Chapter 64 The Maid Rescue

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Chapter 64 The Maid Rescue

\"That damn guy ruined my mood! Now I need to relax and have some fun...\" Julius walked through the castle corridors complaining about Lucien while his royal guards followed him in silence.

As soon as he got close to his room, he heard a woman arguing with the guard watching the door.

\"She is begging for water! Can't you let me just give her a glass? What kind of cruelty is this?\" The woman dressed as a maid begged the guard while holding a jug of water and a glass.

\"Kara, you know that I respect your uncle, but there are things that even he can't do... She has offended the King, and now nobody can help her.\" The guard looked fondly at the maid. Not only did he find her very cute, but he also respected her uncle. He didn't want to see her in trouble, but the girl was stubborn...

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

\"Please!! Just a little water! There is nothing I can drink here.\" Kara became more and more sad as she heard the knock on the door, and the woman begging for water.

The guard said that the King ordered not to let her leave the room, but not giving her water seemed too cruel, and Kara wanted to help the poor woman.

\"The King doesn't need to know. It will be just a glass of wa-\" Kara continued to beg the guard when they heard footsteps behind them.

\"I don't need to know? When did you become so bold, Kara?\" Julius surprised Kara when he arrived at the worst possible time.

\"My King, she's just asking for some water. Please...\" Kara bowed as she pleaded the King. She couldn't see another person in such a pitiful state and not help.

The royal guard at the door tried to send Kara away before things took a dangerous turn for the worse. Nobody believed that the King would hurt the niece of his most loyal servant, but... The guard at the door knew that the King was capable of anything...

\"My King, she doesn't know what she is talking about. Kara, go bac-\" Before the guard could finish speaking, the King made a face and raised his hand. The guard was quiet as he knew the situation was already hopeless.

The King hated when people did not obey his orders and did not like anyone speaking openly without proper respect. \"She just wants to take water to the bitch, right? I see no problem with that. Come on, Kara.\"

The guard saw the King reach his hand on Kara's shoulder and panicked. He didn't know how he was going to tell his friend that the King abused his niece...

He also liked the cute girl very much and knew that no good would happen inside the room. Even though he knew the King would punish him, he still begged.

\"My King, the Spymaster would be upset if something happened to his niece... Why don't you have fun with that woman while I bring another sexier women to you?\"

This time the King was annoyed with the guard and spoke in an oppressive tone. \"What do you mean? I will not hurt this cute girl. I'll just care for her while Spymaster is on a mission...\"

\"Kara! Run now!\" The guard didn't even think to draw his sword because there were several other guards with the King, but he still tried to get in front of Julius while sending the maid to run.

Kara still didn't understand what situation she was in. She was an innocent girl who was still 16 years old and was always protected from everything by her uncle after her parents died. She didn't run, and a guard held her arm.

\"Insolence! Guards, give this idiot due treatment for insulting his King.\" The King was already in a bad mood with everything that had happened with Lucien and Cassidy... Now his guard was revolting like this...

He would have to release his anger out on someone or something to be able to relax... A girl as young and soft as Kara would be a nice and easy target to release his fury on..

While some guards held the door guard, the King held Kara's arm while he pulled her into the room.

He also threw the jug of water on the floor while speaking with a strange smile on his face. \"You don't need water... I will give you another liquid, which you will love.\"

The guard did not understand how the King could be so insane. Spymaster was an excellent servant, but the King couldn't even spare his innocent niece... The man could not do anything while the other guards started beating him up.

The guards had nothing against their mate, but they saw no reason to offend the King just because of a little maid. They started beating the poor man without knowing what was fast approaching them...

\"Yo-\" One of the guards prepared to kick the poor man in the stomach, but... When he lifted his leg, his blood gushed onto his companion's face... Not the blood of the guard on the floor, but the attacker's blood.

\"AAAARR!!\" The first guard to scream was not the one who lost his leg to the red blade, but the one who had the blood on his face before being kicked toward the door.

The door to the King's room was broken by the guard who kept flying until he hit the wall and passed out. That door was really tough, and the guard broke almost every bone in his body due to Lucien's violent kick.

Lucien did not wait for the guards to react and punched the remaining three. The guards were unable to react to Lucien's high speed and were lucky not to die as Lucien was taking it easy just by knocking them out.

He actually wanted to kill the guards, as he was furious at the King. Lucien could hear Kara's tears falling to the floor as he saw through the broken door the King holding her by her hair.

Lucien was not a hero, but he was unable to stand still when he heard the King intimidating the young maid. Not only was he fond of women in general, but he also heard she was Spymaster's niece, who looked like a very reasonable man, and a possible good ally.

Another fact was that Lucien felt really bad after being rude to a maid earlier... He wanted to apologize to her... Who would have thought he would have a chance to apologize so quickly... Lucien liked the idea of killing the king much more than being rude to a woman.

After the fifth guard fell to the floor, Lucien wasted no time and ran to the room, where the King was still trying to understand how the guard flew through the door.

Julius felt a chill and looked towards the door... But he couldn't understand anything before his hand, which held Kara's hair, had the same fate as the guard's leg...

\"AAAAAA!!! DAMNNNN!!!\" Julius started to scream when Lucien's katana cut his arm quickly and precisely, dropping his severed hand to the floor as blood flowed like water.

Kara, like everyone, was very confused without understanding Lucien's swift movements. She was very scared when the King held her hair just as they entered the room. She felt horrible pain and couldn't help but cry...

The King held her hair firmly while she closed her eyes... Then the grip on her head was gone when she heard the King's screams...

Kara felt a warm embrace before opening her eyes and seeing a man's chest... That pleasant scent calmed her body in less than a second, so she looked up and saw the handsome face... Of the man who was so rude to her not too long ago...

\"You?! Why?!?\" Kara was still in shock at everything that was going on and can't help but ask Lucien.

Lucien didn't care about the King's screams and gave Kara a gentle smile. \"Wouldn't it be better to have gone to sleep with the dogs than with him?\"

\"AH!\" Kara was surprised when Lucien smiled at her and made such a joke with the King. She didn't even realize that she was already hugging him...

\"Sorry for being rude to you earlier...\" Lucien looked kindly at Kara. She resembled Mia and Ella... He was more attracted to mature women, but young girls like Kara activated his overprotective side, making Lucien hug the cute maid tightly.

Kara was still enchanted by Lucien's scent, but when she heard his words, she couldn't help but make a face. She knew it was her mistake to meddle in the affairs of guests when she was just a maid...

Still, he didn't have to be so rude to her... But now, how could she deny his apology after he saved her from being abused? \"Okay... I forgive you...\"

\"Guards!! Where are you?\" The King regained some sense. Then he realized that it was Lucien and he could only shout for the guards.

\"Kara!!\" It was not the guards who entered the door after the King screamed but the Spymaster, Ron. He ran to the King's room as fast as he can after Lucien warned that his niece was in danger.

Ron had a lot of questions, but he believed in Lucien, and now he didn't regret it. He never believed that Julius would abuse his only niece, but there was no other explanation for what he was seeing...

'But why did she look so comfortable in his arms???' Of course, as a Spymaster, Ron noticed several details, including that Kara was blushing with a happy smile on her face that turned to surprise when she heard his voice.

\"Uncle!\" Kara ran to hug her uncle when she saw him, leaving Lucien's warm embrace...

\"Spymaster?!? What the hell is going on here?\" Julius also noticed Ron and can't help but be confused and angry. The Spymaster was supposed to be following his orders en route to Portgreen, but he was still here...

He didn't think much about it or the fact that he was almost abusing his niece, but about Lucien is attacking him. \"Spymaster, do something! That idiot attacked the King! Call the guards and your guys!!!\"

Ron didn't know what to do. He had to work for many years to earn the King's trust, and now his performance was about to be destroyed... Of course, he did not regret being on Lucien's side, as he loved his niece and wouldn't let anyone hurt her, even the King.

The castle was large, but the King's screams were loud, and many royal guards were approaching the room. As soon as the King shouted at Ron, guards entered the door...

Some guards were at the door when Oya jumped on the back of one while growling loudly. The man started screaming in pain when mama tigress started to bite his shoulder. Of course, with no intention of killing as was Lucien's will.

The King had already wrapped a cloth around his wrist to reduce the bleeding, but he was more and more terrified. Lucien showed no hesitation in attacking him and the guards... The Spymaster, his most loyal servant, did not move...

\"Attack!! Attack them now!\" Julius could only shout at the guards madly.

Some guards and archers entered the room through secret passages. Lucien prepared to attack them, but then he heard someone else approaching...

\"Shoot the red-haired man!!\" The leader of the guards who entered from the secret passage ordered the archers as he pointed at Lucien.

\"What!?!?\" But the first man who aimed the bow at Lucien felt a terrible cold before his arm started to freeze.

\"NO! NOOO!!!\" The other guards also began to feel the terrible cold, which scared them. They saw the archer's arm freeze and retreated through the secret passage quickly.

Julius became more and more confused. He was about to ask \"WHO,\" but then he remembered that he knew someone with that ability of ice magic... All he had to do was think of her to hear her voice coming from the door.

\"I think you are really screwed now... King Julius.\"