Chapter 55 52 Minutes in Heaven part 4

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Chapter 55 52 Minutes in Heaven part 4

Lucien heard the girls' conversation and could only smile. He kissed Maggie's forehead while she bent down to have her dose of \"restorative milk.\"

\"Mmm... Sooo good...\" Maggie was sure it would be good, but the taste of Lucien's cock was far beyond her expectations.

Maggie didn't know what to do, so she tried to imitate the other girls, stroking his dick with her hands as she licked from the head to the base. She saw some girls stroking his balls, and tried the same, giving Lucien more and more pleasure.

There hadn't been any penetration, but all the intensity of the soft hands and wet mouths, plus the peculiar bloody kiss with Rose, had done his body very well. Lust felt all the demonic energy being created in Lucien's tattoo, and their connection was getting better and better.

Lust couldn't help but remember her previous hosts who could only take pleasure with one woman at a time and compare them to Lucien, who was not only having but also giving great pleasure to several women at the same time.

\"Their pussies are dripping love juices just to see someone sucking on your dick... If you continue so, soon I will be able to fight beside you and do other things...\"

Lucien heard Lust's words in his mind, and couldn't help but smile. Every time Lust said things were going well, it means a step closer to his mother... He also couldn't deny that he liked the girls more and more...

\"When will your mouth be here again?\" Despite how wonderful his women were, Lucien still felt that it was far from the feeling he had with Lust, and a part of his body craved to have her again.

Lust was clearly satisfied with Lucien's words. He needs to have pleasure with other girls to make them strong, but that didn't mean they couldn't have sex too. She also missed his cock, and that intense desire for each other would also generate demonic energy.

\"As soon as we're alone, I promise I'll make it worthwhile. Just keep making them wet as this will make us powerful quickly.\" Lust thought like Lucien that it was too early to tell any girl about their situation, but at some point, everyone would have to know about her, of course.

Lucien was receiving a blowjob from Maggie while hearing to Lust's sensual voice, so he started to remember how good it was to have sex with her... Without realizing it, he held Maggie's head and slowly thrust his cock inside her throat while imagining the sensation that was when he was inside Lust.

He felt a desire to dominate Lust... Make her beg for his dick... Just remembering her moans of pleasure, he already wanted to cum in Maggie's mouth...

\"Lust is mine... Maggie too...\" Lucien realized that he was thinking about Lust, but his dick was in Maggie's mouth... He couldn't control that possessive desire to dominate Lust, but he also wanted Maggie... Not only them but the other girls too...

That intense desire grew within him with every second he spent enjoying the girls. He wanted more and more of them just like an endless well...

Lucien looked down and not only saw Maggie's happy face as he penetrated her throat, but he also saw his purple tattoo glowing brightly. He knew that Lust was influencing his feelings, but he didn't know if he could hate that...

He started thrusting his cock harder and faster into Maggie's throat. Her mouth was already a slurp mess with a lot of her saliva and his pre-cum, so Lucien's cock was sliding easily deeply inside her, and Maggie wanted to take it completely. She loved it so much, even though he was doing it roughly.

Lucien realized that he was very roughly with Maggie, but the part of him that wanted to be kind to her was entirely suppressed by his possessive feelings. He wanted to fuck Maggie's mouth in a mess so that she would never even imagine another dick besides his.

Maggie did not help Lucien to calm down as she held his thighs for support and pushed her body close to his, trying to receive everything Lucien could give her.

\"How much are you influencing me, Lust?\" Lucien tried to control himself while asking Lust if all these intense desires were her things.

Lust could only laugh because Lucien seemed the most suitable person to her, made especially to be her host... or rather, partner... \"I can't influence you to do something you don't want to do. Every desire you feel has some of my influence, but you want everything you are doing willingly.\"

\"Hmm...\" Lucien feared he was losing his personality because of Lust's powers. He wouldn't mind doing anything if it was going to save his mother, but...

As Lust said, he wanted to do it... He wanted to \"dominate\" the girls and make them only his... None of them showed any aversion to him... On the contrary... Maggie forced her body against his, making it clear that she wanted it as much as he...

\"Whatever!\" Lucien didn't want to deny what his body craved, and his mind had no objection to that, so he held Maggie's head firmly while pumping his cum inside her throat.

\"Mmmmm...\" Maggie's body grew hotter and hotter. Lucien was using his cock vigorously inside her mouth, making her body want it more and more. She kept swallowing her saliva along with Lucien's love juices, but then something much better came... She couldn't believe how good it was, making her try to drink it all.

\"More! More!! It is so fucking delicious!!\" Maggie continued to drink Lucien's hot cum, which was so good for her body, making her addicted to it.

Seeing Maggie's eyes sparkle with happiness as he marked her inside with his cum, relaxed Lucien's possessive feelings. He saw the tattoo appear in her low belly area, and even if it was in a slight shade of purple, it was a good start.

Maggie, like the other girls, was not prepared to drink everything Lucien could give them yet. He felt that she was already getting full... But after the intense feelings, Lucien wanted to completely pacify his \"dominant side.\"

He took his cock out of Maggie's mouth, who tried to follow it licking, and finished cumming on her face, marking her upper body with his cum.

\"Sooo good...\" Maggie felt no objection to Lucien's actions. On the contrary, she knew she couldn't drink it all at once, but now that his hot cum was over her body, she could take it with her finger and lick while whispering how much she liked it.

Lucien took a step back and leaned against the rock in the middle of the stream as he sighed. He was acting very intense after making the contract with Lust, but that didn't seem wrong anyway... The smile on Maggie's face as she finished drinking his cum was just like the other girls, making Lucien think they liked it so much as he.

The girls saw how Lucien cummed on Maggie's face and could only wish for the same treatment. They had to squeeze their legs because their pussies were already dripping love juices, just for them imagining receiving all Lucien's hot cum like Maggie.

\"It looks so good...\"

\"What?! No!! You are too young!\" Aria couldn't help but think that her turn to receive Lucien's \"affection\" was coming. She ended up thinking out loud, making Elle respond. Aria wanted Lucien, but she didn't want her daughter to mature so quickly...

\"Mom, please! I'm just going to kiss, I swear.\" Elle couldn't contain her attraction for Lucien. She was at an age where her hormones were very active, and the fact that Lucien was fucking attractive was driving her crazy. She wanted at least some of those wet kisses she saw...

Aria wanted to deny it, but her body wanted so much for Lucien, and she knew Ella must be going through something like that. Would she be unfair to deny her daughter something that was undoubtedly very good?

Aria thought her daughter was still very young, and if she tried Lucien's cock, she would certainly be addicted. But some kisses she could allow. \"Only kiss! You excited harpy.\"

\"Hehehe... Can you deny not being excited?\" Elle smiled as she teased her mother. They both wasted no time and started to undress before Maggie, or another girl jumped on Lucien wanting more.

\"Keep your underwear.\" Aria agreed to let Ella kiss Lucien, but she didn't want the girl to be naked.

\"But it will get wet... Do you want me to get the flu?\" Ella wanted to enter the water naked not only not to wet her clothes but also to be able to show Lucien that she also had a beautiful body, and maybe she could captivate him...

\"Okay... Just don't go too far.\" Aria knew Elle's intentions from the naughty smile the girl had on her face. She couldn't contain her daughter forever, and it wasn't bad that they were together...

Lucien was enjoying the interaction between the cute Aria and Elle. Lust can't help but comment in his mind. \"Another mother-daughter pair for you to mark with your cum...\"

He did not like the way Lust spoke as he had deep feelings for his mother, but he could not deny his possessive desires telling him that they would be very happy to be \"marked.\"

Lucien shook his head to clear those thoughts as he didn't want to be as hard to Arie and Elle as he was to Maggie.

Aria and Elle arrived in front of Lucien, and Aria gave him a cute and kind look. \"Please be kind to us.\"

\"Of course.\" Lucien nodded to the harpy-girls while taking a good look at them. He realized that he had not noticed how beautiful they are.

Aria was an incredible mature beauty with long gray hair and charming brown eyes. She had feathers in a shade of gray and green on various parts of her body, mainly on her arms, which looked like wings.

Ella was very similar to her mother, but her eyes were gray, and her hair was white as well as her feathers. Aria's body was full of sexy curves, but Elle's was also well developed. At 16, she had a smaller but more attractive body than Mia, but she also looked adorable, which only made Lucien more excited.

Lucien was lost in thought, enjoying the beauty of the harpy-girls when Ella couldn't take it anymore and jumped on him. Lucien hugged the cute girl and could feel that her feathers were very soft.

\"It is my first kiss, so you will have to take responsibility!\" Elle didn't give Lucien time to reply and started kissing his mouth. She was totally inexperienced and started rubbing her lips on his in a messy way, which Lucien found very cute.

He couldn't imagine being dominant with a girl as cute as Ella, and even though she looked very young, he hugged her gently and started kissing her lips tenderly.

*Mwah* *Mwah* *Mwah* *Mwah*

Lucien loved Elle's cuteness and started giving several tap kisses to her soft lips, while they both smiled at their affectionate game.

Elle saw Lucien being affectionate and intense with the other girls, but he was so kind to her in an excellent way that she didn't expect. She could only think that she managed to captivate him in a way that the others did not, and that gave a lot of hope to the dreamy harpy-girl...

While Lucien was kissing Elle in a very kind way, he heard Aria's sensual voice. \"Lucien, I will start... If something is wrong, please let me know.\"

Elle had her knees on the rock in the middle of the stream while Lucien holds her by the thighs above his waist, so his dick was free, and Aria started to lick it, giving Lucien a lot of pleasure.

Lucien loved the feel of Aria's tongue on his cock, it was hotter than usual, and he stuck his tongue inside Elle's mouth, feeling that her cute little tongue was just as hot as Aria's.

\"Sooo fucking amazing!\" Lucien could only think like that as he felt so good with the soft little beauty in his arms while the sweet mature beauty treated his cock with such affection.