Chapter 71 Hubby part 4 R-18

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Chapter 71 Hubby part 4 R-18

\"Call me that way again.\" Rose was ecstatic when she heard Lucien calling her so tenderly of \"my love\" and asked him to repeat it.

Lucien pressed Rose's small body against him as he sucked on her pussy and spoke affectionately. \"My love, Rose...\"

Rose was trying to swallow all of Lucien's big cock in her little mouth. In the middle of \"slurp\" sounds, she begged him to repeat it. \"Again, hubby! Pleeease...\"

\"AAHHHH YESSS, HUBBYYYY I LOVE YOU!!!!!\" Rose could not take so much stimulation and began to come, producing a lot of love juices, which Lucien drank happily.

Lucien enjoyed Rose's sweet orgasm, but he could still resist while she sucked his cock. She had zero experience, but she was trying hard, which Lucien found very cute.

Rose's mind went blank for more than a minute until she regained some of her senses and realized she had come alone. She couldn't help being a little sad, but she won't give up so easily...

She began to wrap her delicate tongue around Lucien's cock as she stroked his balls lovingly and tried her most sensual tone to beg him. \"Hubby, please... Give me your cum... I want it so badly...\"

\"Hahaha... You will have to beg more if you really want it.\" Lucien wanted to tease Rose more. Then he bit her soft ass, making the little vampire moan and try to beg even more sensuously while increasing the sucking on her blowjob.

\"Please, hubby... Feed this little wifey of yours with your hot milk... I really want it... I want your delicious cum in my mouth so badly...\" Rose was adorable, and Lucien couldn't resist the sweet vampire much longer.

\"You can drink as much as you want, my cute wifey... Ohhh\" Lucien rested his head on the headboard while he came inside Rose's mouth.

The little vampire sucked it up eagerly, and as his regeneration was still restoring all of his essences, Rose managed to drink all the hot load and finished licking the last drops on her lips.

Rose finished drinking her favorite milk and looked back just to see Lucien's smile. She was thrilled that she could give him pleasure and tried to be more erotic, swinging her cute ass in front of his face.

\"Do you like my ass, hubby...\"

Lucien, still using one hand to keep her body pressed against his, used the other hand to squeeze her ass. \"Your ass? Are you sure?\"

While Lucien squeezed her ass, Rose's pussy also contracts under her lover's touch. \"I'm sorry, hubby... It's your ass... This whole body is only yours to do what you want.\"

Lucien was pleased with Rose's cute answer and slapped her on the ass, leaving his handprint on her fair skin. But as Lust said, now the little vampire's body was full of milk with life-mana, and she only felt pleasure.

Rose smiled seductively at Lucien as she licked her lips. \"Hubby, you have to give milk to my pussy now... I can't wait any longer.\"

Lucien also didn't want to waste any more time... His goal was to get stronger and make the girls stronger... But every second he spent with those adorable girls, the more he wanted to do it... For pleasure...

But he focused his mind and thought of Marie and her sister... He could always have more sex when everyone was safe.

He stroked Rose's beautiful ass while speaking lovingly. \"Do you want to move alone? Seeing your ass from that position is fantastic.\"

\"Yes! Leave everything to me, hubby. I will make you feel good.\" Rose didn't think twice about accepting Lucien's idea. She moved forward a little until her hips were in the same direction as Lucien's.

Lucien loved the view of Rose's ass. He could see her delicate pussy perfectly on top of his cock. He held her ass with both hands as he positioned his cock at that hot entrance, which looked very eager.

\"You are mine, hubby!\" Rose didn't think twice and lowered herself down, making Lucien's cock break her hymen and reach to the deeps of her pussy quickly. She felt his cock's head touch her very bottom and moved harder, hitting his cock against her several times in an insanely pleasurable way for both.

\"AAHHHH!!\" Lucien and Rose moaned loudly with pleasure. He was impressed with the strength she used to penetrate herself on his dick, but that was how Rose acted... Intensely... And Lucien loves that side of her, which was actually very much like him.

*Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah* *Pah*

Rose loved the feel of Lucien's cock inside her and started pounding her ass against his hip with increasing strength. Lucien's cock made a mess of her tight insides.

Lucien could somehow understand that the blood exchange they had done so many times brought them together in a way that sex would already be something natural for them... Rose was intensely hot and wild, squeezing his cock more and more.

'Hubby... Hubby... I want to give you everything... All I have and am is yours... All I ask is that you always stay by my side...' Rose had high confidence in Lucien, but she was very emotional, giving her virginity to him, and can't help but try to make another pact with mental communication.

\"Rose, my dear... My wifey. I love you and would do anything for you... Just tell me when you're ready.\" Lucien answered her in a loud voice and not mentally. He wanted to shout to the world that he was totally in love with not only Rose but all his current women. Even though he seems a fool to others, he would do anything for them...

Rose was delighted with Lucien's answer. Not only did he seem to feel exactly like her, but he also said that he would wait for her to tell her story... There was a lot that she wanted to tell him, but since they met, they always had a lot of problems, and Rose didn't want to upset her husband with more problems...

\"Ohhh... Mmm... Aaahh...\" Lucien and Rose were feeling so much pleased... She kept hitting her body violently against his, making his dick hit her very bottom repeatedly.

\"AAAAHHH!! My assssss... Sooo goooddd, huuubbyy!\" The little vampire was very resistant, but Lucien started to caress her asshole with his saliva-soaked finger, making Rose's pussy twitch by squeezing his cock even harder.

Rose and Lucien's tattoos shone brightly... They had a strong blood connection, and she could feel his cock tremble more inside her while he knew she was close to coming too.

\"Hubby... Fill my little pussy with your hot cum... Please, I want to drink your milk with every hole...\" Rose tilted her head back as she banged her ass against Lucien harder and harder, spanking lewd phrases to excite Lucien, but that actually made her more excited.

\"Take it, my dear cute vampire.\" Lucien was very pleased and couldn't deny his body wanting to fill little Rose with his white liquid. He knew she was coming too, and he pushed his dick deep into her pussy until he reached her very bottom, so he held her ass against his hip, keeping his dick there and shooting a lot of cum inside her.

\"Ahhhhh... I feel your cum filling me... So hot... I love it...\" Rose was already feeling really great, but her mind went totally blank as she felt Lucien shoot his cum deep in her pussy. She began another orgasm, mixing their juices inside her in a mess she loves very much.

\"HUBBBBYYYYY!!!\" Lucien was very pleased while coming, but he could easily remain conscious and penetrated Rose's asshole with his finger gently, intensifying her orgasm and making her scream in pleasure.

Lucien only made small moans because he wanted to enjoy every moan and word from Rose while she moved her ass to one side and the other, enjoying everything to the maximum.

After a minute, Rose's whole body trembled with pleasure, and she lay on Lucien's legs without strength as the mixture of their juices leaked from her pussy still filled with his cock.

Rose, like the other girls, only became more energetic after receiving Lucien's cum, but their bodies could not deal with so much pleasure, and they needed to have some rest mentally.

She laid her head on his leg, drooling with a big happy smile on her face as she spoke lovingly. \"Thanks, hubby... Thanks for filling me up completely ... Love you... Sooo much.\"

Lucien couldn't be happier with his women being so amazing. He began to caress Rose's ass gently while feeling the heat of her, still with his cock inside her pussy... But then...

'Lucien!!! Go to the bathroom! Now!!!' He heard Lust's voice in his mind and questioned her quickly, but Lust only told him to go to the bathroom quickly.

\"Girls, I need to go to the bathroom.\" Lucien gently put Rose to the side while telling the girls not to follow him and headed for the bathroom.

He quickly entered the bathroom and started calling Lust in his mind. \"What happened? Lust? Lust, where are you?\"

Lucien tried to talk to Lust, but she didn't respond, making him nervous ... But then he heard a noise behind him, and he smelled that sweet scent, which he missed so much...

\"Here... Hubby...\" He didn't move, and soon he felt Lust's delicate soft skin touch his back just as he felt her body the first time... Her perfect breasts... She tried to tease him by calling him hubby while hugging him tightly.

\"Can you keep your physical body now?\" Lust seemed only to want to hug, and Lucien didn't turn around while questioning her.

\"What you did there with the girls didn't only give us a lot of demonic energy, but it also made me very horny... I'm your wifey too... You have to take good care of me.\" Lust spoke seductively with that beautiful voice, enchanting Lucien easily while pressing her big soft breasts to his back.

Lucien produced a lot of demonic energy with intense sex with the girls. It still wasn't enough for Lust to be able to go into combat as that was not her specialty, but materializing her body close to him was possible for a long time now...

The connection between Lucien and Lust was powerful, and in a few words, he could understand and feel the changes in her body... He turned quickly to see the beautiful Lust's sexy body.

\"My little wifey... I missed you...\" Before Lust could say anything, Lucien lifted her body by the thighs and pushed her against the wall of the bathroom... He sealed her mouth with a passionate kiss as she wrapped her legs around his waist, making their favorite position to kiss.

Lust could still use mental communication to speak, but at that moment, she just wanted to enjoy the kiss... She was the demon of Lust herself, but she acted like a little girl in love in his arms... She liked Lucien so much that her mind seemed to go blank just with his kiss...

Lucien felt the same as Lust... He was learning to control his feelings with his other women, but his body was more excited than before by feeling Lust in his arms...

He kissed her juicy lips for more than a minute until he started kissing her delicate neck, and then her big breasts... She held his head with both hands while trying not to moan loudly for the girls not to hear them.

\"Lucien... Lucien... Love me more... Kiss me more... Fuck me hard... I want you inside me now...\" Lust began to beg Lucien mentally, but even her thoughts were difficult to control, feeling Lucien's intense attacks... Lust's pussy already felt like a river of love juices while she went crazy with his caresses.

Lucien really wanted to fuck Lust the moment he knew she could materialize her body again... But a part of him knew it was wrong now... He was not fucking the girls for fun but to be able to have enough power to rescue Marie's sister...

\"Not now... My hot wifey... You know we're out of time... When we get back... Okay?\" Lucien tried to regain the reason he was losing with every second he embraced Lust.

But Lust didn't seem to agree to wait... She didn't ease the tightening of her legs around his waist as she pleaded sensuously...

\"No... You have to eat me now... Please, hubby.\"