Chapter 50 Just Run

Lust Knight LamenThief 2022/9/21 7:46:08

"Shit!! Damn it!!" Black Hand was the second person to bypass the rock barrier. He saw Olivia cursing Lucien as he fled with the mysterious woman.

"Do something! We have to go through this fissure!" Black Hand was very angry at Lucien; not only did he steal his girl, but he also killed his favorite assassin squad. He was so furious that he ordered Olivia to solve the fissure problem.

Olivia was distraught that she couldn't catch the mage, but she did not forget the mess that Black Hand made. "You mercenary dog! You will not get away with this after creating that chaos in the city!!"

"Fuck you and your guild!" Black Hand was furious and didn't care about Olivia or the guild. He just wanted to find a way to catch Lucien and started telling his mercenaries to find a way to get through the fissure.

"Look!!" Many mercenaries were shooting arrows at Lucien, but he was further and further away, making the archers useless, but then someone shouted and pointed to the sky.

Everyone looked at the sky, which was lighted up by a big green-lightning flying towards Lucien at super speed.

"Glen!" Olivia knew that the green lightning was one of the best skills of the S-rank archer. It needed almost a minute to be cast but had high destructive power.

She couldn't help but fear for Lucien. After all, she just wanted to catch the mysterious woman for causing chaos in the city and not killing Lucien, who was already an adventurer in her guild.

"Damn!" Rose, who was still on Lucien's back even though she was already fine to run alone, saw the lightning bolt coming towards them and acted quickly by raising rock walls behind them while Lucien kept running.

Lucien didn't need to look back as he could hear Glen's arrow coming and knew that the power of that attack would be destructive. He focused all his strength on his legs and jumped as far as he could.

*Boom* *Creack* *Boom* *Creack* *Boom* *Creack* *Booooom*

The green lighting broke the rock barriers that Rose made and hit the place where they were a second ago, causing a big explosion that sent an explosive force within a hundred meters.

Lucien was still in the air with Rose after jumping. He acted instinctively and turned around, facing the full force from the explosion while Rose was completely safe on his back, and they were thrown twenty meters farther from where they would possibly land.

After receiving the impact of the explosion, Lucien lost his balance, and they both rolled on the ground a few times before stopping. Rose hugged Lucien instinctively, and when they stopped rolling, she ended up on top of him.

"That was fucking amazing!!" Rose was ecstatic after drinking Lucien's blood and couldn't control her excitement after the moment of adrenaline, which they almost died.

Rose's body shivered with excitement, and she kissed Lucien. She had never kissed before and could only guess what it was like as she started to rub her lips over his, but Lucien didn't open his mouth as it was no time for a kiss...

*Woosh* *Woosh* *Woosh*

Lucien hugged Rose and rolled aside to dodge more crystal arrows that Glen kept shooting.

"Stupid vampire! This is not the time to kiss!!" Lucien tried to take Rose off him while they rolled, but when he opened his mouth to speak, Rose bit his lip, delighting again with his delicious blood.

Rose didn't know why Lucien was so good. She just wanted more of his blood, his lips, even his scent was pleasurable for her, and she wanted it all like an addictive drug.

But the arrows kept coming, and she couldn't even defend herself... Her body was lazy, and she completely trusted herself to Lucien. He stood up quickly, putting her on his back again as they ran for the forest.

"She is right, that was so amazing!" While Lucien was running, Lust couldn't help but comment on how she found the show quite incredible...

Lucien knew that they had taken an enormous risk, and he didn't want to go through something like that again. He knew that only by getting powerful, he could avoid having to run away like that again.

"Amazing as shit! You didn't have to run with that stupid vampire on your back while the damn archers didn't stop shooting!!!" Lucien swore to punish everyone who put him through this shit, including Lust and Rose. Of course, he would punish the girls differently from the men...

After running more two hundred meters ahead, Lucien left Glen's field of vision, and next arrived in the forest. He called Cassidy by telepathy, and not only could he hear her, but he could also feel the direction she was in.

Lucien knew they couldn't stop running, but now, he could at least release Rose so that she could run alone, but the vampire-girl didn't want to leave his back and held his neck more tightly while she begged him to continue carrying her.

"Who said she wouldn't just jump in your arms?" Lust couldn't help but make fun of Lucien. In fact, she was pleased that things seemed to be going better than she expected.

Lucien didn't reply to Lust and continue running towards Cassidy's group, with Rose clinging to his back like a koala.


Cassidy, Mia, Aria, Ella, Oya, and Ko entered the forest after Maggie stayed behind to make the barrier against the archers.

Oya wanted to go back and kill Maggie for "trying to escape," but Cassidy called her, making the mama tigress understand that Maggie had no bad intentions.

Oya saw Cassidy as part of the alpha couple in "Lucien's pack." She saw how he gave the Queen a special affection and thought of herself as a beta. So, she didn't mind following Cassidy's orders that were not against her master's intentions.

After Cassidy's group entered the forest, they hid behind a small ravine. There were big trees nearby, and Mia climbed on top of one, trying to get a good view of the situation.

"Astrid! Here!!" Mia saw Astrid coming with Marie, Anne, and Maggie, then she called the group, making everyone go behind the ravine.

Mia, Astrid, Oya, and Ko, knew everyone, so they didn't find anything strange when the women met. But Cassidy did not like to meet Marie and Anne.

She was pretty sure that the young beauties were also Lucien's women, but she still had to confirm. "Are you his woman too?"

Anne realized that Cassidy said "too" and can't help but be a little sad. Of course, she wanted he had fewer women, so that would have "more Lucien" for her...

Marie first noticed the "too," but before thinking about how Cassidy would be another of Lucien's woman, she recognized her... "You are Queen Cassidy! But shouldn't you be dead? Wait!!! Are you his woman? How is this possible?!?!?!?"

Cassidy did not find it unusual for someone to recognize her; after all, she was Queen a year ago, but Marie had something special. Blue hair was not typical, and Cassidy knew a family, which all female members had hair the same color as Marie.

"Are you from the Olsen Royal family of Bluewind city?"

Before Marie could answer Cassidy, they heard Mia reporting what was going on between Lucien and the mercenaries. "A fissure opened in the ground, separating Lucien from the mercenary troops, but he jumped over it to rescue a hooded woman, and he is now unable to return."

They were both angry and worried about Lucien. When he stayed behind to cover their escape, everything was fine, but when he returned for an unknown woman, they were all upset...

Mia could see everything that happened with Lucien from the top of the big tree and kept reporting to the other women, who kept cursing Lucien for putting himself in danger, making them so worried.

"We have to go back to help him!" Cassidy and Anne spoke together as they both couldn't stand the idea of ??leaving Lucien in danger alone.

"You have to trust him! We would only give him more problems as we cannot move at the same speed as him." Astrid had to grab Cassidy's arm as she was almost running into the chaos, and it wouldn't help Lucien.

Then everyone heard the explosion of Glen's arrow. Mia was very scared when she saw Lucien being thrown to the ground, but he stood up and continued running towards the forest.

"He is coming!" Mia warned the women, and Cassidy heard Lucien's voice in her mind.

After running for approximately a minute, Lucien jumped from a small ravine where his women were waiting for him, but he was not welcome as he expected...

"What!?" Lucien had to duck to avoid Cassidy's kick. She turned around and tried to kick him again while making it clear that she was furious.

"Did you go back for another woman? Do you want to die just to get another member for your huge harem? Does your dick know no limits?!?!?" Cassidy kept trying to kick Lucien without caring about the girl on his back.

Everyone was there, Mia, Astrid, Marie, Anne, Maggie, Aria, and Elle. Still, no one interfered between Cassidy and Lucien as everyone agreed that he was very reckless going back for a woman he probably didn't know, and everyone had the same question in mind:

"Why the hell doesn't she go off his back?!"

Lucien wanted to blame Lust for making him go back for Rose, but he knew he needed incredible women to gain power, and now that Rose is with him, she would receive the same care as his other women.

Cassidy was very strong even though she still had poison in her body, but she could never compete with Lucien about speed. He grabbed her leg after dodging her kick, then gave her pretty mouth a tap kiss, making all the girls jealous.

"This is no time to discuss! We have to keep running, or they will reach us."

Everyone agreed that they need to keep running, but at the same time, they did not know where to go. Lucien and Lust didn't know anything about this world so they couldn't suggest anything...

Cassidy tried to contain her fury at Lucien and her jealousy of the girl on his back. Then she had an idea as she looked at Marie to confirm her thoughts. "Are you Adrian Olsen's daughter? Is your father still loyal to me?"

Cassidy used a firm tone to speak, showing all her nobility as a Queen. Marie was very polite, and even though the situation was strange, she bowed while speaking respectfully. "Yes, my Queen! I left my home because I didn't agree with my family, but they were always loyal to you."

Marie would not say that she never agreed with her family to support Cassidy's reign. She thought the rulers had to be decided by the people, and she also agreed with the guild's merit system, but her family is noble, and they ruled a small kingdom, which is part of Portgreen.

So she left home to join the guild, but she never imagined that she would meet the Queen, who was supposed to be dead, and... She was Lucien's woman... Marie couldn't believe everything that was happening.

Cassidy realized from Marie's clothes that she had joined the guild, but from what Marie said, she was in disagree with her family, who were supposed to be her allies...

She didn't know what to think about it and looked at Lucien. "Bluewind is a small kingdom in the west. They were supposed to be loyal to my reign, but they did not help me during the revolt when the guild and the mercenaries attacked me..."

Marie wanted to claim that her kingdom had no more than a hundred soldiers, and if they came to help the Queen, they would not be really useful and would leave her people unprotected, but she would not try to argue with the Queen.

Lucien didn't know what had happened in the revolt or how politics worked there, so he seriously looked at Marie. "Are you sure your family is still loyal to the Queen?"

"Yes, I'm sure!" Marie began to understand the situation. She thought Lucien wanted to leave the city to protect the Queen, so she was in doubt for a second if it was right put her people at risk for the Queen, which she had no faith... But she believed in Lucien and wanted to be with him, so she was honest about her family being loyal to Cassidy.

"We don't have time to think now, so let's head toward there, and on the way, we come to a conclusion." Lucien was focusing his senses to the maximum, and he didn't hear any sign of anyone approaching the forest. Still, he knew it wouldn't be long before they managed to get over the fissure.

Everyone agreed to get away from Portgreen city as soon as possible and followed Marie's lead towards Bluewind Kingdon, which was more than 200 miles away from there, so they would have plenty of time to plan their next move along the journey.

As the group ran to the west road, Mia asked Lucien what everyone wanted to ask. "Who is this girl on your back, and are you going to carry her all the time?"