Chapter 65 Regicide

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After Lucien told Ron that his niece was in danger in the King's room, everyone headed there at full speed. Of course, Lucien arrived much faster than the others, who arrived later.

The bedroom door was broken while everyone saw Oya scaring some guards. Some of Lucien's women went to knock out other guards who arrived while Angela headed for the bedroom.

She saw guards coming in from the back of the room, and she remembered the secret passages in the castle. She had no influence to go against Julius before, but now she would have to follow Lucien and Ron.

Angela thought for a second if whether it would be wise to attack the King that way... Then she looked to the side and saw a confident and wide smile on Cassidy's face as she looked at Lucien.

She didn't know Cassidy as she was always in seclusion while Julius did all the politics... But the so famous \"Warrior Queen\" would not be a stupid person... To be so confident, they should have everything under control...

It only took Angela a second before her hands started to glow with blue light. She used her ice magic to launch a cruel ice spell at the back of the room, starting to freeze some of the guards while others fled.

She wanted to take control of the Kingdom, and that didn't mean killing the few soldiers they had, so she controlled her magic while entering the room, commenting on Julius' bad luck.

Julius, of course, recognized his wife's magic and voice. \"You gotta be kidding me!?!\"

\"Angela, what's the meaning of this?!\" The King was furious when not only did his Spymaster appear to be revolting against him but also his wife. Of course, they never had a good relationship, but to rebel was unacceptable!

\"What do you not understand? It's all evident... Today that Kingdom will have a new ruler.\" Lucien can't help but mock Julius. He wanted to kill the stupid King in the first second that he was rude to Marie... But he knew that it was not something he could decide so easily...

Cassidy would not miss an opportunity to support her man. \"He's right, Julius. It was my mistake to let you be King for so long... You clearly don't know what you're doing.\"

Julius knew that Lucien was with Cassidy, but he was still surprised when she supported him in everything and tried to defend himself. \"Cassidy?!? You are making a mistake! We have always been good allies!\"

Julius's body was going through a lot of stress, physically and mentally. He had an adrenaline rush, boosting his perception for a brief moment... Enough for him to see his teeth coming out of his mouth along with his blood after Lucien's fist sent the King flying until he hit the wall.

\"You are unworthy to pronounce my wife's name. I just haven't killed you yet because other people deserve this pleasure more than me.\" Lucien spoke coolly, but all the women there had smiles on their faces... Except for three.

Kara was still terrified of everything that happened while hiding in the arms of her uncle, Ron.

The woman under the bed was even more terrified and confused than Kara as she had no one to support her now.

And Marie, who had not entered the room... She had many confused thoughts and did not know how to deal with this situation.

Of course, she wanted to support Angela, her beloved mother, and Lucien, her future husband... But she was not prepared to see her father die... And knowing how Lucien acted, there was no other end than death.

Julius tried to use what was left of his strength to get up, but then Ron's foot pushed his head against the floor. \"Fuck you! For so many years, I had to obey your stupid orders... And you even tried to hurt my niece!\"

Ron was furious at Julius, but he still stepped back after kicking him again and bowed to Angela. \"Forgive me, my Queen.\"

\"Don't be sorry, Ron. After everything you've told me, I know this bastard deserves no less... There is another person who also deserves revenge.\" Lucien spoke as he looked to the bed. He knew the woman had entered there when he cut off the King's hand.

\"Get out of there and kick him too before he's dead...\" Everyone was surprised by Lucien's words and looked at the bed. After a few seconds, a woman in underwear came out in a pitiful state... She seemed to have been crying for hours.

Lucien heard her begging for water when he returned to the castle, and he wanted to kill the King at that moment, but he had to talk to his women first. The situation of Kara forced him to act immediately for the sake of his relationship with Angela and Ron.

The woman seemed to be very scared but remained steady as she spoke slowly. \"He forced me to sleep with him! This son of a bitch coerced my parents... But he is the King...\"

\"Now he is no longer the King and can no longer hurt you. Just do what you want.\" Lucien tried to pat the woman on the head, but she took a step back before nodding and heading towards Julius to give a few kicks on his belly.

Julius was severely hurt after being hit violently by Lucien. He also lost all of his treasures that were in the storage ring on the hand that Lucien cut off. So he couldn't do anything but cry when the woman started kicking him.

\"That's enough,\" Angela spoke calmly and then looked at Lucien for some response from him. \"What do you suggest?\"

\"He lived enough. If you don't want to torture him, just kill him... I don't mind doing it if you don't want to.\" Lucien thought Angela would want to kill Julius for everything he did... But actually, he didn't really hurt her, but rather helpless people like the half-naked woman and servants like Kara.

Of course, sending Marie's sister to the Nunid family was something that Angela was furious about... But she still looked at Ron, as she knows that he was angrier at Julius not only for himself but also for Kara.

Ron understood Angela's intention when she nodded to him. He also nodded at her and went over to Julius while drawing a dagger...

\"You!! Guards!!! Where are the damn guards??!\" Julius tried to use his last strength to scream, but no guard could get past Lucien's women in the corridor. Many were trying but without success... They didn't even try the secret passages from fear of being frozen.

Before Ron reached Julius, Marie ran into the room and started trying to reason with Lucien. \"You don't have to kill him. My mother already has almost all the soldiers on her side, so if you just arrest him, it won't be so hard to get everyone's loyalty.\"

Marie was almost crying, and Lucien didn't blame her. After all, Julius was her father, and Marie was not the type of person who liked to kill even her enemies.

Lucien knew that some people would only create problems and would not allow Julius to be kept alive... Still, he wanted to do it in the least painful way for his cute blue-haired wizard.

He thought of something then took out the yellow dagger he looted from the body of the assassin squad's leader in Portgreen. Lucien knew that this dagger improved the reflexes and strength of the person using it, like Isaac, the Black Hand's favorite assassin.

\"He can't stay alive after all the evil he's done, but you can let him take his own life and die with some dignity.\" Everyone heard Lucien's words, and nobody was against it. They didn't like Julius, but it wouldn't be wrong to let him kill himself after they had already beaten him so badly.

Marie could understand why no one liked her father. He didn't treat even her mother well... She wanted to argue that arresting him still would be better, but Lucien left her no choice.

She picked up the yellow dagger and walked towards her father. A part of her also wanted him to die so as not to cause her mother and sister more harm... But still, she started to cry when she tried to hand him the dagger...

Julius saw that Marie was not in favor of killing him and tried to use this to persuade her to help him. \"My daughter, don't let them kill m-\"

Marie knew she couldn't change Lucien's opinion, so she tried to think of all the bad things her father did so that her stubborn mind could try to accept it...

\"You tried to force me to marry that stupid prince, and you even sent my sister to him... You also did terrible things to other women and even tried to abuse Kara, who is just a young girl... Still, you beg? I can't do anything... Just take the dagger and finish it...\"

Julius realized that Marie would not be convinced... But death was too frightening, and he took advantage of the fact that she was emotionally shaken to take the dagger from her hands.

Of course, he was very hurt, but when he touched the dagger, he felt a new energy in his body; it was not something that healed his wounds but gave him the opportunity to threaten Marie, thus having some chance to negotiate with Lucien...

\"MAR-\" Marie was unable to react in time as she was very close to Julius. Angela saw when he picked up the dagger and tried to warn her daughter to move away... But how could anyone there be faster than Lucien?

Lucien imagined that Julius would do something like that. His plan was for the King to try to make his last move against Marie, allowing him to act in \"her defense.\"

That would not change anything for others, but it would make Marie realize what kind of monster her father really was and that killing him was not wrong.

Lucien was already ready. So moving at super-speed, it was easy to reach the King before he could do anything against Marie. Lucien stuck his katana into Julius' chest, making the stupid King spit blood as he tried breathing his last breath.

He kicked the King's body back while hugging the scared Marie. She felt Lucien's warm embrace and started to cry in his chest. Marie was very concerned about her sister, and now being attacked by her father was another blow to her mental state.

Lucien took the yellow dagger, which could be useful on other occasions, and then carried Marie in his arms out of the room while giving orders to Cassidy and Angela.

\"I will take her to your room, Angela. Cassidy, help her solve the King and Kingdom issues. If you need anything just let me know.\"

Lucien's presence was no longer needed there; the King was dead, and the guards had no reason to continue fighting against Lucien's women, who had no problem beating them easily.

Angela had a lot to do now to be able to take the crown and not let the Kingdom go into chaos. Many guards fled the castle in fear, and the news that the King had been attacked was running all over the city.

\"Mm.\" Cassidy agreed to help Angela as she had the experience of being Queen while Angela agreed to let Lucien take Marie to her room.

She also wanted to pamper her daughter, but she knew that Marie would be fine with Lucien while she prepared for her next step, which would be to take control of the Kingdom and rescue her other daughter.

Lucien went to Angela's room carrying Marie after telling his women to help Angela with anything she needed.

Marie was very comfortable in Lucien's arms, but her emotional state was still very shaken. She couldn't help but think about what her father did, but she also thought about her sister...

\"Lucien... Please, save my sister... That prince will hurt her...\"

Lucien began to kiss Marie's head as he spoke kindly. \"No, he won't. I will not let him hurt her. Your sister will soon be with you and your mother...\"

'Naked in the same bed as you...' Lust couldn't help but comment in Lucien's mind.