Chapter 72 Mobilizing part 1

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Chapter 72 Mobilizing part 1

Two men were talking at a table in a tavern. They talked about the increasing attacks in villages further west of Bluewind.

Then a hooded man approached them with two large mugs of beer. \"Can I join you, friends?\"

It was common for mercenaries and adventurers to be hooded, so the two men at the table happily accepted the drinks. The man took off his hood, revealing an ordinary face and started talking to the two friends.

\"Friends, did you hear about the king's atrocities?\" The hooded man caught the attention of the two friends. Few people knew that the King had died because Ron's spies and Lucien's women had stopped most of the King's loyal guards from leaving the castle.

\"The King? I think he was always a good King...\" The friends were unaware of the King's atrocities. Bluewind's situation only got worse, but everyone knew that they lost Portgreen's support after Queen Cassidy lost the crown.

Then the man who was hooded before began to tell them several things about the King, such as the fact that he kept Queen Angela imprisoned, assaulted all the servants of the castle, even kids, and other things that were not entirely true.

Soon the table that once had two people now had more than ten. Many people began to gather around the man who told several scary things about the King...

The man had no evidence against the King, but people easily believed bad things. The man had good arguments and told the stories in detail, claiming to be a former guard of the castle.

After an hour, he said the most surprising thing. \"After living for years being mistreated by the King, Queen Angela found new allies who arrested the King for his atrocities. Now she has taken the crown for herself, and she will use the support of these new allies to make our Kingdom prosper again.\"

\"Is the King in prison?\"

\"Is the Queen okay?\"

\"Queen Angela Olsen?\"

\"Who are these new allies?\"

People in the hall began to ask questions and discuss their speculations. They didn't notice when the hooded man left the tavern...

What happened in that tavern was also happening in various parts of the city and would also occur in villages across the Bluewind Kingdom.

Ron's spies not only hunted and killed the guards who talked about the King being attacked but also spreading news and rumors about him being arrested for crimes against the Queen and the Kingdom, making the people believe Angela even without having seen her yet.

The city was in chaos with the surprising news. Many people wondered if it was true, but most believed in Angela. After all, the Olsen family founded Bluewind, so the people tended to side with the real royal family and not Julius's family.

A group of Royal guards and spies led by Cassidy attacked Julius's family and killed everyone who didn't surrender.

Cassidy also recommended Angela to make an announcement as soon as possible and claim that Julius's family tried to attack the castle, causing the King to die in a battle during the night.

Following all of Cassidy's suggestions, Angela quickly took control of the main city. Everyone who was still loyal to the King was mysteriously disappearing as the people supported Angela, looking forward to improvement in Kingdom security.

After the strange breakfast with Lucien, Angela made the announcement, officially becoming Bluewind's only ruler. After an hour explaining how her new policy would focus on protecting the people, Angela and Lucien's women returned to the castle.

It was still 10:00 am; Angela and Cassidy went to talk about the next steps to improve the Kingdom. Cassidy was an excellent ruler and only lost the crown because of the powerful union of the guild and the mercenaries...

But helping Angela to make Bluewind a strong Kingdom would not be a problem. Of course, she always remained in the shadows as an advisor so that no one could recognize her or another of Lucien's women.

While the Queens were making plans, the girls stayed in the hall without knowing what to do.

Anne looked at the stairs as she sighed. \"Do you think we should go back to the room?\"

Marie was still thinking about her sister but tried to tease her best friend to ease her mood. \"Can't you stay more than an hour away from him?\"

That was exactly how the youngest girls felt... As if being away from Lucien for a few minutes was awful. Ella couldn't help but comment thoughtfully. \"I already miss him a lot...\"

Mia wanted to be close to her mother and Lucien all the time, but she knew now was not the right time for it. \"But he is now fucking those three... So unfair!\"

Mia's words might seem strange, but the girls understood that he was not doing that for fun, and Marie thought out loud. \"His peculiarities are strange... But it helped us before, and it will also help him rescue my sister... And... I can't say that I hate what we did.\"

Mia didn't want to start a fight, but she didn't like Marie very much and can't help but provoke her. \"What?! Is the Ice Princess saying she loves our husband's cock?\"

Aria, who was the oldest woman there, tried to calm the girls down. \"We are not going to fight, girls. I can tell for all of us here that we all love his dick...That big, hard, and fragrant dick...\"

When Aria started to remember on Lucien's cock with a wide smile on her face, Ella started tickling her waist. \"Mom... When did you become such a dirty harpy?\"

While Aria and Ella played, Marie and Mia looked at them, remembering their mothers while also thinking about Lucien... And they couldn't help but have strange thoughts while they blushed.

Anne saw Marie's look at the mother-daughter harpy pair and also thought of something. \"Marie... Will Lena and your mother join us?\"

Marie was surprised by that question as she thought of her mother being with Lucien, but her sister was a different case. \"No! Why would Lena be interested in Lucien? She has a very stubborn personality...\"

Everyone understood that Marie did not get along so well with her sister, but they also assumed she was okay about Angela...

Mia can't help but make a face. \"We have to do something about it. We can't just let any woman join us... Nothing against your mother, but our group is already too big.\"

\"I agree. We already have to share him, so we shouldn't let other women get close.\" Ella agreed with Mia's thoughts. They just wanted to have \"more Lucien.\"

Then the girls started to discuss how they would make Lucien not get any more new women...


While the girls planned how Lucien would be only their, Lust thought of nothing and just enjoyed his affection while they were \"attacking\" each other passionately in the bathroom.

\"Mm... Aaaaaa\" Among her soft moans, a small part of Lust's mind wondered why she likes Lucien so much. Just a touch of his lips would be enough to cause her body to shake with excitement...

Lust, like the other sins, has been through tough times fleeing their terrible enemy... But seeing Lucien having sex with three women while she could not be in his arms was the real torture for her.

How could the demon of Lust herself be jealous? Everyone should want her all the time... But she was craving her host much more than she imagined... \"Host\" was already a word that Lust didn't like as she saw Lucien as her partner... Or rather, her man.

Of course, the part of her that thought was 1/10 when her other 9/10 just wanted to hug Lucien as tightly as possible as if she wants to merge their bodies...

Lucien's tongue in her mouth had already completely dominated hers. Lust was going to let Lucien lead, as she only felt better and better in his strong arms... His hands touching every part of her body, which even made of demonic energy, would be forever his alone.

\"More... Please, mooooreeee... Hubby...\" Lust just wanted to provoke Lucien by calling him hubby like the trio... But the word generated possessive feelings in her. She wanted Lucien to see her as the first and would do anything for that...

Lucien couldn't get enough of Lust. Her delicate and fragrant body was just too good... The more he kissed her beautiful mouth, the more he wanted to kiss... The more he touched her soft skin, the more he wanted to touch...

\"Lust... I love you... You know... But ... Now...\" Lucien tried to stop while he could still rationalize, but Lust prevented him from speaking with her naughty tongue dancing in his mouth.

Lust knew that having sex with Lucien now would not generate as many results as if he had sex with other women, especially with women who have high skills and talents, but she could not stop craving him.

\"No! I already said that I want your dick inside me now... Are you going to do it with them and not with me? I already gave you everything... But you won't take good care of me?\"

Fucking Lust for several days until he passed out with her in his arms... That was everything Lucien's body wanted. He craved her more and more...

But Lucien wanted to be responsible... His father had a harem of seven wives and was unable to protect three of them, including his mother... Lucien already had so many women, so he needed to take good care of them, and that meant thinking about them before him.

Putting his cock inside Lust's wet pussy shouldn't be his priority right now, but a smile on Marie's face...

Lucien used all his will to slowly pulled his tongue out of Lust's delicious mouth while holding her against the wall.

He looked at her beautiful face with all the love he had. \"Who is my first cute wifey?\"

\"Of course it's me!\" Lust spoke softly without trying to hide the affection, which sparkled in her eyes. She could dematerialize her body to escape Lucien's grip and start kissing him again... But she wanted to let him lead... As a good wifey, she loved to be dominated by him.

Lucien found the submissive Lust incredibly cute and sexy... His cock harder than ever, was begging to explore her warm and cozy insides... But his possessive side wanted all his women safe by his side...

\"We are going to that shitty Kingdom to kill a shitty Prince and rescue Marie's sister... I will be quick so that when we get back, I can spend a lot of time with my sweet Lust, okay?\" Lucien continued to give Lust tap kisses as he spoke lovingly.

Lust knew that going to rescue Lena was the best... She knew that he needed to treat his women well to give them more and more pleasure, thus getting stronger and stronger...

Still, she acted spoiled while asking with a wondering look. \"How long will \"a lot\" be?\"

Lucien tried hard not to kiss Lust again or he wouldn't be able to stop. Then he brushed his nose gently in her cheek. \"Enough to satisfy you.\"

\"So it will have to be a loooooooooot of Lucien only for me.\" Lust couldn't believe that even Lucien's simple actions could make her feel so good... She tried to control herself with the thoughts of how good it would be when they returned...

Lucien gave Lust another passionate kiss and squeezed those perfect breasts, which he loved so much before giving an order that he hated having to do but was needed yet.

\"Come in...\" Lust could feel that Lucien didn't like that she couldn't stay by his side, and she felt the same. Still, she knew that explaining their situation now would be complicated, and she dematerialized her body, returning to Lucien's soul after feeling his warm touch again.

Lucien already hated the Prince of Nunid Kingdom for the things Marie and Angela said... Now Lust also hated the man they didn't even know for making her have to wait to have what she craved so badly.