Chapter 89 Campfire

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It had been an hour since nightfall. Lucien's group was starting to get worried as he and Glen shouldn't have gone far just to get firewood, but it had been over an hour since they left.

The girls communicated mentally with Lucien, and he said that he was coming back.

The group's mood was terrible. Astrid, Rose, and Maggie did not like the new members for several reasons, but mainly for preventing them from doing somethings with Lucien.

Olivia was very angry at Lucien for kidnapping her and killing Klaus. Jeanne didn't know how to feel because she didn't understand anything that was going on. She couldn't think of reasons for Lucien to be their enemies.

Mason couldn't stop shaking with fear. He knew that Lucien was overprotective with his women, so if he found out about his conversation with Black Hand, where he influenced the mercenaries to chase Lucien and Mia, it would really be his end.

Scarlett, on the other hand, only thought about how to become closer to Lucien. She was sure that if she could control him, she wouldn't have to ally herself with those people.

The group did not prepare tents or anything very complex as they could only rest for two hours. Lucien's women could recover quickly with him, but other people needed the two hours for their potions and food to work. After all, they were running for several hours without stopping.

Everyone was in the middle of the small natural clearing. They were sitting on rocks or on the grass in silence. They aren't a friendly group since Lucien "kidnapped" some of them.

Jeanne, who was sitting next to Mason, stood up and approached Olivia. She felt the gaze of Lucien's women on her, but the most frightening was the gaze of the tigress, who seemed to be ready to devour her at any moment.

"I remember hearing you say something about a woman to Ravenous... What was that about?" Jeanne thought Olivia knew something important that she didn't. Although everyone had heard that her real name was Astrid, they still hadn't gotten used to it.

Olivia thought it was all about Cassidy. The only reason Astrid would stop hiding her true identity and attack them openly is if Cassidy was alive. She just didn't know what Lucien's involvement was in this whole situation, other than his strength.

She didn't want to cause any more trouble for them, and Astrid's gaze was enough for her to know not to give Jeanne any information.

Then the group waited in silence. Astrid's mind was full of thoughts about Cassidy and how they could use the two leaders to their advantage, but Rose and Maggie only had romantic fantasies about Lucien in their naughty minds.

After a few minutes, Scarlett stood up as she spoke respectfully to Astrid. "I think he may need help... So I coul-"

Lucien came out of the trees and spoke in a dominant tone. "Sit your ass down! If no one causes problems, we can continue the journey smoothly."

Scarlett was about to sit down obediently, but then, not only her but everyone else noticed something. Lucien was not alone or with Glen, but holding a woman by the hand. Not a simple woman, but a beautiful emerald-haired elf.

"Really?" Astrid couldn't help but sigh. It took her so long to trust a man, and now the one she chose to be her man couldn't go a day without getting new women. That was frustrating.

"Where did he find her? And why does she look so much like the elven archer?" Rose and Maggie also wasnt happy to see their lover bringing more "competition, " but they were also curious to know where the beautiful elf, who looked so much like Glen, came from.

Scarlett, Jeanne, and Mason were also curious, but Olivia had an expression that was more than surprised. She looked really shocked and started to stutter as she pointed at Ghilanna.

"No, no, no... How is this possible?! You can only be kidding!!! Glen?!?! I trusted you as my friend for so long, but you hid this from me?!?!?"

Despite having a shorter body and more delicate facial features, Ghilanna was still very similar to Glen. After all, she hasn't changed much for her disguise. And she also had the same beautiful emerald hair.

Olivia knew that the elves who had that kind of hair were rare and added to the fact that Glen went to the forest with Lucien before he returned with Ghilanna... Olivia quickly figured out everything, and after hearing her call the elf of Glen, the others also understood the situation.

Jeanne remembered all the strange things that people talked about Glen in the Guild, but there was something more. "So that's why he was so strange... Ah! Not him, but her. Now it all makes sense... But why is she holding hands with him? Are they? But that fast? What the fuck?!"

The women started arguing about Ghilanna, making her hide timidly behind Lucien. She was a fearless elven warrior before, but after her disguise broke and she met Lucien, her true personality was showing. A shy and cute personality.

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Lucien didn't need to say anything as Oya could feel his intention, and snarled to silence everyone. Her connection with Lucien grew more and more, and after fighting side by side with him, the tigress felt happier and happier beside her master.

"Glen never existed, so we shouldn't talk about it anymore. This is Ghilanna, and she is with m-"

Lucien started his dominant speech, but he could also feel his women's mood sour.

He knew he would have to work hard to make them all happy and satisfied together. So he should do as he planned and take it slow with Ghilanna even if that would not change the end result.

"Ahem! She's with us. So I hope that no one creates problems." Lucien changed his words, but his girls were already sure that Ghilanna was not blushing just because of embarrassment.

He sent a mental message to his woman not to be angry while looking at Olivia and Scarlett with a stern expression.

Lucien talked about somethings with Ghilanna while they were enjoying their time in the woods. He didn't want her to force herself to do anything, and they didn't want to hide anything either. Still, Ghilanna said she would try to persuade Olivia not to try anything dangerous for the sake of everyone.

After the group had calmed down, Ghilanna went to talk to Olivia while the other girls tried to cook some food in the time they still had to rest.

Lucien started a fire and sat on the grass near the flames. Scarlett tried to approach him quickly trying to make what should be a sensual smile, but Oya roared at the new vixen as she approached him.

"I haven't yet rewarded you for fighting so well. Come here, Oya." Lucien ignored Scarlett with an offended expression and pointed to his lap. Mama tigress did not think twice before lying on his lap and starting to receive her beloved pats.

Their affectionate scene was funny because Oya was growing more and more after receiving Lucien's tattoo, and now she was huge. Still, the girls couldn't help feeling jealous of Lucien's affection for the cute big tigress.

Although Oya was very happy, Lucien could still feel a little sadness in the tigress. After all, this was the first time she stayed away from Ko.

Oya only agreed to leave her daughter in Bluewind because she trusted Lucien's women just as much as she trusted him, but she couldn't help miss little Ko, even though a full day had not yet passed.

Lucien understood Oya's feelings. Not only did he miss little Ko, but he also missed his women. Since he came to this world, he was not far from Mia for too long, and now he was really missing her and the others.

"Soon we will be together again, don't worry." He continued patting Oya while comforting her. It didn't take long for the tigress to start purring while they both waited for the ladies to finish the improvised dinner.

The girls used adventurer's utensils for camping and did the best they could with dried meat and vegetables they had in their storage treasures, creating a nice dinner.

Everyone gathered around the campfire to eat. While some girls struggled to sit next to Lucien, Ghilanna seemed to get along with Olivia again while Jeanne sat quietly next to Mason.

Lucien couldn't deny that the dinner would be much more pleasant without the stupid pig. In fact, he was sure he enjoyed the company of women much more than men. Being with his women is the best, and he wished he could be like that with his mother and wives one day.

Scarlett sat on the grass too and ate in silence while thinking of ways to become closer to Lucien. She saw how Ghilanna and Olivia were laughing together and thought it was pretty bad for her as the elf was clearly in a good situation with Lucien.

He already had three incredible women who looked like a wall ready to defend Lucien at all costs, but now he had one more girl, and she is Olivia's ally… and also the knight in heavy armor. Scarlett knew who she was because her family was one of the wealthiest in the city. Mason was also a well-known adventurer, which reminded Scarlett of relevant information.

"Lucien... Did you ever wonder why Black Hand chased you so insanely?" Scarlett used a very sarcastic tone as she gazed at Mason and Jeanne.

Lucien remembered that Maggie told him that Black Hand was after Mia and also about an adventurer who talked about him killing Brian, Black Hand's brother. Of course, at that time it was not very important as they had to run away.

But now that Scarlett has talked about it, Lucien looked at Mason with a severe expression. "It was him?"

"Ye-" Before Scarlett finished speaking, Lucien got up and jumped over the fire, kicking Mason's face.

"AHHH!" Mason panicked when he heard Scarlett's words. He thought about running, but before he could do anything, he felt intense pain and was thrown back violently.

"No way! That cannot be true!! Why would he ally with damn mercenaries?" Jeanne did not believe Scarlett's words. She quickly stepped in front of Lucien to prevent him from doing any harm to her nephew.

Scarlett stood up and pointed at Olivia as she said something she wasn't sure about but was willing to risk. "Yes, he went to ask Black Hand for help in dealing with Lucien since adventurers don't hurt their own people. And there's more. Olivia found out about it and did nothing to punish him."

"What? No!! You are lying!!!" Jeanne has always believed in honor of being a knight and defending her family and friends. She joined the Guild as she was sure that the adventurers followed this course as well.

But now it seemed that if her nephew had teamed up with mercenaries to hurt someone who had joined their group, the Guild leader knew that and didn't speak to anyone or punish him. She couldn't deny that she was in favor of her family, but something like that she couldn't easily forgive.

It could still be Scarlett's lie. Lucien and Jeanne looked at Olivia. She did not make an offended expression, but a sorry one. "I couldn't do anything! Lucien had already made enemies throughout the city when he teamed up with the mage who caused the earthquake."

"So is it all true? Why?" Lucien no longer had a good impression of Olivia and Mason, so it didn't change much for him, but Jeanne was extremely disappointed and started to question Mason, still injured on the ground.

"I- I- I... I had to do something for the archer he killed!! You can't be on that monster's side! He's a killer and no- ARHHG!!!" Mason started trying to explain himself, but he was hit with another kick in the face. This time it was not Lucien's boot but Jeanne's.