Chapter 6 Lust Contract part 3 *

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Chapter 6 Lust Contract part 3 *

The excitement was so stimulating that it made him breathe heavily.

That heavy breath tickled Lust's belly. She really likes that feeling.

Lucien moved his head slowly down her body, never missing to kiss each part. He gave her navel a wetter big kiss before proceeding to the part he most craved for.

Lust's legs were trembling and squirming with pleasure and eagerness. She never wanted a man between her legs as much as now. It was always the men who desired her, but now she found herself desiring so much for him.

The smell of Lust's body got better and better, and Lucien couldn't stop sniffing her like an excited dog. Every kiss he gave left a pleasant taste in his mouth.

He had already given enough affection to that sexy little belly, so he got prepared for the main course.

"Let me feel your best taste."

Lust gave him a charming smile and slowly spread her legs to present a view of the heavens, or rather, of hell.

"She's totally yours."

Even though it was the first time Lucien had seen a pussy, he still knew that other women shouldn't be so incredible.

Lust's vagina is small and delicate, with few blond hairs that seemed to shine. It has tiny pink lips so fucking damn charming.

Even some centimeters away, Lucien could already feel that intoxicating smell that seemed to be all the good things in the world together in one fragrance.

Both Lucien's heads were throbbing with excitement.

He down his mouth toward heaven while he thought about how to do it pleasurable for Lust. He is, after all, an inexperienced virgin and didn't quite know how to act well.

Lust could say many things to teach Lucien what to do. She knew he is inexperienced, but she was really enjoying watching him try so hard to please her.

And she couldn't deny that he was doing a trophy-worthy job. Even though he is a virgin, he was making her more excited and wetter. If he continued like that, it wouldn't be long before he becomes the man who gave her the most pleasure ever.

As Lust, she could only be happy choosing such a promising host. As she eagerly waits for some attention on her pink, she saw an animated smile on Lucien's face.

Even though they imagined a lot of things, the actions were still done very quickly. Lucien held Lust's legs wide open and kissed that beautiful flower.

He closed his eyes to focus his senses on feel the taste. And he didn't regret it because it was damn good.

He could only describe it as sour, sweet, salty, bitter ... It was so good that it couldn't compare to anything. He just loved it so much.

Until now, Lucien thought that the smell of Lust's body or her sweet saliva was the best drug. But now he is sure that nothing he could even imagine can be more addictive than the taste of her pussy.

He started with a few light kisses on the lips and vaginal hair, but soon, it was not enough for his great hunger for more Lust.

Then he gently opened those pink lips and sucked her inner juices while moving his tongue, exploring every part of that honey pot.

The slurping sound filled the small room along with Lust's moans. She was sure she had never received such good oral sex before.

Her pussy would not stop producing love juices, but Lucien dranks it all, not letting her accumulating a significant amount for a squirting. She wasn't sure if at any point after his tongue came in, she wasn't having an orgasm.

Lucien was licking every outside and inside that lovely pink. He left no parts out and also paid close attention to that beautiful red cherry, which seemed to tremble by joy.

He also didn't stop giving Lust compliments while taking a few seconds to breathe.

"I love your whole body... I want to eat you entirely and drink all the juice that comes out of your pussy!"

Lust held his head in both hands and pushed him back into her pussy, begging for more.

He answered to her desire sucking as hard as he could them making Lust arch her body in a strange position as she moaned loudly and shivered, feeling a great orgasm coming.

"Keep s-soooo... I am coming!!!"

Lucien wanted to do the best he could and continued to make his tongue dance inside Lust's pussy while using one hand to massage one of her breasts.

He was just using his creativity and instincts, which were more than enough to leave Lust in the clouds.

She squirted so much love juices, which Lucien made a point of drinking it all. After having such great orgasm, Lust, who was not at her strongest moment, got completely tired.

Lucien saw her having hard breathing, but he couldn't help himself and held her head in both hands.

"Is the great Lust so easy to finish like that?"

He didn't wait for her answer and attacked her mouth wildly. This time he added to the mess the taste of her love juices, making the wet and sloppy kiss even better.

Lucien was on top of Lust, kissing her madly while she hugged his back tightly. But then she pushed him aside and mounted just above his pelvis. She looked at him with a smile that seemed a little forced.

"You are doing it very well. If I hadn't read all of your memories, I would never believe that you are still a virgin."

Lucien felt a bit of mockery in Lust's voice and thought something was wrong. He raised his arm and tried to caress her face, but she stopped his hand.

"I'm just following my instincts. My body acts by the great attraction it has for you."

Lust smiled mischievously as she slowly bent down and kissed his face while saying words that surprised Lucien.

"You are not a good liar. At least not for me."

Lucien wanted to ask why this now. But Lust put a finger in his mouth while making "Shhh" sounds and continued to make her point clear.

"Your willingness to becomes strong and save your mother is admirable..."

"You are making a great effort to give me pleasure, and even if you are attracted to me, I can still see that most of you only think about her and the power to get her back."

Lucien couldn't imagine how she came to that conclusion, but he also couldn't deny that it is true. He was very attracted to Lust, but his primary motivation here was still the power to save his mother.

But then he thought it wasn't fair enough for Lust. They are making a contract that would bind them until death. Still, he was thinking of another woman while with her. He tried to get closer and kiss her but was stopped again.

"Don't think that I don't like things like that. You can keep your goals as long as you serve me properly."

"I just want to make it clear that you don't have to act like you're in love with me. I don't need that performance."

Lust spoke her thoughts directly and looked seriously at Lucien while waiting for some reaction from him.

Lucien's already confused mind became an even bigger mess. He understood everything she said, and a part of him just wanted to nod and continue to serve her, but another part of him couldn't help thinking...

"If we're going to be partners for life, we shouldn't just use each other but work together."

Lucien would always love his mother more, but he was also willing to like this charming woman, which his body wanted so much. He put his thoughts in order and attacked Lust giving no chance for her to retreat.

She tried to avoid his mouth, but he was swift and kissed her even more intensely than before.

He not only kissed but touched her whole body with his hands excitedly. After squeezing her breasts, he rested his hand on that cheerful ass and looked at her with a lovely smile.

"Didn't you say that would be totally mine? I mean it when I say that I want you entirely."

Lust tried to answer, but he acted like she did before but didn't use a finger but kissed her again. When he stopped, she was silent with an anxious expression, and he continued to make his point clear.

"I really want to become strong to save my mom, but I don't do it just for the power. I don't quite understand my feelings yet, but I'm sure if I can love someone other than my mom, it could be you."

"Of course, if you allow me."

Lust was surprised, much more than Lucien. She was sure he would act coolly as in the memories she read in his mind, but was he really saying he wanted to try to love her?

Lust's hosts were always madly in love with her. So she thought that Lucien would be a very different try because she only saw cold and solitude in his memories.

The mother who disappeared when he was very young, is the only person he has ever liked. But now she could see kindness and affection in the lovely look he gave her.

And it scared her. Lust was not used to not being in control of the situation, and when he acted in ways that she did not expect, it was very impactful to her.

Lust didn't know how things would be, but she was looking forward to it. Now was not the right time for this type of conversation, but she did not regret it because Lucien's reaction was very satisfying for her.

So she took the initiative this time and started giving him short kisses. It was like she was giving him tap kisses while he smiled without moving his lips too much.

"So let's stop this depressing conversation, and I'll let you show me how much you can love me."

Lucien couldn't agree more and started kissing Lust while squeezing her ass. As she was mounted on him, the movement made his dick always rubbing her pussy, giving both of them a lot of pleasure.

They were both tired of foreplay, and Lust begged him to complete the contract ritual now.

"I used up almost all my remaining mana to prepare the enchantment, so this is the time for you to make your move."

Before Lucien could ask for more information, the region below Lust's navel began to shine with purple light.

She ran her finger over her belly and went down until to touch her pussy while giving him a naughty look.

"Before you come entirely into, I have one last thing to say..."

"You will no longer be able to have children after making the contract with me."

Lucien couldn't deny that it surprised him. But not only was his mother waiting for him, but now there is Lust in his life as well. So that is a side effect that he would have to accept.

"That is not a good thing, but it will not stop me from being with you and rescue my mother."

Lust was once again delighted with Lucien's answer. She ran her hand over his dick, which since the beginning, had not stopped standing erect and hard, so she prepared to take the whole thing inside her.

Lucien liked the position they were as he is very inexperienced, and it would be better for Lust to move first and do whatever she wanted while riding him. And of course, he would enjoy it as much as her.

She put both hands on his chest and lifted that beautiful ass. Then she moved slowly until her pink be aligned with his cock.

When Lucien's cock felt Lust's soft pussy, he felt incredible pleasure, and the time seemed to slow as he waited for her to come down and connect them.

Lust looked at Lucien only to see an exciting look that was the same as hers. So she wasted no time and went down hard, taking his entire cock to the deepest parts of her pussy.

Both screamed in great pleasure and ecstasy at the same time.