Chapter 86 Affinity Attraction 1/2

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Chapter 86 Affinity Attraction 1/2

As Lucien and his group ran through the forest, the mood was getting stranger and stranger.

He and his women could have various kinds of conversations mentally, but the others were silent, after all, they could be considered hostages.

After traveling for five hours, most of the people in the group were exhausted. Jeanne and Mason, who were the less agile people in the group, couldn't run anymore without a good rest.

Unlike the time that Lucien fled Portgreen, now he couldn't restore the group's energy with his essence. Not only were there two men, but the other girls were not his women, so he wouldn't be so good to them.

Without having the fastest option, they would have to stop and rest for a while. They could drink regeneration potions, eat some healthy food, and wait a while to recover.

\"We will stop for two hours and then continue.\" Lucien knew that the group could not continue, so he stopped to set up camp in a small natural clearing in the middle of the forest.

\"Ahh... Ah... Thank you, Lucien.\" Jeanne was very strong and resilient, but her heavy armor significantly hampered her agility. She thanked Lucien as she knew that if they didn't stop her or Mason would be the first to become tigress' food.

Lucien smiled at Jeanne, making the knight feel ashamed. She sat on a rock then took off her helm to drink water. Lucien couldn't help smiling again, seeing that long pink hair.

As they needed fire to cook some food, stored in their space treasures, Lucien went to the trees to collect dry firewood.

\"Where are you going? Can I help you?\" Lucien's women knew where he went because of mental communication, but the others were always confused. Scarlett approached Lucien while trying to be more friendly to him.

As someone who has always lived in seclusion, Lucien should not be able to get to know people well, but he has the sin of Lust herself with him, so how could he be manipulated so easily?

Lucien gave Scarlett a strange smile as he pointed at Glen. \"It's okay. He'll help me.\"

Everyone thought it was strange for Lucien to say that Glen would help him. His women did not question as Lucien always seemed to have ulterior motives. Scarlett was upset that Lucien denied her help. Olivia was nervous, thinking that Lucien could harm Glen.

But the most surprised person was Glen. No one noticed the elven archer turning slightly flushed, but how could Lucien not notice something with his keen eyesight?

\"We're just going to get some firewood... Or do you want to make things difficult?\" When Glen didn't move, Lucien looked at him seriously, making Glen walk towards him quickly.

Olivia didn't know why, but she had a feeling something bad was going to happen. Despite knowing that it was futile to argue with Lucien, she still tried to speak in defense of her friend. \"Please, don-\"

\"It's not like I'm going to eat him. We'll just get some firewood for cooking.\" Lucien did not let Oliva finish speaking and went towards the trees. Glen nodded to Olivia and followed Lucien.

They began to collect firewood quickly. Lucien and Glen were both in silence, but Lust was unable to contain her curiosity too long and questioned Lucien. 'What did you see that I didn't?'

Lucien explained to Lust that since they left the battlefield, the new members of the group have been looking at him with different looks.

Scarlett clearly thinks she is smart enough to try and manipulate him, so she always looks at him with a fake smile on her face.

Olivia looks at him with a stern look, making it clear that she is very angry with him.

Jeanne looks at him with a confused look, making Lucien not know what to think.

Mason didn't look at Lucien once, as he is too scared.

But the elven archer had the most surprising look. Lucien was sure he saw Glen blush more than once, staring at him, and that was very disturbing.

'Ah! He must be one of those guys.' Lust hadn't paid any attention to Glen as Lucien never showed interest in men, so she had no reason to scan them with her talent radar. But she thought Glen was just gay and couldn't resist Lucien's charm.

Lucien was confused and asked Lust who \"those guys\" were. But the answer was something that shocked Lucien to the core.

Lust saw Lucien's reaction, and couldn't help wanting to make a bad joke. 'He may not be more handsome than you, but he is certainly at a high level... Mayb-'

'What the fuck?! No way!!!' Lucien knew that Lust was not serious, but he couldn't imagine being with other men. Just as it seemed so natural to be with his cute women, it seemed very wrong to think of any man.

'So what are you going to do with him?' Lust thought that by Lucien's reaction, if Glen tried anything strange, he would lose his head much faster than Klaus.

Lucien looked at Glen, picking up the wood on the ground, and couldn't help but be confused. The elven archer acted strangely like a girl. Lucien could even hear his heartbeat faster than usual, just like his women, when they are close to him.

He thought Glen looked strange, but it should be just like Lust said, and he was \"different.\" Still, Lucien thought there could be something else, so he asked Lust to scan the elven archer.

Lust thought about making another joke, but strangely she was afraid Lucien would punish her later, but not in a good way. So she scanned Glen quickly. She hadn't scanned men deeply before, as it didn't seem useful to Lucien, but she couldn't help but be surprised by Glen's body.

'He is a girl!' Glen's body looked normal like any man, but when Lust's examination passed from his stomach, she saw a uterus and then saw that he also had a vagina, making it clear that Glen was not him but her.

'WHAT!?!?' Lucien was very confused by Lust's answer. Then she explained that Glen's body was like a man's on the outside, but internally it was like a woman's.

Lust continued to examine Glenn's body and found that it had a high concentration of life-mana mainly on the outside. Then she concluded that Glen had used life magic from some spell or item to temporarily alter her body on the outside to look like a man. but did not and was not able to change her internal organs.

Lucien trusted Lust, but he couldn't help but confirm a few more times. After Lust made sure Glen was 100% a girl, Lucien started to think about how he could use this to his advantage.

He was not thinking of having another woman, but of using Glen to make Olivia follow his plans to conquer Portgreen. Of course, influencing them with pleasure seemed much better than with fear.

'Her altered body is definitely temporary right?' Lucien wanted to manipulate Glen, but he couldn't do that to her, looking like a man, even if she is a woman internally. Glen was currently a few inches taller than Lucien, which made him even more uncomfortable in thinking about a plan of action.

Lust's powers developed along with Lucien's power, so now her ability to scan people couldn't see much yet, but she knew Glen could use the same spell or item to turn back to normal... Unless Glen wanted to live like a man. But that didn't seem to be the case, as she kept strangely staring at Lucien.

'This is strange. Shouldn't she try to act like a man to maintain her disguise? Why does she keep looking at me like that?' Lucien knew he was handsome as Lust and his girls never grew tired of letting him know, but it still seemed strange that Glen couldn't control herself.

'I don't know... Maybe you are getting more charming.' Lust spoke in a sarcastic tone, but in fact, she found Lucien really more charming each day she spent with him. She barely could contain her desires and jealousy of the affection that the girls received from him.

She was the sin of Lust. She was supposed to influence him. She should lead... But in fact, she just wanted to be with him, and be called a wifey, just like the other girls. Lust was trying hard to look cool, but actually, her feelings were a mess.

Lucien could feel Lust getting more excited, and he had to focus on the current situation, or he would become horny too. He started to think of several ways to make his plans work.

First, he needed to make Olivia and Scarlett obey all his orders. So making Glen obedient would be a bonus, and from the elven archer's flushed face, it wouldn't be difficult.

Rescuing Lenna was a priority now, but as the group needed at least two hours to rest, he had some time to deal with the elven girl.

Glen, who was actually not a man and didn't even like hiding as one, was having a big problem now. The first time she saw Lucien running away from Portgreen, she found he very intriguing for his incredible agility. Then she heard several rumors in the Guild of how incredibly handsome he was.

Of course, curiosity about an interesting man was natural, but that was not the problem. When she saw Lucien at the battlefield, not only did she find him more than incredibly handsome, but she also felt a strange connection with him, which made her very confused.

The situation quickly got out of hand when Astrid attacked them, so she was knocked out. When she woke up and saw Lucien near, strange feelings started to appear in her body, which desired him more than anything before.

She thought he was doing some kind of spell or enchantment to mess with her mind. But she is disgusted as a man right now, so it didn't make sense for Lucien to want her. She tried to stop thinking about him, but with every second that passed, she became more attracted to him, which was driving her crazy.

While running through the forest, she was managing to keep some distance from him, but now they were alone in the woods, and her heart felt like it was going to explode. Glen didn't know what was going on, but she couldn't stop thinking about Lucien.

She tried to concentrate on the task of collecting the wood, and it was going well while she took a little peek at Lucien without him noticing... But then on one of those peeks, she saw him staring at her...

\"AH!\" She was startled when Lucien turned into a blur. She didn't have time to react before being pushed against a tree by him.

She was without her bow and storage ring, but even if she had any weapon, her body could not be hostile to Lucien. She tried to turn her face away as she didn't know what would happen if she looked at him so close.

Lucien found it very strange to see Glen acting timidly. After all, she looked like a man now. After pushing her against the tree, he used his most severe tone possible to intimidate her. \"Change to your true form, now.\"

\"Wha- Do you... How?!?!\" She was very confused by Lucien's words. Not because of the meaning, but because he knows her secret.

\"Wai-\" Lucien saw Glen try to escape, so he acted quickly, grabbing her arm. But the moment he touched her skin, an emerald green light shone brightly around her forearm and flowed towards Lucien's hand.

'Life mana! Her life mana is flowing to you.' Lucien didn't have to ask Lust as she started to tell him what was going on.

The emerald light began to come out of Glen's entire body. That mana that was being absorbed by Lucien was the same mana that maintained Glen's transformed body.

Then as the light flowed into Lucien's body, Glen's body decreased in size. Her arms became thinner and more delicate, her skin softer, her height decreased.

The face that once looked like that of a handsome man with delicate features was now rapidly becoming even more delicate. Her nose got smaller, her mouth more pink, her ears were still very long and pointed, but they got thinner. Her emerald green eyes became more curved at an angle that gave her an exotic charm.

Glen didn't want to look at Lucien while he held her arm, so she looked down, making her beautiful emerald green hear cover her face. She was in a panic and did not notice that her body was changing into its true form.

She thought she would die if her heart kept beating so fast, but she managed to get even more excited after hearing Lucien's soft voice.

\"You are so beautiful...\"