Chapter 95 Beat Me Before I Beat Them

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Chapter 95 Beat Me Before I Beat Them

The group went through the forest without problems because Oya had an increasingly dominant aura among mystic beasts, and no animal wanted to cause problems for the big white tigress.

As they were far from Portgreen City, Lucien slowed to a place where Lena didn't need to be carried. Then in the afternoon of that same day, they were able to see Bluewind, the city in the mountains.

While some people in the group were speculating on why Lucien was going to Bluewind, Lena just felt good about going back home. She didn't blame her father for sending her to marry Duane, but after everything went so wrong, she never wanted to do anything like that again.

Lena was too excited to see her mother being "more active," as Rose said. She also wanted to see her sister again. Even though they didn't get along very well, Lena still loved Marie.

The guard at the gate was the same one who received Lucien the first time. He prepared to let the group in without asking too many questions. Still, he couldn't help but be surprised to see Lena.

'How does he arrive with the Second Princess and a few days later arrive with the First? And why are there more beauties in his group? Doesn't this guy not have any limits or humility?'

The guard tried to control his envy and greeted Lena, ignoring Lucien. "My Princess! Glad you came back safely."

Lena smiled at the friendly guard, but her words took away the poor man's smile. "Thank Lucien. If he hadn't rescued me from that nightmare, you wouldn't have a Princess anymore."

Lucien smiled at the guard but somehow knew that he was not very happy. Lucien was very perceptive, but he still didn't know much about normal relationships. After all, his childhood was destroyed by an irrational father, and now he is surrounded by a large amount of women in love.

As the group headed for the castle, Lucien realized that the city was doing much better than when he first arrived there. Before, Lucien heard many people complaining about constant attacks on small villages to the west. They complained about the lack of security in the kingdom, and some even blamed the King for it.

Now Lucien was listening to people talking about how the Queen was sending troops to protect all villages, even those furthest from the main city. Some were wondering what the protection of the town would be like, but the response from the Queen was that they had new allies, and everything would work out.

Lucien also heard of a group of three beauties, who were fighting bandits and wild beasts in the western border. Lucien already imagined who they were, but he was sure when someone said that the Second Principle led the group.

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He couldn't help but be a little worried, but he also knew that he couldn't let his women sit at home like useless decorations. He would do anything to support them and was happy that they were doing something good and that they were being recognized for their strength and bravery.

The more Lucien heard about how incredible the three beauties were, the more he felt proud; after all, they were his women. Although they are already much stronger after drinking his essence, Lucien wanted to make them even stronger so that they would not be in any risk when they fought.

After a few minutes, the group arrived in front of the castle. The guards at the door were very respectful, not only to Lena but especially to Lucien. They bowed to him while greeting respectfully, calling Lucien "My Lord."

Angela did not want any more soldiers dismembered by Lucien, so she ordered everyone to be very respectful to him and not to make any sudden movements or anything suspicious... It was better that they become frozen near him.

Lucien used his tattoo to ask Astrid to take Olivia and the others to a training room on the lower floor of the castle while he talked to Cassidy. He wanted to talk to her to decide what to do with Olivia and Scarlett. Jeanne and Mason also went with them, but Ghilanna and Lena continued to follow Lucien.

As soon as the group entered the hall, Angela and Cassidy were already waiting for them. Ron's spies reported everything to them. With Cassidy's help, Angela was becoming an excellent Queen, and they respected each other very much.

"Mom!!!" Lena missed her mother very much and ran to hug her.

Angela hugged Lena tightly while talking about how much she missed her. She gazed at Lucien over Lena's shoulder with a grateful look. She would also thank him many times more, but first, she just wanted to hug her daughter.

While mother and daughter are hugging, Lucien walked slowly towards Cassidy. She wanted to jump into his arms and act like a spoiled girl, but she also wanted to be a proud Queen to be suitable for a great King like Lucien would be soon.

"My Queen." Lucien greeted Cassidy respectfully and then opened his arms as he smiled at her.

Cassidy was making a great effort to maintain her elegant pose, but seeing those big open arms waiting for her for a warm hug was lethal. She couldn't help herself and jumped on him while saying how much she missed her King.

It started with a warm hug, but soon Lucien lifted her by the thighs, and they both started a passionate kiss while communicating mentally.

'Every time I kiss you, I want to kiss more and more this delicious mouth of yours... You are so fucking amazing, My Queen.' Lucien pressed Cassidy against a wall, and with his hands on her thighs, it was easy to also stroke her fantastic sexy ass.

'I want you to kiss me all the time! I want you inside me while you kiss me more!! It was so hard to sleep with my body craving for your every second more and more.' Cassidy tightened her legs around Lucien's waist enough for her to feel his cock getting hard.

Cassidy was getting very horny quickly, and before Lucien could say anything, she begged. 'Let's go to the room now, please. I want your dick now!!'

Of course, Lucien wanted to go with Cassidy to a room. He was also would take other girls along them, but before he wanted to tell Cassidy about Olivia and Scarlett. 'Later, My Queen. Right now we need to talk about something Important. Where are the others? Oya also needs to meet little Ko.'

'Ko is in the kitchen with Aria and Ella. Mia went with Anne and Marie to the border to solve problems with beasts and bandits.' Cassidy knew Lucien would want to know about the other girls too, so she told him about Mia, Anne, and Marie.

'They were very eager for your return, so I saw no problem in letting them deal with these issues so they had something to distract them from their anxiety. Ron and a group of soldiers are with them, he also sends me reports every few hours. They will come back before night.'

Lucien understood that the bandits and beasts at the border were dangerous to farmers and villagers, but his girls would not be at risk. Cassidy was also always getting reports from Ron, so everything seemed to be under control. Still, Lucien preferred that they always fight together.

'Okay, I hope they come back soon or we will go meet them. This is Ghilanna. She is... Well, she's part of the group now.' Lucien stopped kissing Cassidy and introduced her to Ghilanna. The elf did not recognize her as she only came to Portgreen after Cassidy had already disappeared.

Cassidy was very friendly to Ghilanna. Then Lucien pointed to the direction of the kitchen so that Oya could reunite with little Ko. He headed towards the room where Astrid brought the others, Cassidy and Ghilanna followed behind him.

Lena and her mom continued to have their moment. She couldn't help but ask about Marie and her father. Angela knew that Lena didn't hate Julius as she did, so she told the story slowly and in detail, focusing on the parts where he tried to abuse Ron's niece and then tried to threaten Marie by making Lucien kill him.

There was no way Lena wouldn't be upset. She understood the situation, but she was still a little disappointed in Lucien. But her anger was soon replaced by gratitude; after all, he saved Marie and then her.

Lena knew that her father and Marie never got along, so it made sense for him to try to use her as a shield. Lena couldn't really blame Lucien even though she was really sad.

Then Angela told Lena about how she had always been mistreated by Julius and was now governing with the help of Cassidy and Lucien.


Astrid took the group to a large training room where no one could spy on them. Maggie and Rose were also together to prevent Olivia and the others from causing any problems.

Scarlett could not speculate much of what would happen, but Olivia had bad feelings because she imagined many scenarios where a problematic person would appear.

They were all sitting in the center of the room when Lucien came in with Cassidy, making Olivia wish she was wrong and Scarlett to be terribly surprised. Jeanne and Mason also recognized Cassidy and were no less surprised.

"How is this possible?!?!?" Olivia was always suspicious, so she kept an eye on Astrid, but Scarlett couldn't understand how she didn't die after being hit by Hugo's arrow. She had prepared the lethal poison made from manticore blood...

Cassidy was surprised when she saw Scarlett and Olivia. She also heard Scarlett's question and can't help remembering everything that happened. She took Lucien's hand and smiled at Astrid before answering.

"I would not have survived had it not been for the help of my best friend. Astrid managed to combat the poison with her own blood, which allowed me to last long enough for Lucien to come... He completely healed the poison, and now he brought me two of my most hated enemies."

Everyone was shocked again when Lucien hugged Cassidy around the waist and kissed her cheek tenderly. Even Olivia, who thought there was a connection between them, did not expect Lucien and Cassidy to be together that way.

'I thought about using them to get some benefits... But if you kill them, I won't mind.' Lucien used mental communication to talk to Cassidy about what to do with them.

'Yes, it makes sense. Having two influential leaders allows us to use many different strategies. But they just need to be alive and not in perfect health.' Cassidy already had her hands in a fist.

She was weakened from the poison, but thanks to Lucien, she now felt more powerful than ever and wanted to fight Olivia and Scarlett alone.

Lucien hugged Cassidy tighter to show that she had all his support. 'Do you want to deal with them now?'

Cassidy couldn't deny that she wanted to beat up Olivia and Scarlett, but not now. 'No... Now I really want you inside me... I was not a pervert before, but the sensation of pleasure and power that you give me is so addictive.'

Lucien understood well what Cassidy was talking about. The mixture of the pleasure they felt together, and the feeling of improvement was incredible enough to make anyone addicted.

'I want it too, My Queen. So let's leave them in a cold cell for now. The fat pig is going to gain a cell too, but the knight is my friend.'

Cassidy can't help commenting about Jeanne. 'Friend? Will she also join the group like the elf?'

'Maybe.' Lucien also sent a mental message to Astrid and the other girls to take Olivia, Scarlett, and Mason to the castle's more secure cells. Ron's spies would also keep a close eye on them.

Lucien returned to the hall with Cassidy, Ghilanna, and Jeanne. Jeanne was not sure how to act. Her family betrayed Cassidy as well as others, and although she didn't agree with them, she still hasn't done anything to stop it. She also knew that Lucien wouldn't hurt Mason; otherwise, he wouldn't have sent him to a cell.

Scarlett and Olivia did not try to fight and complain as Astrid could kill them with a single punch. Mason was more than happy to stay away from Lucien even if he was going to a cell.

So the group didn't resist, and they were taken to their cold cells where they would wait for a severe beating from Cassidy after she had many love sessions with Lucien.