Chapter 51 Favorite Girl

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Chapter 51 Favorite Girl

As Lucien's group ran through the forest beside the west road, everyone was focused and concerned, trying to get as far away as possible quickly...

*Sniff* *Sniff* *Sniff*

But Rose cared only about enjoying Lucien. Of course, all the women were jealous, but when Rose started to sniff Lucien's neck, Oya also showed her jealousy.

"What's the problem with you girls? She can't run alone yet." Lucien didn't understand why everyone was being so dramatic about Rose. He explained that she was the mage who cast the earthquake, and he helped her when she was hurt. But he didn't say anything about blood or life partners...

Everyone trusted Lucien's words, but as Rose was already fully healed after drinking Lucien's blood, no one saw any wounds on her even though her clothes were pierced where Glen's arrow penetrated her shoulder...

Mia and Anne felt very much like being carried by Lucien in place of Rose, but they had to keep running...

The mercenaries and adventurers managed to cross the fissure after earth mages got together to make rock bridges, but Lucien's group was already far away. They fled through the forest to make tracking difficult.

Lucien's group changed direction several times and erased their tracks with magic and tricks that Astrid and Maggie knew. After seven hours on the run, it was already morning and everyone was tired... Except for Lucien, who had an absurd regeneration, and Rose, who didn't leave his back.

"Let's stop for a while. You need to rest." Lucien could see that the younger girls like Mia, Anne, and Ella couldn't keep running, so he suggested they rest there.

"But what if they are tracking us?" Cassidy feared that the mercenaries and the guild would find out about her.

"I can detect them from a mile away, and we'll have someone patrolling. We'll rest for an hour or less and start running again." Lucien also didn't want to stop, but the girls couldn't keep going.

Lucien gave Astrid a kind look. "Astrid, you are in better condition than the others, so please make the rounds."

Astrid slowly approached Lucien, stared at Rose for a second before giving Lucien a tap kiss on the lips. "Do not think that you can order me... But I will be guarding this time."

Before Astrid leave, Lucien spoke his plan to everyone. "There is a stream 600 meters to the north. We will rest there for an hour."

Everyone agreed and followed Lucien while Astrid guarded the area. They arrived at the side of the stream, where some stones made a small natural pool.

They started drinking fresh water and filling their bottles with it. Lucien looked at the tired girls and had a strange idea, but he first needed to get rid of the vampire clinging to his back.

"Oya! If she doesn't get off my back in five seconds, bite her ass."

"Heeee?! Are you going to order the tigress to bite your wife?!" Rose was scared when she saw Oya walking towards them, so she jumped off Lucien's back quickly, but did not forget to show her frustration.

"Wifeeee?!?!?" Cassidy, Mia, and Anne couldn't help but exclaim in surprise. Everyone was sure that Rose was Lucien's woman as she was on his back for seven hours... But claiming the title that they could only desire was a severe blow in their egos.

"Yes! When I sucked him, we made a pact to be partners for life, so of course, I am his wife and he is my husband."

Rose knew that most of those women were her rivals, so she would have to fight for a higher position in Lucien's heart. She never thought she would do something like that for a man, but after sucking him, she wanted to follow the tradition of her race.

"Did you suck him?! When??!!" Rose's words only made the girls more confused.

Lucien couldn't let this mess go on and took off Rose's hood revealing her face completely. "She sucked my blood. It is something of her race, so it cannot be helped..."

The girls didn't know what a vampire was, but Rose gave them a basic explanation, that she drank blood to recover mana, but could only drink people's blood from her husband, and how they needed to do that to escape the mercenaries.

As Rose spoke, Lucien realized he hadn't had a good look at her before. Now that she was without the hood, he was surprised by her high beauty.

Rose was about 1.65 meters tall and had a slim but very sexy body. Her breasts weren't as big as Cassidy and Astrid's, but they were well developed, giving her an advantage against the younger girls.

She is a gorgeous girl with a fantastic combination of fair skin and long blond hair. Her face had delicate features, and her eyes are gray with a slightly yellow glow. Her small ears are slightly pointed, looking like a smaller version of the elven ears.

Lucien was looking at Rose's sexy ass while she was explaining her uncommon situation to the girls, but Cassidy noticed his look. "Is it better than mine?"

He didn't know how to answer her. Of course, Lust said that he shouldn't say anything, or it would only cause problems. Lust also told him to make things clear as soon as possible.

Lucien had an excellent plan to restore their energies and mana, enough for them to run for ten hours without problems... But it was not easy to say that to the pack of women staring at him...

"Damn it!" Lucien cursed in his mind as he wondered if his sisters were going through such strange situations to become strong with their great demons...

Anyway, he couldn't change his "new nature." so he made his point clear. "I can recover your energies to the maximum quickly with... my fluids..."

"What!?!?!?!?" Everyone had that question in mind. Some of them did not know the capabilities of Lucien's body, and those who knew it did not think he would suggest using it that way... Everyone was confused.

Cassidy was the woman who knew most about the benefits of Lucien's body, and she couldn't deny that she wanted him only for her and her daughter... Even though she knew that he would inevitably have a lot of women, she still worried about not having "enough" Lucien.

"Do you mean all of us at the same time or in turns? Won't that overload you?"

Lucien knew there was jealousy in Cassidy's words, but he was still grateful for her concern with his health.

"Just a little of my saliva or essence is enough for you to recover... Your poison is still a problem, so you will have to drink a bit more now, and we will continue the more intense session later..."

Cassidy was convinced, but other women only had confused looks because they couldn't understand the situation.

Lucien explained in the best way he could about having life mana in his body, but he was unable to use magic. It seemed absurd, but Cassidy said it was all true, and everyone believed Lucien.

Of course, believing was different from accepting. Not all women there had a strong enough connection with Lucien to do something like that...

Lucien looked at the pair of mother-daughter harpy and saw that they are strangely staring at him. He could see that Ella was just a young girl, but he had a plan for her.

"I can carry Ella on my back, but you, Aria, need to make up your mind. As I said, just a little of my saliva should be enough to recover your energy."

"I don't mi-" Ella tried to say something that everyone could imagine what was because of her wide smile, but Aria quickly covered her mouth while nodding at Lucien. "We agree with that!"

With Ella and Aria's situation resolved, Lucien looked at Maggie. "You are not obliged to accept my help, but I am not going to put the whole group at risk if you cannot follow us..."

"I also can't take the risk of you giving information about us to anyone, so if you can't continue, Oya..."

Maggie looked at the mama tigress and knew that things wouldn't end well if she couldn't keep up with them, so she took off her hood while blushing and staring at Lucien. "Will it be just a little saliva? Like some kisses?"

Maggie was not as beautiful as her other women, but Lucien couldn't deny that she had some charm. She had brown hair in bun style and light brown skin. She had black eyes and pretty features. Lucien didn't think it was a problem that her ass and breasts aren't so hot.

He couldn't look at her with a severe look. After all, he saw when Maggie stayed behind, making a barrier while Cassidy's group ran away, and he wanted to thank her for it, even though she didn't exactly do it for them.

"Yes, a few kisses will be enough, but I won't deny more if you want..." Maggie blushed at Lucien's words, and he saw it as another problem resolved.

Now, Only Marie and Anne's situation remained. Lucien looked at them just to see Marie looking away while Anne was very flushed, staring at him. "Do you understand it?"

"I have some regeneration potions, so I..." Marie wanted to be more intimate with Lucien, but doing it now, with everyone looking on them, seemed too far to her. She had some potions to recover mana and vitality, but it would take more than an hour for her to recover fully.

Anne saw that her friend was ashamed, and she tried to encourage Marie. "We don't have time to wait for potions to work. We can do this together..."

Lucien understood that it would be difficult for everyone to accept so quickly, so he thought about starting with Cassidy while the other girls made up their minds. "Marie, if you can, give Ella one of those potions."

Lucien couldn't wait any longer. Every second was important, and he wanted to start supplying the girls his fluids...

He was pretty dirty after rolling on the ground with Rose, so Lucien started to undress while entering the natural pool in the stream. "Just come to me, and I'll give it to you. I ensure it will be good and you will undoubtedly want more..."

The women blushed while watching Lucien undress. No one could deny that his body was a view to be delighted. Everyone looked at Lucien's lower body when he started to take off his pants, and Aria had to turn Ella the other direction, but she didn't miss a second of that wonderful show.

Anne and Marie had already seen Lucien naked but they did not get tired of that vision...

Maggie already thought he was handsome, but now she couldn't even describe him...

Rose had never thought of a man before, but now that she sucked Lucien, she was happy that it had been someone as handsome as him...

Mia couldn't help being a little sad. The other time they took a bath like that, he was only hers...

Cassidy was lost in thought when she saw Lucien's cock again. It was big, even when it wasn't completely erect... She really wanted to continue the intense session, but now they needed to be quick to continue the journey, so she wasted no time and started taking off her clothes.

Mia saw her mother taking off her clothes, and wasted no time starting undress too. She didn't want to lose to her mother...

Anne also didn't want to be left behind and tried to overcome her embarrassment while taking off her clothes. Marie didn't want to look eager to it, so she preferred to wait for a while to make up her mind...

Rose knew she didn't need any more of Lucien's fluids right now as she drank his blood, and then she was carried all the way by him, but she couldn't let other women be intimate with her husband while she just watched. She started taking off her clothes while blushing even more.

Aria wanted to undress and run into Lucien's arms, but she had to think of a way to keep Ella from looking...

Even though Cassidy started to undress quickly, she couldn't compete with the speed of the tigresses, who were already naked...

Oya gave Ko a second of advantage; the little tigress wasted no time and jumped in the water after Lucien.

Lucien found Ko's roars, which seemed more like a cat's sound, very cute, and picked her up while he started washing his little pet. "Who is my favorite girl?"

"Me!" Many girls wanted to answer it, but no one wanted to say out loud that they were jealous of the little tigress.