Chapter 87 Affinity Attraction 2/2

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Chapter 87 Affinity Attraction 2/2

\"C-can y-you let me go, p-please?\" Ghilanna wanted to be mad at Lucien. She wanted to get away from him and be able to fire an arrow at his handsome face... But all she managed to do was softly beg as she felt an intense attraction to him.

Her heart was beating very fast as her body heated up. This was the first time a man had touched her in her entire life, but contrary to the negative reaction she expected, what she felt was excitement.

Lucien did not expect that reaction from her. He didn't know what to think about her disguising herself as a man, but in the end, she looked just like a shy girl.

He wasn't making an effort to grab her, and she wasn't making any effort to get away from him, which didn't match her shy reaction.

Lucien felt some mana similar to the one he got from Sophia, coming from her, but it was still a little different. Lucien understands that he had destroyed the disguise of the elven girl, but he didn't want to do that or hurt her.

\"I'm sorry. I don't know what happened.\" Lucien spoke in a soft and sincere tone, making Ghilanna surprised. She thought he only had that devil personality, but now he seemed really sorry for something that wasn't really his fault.

Despite Lucien's apologies, he hadn't let go of her arm, but they were both aware that it would be enough if she walked away as he wasn't really grasping her.

Ghilanna had not looked into Lucien's face since he touched her. The green light was already gone, and her body was completely normal without the disguise. Her clothes, which were men's clothes, were now much larger than her thin and delicate body, making Ghilanna even more embarrassed.

Lucien and Lust had no way of understanding that the Elves were beings who loved nature. Like Ghilanna, many of them were born with nature affinity, which was a subcategory of the life attribute.

So Ghilanna couldn't help feeling very attracted to Lucien, who had a great affinity with the life attribute he received from Sophia.

Not only was the life attribute more powerful than the natural attribute, but Sophia also received several rare treasures and medicines from her father, which made her affinity for life so fantastic.

Still, Lust was sure that there was something else they didn't know as Lucien's life mana seemed inexhaustible, which made Ghilanna's nature mana flow to him like the nature attracted to the life.

Of course, the attraction of attributes alone would not make Ghilanna so out of control. The fact that Lucien was incredibly handsome and dominant moved her little immature heart, making the pure Ghilanna not know how to react.

\"How will you make it up to me? My disguise was a very expensive spell...\" Ghilanna spoke in a low voice, but she didn't seem really sad. With every second that she didn't try to get away from Lucien, he got more confused.

Ghilanna didn't know how Lucien would react. After all, she was his hostage, but somehow she was sure he would never hurt her, so she tried to make him feel more guilty.

'You know how to earn a woman's loyalty...' Lust can't help but give her opinion. The even girl had already given many signs that she was attracted to Lucien, so if he made any move on her, it would be really fatal. Just as he dominated Scarlett in the middle of the fight, kissing the elf now would be an easy victory.

Lucien agreed with Lust. It would be easy for him to push her against the tree and dominate the cute girl... Lucien realized that he acted a lot as Lust said, but now he didn't really agree with her.

He was thinking of manipulating Scarlett to harm the mercenaries, Olivia to harm the adventurers, and now the elf to harm Olivia.

Before, Lucien wouldn't mind hurting anyone to save his mother, but now he met people who were also good to him... People he loved... So maybe he had to change the way he thinks.

Although the elf fired an arrow at him and Rose, she was only following Olivia's orders, so Lucien really had no reason to be rude to the cute elf.

Lucien also understood that dealing with all the women that way was not fair to his current woman, the wives he really loved, he isn't with them just for power.

This did not mean that he would not deal with the situation in the best possible way again. It also didn't mean he wasn't going to manipulate Olivia and Scarlett to make his plans work.

But now, seeing the docile and ashamed elven girl, Lucien didn't want to make plans and use her. They had never harmed each other, so he would not be the first to do that.

As she didn't really have any resistance, he held her arm tightly as he pulls her closer... Then he gently spoke close to her long ears. \"I'm really sorry, Gle-\"

She realized that Lucien didn't know her name, so she told him timidly, and he continued. \"I will find a way to make it up to you, Ghilanna...\"

Ghilanna first got very apprehensive when he got closer to her. She could smell that pleasant smell coming from his body, and at the same time that her body relaxed, her mind went crazy.

She saw him acting dominant many times during the journey, so she thought he would do something to her. The strangest thing is that her body seemed to crave it as if she was going to taste the best thing in the world.

Time seemed to slow down when Lucien pulled her closer to his body. Ghilanna saw his mouth coming towards her face, and as much as she wanted to move away, she couldn't...

'Will it be so? Will he have my first kiss?' Ghilanna had a lot of thoughts about what Lucien would do, but in the end, she couldn't help but be a little disappointed when he just apologized and then started to walk away from her while letting go of her arm.

She never felt anything like that attraction and had no resistance to him doing something to her. But he was doing nothing, and it made a bad feeling grown inside her... A kind of insecurity like a discomforting feeling.

\"Wait!\" Ghilanna didn't know how, but she got enough strength and boldness to grasp his arm before he took a step back. Since Lucien was in the middle of moving away from her, their faces came side by side.

Now, without any influence of the disguise spell, she smelled like flowers in the spring. Lucien did not want to use his body as a weapon against the cute elven girl without reason, but if she wanted to come close to him willingly, then it would be difficult to resist.

That possessive feeling came up inside Lucien again, so he moved his head towards her and brushed his face against hers as he spoke close to her ear again, but this time in a seductive tone.

\"I already said I'll make it up to you... Do you want something right now?\"

*Thump thump* *Thump thump* *Thump thump*

Lucien heard her heartbeat get faster, and knew that she was getting more and more excited. He could also smell something different from her natural flower scent. It was something that smelt sweet and musky at the same time. Lucien smiled as he concluded where that pleasant fragrance came from.

When Lucien brushed his face against hers, Ghilanna started to get blurred vision while her body reacted in a way she didn't understand. She closed her eyes and also brushed her face on his, without noticing wetness flowing in her panties.

\"I- I- I wan- I...\" Ghilanna tried to speak, but the words did not come out of her mouth. She didn't know what to think and just got more excited while Lucien brushed his face against hers. She squeezed his arm as their bodies grew closer and closer until they were almost glued together.

Lucien did not want to develop his relationship with her as hurriedly as it did at other times. Now he had a lot of women and responsibilities, but ignoring this cute girl also felt wrong. He didn't understand the extent of her attraction to him, but it was too late to go back.

He moved his face to the front of hers, making their mouths slowly approach while he tried to calm her down, speaking in a calm and gentle tone. \"Easy... You are very tense.\"

Ghilanna was really going crazy. She had an irrational attraction to Lucien, but she also wanted him to take the initiative. Still, he seemed to want to tease her.

She didn't hate him before for being their enemies even without knowing the reason but started to get very angry at him for teasing her for the first time she was accepting someone so close to her.

'Maybe he doesn't want me because I was disguised as a man? But it was just my height, some facial details, and clothes... Does he think I'm weird?' Ghilanna started to think that Lucien didn't want her because of her disguise, so she released his arm as she tried to get away from him while that intense attraction started to slow down.

Ghilanna's body was naturally attracted to Lucien, not only because her female side found him incredible, but also because of her nature affinity crave his life mana. But that was not all that defined the intense attraction...

Since the beginning, she found Lucien very interesting. Then he approached her like that, and things seemed to be moving in a good direction... But then he started to hesitate.

Ghilanna felt a roller coaster of emotions, going from curiosity to expectation, then falling to hopelessness. The attraction she felt for Lucien began to decline when she thought he didn't like her, even more for something ridiculous like her disguising herself as a man when she didn't really change her body.

She was very wrong about Lucien's feelings. He knew that she was a woman, and he didn't care that she disguised herself as a man before. Of course, he wouldn't let her do it again, but what kept him from taking the final step was the concern of being involved lovingly with many women and not being able to take good care of them all.

Unlike Olvia and Scarlett, with whom Lucien didn't have to be gentle as they were his enemies in the first place, the elven girl was an innocent person, and he would have to take care of her well if they went that way.

'Why am I overthinking? I just have to let things go the natural way...' Lucien thought to himself as he realized that he didn't need to make the elven girl his wife right now.

They could go slow and get to know each other better. He didn't need to manipulate her like Olivia and Scarlett, but he didn't have to ignore her either.

Lucien realized that Ghilanna was stepping back with a sad look and couldn't help but blame himself for hesitating when she was clearly acting willingly. He pulled her into his tight hug as he connected their lips, starting the first kiss of the pure and innocent elven girl.

Ghilanna was almost depressed after being \"rejected, \" but then she felt Lucien's fragrant lips touch hers. She didn't think twice about accepting his hug and trying to follow his lead.

Ghilanna naturally opened her mouth to accept Lucien's dominant tongue. When she tasted the wonderful flavor of his saliva, she was not only delighted, but also recognized the life mana, and thought it was nature mana.

'Nature mana... No... It's something more... I don't care... I just want him to hold me tight! It feels so good.'

But then she realized that even though her body was attracted to his mana, she still desired him willingly, concluding that he was her first romantic interest... And certainly the only one she would want in her life.

Lucien delighted in Ghilanna's delicious mouth. Her saliva looked like fresh flower's honey. Her soft body was completely docile in his arms.

\"Mm...\" He started kissing her more and more passionately, and while trying to \"devour\" her mouth, they both walked backward until he pressed her against a tree, making her give light moans as he touched her small cute breasts.

'Fuck! Why didn't you do as I said at the beginning? I knew you were going to end up pushing her against a tree.' Lust can't help but complain to Lucien. But she did not know that she was upset with him not because he did not do as she said, but because again it was not her receiving his kisses.