Chapter 66 Breakfast part 1

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Chapter 66 Breakfast part 1

Nunid Kingdom, West Gate.

\"Sir, troops approaching.\" One of the gate guards entered the room where some of his mates were sleeping to warn the guard in charge.

The middle-aged man stood up quickly. \"Who are they?\"

The guard who brought the news seemed hesitant to say it as if he were very worried. \"Sir, they carry banners with the sun...\"

\"THAT SUN?!?!?!\" Not only the middle-aged man but also the other guards who slept in the room stood up while asking the same question.

\"Send someone call the Magistrate and the Prince!\" After sending a messenger, the leader of the guards and everyone nearby headed for the gate.

\"Prince! Prince!! Where's the Prince?\" The messenger ran into the castle hall. Everyone could see that he was very distressed.

\"What do you want? Stop screaming!! We're having breakfast, you idiot!\" A young man wearing luxurious clothes, embroidered in red and gold, scolded the messenger while sitting at a large table full of all kinds of food and drink in the center of the hall.

\"My Prince, we need you at the west gate.\" The messenger could not waste time; the sun on the flags of the men who approached the city was a terrible sign...

\"Go, my son. Your father is no longer here to lead the Kingdom. You have to be responsible now.\" A gentle middle-aged woman, also in luxurious clothes like the Prince's, spoke. She had long brown hair and olive skin like the Prince, clearly his mother.

\"You will certainly be an excellent King like your father...\" The young woman beside the Prince's mother cannot help but comment with all the sarcasm she could.

The Prince looked at the woman who was as beautiful as an angel... But she had the personality of a demon. She has gorgeous blue hair as well as the blue of her beautiful eyes... The woman's body was perfect, but the Prince was sure that her sister would be a much better wife...

He looked at her with a mixture of anger and malice. \"Our wedding will be in a week... So I'll be sure to teach you how to talk to your husband so that you will never give your shitty opinion again.\"

The middle-aged woman couldn't take any more of the young couple's fights. She feared that her son would hurt the girl... But she was very stubborn, just like her mother and sister...

\"Solve the problem at the gate. I'm going to talk to Lena about her manners.\" The middle-aged woman spoke sternly, causing the Prince to mumble something about punishing Lena as he followed the messenger to the gate.

After the Prince left the hall, the middle-aged woman looked severely at Lena. \"Is this how you hope to establish an alliance for your Kingdom? I am trying to help since you got here, but you are making things difficult for me.\"

\"I'm sorry, Zora... But your son is disgusting...\" Lena knew that she had a lot to thank Zora for. After all, she prevented the Prince from doing anything to her before the wedding... Still, she couldn't help but have nightmares of what it would be like to be married to that idiot.

Zora knew what kind of man her son was... Still, she didn't regret having married his father.

\"His father was also disgusting... But what could I do? It's not like a handsome, caring, and powerful man is going to appear out of nowhere and make me happy... I had to choose what was best for me and my family's safety.\"

\"...\" Lena didn't know what to say... She always believed that she would live great adventures and find the love of her life or several loves... But in the end, she had to save her people or no one else would...

The Prince arrived at the gate just as the army of soldiers in shining armor patterned with the sun arrived outside the gate. He climbed the wall at the top of the gate to speak to whoever was leading the troops.

\"Prince Louis, we come in peace.\" The man riding a white horse, in a much brighter armor than the soldiers, quickly spoke when he saw the Prince on the wall.

\"So you bring an army of Light Soldiers to my Kingdom in peace? Why shouldn't I doubt that?\" Louis was new to this leadership thing, but he was not stupid enough to easily believe Light Empire people.

The captain of the Light Empire troops would not plead with the people he considered to be far inferior. \"Something extraordinary has happened in our sacred capital. Everything will change now... You can be part of the new era of the glory of our Light Empire or perish with sinners!\"

Louis was not good at arguing, but he had to try something even if it wasn't entirely true now. \"Are you threatening a vassal Kingdom of Portgreen? Do you remember the last great war?\"

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The Light Captain smiled as he knew Portgreen's current situation. \"Vassal kingdom? I thought Mercenaries didn't care about these things... Let's talk in peace, Prince...\"

Louis was upset when his bluff didn't work. After Cassidy lost the crown, the Vassal Kingdoms lost all support from the capital... \"What if I don't want to talk to you?\"

The Light Captain gave the Prince a stern look. \"So, I will offer this fantastic chance to Bluewind.\"

\"Fine, all right! I agree to talk.\" Louis didn't even think before agreeing to talk to the Light Captain. He wanted to conquer Bluewind just like his father and would not let them gain a supposed advantage that he could have.

\"But don't think that you can do anything you want here. I have many more soldiers than this small army of yours, and I will not hesitate to kill you...\"

The Captain Light could only smile. His soldiers were not common but an elite army, only Light Soldiers. Even at a numerical disadvantage, he was sure they could crush the Nunid Kingdom if he wanted to.

After Louis sends the guards to open the gate, the Light Captain came in with some soldiers and left his army outside the city.

As soon as the Light Captain approached Louis, he couldn't help but comment. \"Let's sit down. I need to tell you the story of the Light Envoy... She came from...\"


Lucien spent the entire night communicating mentally with his women to give the location of the King's loyal people in the castle. He was lying on Angela's big bed with Marie and Anne in his arms while ordering the attack with the other girls.

Astrid, Rose, and Maggie were getting along very well and had easily cleared the castle of any threat to the new Queen. Cassidy and Angela made several plans while Ron's spies spread rumors about the King's crimes and how he needed to be killed.

Lucien didn't have a lot of ideas about politics and advanced strategies, so he could only act as a trouble sensor... But he didn't think it was bad to lie in Anglea's bed, which has a pleasant scent...

Not only were Marie and Anne lying on the big bed with Lucien, but also Mia, Ella, Oya, and little Ko. Of course, Angela didn't think Lucien would like her bedroom so much...

How could he not? Angela's room has a lot of space, tables, sofas, and that big bed... He didn't mind spending the whole day in bed with his girls after not sleeping well for several days.

Lucien could recover his energy quickly with the super regeneration and doing lustful things just like the girls with him, but mental fatigue was still a problem...

He only managed to sleep in the morning... But he woke up a few hours later feeling soft licks on his lips... After a few seconds with his eyes still closed, he felt tap kisses, and then... A small hand, caressing his dick...

\"Hmm...\" Lucien gave a little moan to express his pleasure as he could not move or would disturb Marie and Anne's sleep in his arms.

\"Mm... How can you be so good, even in the morning? It makes no sense...\" Mia had to complain after she tasted Lucien's saliva. It didn't make sense for a person to have good breath in the morning, but... Lucien's mouth was so delicious... Mia couldn't stop kissing...

Lucien's high regeneration prevented his body from having any kind of bad smell or something like that. He would always be in perfect condition to please his women.

Even though Lucien wasn't making moves, Mia was getting more and more excited on top of him, which made the other girls start waking up.

\"You play dirty, Mia!\" Anne was the first to wake up and complained when she saw that Mia had stolen Lucien's first morning-kiss.

Mia didn't care for Anne's words. All she wanted to do was keep kissing her man... Not being able to sleep in his arms was bad enough, so she tried to make up for it now...

Marie also woke up, but she was silent, feeling Lucien's warmth. It was so comfortable to sleep in his embrace even when so much shit happened... She felt so good with him that any problem seemed like nothing... She was sure that soon her sister would be together with them safely.

\"Lucien...\" She wanted to thank Lucien for taking such good care of her, so she opened her eyes as she started to kiss his shoulder, going towards his neck.

\"Morning, husband.\" Anne saw that even Marie was doing something and didn't want to be the only one complaining. She started to kiss his shoulder on the other side but also began to fight against Mia's hand to caress her man's cock.

\"Such adorable girls... I just want to eat you as breakfast.\" Lucien was taking great pleasure in being kissed by the three cute girls... He had to stop kissing Mia sometimes also to kiss Marie and Anne.

\"So eat me... I promise I'll be tasty...\" Ella didn't know how she dared to speak those bold words, but she didn't regret it as Lucien turned around and stayed on top of her.

\"So, I'm going to eat you...\" Lucien had to pay attention to all his girls and started to passionately kiss the cute Ella, who really was \"tasty.\"

Of course, all the girls wanted their portion of morning affection, and this also includes little Ko, who started making her cute roars, pleading Lucien for some attention.

Lucien kissed Ella until she was out of breath and then started to pet Ko. He started tickling her cute belly while the little tigress purred excitedly.

Oya behaved like a good girl and started to lick his arm in silence, making Lucien also play with the big mama tigress. He loved the fact that Angela's bed was big enough for him to play with so many girls at the same time comfortably.

Some girls licked various parts of his body while others were more daring to the point of taking off his underwear... Of course, he wouldn't stop their fun when he was enjoying it so much.

\"OH!\" Lucien couldn't help but sigh when he felt a hot little mouth wrap around his already hard cock. He could easily recognize Mia's mouth even without his high senses, and he loved that feeling very much.

Anne, wanting to show her initiative more and more, began to suck his balls while he was kissing Marie's lovely breasts. It didn't take long for all the girls to be naked, fighting for a part of Lucien's body.

\"I brought the b-...\" Aria, who entered the room with a large tray of food, stopped talking when she heard the moans...

\"We are already having breakfast!!!\" All the girls responded at the same time.

Aria understood the situation when she saw all the girls on top of Lucien... She could only think one thing while placing the tray on a table.

\"I want some too!!!\"