Chapter 54 52 Minutes in Heaven part 3

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Chapter 54 52 Minutes in Heaven part 3

\"Yes, it's your turn, Rose.\" Lucien hadn't even finished speaking when Rose jumped into his arms in a very similar way to Anne.

\"You are not treating me properly! We made a life pact, and you have to be nice to me!!\" Rose complained as she kissed Lucien's entire face intensely.

Rose's feelings for Lucien were already very intense, and improved with every second she spent with him. Rose was always a very passionate person, and drinking someone's blood for the first time was very important for a half-vampire.

Not to mention that the blood of the person she drank was Lucien's... Rose couldn't and didn't want to hold her felling back. She wanted more and more of Lucien and would fight for it with everything she had.

Lucien knew that the little vampire just wanted to be pampered. He didn't mind spoiling her but at another time. \"As soon as we are not running away, I will be very nice to you, but now you need to be obedient and share it...\"

Rose was hugging Lucien while rubbing her face on his chest, but then she wrapped her legs around his waist when she heard him say something about sharing.

She began to kiss his neck sweetly as she spoke in an imploring tone. \"No, please. I don't want to share it! It's my turn, and I want to do it myself!\"

Lucien didn't know how to act. He thought that the girls come in pairs would be easier and faster, just like it was with the other girls. But it wasn't like it was going to be bad to pay attention only to Rose. They would have to be just a little faster because time was not in their favor.

He also couldn't just push the lovely vampire away, even though she didn't need the recovery session... Then Lucien started stroking her head as he spoke kindly. \"It's all right. But you have to be quick because the other girls need it.\"

Rose was sure she could give Lucien a lot of pleasure. She just needed a chance, and now she was going with everything. Half-vampires only suck blood from a single person in their entire lives, because the connection with their life partner had several peculiarities, which her mother told her about.

She gave Lucien a tap kiss on the lips, then looked very kindly at him. \"I'll only do it to you... So you have to reward me later.\"

Before Lucien could understand what was going on, Rose opened her mouth and bit her own lips, making her fangs cut a little bit of her skin, covering her lips with her blood.

Lucien wanted to ask why she did that, but Rose gave him an intense kiss, which was wet by her blood...

\"WOW!!!\" Lucien felt a shiver run through his body when he tasted Rose's blood. It was a whole new kind of pleasure that made his mind go blank.

When a vampire's partner, of the same race or not, taste their blood, they could feel all the affection the vampire had for them. So Lucien was now experiencing all the intensity of Rose's feelings for him in her blood, and that was beyond incredible.

\"Mmmm...\" In the middle of the bloody kiss, Rose also bit Lucien's lips mixing their blood and saliva, making a very pleasant mess, in which both were delighted for a few minutes.

Lucien loved Rose's blood. It was so sweet and made his body warm... He hugged her tighter as his tongue explored every part of her small mouth.

Rose acted so cutely, letting him lead the entire time while she enjoyed every second in the arms of the man she already loved so much.

She didn't care if they had just met... She only cared that the connection between them was more than perfect... She never felt so much pleasure before and knew her place would be beside him no matter what.

With the feelings of both of them so intense, the tattoo, which had already started to form when Rose sucked Lucien's blood, shone with a strong purple tone, showing that she had given her most precious thing to Lucien...

Of course, virginity was essential to Rose, but giving her blood to her partner was the highest level of trust between her race. Rose knew she was acting impulsively, but she was sure she would not regret it.

\"That was easy! I knew I was right, do you see? I know what is best for us.\" Lust couldn't help but comment in Lucien's mind how she was right about him rescuing Rose.

Of course, she was also surprised that things evolved so fast, and it was evident that it was not only about Rose's vampire peculiarities but also because of her intense personality.

Lucien agreed with Lust. In fact, he was like Rose as he knew that he also acted in a very intense and impulsive way sometimes...

\"Ahem! What about the recovery session...\" Lucien and Rose were lost in their bloody kiss, and after five minutes, the other girls were afraid that there would be no Lucien left for them... Cassidy had to speak on behalf of the other girls... Or the jealousy she was feeling...

Lucien knew they had limited time, so he stopped kissing, but Rose kept kissing his lips, licking his mouth, and rubbing her face on his...

He can't help but find her so adorable. Lucien thought there was a problem with him because he liked these girls so much and so quickly, but they were just too fantastic. Anyone who lived in depression as long as he, would be equally delighted with cute girls like Rose.

\"It's enough, Rose... Haha... We'll have more time later... mm... Please, Rose...\" Lucien tried to push the little vampire away, but she didn't loosen the grip of her legs on his back and continued to kiss him.

Lucien had to act and tickled Rose's belly. When she loosened her grip on his back, he threw her into the water.

\"We had such a romantic moment, and is that how you be nice to me? Rude!\" Rose stood up while complaining, but without any warning, she jumped on Lucien again.

Of course, Lucien managed to dodge with his high agility, causing the excited vampire to fall into the water again. The other girls were having fun watching the strange show...

Lucien did not want to avoid Rose's affection, on the contrary, he very much wanted to let her kiss to her heart's content, but they didn't have time in that situation.

\"Please, Rose. I promise I will give you as many bloody kisses and anything else you want later, but when we are safe... Now Astrid is patrolling the area so I can restore the girls' energy. Don't be greedy.\"

Rose had just experienced the most wonderful feeling in her life, and of course, she wanted more, but she also knew that Lucien was right. She thought about claiming she hadn't drunk the \"milk\" yet, but she couldn't look like a selfish girl or Lucien could be upset with her...

\"Ok, ok, I'll be patient...\" Rose passed Lucien as she headed out of the stream, but she still ran her hand over his belly where the tattoo was while she ran the other hand over her own tattoo.

She didn't know what it was, but it was obvious something that linked her to Lucien, so it was something she already appreciated a lot.

All the girls saw that Rose's tattoo was a strong shade of purple, and they knew that she and Lucien were already very close. Mia couldn't help but be sad as her tattoo was not so strong from the beginning, but it was slowly improving...

Cassidy ran a hand over her belly and smiled as her tattoo shone in an intense shade of purple too. Other girls wanted to improve their tattoos as it seemed that it showed the intensity of their feelings with Lucien. Some who didn't have a tattoo yet wanted to get one...

It wasn't like all the girls there were naughty or something like that... They just couldn't resist their female instincts, screaming that no man could be as attractive as Lucien. Even stubborn girls like Marie and Maggie knew he was just so irresistible...

Since Rose had agreed to let the other girls have their time, Lucien looked at them. He knew that Ella was staring at his dick the whole time and didn't know how to deal with it.

She didn't look much younger than Mia, but he wanted to act more rationally, and it seemed too rash to let something happen between him and the young harpy-girl right now...

That was not something Lucien could decide for himself, so he preferred to leave the mother-daughter harpy pair last, and looked at Maggie.

Lucien met Maggie as enemies, but the way she acted when the mercenaries chased them made Lucien have favorable thoughts about her. Now, how she would act would define whether she would be part of their group as equals or not.

Cassidy, Mie, Anne, Marie, and now Rose, had sat on a large rock across the stream with Oya and Ko to enjoy the view of Lucien being so erotic. Even if it made them jealous, they still loved just looking at him naked...

Maggie didn't need Lucien to call her as she understood his look. She was already naked but was still trying to cover her breasts and pussy with her arm and hand, which clearly just gave her a lovely charm.

She got into the water and walked slowly towards him. Lucien saw Maggie acting very timidly, but he didn't reach his hand to her as he still wasn't sure how he felt about her.

Maggie couldn't blame Lucien for not being as affectionate as he was with his women, but it aroused a desire inside her. A desire to also win that affection, which incredible women were fighting so hard for.

She gathered all the courage she had in one movement and stand in front of him while speaking timidly. \"P-please... take g-good care of me!\"

\"Damn! You being so fucking attractive makes my job so much easier!\" Lust couldn't help but exclaim in Lucien's mind when he saw Maggie acting so sweet. She made things seem like she only cared about power, but in fact, Lust didn't know that what she was feeling, was her being jealous of Maggie.

She couldn't materialize her body for a long time now, and it wouldn't even be beneficial for them to have sex now, but she wanted to be in the girls' place with Lucien... She still remembered the wonderful feeling it was to have him inside her...

Lucien had no way of knowing Lust's thoughts. He was focused on the cute Maggie in front of him. Even if she was acting to gain his attention... She clearly did a good job, and Lucien could only hug her kindly...

Maggie felt the warmth of Lucien's embrace and couldn't help but smile because it was so easy to get his affection. It was so good to be hugged lovingly that she just wanted to stay there feeling those strong arms around her body...

\"You can have more hugs later. Now you must choose Kisses or...\" Lucien wouldn't be so kind to Maggie yet... He wasn't sure what she thought of him. Not everyone was as straightforward as Rose, and he had to be careful who to trust. Of course, kissing or letting Maggie drink his cum wouldn't do him any harm.

Maggie understood well, how amazing Lucien was for making these incredible women so obedient to him... Even the Queen... She was obviously smart enough to know that she would only benefit from being in good terms with Lucien.

\"I want it. Please...\" Maggie started stroking Lucien's cock, and he can't help but think that her performance was really good.

The girls sitting on the rock saw Maggie's performance, and Cassidy couldn't help but comment. \"Damn vixen!\"

Anne annoyedly responded to Cassidy's comment. \"I'm Lucien's only vixen!!\"