Chapter 69 Hubby part 2 R-18

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Chapter 69 Hubby part 2 R-18

Lucien heard Maggie's complaint and can't help feeling bad. He and Mia also met each other as enemies, but the relationship with Maggie was more complicated.

Lust noticed Lucien's confusing feelings and explained some things. 'You don't have to worry about her or any other woman who has your tattoo. I don't know much about how you put my contract tattoo on the girls, but it looks just like ours...'

'Our tattoo is a symbol of the union of our souls, which means that we cannot harm each other, and we share a powerful emotional bond... We cannot even lie to each other.'

Lucien was a little surprised to learn that they couldn't lie... He tried to tell Lust that his name was not Lucien, but he couldn't say the words as if his whole body refused to do it. Then he tried to speak it to Maggie, and he also failed, thus proving that his bond with Maggie was strong too.

Since Maggie's loyalty was not questionable, he had no reason not to treat her as well as the other girls without fear of the mercenary stabbing him in the back.

He gave her a warm smile that warmed Maggie's heart. \"Come on, sweetheart.\"

Maggie didn't need to be told twice and jumped on the bed, being hugged by Lucien's warm arms. He lay on his back, leaving Maggie on top of him to do whatever she wanted.

She also lost her towel while jumping on the bed and was now naked, rubbing her pussy on Lucien's cock. He could feel her delicate body... Maggie had a thin body with medium breasts and a not too big ass... Lucien liked the fact that he felt some vaginal hair caressing his cock while she started a passionate wet kiss.

\"Mm...\" Maggie enjoyed every second that Lucien's tongue dominated hers... Her body was very warm, and she wanted more and more of him... Lucien started to stroke her breasts, making her moan softly.

Lucien paid close attention to the cute Maggie for more than five minutes, but time was not on their side, so he had to stop kissing to discuss the next step.

\"I love you.\" Lucien was happy that he could honestly say that he loved them. That meant it was his sincere feelings, even if it was just a kind of physical love...

\"Love you too... Hubby...\" The girls responded together with different types of feelings.

Astrid thought Lucien was the most amazing man she had ever met and was sure that being with him would be wonderful, so she was not afraid to say she loved him.

Maggie always lived alone after her parents died. She could never trust the mercenaries, but being with Lucien was excellent, and she already considered him and the girls a family...

Rose still had many thoughts about her family and her people... She would have to talk about it with Lucien, but he was already her partner for life... Despite the blood contract, Rose knew she would never love a man as much as she loved him. She was not afraid to be passionate and would stay with him at any cost.

Lucien could feel the girls' affection for him... It was probably the result of his body's influence on females and the tattoo... Still, there could also be true love. Anyway, he would always do his best to treat them with respect and affection.

Before the girls could answer, Lucien continued. \"Still, I understand that your first time is special... I don't want to force you to do it together, so...\"

The girls understood that Lucien was concerned that they were not comfortable, and Astrid interrupted his talk.

\"You don't have to worry about that. If we weren't comfortable with each other, we wouldn't be naked, sharing the same man like that... I guess I speak for everyone when I say that we accept each other when we accept to follow you.\"

Rose and Maggie agreed to Astrid's words while speaking at the same time. \"Yes, like sisters.\"

\"You have good girls...\" Lust couldn't help but comment on Lucien's mind. She was sure that this way things would evolve very quickly...

\"You are MY good girl too... Don't forget that.\" Lucien replied to Lust with intonation when he said \"my,\" making her excited easily.

Lucien was happy that the girls were comfortable with that situation and smiled at them. \"Still, I only have one cock... So someone will have to be the first.\"

Rose had to make a great effort not to jump on Lucien in a spoiled way. She really wanted to fight to claim to be first, but she knew he was just and would reward obedient girls...

Lucien saw the three women blushing while they waited for his decision, and he couldn't help but get more excited.

\"Hubby...\" The girls also spoke softly, making Lucien's cock hard as a rock.

Lucien felt a great desire to be dominant with the girls and make them feel very good... He wasted no more time and kissed Rose, who was on the left, then Astrid in the middle, and Maggie on the right, making the girls happily smile.

Then he hugged Astrid and laid her on the other side of the bed, making it clear that she would be the first. The other girls could not help but be jealous. Still, they would look forward to their turn.

\"Lucien...\" Astrid couldn't help moaning her man's name when he started kissing her body lovingly... Her pussy was already ready, dripping love juices...

Astrid was lying on her back, and Lucien spread her legs around him while he was on his knees in front of her. This position allowed him to have perfect control over her body and the best part... He could see her beautiful flushed face perfectly.

Lucien took his cock and rubbed its head on Astrid's pussy's lips slowly, wetting his hard cock with her juices. He really wanted to penetrate her, but teasing her also gave him a lot of pleasure.

\"You like to tease me... Please give it to me... I can't wait any longer, hubby.\" Astrid spoke shyly, and Lucien complied with her request, slowly penetrating her wet insides...

\"Ahhhhhhhh...\" Astrid and Lucien began to softly moan as they felt the great pleasure of his cock, slowly opening the inner walls of her pussy... Astrid's pussy was extremely tight, making them both feel very good.

\"AH!\" Lucien felt resistance in the head of his cock and looked into Astrid's eyes just to see her radiating happiness. He smiled at her as he pushed his dick forward, breaking her hymen while their tattoos shone as intensely as their feelings.

Astrid's pussy has a type of suction that pulled Lucien's cock further and further... He continued to slowly push until he felt the base of his cock touch her skin, thus connecting them completely.

\"Ahhh... Hubby... I love you soooo much...\" Astrid could not stand still feeling so much pleasure... She only felt a little pain when he broke her hymen, but the pleasure and happiness soon flooded her body and mind. She wasted no time and got up sitting on Lucien's waist and wrapping her legs around his waist.

\"You are so adorable... My sweet Astrid.\" Lucien hugged Astrid, and she started to move up and down, making his cock met every part of her pussy.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

\"AAHHH!!! SO GOOOD\" Astrid felt more and more pleasure every time she sat on Lucien's cock, making him reach deep into her pussy. She started to lift her body more and more to hit her ass against his waist harder, making Lucien's cock reach her very bottom.

Lucien had to concentrate, or he would cum quickly feeling so much pleasure... Astrid was very intense while sitting hard on his dick... He could feel the head of his dick, reaching a deep part of her pussy that seemed to want to devour it...

\"Ohhh...\" Astrid was dominating him... Although it was good, it made him feel passive when he should lead her to the greatest pleasure...

Lucien didn't think twice before starting to kiss her breasts... Then he used one hand to stroke one of her small wings making, Astrid's pussy squeeze his cock harder than before as she moaned louder.

\"Ahhhh... Hubby... Not on the wings...\" Astrid was already experiencing extreme pleasure, but when she felt his hands on her wing, she felt a shiver ran through her body as her heart beat faster. It was just amazing...

Lucien loved Astrid's cute reaction and wanted more of it. He used his other hand too, and hold the base of her wings while thrust his waist up in a synchronized way with Astrid's sitting movements.

\"Who does your body belong to?\" Lucien didn't stop kissing Astrid's breasts as he stroked her wings and teased her with a sensual voice.

Astrid found it difficult to speak while moaning loudly, but she also took pleasure in being teased by Lucien. \"You... My body belongs only to you... My husband!\"

Both Astrid and Lucien were holding on to the maximum not to come. Both wanted to give each other maximum pleasure while his dick continued to hit her insides intensely.

\"So... Who do these cute wings belong to?\" Lucien spoke in a soft tone that made Astrid's body vibrate with pleasure... She couldn't speak softly, and her words came out along with her loud moans.

\"You, of course... You can do whatever you want with me... And my wings... Hubby...\" Astrid was close to her limit... Not only was Lucien's cock wonderful, but he continued to tease her in a way she loved.

Lucien could only smile... Astrid's words exalted his possessive ego, and he couldn't hold his orgasm any longer. He wanted to mark the entire inside of the body that she claimed being only his... But of course, he would make her come first...

He could feel that Astrid's body had many differences from a normal woman... One of her peculiarities was that deeper part of her pussy that tried to hold the head of his dick...

Lucien held the bases of her small wings tightly and pulled her down while pushing his cock as far inside her as possible. He went deep, and a part of his dick passed from that part of her pussy that squeezed him as tight as possible...

\"IT'S COMING, HUBBYYYYY!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH...\" Astrid felt Lucien hit her deepest part, and her pussy's muscles started to convulse while she had an incredible orgasm and literally screamed with pleasure... He also held her wings firmly, making shivers run through her body.

Lucien felt Astrid's pussy squeeze his cock as it convulsed, and the part near the head of his cock increased the suction while producing an enormous amount of love juices...

To finish, he even bit her hard nipple, making Astrid's mind go totally blank as she felt his hot milk fill her insides...

Lucien and Astrid closed their eyes while they both enjoyed the intense orgasm at the maximum... Lucien filled her pussy with his hot cum while their bodies felt great... Not only was the pleasure incredible, they felt much stronger and more energetic...

The tattoo of both glowed brightly while Lust felt large amounts of demonic energy being produced... Unlike the sex with Cassidy, Astrid did not need to use part of the energy to help Lucien's life mana heal her body, so they both gain incredible improvements in their bodies.

\"Ahhhh... love you, my dear...\" Lucien sighed and lay on his back, making Astrid lay limp on his chest, still enjoying her orgasm and Lucien's cum inside her...

\"Love love love you sooo much much much, hubby!\" Astrid started kissing Lucien's chest with a wide smile on her face, leaving the other two girls crazy with jealousy and expectations.

Rose and Maggie were already really wet... While Maggie played with her pussy, waiting for her turn, Rose was bolder getting up on the bed while speaking proudly.

\"Now, it's my turn to have hubby inside me!!!\"