Chapter 59 King Without Kingdom

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Chapter 59 King Without Kingdom

\"What's going on there?\"

The castle area is one of the highest parts of the mountain, so it was not a very busy place. Still, people were walking around, going to, and from the castle.

The guard continued to scream while Lucien stomped on him, so obviously, it caught the attention of many people, who started watching Lucien and his group humiliating the royal guards.

\"But what the hell is going on out there?!\" Julius heard the commotion outside the castle when he came down the stairs to meet Marie. He called other guards and headed for the castle's great doors.

\"What!?!?! Marie?! What is going on??!\" Julius saw his daughter at the door while hooded people attacked his guards. He questioned Marie as his guards prepared to attack.

\"Stop, father!! They offended him first. If the guards act, they will just die.\" Marie was still perplexed by everything that was going on. She knew Lucien was overreacting, but she just couldn't stand against him...

Most of the girls didn't even have any thoughts about the guards. They were not born in Bluewind like Marie, so all they cared about was Lucien.

Cassidy understood that it wouldn't help them, but she couldn't help feeling offended when a mere guard raised his hand against her, and she felt that Lucien did nothing wrong...

Rose had a more intense reaction. She didn't like humans very much, and she loved the way Lucien overreacted for his woman... She wanted him to do the same for her, and her fangs had already grown out of her excitement at the thought of Lucien.

Lust also liked Lucien's show. She was connected with him, and when he acted so intensely, it made her horny. Still, it seemed enough, and she questioned him.

\"You are making your girls tense. They didn't stop you... Did that please you enough?\"

\"I think so.\" Lucien couldn't deny that it was a good thing the girls didn't try to stop him. Marie tried to hold his hand, but she was on his side and not on her own people... He had already punished the guard, so it was time to end the show.

Lucien took his foot off the guard's belly. \"It's enough, girls.\"

Mia put the dagger down; Astrid released the guard, and Rose broke the stone spear. The King looked at the hooded man, who was supposed to be the leader of the group, then questioned Marie.

\"Him? He is...\" Marie wanted to say that he was her man, but she was embarrassed. She didn't know exactly what her relationship was with Lucien... He said he wanted her, and she wants to be with him, but it's not so simple to declare it to everyone...

Lucien didn't blame Marie for being embarrassed. But he would make his point clear. \"I am her husband. Shall we go in or continue talking outside?\"

The King was perplexed and upset. The girls were jealous of Marie. And Marie... She could only cutely blush as she agreed with Lucien... She just wouldn't say it out loud, because she was even more embarrassed now.

\"Let's go in.\" The King knew that continuing to talk outside the castle would only cause problems. He told the guards to stay at the doors, and someone takes the injured man to the healing mage, then called Lucien's group to enter the palace.

Lucien walked to Marie's side and entered the hall, hugging her by the waist. Marie couldn't resist Lucien's touch, and let him guide her like a cute little wife.

Julius led the group into a large and luxurious room where there was a gray stone throne with blue symbols. He sat on his royal throne and looked at the group with a stern look.

Lucien didn't like the tone Julius used to speak to Marie. He didn't care that he was her father, as no one could be rude to his cute wizard.

\"What!? I don't care about your fucking crown. Didn't you hear that I'm her husband? Who are you to demand anything from her like that?\"

\"I am the KING and her father! Do you dare to disrespect me within my kingdom?!\" Julius did not like Lucien and his group at all. He didn't mind killing everyone here, even if his daughter hated him afterward.

When the King spoke loudly, many guards began to enter the throne room. Some with bows and crossbows already ready to shot.

\"Lower your tone and apologize to my wife, or you will be a dead king right now.\" The red katana appeared in Lucien's hand, and his women prepare their weapons. They would fight anyone with just a hint from Lucien.

\"You are a fool!!\" The King stood as more guards surrounded Lucien's group.

The room started to shake when Rose's hands shone with a slight brown light. She had excellent control over the earth element and could focus her powers to make everything tremble around, but they were safe in the middle of the room.

\"Who's the fool here? If you want to die, I can help you with that.\" Lucien smiled at the King while he was totally calm, still holding his katana with one hand and the other hand on Marie's waist.

Cassidy thought that the Bluewind Kingdom could be their allies and a safe place for them to stay now. She would not go against Lucien's will, but a peaceful solution could be helpful too. She stepped forward and took off some of her hood, just enough for Julius to see her face and not the guards.

\"How?!\" Julius was startled by the fact that Lucien's group showed so much power, but when he saw Cassidy's face and recognized her, he was perplexed.

Cassidy covered her face quickly and returned to Lucien's side. He can't but make his katana disappear and hug her waist too. She was silent to let him lead the situation, and Lucien couldn't be more grateful for having such good women.

\"We don't have to be enemies. Send the guards out so that we can talk in peace.\" Lucien saw when the King was perplexed to recognize Cassidy and took the opportunity to try to resolve the situation without having to start a massacre.

\"...\" Julius did not know how to react. Everything seemed very absurd... His daughter came back with a group of people led by an insane man who said to be her husband.

He was not only hostile to him, the King but Queen Cassidy, who was supposedly dead, was with him... It was too much for him to understand.

\"Father... Please, let's talk in peace.\" Marie did not want to cause problems for Lucien and tried her best to stop her father from being hostile. She didn't think for a second to ask Lucien to take it easy...

\"Don't beg him ever again. If he still wants to fight, it will only be bad for him.\" Lucien pressed Marie's body against him. He didn't want to see his women beg another man, even if he was her father.

The King saw that Lucien would not change his posture, and he did not want to go against Queen Cassidy... After all, she always helped his kingdom. He didn't think she would let Lucien hurt him, so he motioned to the guards.

\"Go out and close the door, but if you hear any suspicious noise come in and shoot anyone hostile.\" Julius sat on the throne, trying to look as calm as possible, but he was freaking out inside.

Cassidy waited for the guards to leave and took off her hood while looking sternly at Julius. \"Good... I hope you still know how to respect me.\"

\"I'm sorry, Queen Cassidy. Please understand that I didn't expect him to be so disrespectful to me.\"

Julius was distraught to apologize since Lucien was the only one to blame for not respecting him, the King. But he felt a terrible feeling as he looked at Cassidy so docile in Lucien's arms.

Cassidy saw Julius look at Lucien and thought about using something she was saving to gain an advantage of Lucien.

She held his arm around her waist as she spoke proudly. \"If he is my man, and I am the Queen... He is obviously the King of Portgreen, thus your superior. Do you want him to respect you? Wouldn't it be better for you to leave that throne and pay your respects to the true King?\"

\"I... I... Tsk!\" Julius did not know what to say. Cassidy has always been a powerful and proud woman. Even when she got married, she always led Portgreen as the only ruler, but now she was saying that guy was the real King...

He wanted to call the guards and finish this nightmare... But things were not going well for his kingdom... Having Cassidy's help if she retakes the crown would be the best end... Even if he had to pay respect to Lucien, that would be better than continuing suffering from attacks by bandits and mystic beasts.

He stood from his throne but did not bow. He tried his best smile, which was clearly fake while paying his \"respects\" to the King and Queen of Portgreen.

\"I'm glad you're alive, my Queen. I am happy to meet you, my King. I hope to be useful as your loyal servant.\"

Marie was disgusted by how her father was acting. She always hated how he brutally acted against the people but was so polite to a more potent royalty. She didn't like that system where someone had inherited power...

But now, her father was not only obedient to Cassidy but also to Lucien... She didn't think Cassidy was going to let Lucien be King, but that made sense as he was the only one in the group leading... She didn't know how to feel when Lucien became the \"royalty\" she hated so much... But strangely she couldn't see anything wrong about him even being called King...

Lucien could only smile. Being King didn't look bad... Of course, they needed to defeat the guild and mercenary groups, before they had any power. But he did not doubt that they could do it soon...

\"Good... Good. Now we need a hot bath and clean rooms. We will talk about how to proceed tomorrow.\" Cassidy always defended the Bluewind Kingdom, so she was sure that Julius would be a loyal servant. Even though he was not such a good person, he was still an intelligent ruler.

\"Certainly, my Queen. I will have them arrange the best accommodation for you. I hope to hear your story tomorrow. Know that Bluewind is always by your side, even if we are not really powerful.\"

Julius had many thoughts running through his mind. Everything became a mess after Cassidy lost the crown, but now that he found out she was alive, he could think of many ways to save his kingdom from the chaos...

Julius called some servants to take Lucien's group to the guest rooms. He would do whatever Cassidy ordered as long as it could benefit his kingdom.

After Lucien's group left the throne room, he looked at the corner of the room where there were large blue curtains. \"Sergio, show up.\"

\"My King.\" After Julius spoke, a man wearing black clothes appeared in front of him quickly. His speed was incredible that the King couldn't even see his movements.

\"Did you see it? It was the real Queen Cassidy, right?\" Julius was still perplexed by everything that happened and confirmed it with his most loyal servant.

\"Yes, my King; what are we going to do now? I'm not sure helping her recover Portgreen is the wisest way... After all, who else would be loyal to her?\"

Julius had many doubts. He didn't know which minor kingdoms Cassidy had contacted, and who was on her side. He knew nothing and needed information urgently.

\"Send your men to all the kingdoms nearby, and send someone to Portgreen. We need to know anything useful. For now, Cassidy seems our best option, since no one else will help us...\"

\"Yes, my King. Getting information is the best plan now.\" The man in the black suit bowed and disappeared from the throne to carry out Julius' orders. He was very agile and stealthy, being called the master of spies by the royal guards...

But Lucien noticed his presence in the room the entire time and was listening to their conversation as he went upstairs with the girls.