Chapter 62 Trust the Devil part 1

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Chapter 62 Trust the Devil part 1

The spymaster realized that the woman didn't seem to like Lucien... He was proud to know people well and had to give his opinion, even if he would never go against her orders...

\"My Lady, Princess Marie seems to like him a lot. Not only her but also Queen Cassidy and the other women in his group.\"

\"You said he is very handsome... I understand, he is young and energetic, but...\"

In fact, the spymaster liked Lucien very much. He did not like the stupid royal guard, who ran his hand over all the women who entered the castle... And he did not like the damn King, who he was obliged to serve... Lucien put the two in their places, and the spymaster couldn't help but be happy.

\"My Lady, he went against the King the same second he was rude to Marie... I don't know if she can find another man like that...\"

The woman looked sternly at the spymaster. \"Do you also want to enter his harem? Damn, I understand everything you said... But...\"

\"BUT?!?!\" The woman quickly turned when she heard Lucien's voice; her hands started to glow with blue light. The spymaster made a quick move and drew a sword while standing in front of the woman.

(Spymaster) \"Lucien, what are you doing here?\"

Lucien continued walking towards them. Everything was very dark, but the blue light on the hooded woman's hands revealed part of Lucien's body when he was less than a hundred meters from them.

(Lucien) \"You talk to me as if we know each other, but we were never introduced...\"

(Spymaster) \"I didn't mean to offend you... Please stop approaching.\"

The spymaster's sword trembled, and Lucien knew that it was not a technique but fear... Lucien saw this man speak fearlessly to a King, lie to him, and meet with another person in the shadows to give information that he did not even provide the King...

But now, he was afraid? Why? Lucien was confused, but then he looked at the mysterious woman, and he understood.

(Lucien) \"Do you think I would do something to my beloved mother-in-law? I just came here to kill you... This has nothing to do with her.\"

(Hooded woman) \"You...\"

(Lucien) \"Me what? We come here because your daughter said we would have allies... But all I see are people plotting in the shadows... Do you know what I think? Marie would be a great Queen...\"

The spymaster held the sword in both hands while thinking of ways to prevent any problems.

(Spymaster) \"If you heard everything I said, you know that we are not your enemies.\"

(Lucien) \"Maybe... But I will not understand until you explain everything, or...\"

(Hooded woman) \"Or? I could return an ice statue to my daughter... It's better than an irrational husband.\"

The woman's hands started to glow with a blue light when she felt a breeze beside her...

\"Nooo!!!\" The spymaster screamed when he realized that the woman had tried to threaten Lucien. He focused all his senses but still was unable to dodge Lucien's elbow on his face... He was thrown back a few meters while he could only blame himself for letting things end like that.

The woman thought she would panic when Lucien turned into a blur and appeared behind her... So close that she could feel his breath on her neck... Her hands held by his, while a pleasant scent attacked her nose, destroying any desire to fight.

Lust didn't even have to say that she was an incredible woman... Lucien would never hurt his wife's mother for no reason.

He held her hands tightly as he pressed his body against hers. \"Angela... All I know about you is your name... Right, Angela? Marie didn't tell me any more about you... You and she are actually quite different in personality... But the excellent scent is the same...\"

Angela didn't know what to do. Lucien was holding her hands, preventing her from using her magic... All she could do was try to get out of his embrace slowly... \"If I don't freeze you to death, this won't be my name anymore!\"

Lucien felt Angela's smooth movements, and he liked it a lot. \"You speak that way, but your body acts oppositely... Your ass does not stop rubbing my... I can't help but react...\"

\"Release my Queen, Lucien! Is this how you want to be good for Marie?\" The spymaster took a few seconds to recover from Lucien's blow, but he knew that Lucien had taken it easy on him; otherwise, he wouldn't even get up.

Of course, Lucien didn't want to harm Angela... But he would not accept threats... Not by people plotting in the shadows or by anyone else.

He gave Angela a wet kiss on the neck before releasing her hands. \"If I see any light on your hands again...\"

Angela wanted to be dead now... She was easily abused by this man who was supposed to be her daughter's husband... And she couldn't fight back, or... She could feel the warmth of his kiss on her neck...

As soon as Lucien released Angela, the spymaster stood in front of her again, but this time without the sword. He knew that anything would be useless against someone as fast as Lucien. \"We don't have to be enemies, Lucien. Please be rational.\"

Lucien didn't like people telling him to be rational. They wouldn't be in that situation if they weren't plotting, and Angela tried to attack him first. \"I will be rational when I want and kill when I want as well... Whoever I want. Do you understand?\"

\"Please, let's talk in peace. I'm sure we can reach an agreement.\" The spymaster spoke in a very polite and respectful tone to Lucien. It was evident that he feared Lucien would \"attack\" Angela again.

\"First, tell me your name. If I suspect you are lying...\" Lucien was already training a technique to hear heartbeats and be able to determine if a person was lying or not. Of course, Lust provided all the knowledge he needed.

\"Ron. My name is Ron... We will tell you everything you want to know... Right, my Lady?\" Ron saw no reason for them to be Lucien's enemies, but he would follow Angela's orders at any cost... He only heard an \"mm\" sound because Angela was very embarrassed by everything that happened.

After receiving permission from Angela, Ron started telling Lucien why they were \"plotting\" in the shadows.

He explained that he is Angela's cousin and was always very close to her since childhood. The Bluewind Kingdom has always suffered many attacks from the western borders, and before Cassidy was Queen, no one helped them.

The powerful Olsen family has been losing its influential members over time, remaining only Angela from the central family while he was not powerful, thus starting the fall of the Bluewind Kingdom.

Another influential family in the Kingdom was Julius's family, but they were greedy and would not willingly help. So in the moment of more danger, Angela accepted to marry him, thus making Julius the King, who saved the Kingdom from the crisis.

Julius was always a smart person, and even though he had no power, he allied them with Cassidy, so Bluewind became a vassal Kingdom of Portgreen, and things started to improve.

Angela never liked him, but as the people liked the King, and everything seemed to be going well, she remained silent and lived in seclusion for years, only caring of her daughters...

But a year ago, Cassidy lost the crown, and Portgreen stopped helping Bluewind. Julius said that everything would be fine as the Kingdom had already developed well in the years under Cassidy's protection...

Of course, things did not go so well. The attacks of bandits and mystic beasts increased on the west side of the Kingdom, and Julius ignored almost everything... Until he sent Marie's sister to marry a prince from a small neighboring Kingdom, also a vassal of Portgreen.

The Olsen family has always been the enemy of that Kingdom, and Angela knew that her daughter would not have a good life, and neither Bluewind would be safe with that alliance...

But what could Angela do? She was known as the sick Queen, depressed Queen... The last powerful member of the old Olsen family, which meant nothing more...

But she had to try something. For the safety of her daughters, Angela started trying to take control of the Kingdom from the shadows. At first, she could only count on Ron, who was always close to the King as his most loyal servant but was actually only loyal to Angela.

Then Angela and Ron got other people's loyalty, and their plan to take over the Kingdom seemed to be slowly working... Until Marie returned with Lucien and the supposed dead Queen Cassidy...

The King sent Ron and his spies to get information about Cassidy, and Angela didn't know how to act. Cassidy didn't seem to have an army or any power now... And even if she did, she was Julius' ally and not hers...

Angela only cared about her daughters, and they ended up in that situation, where she had to talk to Ron about what they were going to do next...

Ron told the story as quickly as he could and only told Lucien the essential parts, always from Angela's perspective. Lucien had a lot of questions to ask him, but he heard Ron's heartbeat and was pretty sure the spymaster didn't lie.

Lucien looked at Angela, who was still embarrassed, hiding behind Ron. \"I have the solution to all of our problems, but... You have to speak to me directly and not hide behind Ron.\"

\"You are lying. There is no way Cassidy could have an army or any power after everything that happened a year ago. I don't know what you are up to, but I don't trust you!\" Angela needed help... More than ever, but she couldn't just believe that Lucien would save her like an angel who came from heaven to work miracles...

Lucien started making many plans while listening to the story. He and Lust had already agreed on several ways and possibilities to optimize his time and resources so that everything would work out... Especially for him... But Angela and her daughters could have a happy ending... Beside him, of course.

Lucien did not blame Angela for doubting him. He also didn't know how to say that his plan was not something like an angel working miracles but a demon causing chaos as he could only think of ways to solve these problems by killing a lot of people...

He looked fondly at the beautiful middle-aged woman who smells so good just like his Marie. \"Let's talk about it elsewhere, but now we have to resolve an issue...\"

\"What is it about?\" Ron spoke because he realized that Angela was not acting rationally after Lucien \"attacked\" her... He was sure they could be allies as he felt that Lucien, despite not being a nice guy, was someone who took care of his women... And luckily for them, Marie was one of those women...

Lucien gave a strange smile, which no one saw in the dark, as he tried to explain how Ron's spies were trapped inside a dome of earth and fire, waiting to be roasted like pigs...

\"Do you still trust him that much, Ron?\" Angela can't help but comment sarcastically after hearing about \"the feat\" of Lucien's women.

Ron was not emotionally shaken like Angela, so he noticed the many strangenesses in Lucien's words. First, how did three women easily defeat their spies and a group of twenty mercenaries without anyone noticing?

Second, how could Lucien accurately state their situation? Did he have any kind of artifact or magic to communicate over great distances? Ron felt more and more that Marie just brought salvation to all their problems...

Ron looked at Angela and spoke for the first time in a sarcastic and non-respectful tone as before. \"Do we have someone better to trust?\"