Chapter 9 Brother!?

Lust Knight LamenThief 2022/9/21 7:45:55

"She is so beautiful..."

Lucien couldn't help thinking that he was blind for so many years living next door such an amazing girl without giving her due credit.

Even Lust couldn't blame him for that.

"You shouldn't have looked at her as a woman because siblings are not supposed to be sexually attracted. So don't blame yourself for that."

Lucien thought so too before, but now...

"Am I not going to try to fuck her right now? So what kind of brother will I be? If I still can be called brother..."

Lust wanted Lucien to be bolder because it would be challenging to create a harem and became strong if he is modest. But she knew that the current situation was not so simple because it was his sister.

"Believe me; if you don't fuck her, it will be much worse. She may even start to hate you someday."

Even though Lust was now in spirit form inside Lucien, he still made a confused face because he knew she could see it.

Lust saw it and knew he needed a few more words of motivation.

"I read some memories of her, and Sloth can prove it. She was always madly in love with you."

Lucien didn't know what to think when he heard that. He just looked at Sophia while she picked some flowers from a tree in one of the small gardens of the fortress.

Sophia was 1.6 meters tall and had long red hair. It was a fiery red like Lucien, which was clearly come from their father, the Evil King.

The light blue eyes were also something else they shared. But unlike Lucien, Sophia had slightly arched eyebrows that made her look very kind. She had a cute little nose that matched her delicate pink mouth.

Whichever way everyone looked at her, they would always see a kind and adorable girl. She was the kind of calm and sweet girl who could sit in a square, and the birds would land on her lap.

Right now, birds and butterflies flew around her animatedly, and the nature around her seemed to shine by joy just because of her presence.

That is Sophia, and Lucien couldn't stop looking at her, wondering how such a nice girl would be in love with someone like him.

If Lust heard his thoughts, she would undoubtedly say it is because he is so fucking handsome. But Sophia's feelings are not that superficial.

After Lust explained that even in the lower worlds, there would be many dangers, Lucien was less against the idea of ??having sex with his sister using Lust's powers to strengthen them.

But after following her to the garden, he started to hesitate again and stared at her for about ten minutes.

What Lust knew and didn't tell him was that Sloth had already warned Sophia about his presence, and she was just waiting for him to take the initiative.

Lucien's mind was a mess with the thoughts of being a good brother or just fucking her to become stronger.

But then he thought it would also be to strengthen her... he also had his mother waiting to be saved...

These thoughts would lead to nothing, and Lust was growing more and more impatient.

"Thinking will not help here. Just go and talk to her, and maybe you'll conclude together."

"But know that even though she looks strong and confident, she is actually timid."

Lucien heard the first sentence but then began to think about how to start the conversation and paid no attention to Lust's warning. He went towards Sophia while speaking loudly so as not to scare her.

Sophia was very anxious, waiting for him to speak to her, and she no longer knew how to act without looking unusual. She thought of several ways on how to start the conversation with him.

She could act upset and say she didn't want to see him but to forgive him before he left sadly.

She could act as always lovingly and kindly as if nothing had happened.

Or she could run and kiss him crazily, saying that he would be hers.

But when she heard his voice affectionately calling her "Sis," she lost the words and started to stutter.

"B-brotheeer, what-t d-do you want-t?"

Lucien saw Sophia's nervousness and couldn't help but be nervous too. He wanted to say many things but thought that being direct was the best way to avoid further embarrassment.

"Have sex with me to make us stronger!"

Sophia swallowed all the words and stutters she had and opened her eyes wide while making the same sound with her full open mouth.


Lust couldn't help but comment on Lucien's mind.

"You are a born gallant!"

Lucien knew he had done shit this time. But he didn't think it would get so out of hand that Sophia would run away, still screaming "Heeee ..."

As Sophia ran, Lust started telling Lucien to follow her. But he was unable to deal well with this situation and began to argue with her.

"You like to talk a lot, but you are not helping anything. How about giving me a guide about how to flirt with sister?"

"Ah, yes, there is no shit like that; brothers shouldn't fuck sisters!"

Lust did not understand how this was the same Lucien, who had made her come so many times just ago.

"You were very well fucking the great demon of Lust, so what's the matter with a simple sister?"

Lucien didn't quite know how to answer this, but he tried his best.

"I'm not sure... With you, it seemed so natural... it was as if your body was made especially for mine."

Lust was also not sure why the sex was so good with him, but now was not the time to think about it, but about how to resolve the siblings' shyness.

"The problem is that you are thinking with the top head when you should be thinking with the other."

Lucien didn't want to be arguing with Lust all the time because it wouldn't change anything. He understood that it didn't work because he was shy and hesitant.

Then he would have to stop being a pussy and deal with this shit head-on. He prepared himself emotionally and thought about Sophia's sexy body while thinking...

"I have to do this for all of us. Mother, give me strength..."

Then he ran in the direction that Sophia went. It didn't take long for him to arrive in the bedroom area, and Sophia's one was close to his.

Her room was very similar to his. And just after he went through the door, he was surprised. Sophia jumped on him while giving him an awkward hug making his face stay between her breasts.

When she jumped, he acted involuntarily and held her back by the ass as he did with Lust.

That movement seemed so natural that his body acted so fast, and now it was impossible just to let go because she was holding his head tightly between her boobs as she wrapped her legs even more tightly around his waist.

"I'm sorry, brother! I expected so long for the day that you would accept me that I didn't know how to act when it just happened."

"But I'm happy! I want this. I really want it... you know... you can... fuck me... because I'm only yours and I will always be..."

Lucien thought of several ways to be direct and not waver but not even Lust expected something like that.

"Just as I said... You are a born gallant!"

"Fuck you, stupid Lust!"

Lust wanted to argue with Lucien, but she knew now was not the right time, so she remained silent after the sarcastic comment letting him handle it his way.

Sophia was very nervous when she ran and hid at home. She just freaked out when she heard Lucien's confession of love. She wanted him so much for so long that she didn't know what to do with such much love.

Yes, she saw his request for sex as a romantic confession. A girl in love wouldn't think rationally, but Sophia was worse... "Pisces."

If Lucien still had any hesitation, it was almost finished by Sophia's wonderful scent. It was totally different from Lust, but he couldn't say he loved it any less.

And his hands began to move willingly on that nice ass. Even though it was smaller than Lust's, Lucien also liked it a lot. He couldn't help comparing her to Lust because he had lost his virginity to her less than an hour ago.

But the more he compared both, the more he felt guilty. They were different people, and it was not fair to either of them to make these comparisons.

After hugging him so tightly for a while, Sophia started to calm down and released Lucien's head from her cute little breasts.

Lucien didn't wait a second before he started kissing Sophia. She was happily surprised by the action but had no experience and ended up not moving her lips.

He continued to kiss her calm mouth. And they both started laughing at the strange fun. Her gentle and loving laugh made Lucien's heart melt.

"Sis ... Sophia ... How I never took good care of her... I really am a complete asshole."

Sophia liked the care he was doing with tap kisses on her mouth. But she wanted to go further and opened her mouth, allowing his tongue to enter and meet hers.

Lucien's tongue treated Sophia's tongue very gently, and they caressed each other gently as he led the kiss with all the love he had.

She felt like she was in heaven. She couldn't believe she was being held by the man she loved so much while he tenderly explored her mouth, letting her feel his wonderful taste.

Sophia really wanted that moment to last forever, but soon she discovered that even better things were coming.

"Are you okay with me?"

When Sophia broke the kiss to speak, a string of bright saliva still connected their mouths. He drank that string seductively while he answered her.

"I was an idiot for so long... But now I will treat you properly... as long as you want, I can give you everything..."

"Not only because you want to, but because I want to be with you..."

He did not continue to kiss her mouth but went to her cheek and then started to descend while taking off her clothes and saying the names of the parts he was kissing.

"Because I want to kiss your mouth..."

"Kiss your face... your neck..."

"Kiss your beautiful cute breasts... both of them..."

Lucien went down kissing her belly, and then after passing through the navel, he arrived at the promised land. He had already taken off her blouse but still lacked the skirt and panties, which he started taking off with his mouth. But when he was almost done, Sophia stopped him.

"Let me take care of you too... I have so much love to show you that I can barely contain myself..."

Lucien saw the resolution in Sophia's eyes and would not refuse the offer of a woman he already loved so much. Then he sat on her scented bed and couldn't help but pick up the sheet and start to sniff her delicious scent of flowers.

Sophia couldn't help but blush a little, but she held herself steady as she slowly walked towards him, trying to be as sensual as she could.

She showed inexperience with every move, but Lucien couldn't be enjoying it anymore. She was so pure, and he could accept all that gentle love, which is just fantastic.

Then she began to remove his pants delicately while keeping a gentle smile on her face. Lucien found her smile like a new drug that he didn't mind getting addicted to.

Sophia couldn't help but open her mouth by surprise when she released Lucien's big hard cock. She was not scared and wanted to take it's entirely inside all her holes with all the love and affection she had.

Starting with her mouth, she didn't hesitate to lick that big cock she already loved so much gently. She can only love even more after feeling that pleasant taste.

While Lucien and Sophia enjoyed each other, two invisible spirits watched them from the bedroom corner.

"Shall we join in the second round?"