Chapter 88 Where She Belongs

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Chapter 88 Where She Belongs

\"Mm...\" Ghilanna was surprised at how good it was to kiss Lucien. It was something much more incredible than she could have imagined, and all the pure elven girl wanted was to accept everything he had to give her.

She wrapped her arms around Lucien's neck while they kissed passionately. Her tongue moved instinctively to follow his movements as she allowed him to touch any part of her body.

Ghilanna is beautiful, sweet, and docile. She was like a drug to Lucien's passionate side. The more he kissed and touched her, the more he wanted to eat her entirely.

But that would mean falling into his desires and not controlling them as Lucien wanted. He knew that Ghilanna was very innocent and had no resistance against him, so he could have what he wanted from her, but that wouldn't really be right.

As Ghilanna moaned under his kisses and touch, Lucien could feel the sensation of power flowing through his body. It was always a new feeling with each different woman.

He wanted to feel more of that power; feel more the taste of the young elven girl... But precisely because he liked her so much, it seemed wrong to rush things or abuse her purity.

\"Ahh... Mm... Ohh... Uhh... Mmmm... Ah...\" Lucien kisses Ghilanna's tasty lips for almost ten minutes, taking short breaks to breath. He also didn't touch her body directly and just ran his hand over her clothes.

\"No... Don't stop... Please... More...\" When Lucian started to move his lips away from hers, Ghilanna didn't like it, and her mouth instinctively followed his, wanting more while she begged sweetly.

Lucien was delighted with her sweetness. She tried to kiss his mouth while he stepped back, but she didn't force her lips and just touched her mouth on his, waiting for him to lead.

All of her movements were extremely cute and natural. She also looked a little nervous and embarrassed, which made Lucien sure that she wasn't faking it. He felt more and more eager and to lose himself within her sweetness.

Lucien pushed Ghilanna against the tree again, but this time he gave tap kisses on her pink lips, then started kissing her face and neck while trying to persuade the young elf.

\"You are so sweet... I want to keep kissing you... I want to kiss your lips and your body... I want to eat you entirely...\"

After kissing passionately for ten minutes, Ghilanna no longer thought that Lucien didn't like her, but then why was he trying to stop again?

'Does he want to be kind to me? I already made it clear that I have no resistance... So why doesn't he abuse me? He's not like any other man.' Ghilanna began to like Lucien more and more. And while he tried to avoid her mouth, her lips looked for his more and more.

Since Ghilanna was born in the elven Kingdom, she has never really felt right among her own people. She always had the feeling that something was wrong and left home to find her place in the world.

She found Olivia and the adventurers very welcoming, and together with them, she had no more of that strange feeling. But she also never felt like she belonged there. So she kept going on adventures looking for a place to belong.

But now, in Lucien's arms, she felt better than ever. She felt that being with him was the place she belonged. She understood that somehow her body was attracted to him, but it couldn't be just that. She believed that she really had a \"destiny\" with Lucien.

Ghilanna did not judge Lucien as the \"loving devil, \" which the girls talked about in the Guild. She also did not judge him for becoming an \"enemy\" of the city or being on the opposite side of Olivia in the battle. All she felt about him was curiosity.

But then out of that curiosity, an intense desire was born. She couldn't control her feelings and was completely vulnerable to him. She was smart enough to know that men would not forgive a vulnerable woman, but Lucien, despite acting like a real devil, was actually being very kind and considerate of her.

It seemed that the nature itself wanted them to be together. Everything seems more right than anything. Ghilanna liked to hear that Lucien wanted her as much as she wanted him, but she also knew that he was kind not to force her.

Still, she continued to hold him tight while using all her will to beg more. \"I- I want... Y-yo- y-you... Eat me...\"

'Fuck!!!' Lucien had amazing women as his current wives, but he was having a hard time resisting the cute Ghilanna. She was adorable, making him really want to eat her there, in the woods.

He began to gently stroke her hair as he spoke in a loving tone, which made Ghilanna's heart beat faster.

\"Sweet elf, I really want to get to know you better... But now I really have to go somewhere fast. I promise that later we will get to know each other better... And do many things.\"

Ghilanna knew she was acting too \"aggressive.\" She wanted to take it easy, but her lips moved willingly towards his mouth.

Still, her heart was filled with joy when he said he wanted to get to know her better. Even if it wasn't now, it was okay because she could wait, after all, she wouldn't leave his side after experiencing something so good.

Lucien kissed Ghilanna's sweet lips again and then took a step back. He could see her become a little sad, and he couldn't resist hugging her again. He also squeezed her ass, which was incredibly sexy, making her cutely moan again.

\"Do you have feminine clothes? I don't want to see you disguised as a man again. Your body is beautiful, and I want to be able to see more of it.\"

Lucien wanted to develop his relationship slowly with Ghilanna, but he couldn't think of her in disguise again. She was about 1.75 m tall, and besides for her breasts not being too big, her ass was just perfect.

Ghilanna was like any other girl when they found the first love. She was in the clouds, and each time Lucien praised her, it was like an explosion of pleasure.

She had always been proud of her body, but now she really had a reason to show it to captivate Lucien. She would do anything for him to like her more and more, so disguising herself as a man felt so wrong now, and it was something she would never do again. Still, that could be a problem for her right now.

\"I'm hiding. If anyone finds ou-\" Ghilanna started to explain that she was worried about someone finding her, but Lucien prevented her from continuing to speak.

\"You don't have to worry about that. We are... Well, we are on the same side now, as partners. I protect my partners, so if someone comes after you, they will only find my blade.\"

There was that dominant side again. Lucien looked like he could fight the world as he looked so confidently now. Ghilanna didn't think that was bad; on the contrary, she wanted to stay in his arms, protected from everyone, forever.

\"Okay... But what about their reaction? Nobody knows about my secret.\" Ghilanna feared that her relationship with Olivia would be ruined. After all, Olivia was her first friend. Ghilanna was also afraid of how Lucien's women would react to her.

\"You don't have to worry about them. They have nothing to do with that... From now on we can support each other, so they will not create problems for you.\" Lucien approached Ghilanna again and held her hand while smiling at her, who smiled back.

\"Well, get dressed. We need to go back soon because we cannot rest too for long.\" Lucien gave her a quick kiss before turning and starting to collect the wood he had dropped earlier.

Ghilanna was happy that he was being kind again and didn't spy on her changing clothes, but a part of her was also disappointed because she wanted him to desire to see her body.

While Ghilanna changed clothes, she started talking to Lucien about her doubts. She didn't know if he was hostile before, but now they were \"partners.\"

\"I don't care about others, but Olivia is my friend, so I would like to know if you will...\"

\"I don't want to kill her. I need Scarlett and Olivia to cooperate with me, so if we don't have any further problems, everyone will be happy and... Alive.\" Lucien wanted to be able to explain the situation about Cassidy and how it made Olivia their \"enemy.\" Still, he could do it another time as the focus now was to rescue Lenna and get back to Bluewind quickly.

Ghilanna didn't know what her relationship with Olivia or other adventurers would be like. She also didn't know what her future would be like without the disguise. But as she changed clothes, she kept looking at Lucien's back. Somehow she was sure that being with him as \"partners\" or something else will be more than amazing.

\"I'm done.\" She finished dressing in one of the best clothes she had in her storage ring. It was a set of pants and a green shirt, it looked like an adventurer set, but with various details in emerald silk and leather. Although very comfortable, it was also tight in some parts, highlighting her sexy curves.

Lucien turned and was delighted with Ghilanna's look. She still looked like the sweet and cute elf from before, but in those clothes, she also looked bold and sexy.

\"If you're expecting compliments, you've got them all. You look so beautiful now that I want to start kissing you again.\" Lucien put the wood in his storage ring and started walking towards Ghilanna.

Ghilanna was always highly praised in the Elven kingdom, but she never liked praise and was disgusted when men talked about her beauty. But in Lucien's case, her heart beat faster with each compliment. She knew she was acting like a silly girl, but she didn't mind being like that... Only for him.

As he slowly approached, she wanted to jump into his arms and start kissing again. Still, she stood still because the idea of him leading seemed much more pleasant. She wanted him to take her in his arms and dominate her... But unfortunately, he wouldn't do that right now.

Lucien could smell Ghilanna's musky sent growing more and more. He also wanted to lose himself in pleasure now, but his mind was focused on resolving problems first. He also wanted to take it slow with the sweet elf, so he held out his hand to her with a gentle smile on his face.

As a little girl in love, Ghilanna accepted Lucien's hand quickly. She expected them to go back to where the group was immediately, but Lucien had a different idea of \"take it slow.\"

\"Ah... Mmm...\" Lucien hugged Ghilenna's soft body again, and his tongue entered her mouth for another passionate kiss session. Of course, she enjoyed it a lot while her body felt better and better. She didn't notice, but a small purple tattoo was already visible in her low belly area.

Lucien enjoyed the delicious taste of Ghilanna's mouth for a few minutes before starting to kiss her neck. Her immaculate skin smelled and tasted different from any other woman. She literally looked like a flower in the spring.

His hands were also running all over her body. Ghilanna was pleased with Lucien's every move. Still, she couldn't help but want him to touch her body directly.

When Lucien started to squeeze her hot ass, Ghilanna couldn't help but try to tease him. \"Should partners touch each other like that?\"

\"Don't you like it?\" Lucien found it amusing when a woman tried to tease him only to see them begging a second later. He stopped stroking her ass, making Ghilanna despair while apologizing.

\"No, no! It is not so! I like it. I actually love it a lot, so please touch me more!!!\"