Chapter 78 Wind Slash

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Chapter 78 Wind Slash

While Astrid, Rose, and Maggie watched the battle between the adventurers and mercenaries on one side of the clearing, Lucien killed many mages on the other side.

It is easy to see that the mercenaries had the numerical advantage, so Lucien didn't think twice about starting to shoot his black arrows at them.

He planned to let the two groups kill themselves while he just protects the two main leaders and Jeanne, but he couldn't do that if the mercenaries easily beat the adventurers.

Lucien was much stronger than before and was still absorbing demonic energy. His women were like him too, but it would still be dangerous to try to face large groups of powerful opponents.

Continuing to kill mercenaries at a distance while balancing the fight was the best strategy... Lucien had already spent more than half of his black arrows and killed more than 70 mages from the Magic Band.

He could kill two or three people with a single arrow, but only if they were very close. The mages were hiding behind trees while firing their spells on adventurers, so Lucien had to reposition himself several times and kill them without losing his stealth.

With his incredible speed and even more incredible senses, Lucien killed almost all the mages in the forest in less than ten minutes. He also had to deal with some Red Lady's mercenaries who entered the woods to check on the mages.

Still, the adventurers were not yet in balance with the mercenaries. Half of them had already died while those who lived were injured or being injured now.

The Red Lady Party was mighty. Even though they had no S-rank people besides their leaders, the warriors were well equipped, and since Lucien could not kill all the mages at once, they managed to do a lot of damage to the adventurers.

Now Lucien's plan was not working well as there were still approximately 20 mages with Cornelius and 70 warriors with Red Lady against less than 40 adventurers.

Lucien sent a mental message to his women to approach the combat area carefully as he climbed a high tree. He saw Red Lady with a group of warriors equipped with the big shiny shields moving towards Olivia...

He couldn't deny that he resented the mysterious Guild leader. He didn't care that she tried to attack him because they really did damage the city... In addition to the fact that they were plotting to retake Cassidy's crown, which made them enemies...

Lucien's only thought about his enemies was that they should die... But it got more complicated when it came to his women's enemies. Lucien never loved anyone besides his mother, but now he had other loved ones, and for them, he would do anything.

Having a full view of the battlefield on top of the tree, Lucien tensioned his bow with the black arrow ready. With his current strength, he was able to pull 90% of the bowstring so that his black arrows could penetrate through the most robust armors.

Lucien aimed his arrow at Olivia's head as he remembered how she threatened to make them \"pay.\" He didn't mind making enemies, but she threatened Rose, who was currently his cute little vampire...

He really wanted to make a new hole in Olivia's head for threatening his wifey, but then he smiled as he moved the bow to the side, now aiming at Glen's head...

Lucien remembered the archer who shot crystal arrows at them. It is evident that it was Olivia's orders. Still, Lucien wanted to ruin the elven archer's face for trying to hurt Rose...

He wanted to kill several people, but from the moment he shot his arrow on the battlefield at a notable target, his position would be discovered, and even if he were faster, it would be difficult to remain stealthy.

\"Shit!\" Lucien saw that Red Lady was approaching Olivia, and the adventurers could not do anything against the blessed shields... He had to defend people who were not only Cassidy's enemies but also attacked Rose... It was not easy for Lucien, but he had to follow his plan, or things would be more difficult.

The people in the Red Lady squad were very close to each other, making better use of the shields. Still, Lucien was in a higher position, and with his incredible vision, it was easy for him to fire an arrow that passed through the mercenaries' guard, killing two of them on the spot and wounding the third.

Lucien cursed that the mercenary's armor was so incredible. Still, his sneak attack caused significant damage to Red Lady's forces, killing two strong warriors and wounding one of the strongest in her group.

\"AAAAAAHHH!!!\" The mercenary's scream was just another scream on the battlefield... Most mercenaries and adventurers were focusing on their own fights, but Olivia's squad was focusing on Red Lady, so they saw when they stopped after suffering a mysterious sneak attack.

\"?!?!?!?\" Olivia, Red Lady, and Glen looked at the big tree at the edge of the battlefield, wondering who would be there.

'Hubby, let us... We are much stronger than before.' Lucien heard Astrid's voice in his mind.

He knew it was still dangerous, but the mercenaries and adventurers were dying every second... Now it should be a good time for his group to take advantage of their fight and kill everyone.

\"Let's go!\" Lucien gave the order to his women as he jumped from the tree with his bow more than ready.

Still, in the air, Lucien fired another arrow, aiming for Red Lady's group, while Oya came from the woods towards him, roaring loudly and scaring most people on the battlefield.

Shields up! Red Lady ordered her warriors, but their reaction was slower than Lucien's arrow, costing the lives of two mercenaries.

Lucien crouched down so as not to suffer damage from the high fall, and Oya jumped over him, heading towards the Red Lady group.

He stood up as he ran towards them, firing other arrows. But now that the warriors were aware of the new enemy, Lucien's arrows failed to break through their defenses. The blessed shields were really incredible.

The golden bow disappeared from Lucien's hand, returning to his storage ring as he ran towards the mercenaries along with Oya. They were approximately 200 meters from the Red Lady group, which now had 25 mercenaries.

The scene of a mysterious figure running alongside a white tiger was seen not only by the Red Lady but also by Olivia's squad and other persons on the battlefield.

There weren't many people famous for having a white tiger as a companion, so they all came to the same conclusion. \"It's him!!!\"

Olivia concluded that Lucien was the person killing the mages in the forest and was very confused. She didn't know why he would come to help her after all she did... And how could he alone kill the mage stealthily?

She was confused and lost her contraction for a second, enough for a mercenary arrow to pass through her guard...

Jeanne broke the arrow before it hit the support wizard. She didn't stop breaking other arrows while warning Olivia. \"Where is your focus on the battle? Now we have an ally... With his help, we will win.\"

Olivia focused again, but more confused thoughts risen in her mind. She remembers that Jeanne was supposed to hate Lucien, but actually, is she smiling? Where did that confidence come from? Could they defeat Red Lady's group when their teammates were almost all dead?

Red Lady was surprised when she saw Lucien. She also knew who he was because her spies reported a lot about the newcomer A-rank adventurer... But she didn't know why Lucien would side with the Guild after being chased by Olivia.

She also understood that her hunch about something wrong was actually about him. Even though he killed the mage in the woods, she was still confident in dealing with Lucien and the adventurers.

Now that he arrived, Red Lady thought of a plan quickly and sent half her warriors to face Lucien and the tigress while her archers continue to fire at Olivia's squad. She thought it would be better to deal with Olivia first and kept going towards her. Her shielded soldiers would defend her back, and Lucien could no longer make sneak attacks.

Olivia wanted to join Lucien to attack Red Lady, but they were still in a defensive position while Glen tried to kill more mercenaries.

Lucien reached Oya, and they were almost reaching the mercenaries coming towards them. He could feel the tigress's excitement while they were both full of adrenaline.

The last time Lucien fought with all his power was at the mine, and he was experiencing emotional changes, which prevented him from using his full potential... Now he was on the attack, totally confident in his strength and his girls.

Eight mercenaries were 50 meters away from them, all wearing incredible armor and equipped with different weapons.

Lucien and Oya separate; each was going one side to flank the mercenaries. The tigress roared as she jumped on the warriors on the right side...

While half of the warriors prepared to block Oya's attack, Lucien prepared himself to attack those on the left.

A mercenary stepped forward, launching a horizontal blow with his great ax.

\"Heh.\" Lucien could see the big man's movements in slow motion. Still, he did not relax but focused all his strength on the red katana that appeared in his hand.

The idea was simple. To cut the ax handle and continue the strike, hitting the blade on the fragile part of the armor near the mercenary's neck.

But as soon as Lucien started to cut the air with his powerful vertical strike, something else happened... Something that even Lust hadn't expected.

The red blade began to shine with white light, and when it reached the ax handle, that light came out of the katana, like a vertical beam, cutting not only the ax handle but also cutting the mercenary's armor.

Less than a second; That was the time it took for the white light beam to completely cut the mercenary in half, making his heavy armor look soft...

And the beam did not stop with that man but went on cutting two of his companions who were behind him and the leg of the fourth mercenary who was next to them, before disappearing into the air, 50 meters away.

Everything happened extremely quickly; The mercenaries die before they understand anything while the fourth man fell to the ground screaming after losing his leg.

'Lust?!?!?' Lucien felt strange fatigue just as the beam left his katana, and as soon as he realized what had happened, he questioned Lust quickly.

Lust could see Lucien's entire body, and despite not understanding some things, she realized when he used the wind mana.

'Nice!! You used the first skill of one of your women. You used Cassidy and Mia's wind mana, but I can't tell you exactly how you did it though.'

At the same time that Lucien felt fatigued, he also felt his high regeneration relax his body. He understood what Lust said, but after so many years of trying to use magic, he had no hope of doing something like that.

Lust could feel Lucien's doubts and tried to explain her point better.

'I told you that you could share special skills with your women. It should take a lot longer, but the tattoo you put on them should improve the process... I don't know much about it because your ability to share your tattoo is something that never existed before.'

Lucien was shocked by what happened, but he was still in the middle of a fight and couldn't lose his focus.

He continued to listen to Lust as she explained the condition of his body as he quickly approached the mercenary who had fallen to the ground.

\"Ahhh-\" The man hadn't been able to scream for more than 3 seconds before Lucien's katana cut his throat.

Lucien's movements were all at incredible speed, and thanks to his unexpected new skill, he finished off the four mercenaries quickly.

A spearman blocked Oya's attack. Two soldiers with blessed shields flanked her, making the tigress lose her mobility while biting the spear shaft.

The mercenary held his spear with both hands as his mates with shields approached Oya. The fourth mercenary was a rogue with two daggers who tried to attack mama tigress from behind...

\"HUH?!\" The rogue was swift, but nothing prepared him for the speed of Lucien's blade... His head flew over the spearman, making the man tremble with fear. A second was enough for Oya to push him to the ground and start to brutally bit his head.

Lucien moved quickly towards one of the mercenaries with a shield. The man tried to retreat with his shield still raised, but Lucien got in front of him quickly, and in a bold move, he jumped over the mercenary...

Agility, strength, senses... Lucien's whole body improved a lot after so much pleasure with his women... He easily managed to jump more than two meters in the air.

The frightened mercenary was unable to react in time, and Lucien, who spun in the air, went down to struck the red katana on top of him, spiking the blade into his head.

The other mercenary with the shield saw how his companion died and could not help being afraid. He raised his shield towards Lucien... But he forgot that Lucien was not alone.

Oya would not miss any opportunity, and when the mercenary lowered his guard to her, the mama tigress immediately jumped on his back and tore his neck.

So, in few seconds, Lucien and Oya dealt with eight Gold-rank mercenaries. Red Lady hadn't run more than 100 meters when she felt that strange sensation again, telling her that something was more wrong than before...

She wanted to focus entirely on Olivia, but she couldn't doubt her \"sixth sense.\" Then she turned back... Just to see something that she couldn't believe.