Chapter 83 Charming Threats part 1

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Chapter 83 Charming Threats part 1

While Lucien \"dealt\" with Scarlett, Maggie was almost out of mana. She had only used her fire spell to make quick explosions before, and this was the first time she had tried to keep a flame wall like that.

\"Shh...\" She sighed when she sat on the ground because she was exhausted.

'I'm sorry, hubb-' Maggie started sending a mental message to apologize to Lucien, but when the flame wall ended, she saw him hugging Red Lady and became jealous.

\"Ah... I should have thought it would end this way.\" Astrid also sighed while Rose stared at Lucien and Scarlett, very jealous too.

While Lucien continued to tease Scarlett, he was also focused on the battlefield. And nothing escaped his incredible hearing.

Lucien had killed almost all the mages of the Magic Band. Then Rose and Maggie killed Cornelius and the others, leaving some of the Red Lady's mercenaries fighting the last adventurers while the strongest ones fought Lucien alongside Scarlett.

After the girls killed Cornelius, Klaus and his group managed to fight fairly against the mercenaries. Now, Lucien heard the lizardman and three other adventurers killing the last mercenaries on the battlefield.

Lucien knew that the remaining four adventurers would notice the girls soon, so he thought of using this as an advantage. Still hugging Scarlett's waist, he turned her toward Astrid. \"Look attentively.\"

\"Die, mercenary trash!\" Klaus spiked his spear into the chest of one of Red Lady's mercenaries. The man was very strong. Still, he couldn't fight the powerful lizardman too long.

An adventurer on Klaus' side fell to the ground after dropping his sword. He was exhausted and severely injured. The fight was fast, but he had to use everything he had to keep from dying.

\"Did we win?\" Another adventurer looked around and saw only corpses. Both mercenaries and adventurers were almost all dead. Those still alive were severely injured and knocked out.

\"I thin- Wait! Who are they?\" The third adventurer was about to celebrate when he saw Olivia's squad knocked out and three people near them.

\"Olivia!!!\" Klaus was so focused on killing the mercenaries, so he didn't see it when the girls knocked out Olivia. He was confident in his leader's strength, but when he saw her on the ground, he didn't think about anything else and ran towards her.

\"Wait!\" One of the adventurers tried to stop Klaus, but he was neither fast nor strong enough to stop him. He told the other two men to get ready because those three people near to Olivia were not supposed to be allies.

The man who had sat on the ground started drinking a regeneration potion while the other drank a mana potion. It would not take effect quickly, but they were exhausted, and anything would help. Then they started running towards the center of the battlefield.

Klaus knew that anyone strong enough to defeat Olivia must be powerful, but he could not abandon the woman he loved. Despite being severely injured, he ran with all his speed towards the three people, but then...

\"Ravenous?!?!?!\" Less than a hundred meters from Astrid, Klaus recognized the woman as his Guild mate and couldn't help but stop and question her as he got perplexed.

When Astrid saw Klaus, she couldn't help but smile. She didn't like Klaus. The lizardman was known for using his strength and influence to make women sleep with him. He even tried to do something with her before she got fame as the \"man breaker.\"

Astrid never had a problem with Glen, so she wouldn't take pleasure in killing him, but Klaus was different. She didn't have the strength to face the S-rank adventurer before, but now she was much stronger than him.

'Make a good show.' Astrid didn't have to restrain herself as she heard Lucien's voice in her mind telling her to do exactly what she wanted. Astrid did not think twice and jumped towards Klaus with her great gauntlets ready.

\"Wh-\" Klaus couldn't believe that Raveanous had attacked Olivia. Everyone in the guild knew that she was a \"difficult\" person, and she was only friendly with Olivia... But then Ravenous attacked him too.

Astrid attacked Klaus with her \"falling punch,\" but Klaus managed to dodge as she was taking it easy to make a \"scene\" for Lucien. She hit the ground, and the dust rose while another crater was created by her might blow.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

The force wave of Astrid's blow threw a lot of dust at Klaus. He was already injured by the intense fight with the mercenaries and started to cough.

But the experienced adventurer would not be defeated so easily. He recovered quickly, and even without having a clear view of Ravenous, made a horizontal attack with his spear.

\"Where?!?!?\" Klaus's attack also created a wave of force, which drove the dust away, but he didn't see Ravenous and was startled.

\"Here!\" He heard Astrid's voice and looked up just to see the powerful manticore-woman trying another falling punch.

This time Klaus was too close to be able to dodge and tried to block Ravenous's attack. He raised his spear up horizontally to protect himself, and a loud metallic sound echoed across the battlefield when her powerful gauntlets hit the spear shaft.

Klaus assumed that Ravenous had used the help of the other two people to defeat Olivia, but he was not sure about that after being thrown back several meters by Astrid's powerful attack.

As he rolled on the ground, he couldn't help but think about how she got so powerful. Klaus was already injured, and after Astrid's attack, he rolled for several meters before passing out.

\"KLAUS!!!\" The other three adventurers had just approached the center of the battlefield when they saw Klaus being thrown like a broken kite by Ravenous.

The wizard began to cast a healing spell to provide Klaus with first aid while the other two positioned themselves in front of Ravenous.

In the past, the three could have a good fight against Astrid, but now, not only were they exhausted, but also she was more powerful than ever.

She acted quickly by picking up Klaus's spear from the ground and throwing towards one of the adventurers.

\"N-\" The man tried to dodge but was unable to escape the spear. He died immediately after being impaled in the chest.

The other adventurer panicked and tried to run away, but Astrid reached him quickly. The poor man started to choke when Astrid grabbed him by the neck in a brutal move.

She was still angry and disgusted by all men. Of course, Lucien was an exception, and Astrid still didn't understand the extent of her feelings for him.

\"?!?!?!?!?\" The support wizard looked back as he ran towards Klaus. He saw Astrid hanging his mate while the other was in a pool of his own blood on the ground.

The wizard was less than a hundred meters from Astrid, and he had to make a difficult decision. Try to help Klaus or try to run away. Both looked deadly, and he panicked too.

Astrid didn't give the man time to think too much and spun the other adventurer twice before throwing him towards the wizard.

Even though the man had been thrown at high speed by Astrid's great strength, the wizard still managed to make a small frontal barrier. The adventurer's body crashed against the barrier, and any remaining life in him was gone at that moment.

\"Heh?\" The wizard was still shocked by his mate's destroyed body when he looked up and saw Ravenous in the air. He instinctively raised his barre, but it was useless.

Astrid was becoming addicted to breaking barriers and creating craters with her powerful falling punch. She felt the adrenaline rushing through her body, along with an incredible feeling of power.

The more Astrid felt good, the more she thought about Lucien and how to thank him for that power, which seemed as limitless as her desire for him.

The third adventurer turned a meat paste under Astrid's great gauntlets, thus ending her \"scene.\"

She didn't know why Lucien asked her to make a show out of it, but it had to do with that \"new vixen.\" Still, she didn't want to argue or appear ungrateful after receiving so many gifts from her hubby, so she sent him a mental message with a loving tone.

'Did you like it, hubby?'

It was probably because of the tattoo and the strong connection that Lucien could feel that Astrid was a little upset even though her tone didn't show it. He couldn't blame her or the other girls because he was literally hugging the enemy in the middle of the battlefield.

'You are fantastic, my love.' Lucien felt Astrid's mood improve after his loving words. He also felt her become more excited and had to focus, or he would also be excited. The fact that his dick was pressed against Scarlett's juicy ass didn't help him stay focused.

But he had to obtain her trust, and the best way to do that seemed to be to make her feel so good that she would not want to cause problems.

Lucien pressed Scarlett's body against his as he spoke softly close to her fluffy ears. \"Did you see how powerful she is? I can give you that power, just like I gave her...\"

Scarlett couldn't deny that she was very impressed with Astrid's show. Lucien looked very incredible like the legendary warriors from the Alliance and across the eastern sea... But then she saw that Astrid was also incredible and still had the other two women who were anything but simple.

She couldn't help thinking that if he could use his magic or trick to make her stronger, it would be amazing... She could act as his ally, get everything she could from him, and then go back on her own path, even if it meant going against him again. She could do anything he asks her now, or she would only find problems.

\"Mm... I understand.\" Scarlett thought she was very smart and would be able to manipulate Lucien easily... Of course, she was so comfortable in his arms that she forgot how he easily \"defeated\" her with just kisses a minute ago.

Of course, Lucien didn't think he could make Scarlett fall in love with him so easily. He showed his power to her intending to make her fear him as he slowly tempted her with the promise of power and other things.

\"So, I will release you now, and you will follow me in silence, or...\" Lucien kissed Scarlett's neck, making her body shiver again. She couldn't believe she was being threatened with kisses and caresses so good...

\"Yes Yes! I really understood it. I will not try anything, and I will follow your orders... Just don't abuse me that much, please.\" Scarlett found it very difficult to pretend a sad tone while Lucien's actions were very loving, and her body was feeling so good in his arms.

Lucien was pleased that he didn't have to use violence against the cute... Fox-woman? He thought she looked a lot like Anne, but she was still different... She had slightly bigger ears, and her body was mature, which he found very attractive.

Beautiful, powerful, and useful. Scarlett had all the requirements to be a good woman. Lucien thought he just needed to \"discipline\" her, and in the end, Scarlett could have a place in his family, or not...

\"Glad you understand, Scarlett...\" Lucien continued to kiss Scarlett's neck as he spoke softly, making her start getting horny. He went even further, and kissed her cute ear, making her shiver and try to get out of his embrace while blushing, very embarrassed.

\"Bully...\" Scarlett was really afraid of Lucien. Not afraid of him hurting her, but making her feel so good that it would drive her crazy. She tried to look sad and hurt while trying to get away from his pleasant embrace.

Astrid, Rose, and Maggie heard the sound that echoed across the battlefield. It was not a combat sound but a sound of a kind of \"attack,\" which they knew well, and even though they shouldn't, craved for it.

\"AH!\" Scarlett got her first slap on the ass and can't help but find it strangely not bad. Still, she made a face at Lucien and tried to look very offended.

\"You suck at pretending. I'm not good at it either, so let's not try this game.\" Lucien spoke straightforwardly and confidently, making Scarlett doubt whether he was honest or whether he was a very good actor.

Then Lucien walked towards the girls, making Scarlett look at his back while she had several different types of thoughts.