took his hands to her dress, and together they removed the only piece of clothing she wore.

Lucien let the desire control his body and didn't care about anything other than Lust.

Lust was not much different, and she just started channeling a silent enchant to make the contract while Lucien kissed her neck and clavicle area.

He was kissing all her beautiful and fragrant body until he reached those more than perfect breasts. He couldn't help but comment on how much he liked those big breasts.

"You are so fucking damn sexy!"

Lust pulled Lucien's head towards her breasts, and he started to suck it like a hungry baby while she moaned loudly by the wonderful feeling.

"These boobies will be only for you from now on, so take good care of them!"

Lucien couldn't agree more with Lust's words. As he could not answer with words, he attempted to suck one of the breasts lovingly while massaging the other with his hand.

So far, everything was so incredible and pleasurable that Lucien couldn't think of anything but Lust's body. But he was still in foreplay and still had to give affection to the most private part of her.

He can't help thinking.

"What will it taste like?"