Chapter 57 Morning Kisses

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Chapter 57 Morning Kisses

\"Mm...\" Astrid and Lucien continued to kiss and touch each other for a few minutes in a very intense way.

\"No...\" But it was time to go, and Lucien stopped kissing while Astrid continued to kiss his lips, wanting more.

Lucien felt that his heart was very weak because he could not deny one last kiss to the sweet Astrid. He forced his tongue into her mouth and squeezed her ass hard, which Astrid loved.

Astrid sucked Lucien's tongue eagerly, wanting to keep as much of his taste in her mouth as possible. She loved everything about him more and more...

Lucien finished the kiss and moved his head back, creating a string of saliva between their lips. Astrid looked into Lucien's eyes, and they said nothing as they understood that the fun was over... for now...

She couldn't resist and gave a quick last kiss on Lucien's lips, swallowing the string of saliva. Then she ran towards where the girls were at the stream, while Lucien laughed, and ran over there too.

The girls were already dressing while everyone felt the differences in their bodies. Any fatigue they felt before was gone, and now they were more energetic than ever... But instead of thinking about using that energy to run, they could only think about Lucien...

Especially younger girls like Mia, Anne, and Ella, imagined thousands of romantic fantasies about Lucien while the mature women only think about having more of his dick.

Everyone saw Astrid arrive and Lucien behind her. Rose acted quickly and tried to get some advantage from Lucien. She jumped on him while shouting excitedly.

\"Lucien!! I still don't feel good about running!!\"

He clearly knew that she was acting spoiled... Lucien didn't mind carrying the beautiful vampire for as long as she wanted, but about the other women? He could only blame his situation for being involved with so many women at the same time, and now he couldn't give special treatment to one of them and not the others...

Well... There was a \"girl\" that no one could complain about if he gave her special treatment.

Lucien dodged the spoiled vampire and ran towards the cute little tigress. Ko could only make her cute roar when Lucien caught her. She knew what was good for her and couldn't ask for more...

\"I'm going to carry Ko so that Oya can run at her best. We have a long way to go to Bluewind, so try not to be slow.\"

Lucien did not wait for the girls to respond and started walking in the direction that Marie had said where was her hometown. The girls were already ready, as almost everyone had storage artifacts with clean clothes and other things they needed.

Everyone understood that they had to keep running, and everyone was more excited now... Of course, some of them were much more excited than others.

Ella was the first to run towards Lucien along with Oya. She still couldn't believe that she could be with Lucien, just like Mia... She didn't want to leave Lucien's side and would do her best always to run close to him.

Anne, Mia, and Rose gazed at each other before running towards Lucien too. Cassidy, Astrid, and Aria could only laugh at the silly girls while trying to hide their excitement.

Marie and Maggie were the last to follow the group because everything that happened was very intense for them... Their rational minds could not process so many feelings at the same time, but they wanted to be close to Lucien so much.

The group went through the forest beside the west road, which led to the Bluewind Kingdom. There were many mystic beasts and wild animals nearby, but Oya scared everyone with her powerful roar, making the group go smoothly along the way.

After almost an impressive ten hours of running, it was already night when the group reached the limits of the vast forest. Ahead started an open field area, and the group needed to rest again.

Almost everyone in the group had excellent physical condition because of their lifestyles; Aria and Ella are harpy demi-humans, who had a naturally more agile body than ordinary people.

Plus the fact that Lucien's essence was improving their bodies so much, and gave them a lot of energy, they were able to travel a great distance at super speed. So resting for two or three hours would not be too dangerous.

They set up an improvised camp in the forest, and after a special dinner prepared by several delicate hands, Lucien suggested that the younger girls get some sleep to rest their minds. They couldn't just depend on his essences to recover even if they wanted it so badly.

Mia and Elle slept in one tent while Marie and Anne slept in another. Lucien wanted to bring the girls closer to each other, so there wouldn't be so much trouble, then he ordered Rose to sleep with Maggie... The girls refused at first, but he slapped them on the ass, making the girls blush and sleep together like best friends.

Lucien set up a tent with clean bedding that Rose gave him for Oya and Ko to sleep in. The tigresses didn't want to leave his side, but then he changed his clothes and put his used clothes inside the tent. The cute tigresses were easily persuaded to rest in the tent while sharing his scent.

\"Aren't you going to sleep?\" Lucien saw the mature women gazing at him with lustful looks, and he knew what kind of thoughts they had.

\"Why sleep when we can gain energy and become stronger together?\" Aria saw no reason to sleep when Lucien could do his \"magic,\" and everyone would be fine.

Lucien asked Lust this kind of thing. She said how intense everything was, Lucien should go slow with the girls, or he could hurt their bodies with so much pleasure in short periods of time.

The demonic energy created in his tattoo strengthened Lucien and the women, but both needed time to absorb that energy. Excessive demonic energy could be too much for girls to handle, and that was another reason for Lust to claim that Lucien needed a lot more women.

Of course, it would only be exceeded if he spent days pleasuring the girls over and over. Some hours of affection would only be beneficial now, and like him, the girls would need more and more demonic energy to get stronger over time.

Still, Lucien cared about his women. They had been on the run for a long time, and proper rest would be good for their mental health.

He approached Aria and gave her a long and gentle kiss. \"Get some sleep, and I'll wake you up with a lot of affection...\"

\"Mm.\" Aria couldn't say no to Lucien. She felt like a little girl in love with him and went to sleep eager for the moment when he would wake her up with affection.

Lucien looked at Astrid with a kind look. He wanted to pay close attention to her because he felt he was unfair to the sweet manticore-woman. But he had to take good care of all his girls, and that included curing Cassidy's poison, and guarding the area while they had some slept.

\"Get some sleep too. There will be time for us to enjoy each other later.\" Astrid made a sad expression and gave Lucien some kisses before going to rest. She did not like to act in a spoiled manner and would wait patiently until he has time for her.

\"Will you send me to sleep too?\" Cassidy thought Lucien would want to have them all \"serving\" him, but she couldn't deny that she wanted to spend time alone with him. Still, she tried to tease him.

Lucien sat on a rock next to Cassidy, and then they started to kiss after she laid her head on his lap. \"I am concerned with my beloved Queen. We have to eradicate this poison completely... But if you don't want to...\"

\"I want!! Please, I really want it...\" Cassidy thought she could easily tease Lucien because he was younger, but she clearly lost to him in teasing games... But she didn't hate that.

\"Do you want it inside the tent or prefer to play outdoors?\" Lucien began to tease Cassidy more and more as he gave tap kisses and touched the sensitive parts of her body.

\"Mm... You decide... You are totally in the lead... Ahhh...\" Cassidy couldn't think of anything when Lucien started to kiss and caress her body. Her mind went blank as her pussy started to produce lots of love juices wetting her panties.

\"I think everything is fine here...\" They were close to an area with soft grass, and Lucien laid on the ground on his back, putting Cassidy in the cowgirl position. She enjoyed it as much as she could for an hour of intense love, eliminating the rest of the poison that was still in her body.

The girls only managed to sleep after they stopped hearing the moans, which Cassidy couldn't contain while moving madly on Lucien's cock.

Cassidy also went to sleep with a wide smile on her face and the pleasant smell of Lucien all over her body.

Lucien climbed on top of a tree to be able to see at long distances. Even though his senses were excellent, allowing him to hear things a mile away while having fun with the girls, he still wanted to be able to watch a more substantial area to prevent any problems while his girls slept a while.

He couldn't help but be surprised when he realized that he could see an ant two miles away when he focused 100% of his senses on it.

Lucien's body was improving very quickly, and Lust kept telling him that he was doing a great job with the girls. If he continued like this, or better, do the same with other incredible women, he would be at the top of power in this world soon.

Of course, Lucien was thrilled to be able to work like Lust's expectations. So, he would be closer and closer to saving his mother...

When he remembers his mother, he cannot help feeling emotional. He loved her so much and was away from her for several years...

He also felt angry at his father for not protecting his mother and lying to him... Anger at the Pope's forces for hating his people and attacking them...

But all he could do now was to become stronger with Lust. And that power came not only from her but also from the girls who were sleeping under the tree where he was...

The anger he felt at being away from his mother did not disappear, but the feeling of love and gratitude for the girls who were with him was also strong, making Lucien smile as he continued to watch the area cautiously for his women to rest.

Lucien was on guard for almost five hours. The day was already dawning, and even though he wanted to let the girls sleep more, they were still running away.

He climbed down from the tree and entered Mia and Elle's tent. Mia felt something soft on her cheek and woke up with a bit of a bad mood because she hadn't slept much...

But when she noticed Lucien kissing her face, she hugged him tightly as she stuck her tongue in his mouth, starting a wet morning kiss.

Lucien let Mia kiss as much as she wanted, but Ella woke up with their movements inside the tent and jumped at Lucien stealing his lips from Mia... He played with the excited girls for a few minutes before leaving the tent to do the same with the other women.

After Lucien woke up all the girls with such affection, the group was super energetic, even though they had a shot time to sleep. They had a quick breakfast and continued running towards Bluewind.

They had left the forest with large trees and entered the open land areas in the west region of Portgreen. It was not a very populated area with some small farmer and breeder villages...

Still, there were travelers on the roads, and everyone in Lucien's group wore hoods, which covered their faces so they wouldn't draw too much attention.

A group of hooded people was not uncommon since mercenaries and adventurers often travel like that. Unlike a group formed by a handsome man and a lot of beautiful women...