Chapter 67 Breakfast part 2

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Chapter 67 Breakfast part 2

After Aria joined the fun in bed, Lucien and the girls played for more than an hour.

All the girls had some morning milk... Lucien finished cumming in Anne's mouth, and the fox-girl couldn't drink it all...

\"Let the tigress finish it.\" Lust's words surprised Lucien. He didn't think Oya would want his cum... But Lust insisted that she was just a female like the girls and would benefit a lot from it.

Lucien didn't have to say anything. He just looked at Oya, and she started to lick his dick quickly as if she waited for it for a long time.

\"Mm... It's good...\" Lucien didn't expect Oya's tongue to be so good... She was a tigress, but she still licked it with great affection, giving Lucien a new pleasure.

The girls didn't think it was strange for him to give his cum to Oya because they were sure that any living being would love that delicious milk.

Lucien was already at the end of his orgasm when he passed his cock to Oya, so little Ko could only help her mother clean his cock; even so, it was enough for Lucien to see their tattoo shine a little.

Oya gave an excited roar when she finished drinking that sacred liquid. She could feel her body getting stronger, and Lucien could even see her body grow a little bit with his sharp eyesight.

\"You seem to be having so much fun.\" While Lucien and the girls laughed at the excited Oya, Astrid entered the room while speaking in a clearly jealous tone.

\"I do not believe it! While we were cleaning the castle, you were in bed having fun! How unfair!!!\" Right behind Astrid, Rose also came in, unhappy with the situation too.

\"Doesn't that make us have two accumulated reward sessions?\" Maggie didn't care as long as Lucien rewarded her.

Lucien looked at the trio and couldn't help but feel bad. They were all covered with blood and dust, proving that they had a difficult night fighting the King's remaining forces.

Of course, he couldn't do everything all the time. Mentally notifying his women the location of the people still loyal to the king while taking care of Marie and the other girls was the best way to optimize their time.

Lucien smiled lovingly at his incredible women. \"Good work. I will certainly reward you, not in double, but in triple or more... As much as you want... But now take a bath.\"

\"You could take a bath with us...\" Lucien was very tempted to accept Astrid's offer, but he had to get his women together to plan the next step quickly.

\"We will have time for that, I promise... Now for the bath!\" Lucien got out of bed, still naked, and at super speed, slapped Astrid on the ass.

Astrid didn't hate the slap but went to the bathroom while smiling... Rose wanted to get a slap on the ass too, but Lucien went towards the food tray, ignoring her pleading look.

The trio went to shower while the other girls didn't want to get out of Angela's big bed. Not only was it full of Lucien's pleasant scent and warmth, but it was also delightful for the girls to watch Lucien naked eating apple slices.

They all had the same thought that things developed too fast with Lucien... They never thought of being in a bed, sharing their man with other women...

But they didn't regret it... On the contrary, even though the situation forced them to be like this, they still felt blessed to be with Lucien, and they are sure he will take good care of them.

The fact that there are many of them also did not seem so bad... Even though there is a rivalry between them, the girls already felt like a family... Or at least great friends.

Even though it was great just to be looking at Lucien's sexy naked body, the girls were also hungry and started heading towards the tray that Aria brought.

Ella was the first to get near the tray, but before she could get a piece of fruit, she was hugged by Lucien. He fed her part of the apple slice that was in his lips, making the young harpy-girl delight with the mixture of Lucien's saliva and the apple's flavor.

\"Mm... Thank you, it was sooo good!\" Ella can't help but thank him excitedly. She was only happier and happier with Lucien.

Lucien couldn't resist giving the cute Ella a few more kisses, making the other girls look at him with fruit in the mouth, waiting for their turn...

Of course, in this game of Lucien feeding the girls mouth-to-mouth, the food on the tray ran out quickly...

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Lucien sent Kara in after hearing the knock on the door. He heard her coming from the kitchen and knew what she brought.

\"AHH!\" Kara came in, pushing a food cart; it looked like a bigger version of Aria's tray. She can't help but be surprised to see Lucien and the girls naked... She couldn't stop staring at his sexy body and big dick...

\"Kara!\" Marie had a lot of things to deal with last night and didn't have time to speak to Kara. She gave the little maid a tight hug, and Kara blushed because she could smell Lucien's pleasant scent all over Marie's body.

Marie was not very close to Kara before, but after learning what her father intended with the poor maid, she wanted to become friends with her.

\"I just came to bring you a good breakfast to thank you for saving me yesterday... But I have to leave now!\" Kara tried to get rid of Maria's embrace before she lost control and jumped on Lucien because he smelled so good...

But the blue-haired wizard didn't let go of her new friend. \"Ah, stay a little longer. You can have breakfast with us.\"

Kara couldn't deny that she wanted to stay. But would she be able to do anything with Lucien like that?

Kara made a fake cough while talking sheepishly. \"But... He's naked.\"

\"Why can't I be naked in my bedroom?\" Lucien spoke calmly as if the room was already his. He could not accept any other bed after sleeping so comfortably in Angela's great bed.

\"Your room? And will my mom sleep with you and be your wife too?\" Marie seemed to have returned to her previous personality, and Lucien could only smile at his adorable stubborn wizard.

\"Why not? Whatever... I don't think she'll insist on keeping this room because of all the help I have given her...\" Lucien spoke a little louder because he knew Angela was listening to the conversation in the corridor.

\"See what kind of husband you have, my daugh- Wear some clothes!!\" Angela was focused on the part he talked about her room and forgot that Lucien was still naked. She would have no reaction other than disgust at seeing any naked man, but with Lucien... It was a feeling she didn't know how to deal with... Shyness.

\"What kind of husband? The most perfect husband possible? YES!!!\" Cassidy entered the room after Angela and can't help but praise Lucien... And of course, all the girls said yes, making Lucien smile while Angela blushed more than Kara.

Cassidy slowly approached Lucien and started a long wet kiss as he hugged her waist. She has a charm and initiative that other girls could only envy...

\"Mm...\" Lucien couldn't resist Cassidy... She resembled his mom... That mature charm and sex appeal... Astrid was as sexy as Cassidy, but she was not a mother...

\"Let's have breakfast! All together.\" Lucien ended the kiss by biting Cassidy's delicious lips and squeezed her big ass before heading towards the bedroom atelier, pushing the food cart.

It was evident that he would remain naked, but Kara and Angela could not say that the view was not fantastic... There were only women with them, so they controlled their shame while everyone went to the big table in the atelier.

Lucien put some fruit and bread on the table while he sat in the head chair. Mia acted quickly entering under the table, and only Lucien realized that...

While the girls struggled to sit next to Lucien, Angela also sat calmly. She could better control her feelings without having to see Lucien's big dick the whole time.

(Angela) \"I have a lot to thank you and Cassidy. Now we can start saving my Kingdom from these difficult conditions.\"

(Lucien) \"You know that our situation is not so simple...\"

(Cassidy) \"We are helping you now, but we will need Bluewind's help to recover Portgreen...\"

(Angela) \"I get it. We will be allies in any situation... But, I need to ensure the safety of my daughters first.\"

(Marie) \"Don't worry, mom, Lucien will save sis as soon as possible.\"

(Lucien) \"That's what we're going to talk about now. I need some information.\"

(Angela) \"The Nunid Kingdom is to the south. They always had a complicated relationship with my family...\"

(Marie) \"They always wanted to control our Kingdom. They can't defeat us because of our good position on the mountain, so they tried to make alliances... My father tried to force me to marry that bastard prince...\"

(Cassidy) \"Is there no possibility of negotiating Lena's return?\"

(Angela) \"I'm not sure. We can try, but I think it's unlikely. They will try to use it to gain support from the people, claiming that the union of the two Kingdoms will be better for everyone...\"

(Lucien) \"I will not negotiate with someone who tried to harm my women. They are already our enemies.\"

(Angela) \"So what's your plan?\"

(Lucien) \"They don't know me, so I'm going to enter the city like any other traveler and get Lena out of there somehow. It will be better for a small group, so I will only take a few of you.\"

(Rose/Anne) \"I'll go with you!!\"

Rose came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel. She heard about the conversation and can't help saying the same thing as Anne.

Mia wanted to say she was going too, but her mouth was too busy trying to swallow Lucien's cock under the table.

(Lucien) \"I have already thought of the best way to do it... I'm sorry, Anne, you are not coming this time.\"

Anne was sad, but she knew the situation was serious and did not want to argue about something like that. Rose was clearly thrilled that Lucien didn't say that she wouldn't go with him... Her smile was wide, making Anne and other girls jealous.

Lucien noticed Mia's reaction and patted her head as he mentally told her how he was going to make it up to her when he returned.

Before the girls started asking questions, Lucien explained his plan.

\"I understand that Lena's situation is bad, so I have to get there fast. Not all of you can maintain the same speed so you will have to stay this time...\"

\"I intend to take Rose because she can levitate and because I need her earth magic.\"

Lucien looked into the bathroom and saw Astrid and Maggie also coming wrapped in towels... Everyone seemed very comfortable in the room, and Lucien could only smile while enjoying the beautiful bodies of his women.

\"I will also take Maggie because I need her vision magic. She is not too fast, so I will carry her on my back. Rose will levitate and hold on my shoulder so that we can maintain a high speed.\"

\"I will also take Astrid and Oya because only they will be able to follow our speed... Any question?\" Lucien finished explaining his plan, and all the girls wanted to claim that they would be useful... But there was no way to be as quick as Lucien, Astrid, and Oya so that no one could argue.

Angela's eyes sparkled as she looked at Lucien... He only met her a day ago, but he was going to rescue her daughter from the Nunid Kingdom with only a group of five... She knew he wasn't an idiot, still, it seemed very dangerous...

Cassidy also wanted to go with Lucien as well as the other girls, but she believed in him and knew that a smaller group would be faster and more discreet.

Lucien was happy that everyone seemed to accept his plan... He thought about it with Lust's help as there was one last part, which he was finding a little difficult to explain to the girls...

He wanted to take the time to give all the love and affection to all his women, but every second that Lena was away, Marie and Angela became more worried, so he couldn't take long.

Lucien looked lovingly at the girls as he apologized. \"I'm really sorry, but as I need to be quick, I will have to pay special attention to Astrid, Rose, and Maggie as I need them prepared to fight if necessary.\"

\"Unfair!!!\" Of course, most girls complained as it was obvious what kind of attention the trio would receive.

The trio couldn't be happier... They worked hard yesterday, and now it looked like their rewards were coming... They couldn't wait.

Mia couldn't complain about anything as she kept sucking Lucien's cock the whole time under the table...