Chapter 60 Bluewind City part 1

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Chapter 60 Bluewind City part 1

After Lucien's group left the throne room, they followed two servants, which Marie's father ordered to take them to the guest rooms on the third floor of the castle.

Lucien could hear everything going on in the castle with his high senses. He could also hear the King's conversation with his hidden servant. Lucien did not blame the King for trying to get information about Cassidy...

But he didn't think he could be an ally with the King after seeing how he acted with Marie... Maybe they don't have to be enemies, but that would depend on how Julius will act.

As the group climbed the stairs, Lucien enjoyed the view of Mia's beautiful ass. He could hear her heart beating faster, as she seemed to be aware of his gaze...

While Lucien talked to Lust about his intense desires, he also thought of his mother and ended up tighten Cassidy's hand, who was at his side.

Cassidy didn't hate it, but on the contrary, she felt an intense desire for Lucien all the time and couldn't control her body and emotions close to him. She couldn't help thinking that Lucien is so perfect and blamed him for making her look like a little girl in love.

Of course, she was happy that he was taking care of her and Mia. She tried to initiate mental communication with him while they were still going up the stairs. It didn't take long for her to get it as her connection with Lucien was already very strong, but it kept growing.

After a few loving words, Lucien asked why she had said that he was the King. He was taken off guard by this as he hadn't thought about being King...

\"Do you hate it?\" Cassidy used mental communication all the time so that only Lucien could hear her.

\"Of course not. Being King has many good points... But the best part is having the most fantastic Queen of all by my side...\" Lucien couldn't help teasing Cassidy, and the result was excellent as she deeply blushed while squeezing his hand.

After a few seconds of silence, Cassidy said something that shocked Lucien. She seemed to have said her thoughts because her voice was very low, even so, he heard her words in his mind, which made him very pleased.

\"Love you too.\" Lucien didn't think twice about answering Cassidy. He felt both desire and intense affection for her. If it wasn't love, he would never know how to love...

He could hear her heartbeat like that of a deer in front of the headlight... He felt really good knowing he could drive her so excited that way and went even further by squeezing her ass.

Cassidy tried to appear calm as she climbed the stairs in her real posture, but her whole body wanted Lucien to eat her soon as possible. She was going crazy when she realized they had reached the third floor.

\"Dear guests, we have many rooms prepared to accommodate you perfectly. Just choose one.\" The maid looked very young, not yet 18 years old. She wore a classic embroidered maid outfit and pointed to the rooms in the large luxurious corridor.

Lucien thought about staying in a room with Cassidy while the other girls had their own rooms, but they all started arguing about \"who would sleep with husband,\" and he didn't know how to act.

Marie wanted to help Lucien and the group to settle in before going to see her mother, but now it looked like the argument would take a while, and she approached Lucien to say good night.

She expected him to hug her or something like that, but instead of quick movements, he was slowly towards her, clearly testing if she was going to walk back.

How could she deny something to the man she had accepted as hers? Marie laid her head on Lucien's shoulder as he did the same with her, and they hugged each other tightly.

Marie was very relaxed in her lover's arms, smelling Lucien's pleasant scent. She felt time stand still and just wanted to hug him forever... But she knew she had to go see her mother before she loses all will of getting out of Lucien's side.

To her happiness, Lucien gave her a tender kiss before she ran off without saying anything, to keep his taste in her mouth.

The girls' argument about who would sleep with him made Lucien have to act. \"We will all sleep in the same room.\"

The two servants wanted to argue that they would not fit all eight in the same bed, but they could not argue with guests as they were simple servants...

The butler bowed and went down and started down the stairs... But the maid couldn't help looking at Oya and Ko while respectfully suggesting something to Lucien. \"Sir, we have a place for dogs... Your pets would be comfortable there.\"

Lucien would have hit the maid if she was not a woman. He saw Oya and Ko as his beloved companions, and their place was always beside him, in the fight or in comfort.

\"Why wouldn't I let them sleep with me? Why don't you sleep with the dogs?\"

The maid could only bow her head in shame. Lucien's words were harsh, but she was just a maid, and shouldn't have been involved in the guests' matters. She apologized after bowing several times and went down the stairs.

Lucien couldn't help thinking that he was too harsh to the maid. He was just distraught because he liked his cute tigresses so much... Of course, he could always apologize to the maid later.

\"Let's go in? I really need a hot bath!\" Lucien opened the door of the first room, while the girls couldn't help thinking that even an ice bath would be \"hot\" with him.

Lucien opened the door normally, but he has pushed ahead, making the door hit the wall with a loud thud. He heard Cassidy's movements, but why would he avoid the sweet Queen who just wanted to jump in his arms?

The girls could only make a face while looking at Lucien and Cassidy kissing as they rolled on the floor. They did not have the same initiative as the dominant Queen, and that was a disadvantage...

Lucien stopped rolling while he was on top of Cassidy, and pressed her arms against the floor while giving tap kisses on her neck and face. \"Let's take a bath first, my Queen. I must be stinking after a day on the road.\"

\"Noooo way!!\" All the girls spoke together. Everyone agreed that Lucien's scent was always the best... The more sweaty he was, the more pleasant his scent was...

Lucien started to laugh while Oya began to lick his ear in agreement with the girls. He didn't mind banging all of them before the bath, during the bath, and after the bath... But he knew it wasn't that simple for girls to do things like that, yet...

He stood after giving Cassidy a wet kiss and got a good look at the room while the girls took off their hoods and settled down.

The room was huge and luxurious, approximately 8x8 meters. The floor had a soft carpet, and the walls were red with delicate finishes. The furniture was amazing, and the bed was very large as it could easily fit five people...

Still, the room seems small for seven women and two tigresses... The girls started looking at Lucien, waiting for a solution...

Lucien didn't want to think too much right now... He just wanted a hot bath and for some of his beautiful girls to sit on his cock while he strokes Ko's soft fur...

He could hear that there was no one in the next room, so he broke the wall with a kick.

\"We now have a double room. Decide who will sleep where, or just put the beds together... Just do it in order, because if you start to argue... You will have no milk for days...\"

\"Right.\" None of the girls wanted to go against Lucien's orders and run out of the precious milk... They started tidying up the rooms and cleaning up the mess Lucien made when he broke the wall.

Lucien liked to see the girls working together as sisters... A strange desire to see his blood sisters and his mother with them like that made him smile without realizing what it looked like...

The bathroom wouldn't be big enough to fit all the girls like the natural pool in the stream. So, Lucien chose to call his more \"behaved girls\" to bathe with him.

Oya and Ko, as felines never really liked bathing... But how could they deny being close with their beloved master? Obviously, they followed him into the bathroom.

After a bathtub heated with magic stones, Lucien returned to the bedroom. Everything was tidy, and the two beds were in one part of the room while the other was used to keep the furniture like wardrobes and tables.

Some girls went to take a bath on the other side of the room, while the fastest girls entered the bathroom Lucien used, wanting to take a bath in the same water as him...

Lucien called Cassidy and Astrid to the balcony of the room. The balcony was not very big, but it had a beautiful view of the cliff on the side of the castle.

He sat on the parapet while stroking Ko in his lap and looking at Cassidy. \"Marie's father's spies are now leaving the castle. They were sent to nearby kingdoms and Portgreen to investigate you.\"

Cassidy and Astrid didn't think for a second to ask how Lucien knew that. They trusted him completely and knew his hearing was incredible.

\"What do you propose we do?\" Cassidy had a lot of ideas when she learned that Lucien could heal her... She wanted to retake her kingdom and take revenge on those who betrayed her... But it was only a short time in Lucien's arms, and she would follow him without thinking twice.

\"Killing is the best option. Julius' spy knows about you. He can reveal information about us, which would be very bad now...\"

Lucien didn't change his expression as he talked about killing people he didn't even know... People who hadn't hurt him but were just doing something that made sense...

Cassidy could only be thankful for having Lucien with her... It wouldn't be easy to retake the crown when those bastards used ruthless methods to attack her... She didn't need someone good, but someone who could do what was necessary to defeat their enemies...

And Lucien was someone like that... She could only agree with his ruthless methods. \"We'd better avoid problems. But what about Julius? He would certainly be upset about that.\"

Astrid also agreed to kill the spies before they could leak information. \"We just kill them without anyone noticing.\"

\"Yes, I can follow them out of town and kill them. But as the city has two exits, someone needs to go the other way.\" Lucien believed that Mia and Maggie were the right choices for that since they were quite stealthy. But he didn't want Mia to kill when he could do it for his sweet young lady.

Astrid could also be stealthy, so she offered to go. Lucien trusted the beautiful manticore-woman a lot and had nothing against her going. He also wanted to use this opportunity to see how Maggie would act away from him.

\"Maggie and Rose are going with you. Be careful.\" Lucien didn't want Astrid to be alone with Maggie, and he also wanted to send someone he could communicate mentally with. Rose's tattoo was the second with the most intense color, showing that her connection to him was almost the same as Cassidy's.

Everyone agreed, and Lucien called Maggie and Rose to the balcony after they finished the bath. He looked at them lovingly as he explained the situation and finalized the talk with the promise of rewards.

\"Follow Astrid's lead, behave well, and kill targets stealthily so that I reward you...\"

\"Mm.\" The girls' eyes sparkled by excitement when they imagined the reward Lucien would give them...

Rose wanted to use her levitation spell to fly and eliminate the spies quickly so that she could lie in Lucien's arms while being spoiled by him...

Maggie knew that she was not at the top of Lucien's list and wanted to do her best to gain his trust. She always acted alone after losing her parents... But now, she could be part of a new family, and she just had to show her sincerity so that Lucien would truly accept her in his group...

Astrid not only worried about Cassidy's situation, but she also saw Lucien as her King... But that didn't stop her from wanting to be spoiled by him too...

So, three excited shadows leaped across the rooftops at night as they moved toward one of the city exits.

\"I am going, my Queen.\" Lucien kissed Cassidy before putting on his hood and running furtively toward another exit of the city. He was maintaining mental communication with Rose and Cassidy so that they would not be taken off guard.

\"Come back quickly, my King.\" Cassidy can't help but tease Lucien just like he did with her.