Chapter 99 Mia's Special Night 2/2 R-18

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Chapter 99 Mia's Special Night 2/2 R-18

Lucien finished his bath and got out of the bathtub. He took a towel, which smelled good.

He brought it close to his face to smell better, and he felt not only a fragrance of roses but also another scent, one which he liked a lot, making him remember someone. 'Your naughty maid...'

Still drying himself with the towel specially prepared for him, Lucien left the bathroom. He expected to see a different scene, but nothing could prepare him for what he saw.

His cock, still hard, became harder than rock, pointing to the sky like a proud dragon. Seeing the girls naked was nice, but seeing them wearing sexy lingerie was more than amazing.

Cassidy was lying on Mia's side on the large bed. While his favorite milf was wearing an almost transparent white lingerie, Mia wore a black one, which was also slightly transparent.

Lucien could see their curves perfectly. Cassidy's nipples, already hard with excitement, made Lucin feel a desire to bite and kiss them.

Although Mia did not have curves as sexy as her mother, the black lingerie highlighted her hot ass, and it also had a special opening, which showed her beautiful pussy, which his dick felt a few minutes ago, but he already missed.

The two beautiful women were lying while gazing at him with a seductive but also slightly embarrassed look, which made Lucien feel even hornier.

"You both are so beautiful." Lucien praised his lovers as he headed for the water jar. He didn't take his eyes of their beautiful bodies, making them smile proudly.

The girls were also delighted by the sight of Lucien with only the towel on his shoulders. They wanted to keep the look on his face, but his hard cock was too tantalizing for them not to look.

While they watched him drink the water, they saw bathwater running down his body and felt their love juices dripped from their wet pussies.

That smell of their arousal powered Lucien's ego and made him want to and jump and devour them entirely while they wanted nothing else but Lucien to devour them.

Cassidy knew how Lucien liked to tease, so she wouldn't say anything and made a significant effort to wait patiently.

Mia wanted to be a good girl and follow his lead, but her hands unconscious moved, and she started to touch herself as she looked at Lucien's cock, imagining him inside her again.

Lucien walked slowly to the bed then threw the towel on the headboard, and then he positioned himself in the middle, between Cassidy and Mia.

The girls laid on each of his arms, and Mia was the first to act. She started kissing Lucien's mouth passionately while Cassidy started kissing his shoulder.

Mia's lips were very soft, and she was always totally passionate, letting Lucien move his tongue inside her little mouth the way he wanted.

He could enjoy Mia's delicious mouth while squeezing her ass with one hand and Cassidy's ass with his other hand. He pulled both of them as close to his body as possible to enjoy their bodies.

Mia stroked half of his chest while Cassidy stroked the other half. But the proud Queen also wanted to kiss, and Lucien realized that when she was kissing closer and closer to his face.

He stopped kissing Mia, who started kissing his neck, and started kissing Cassidy's tasty lips. Lucien bit her lips, making his Queen moan in pleasure.

The fabric of the lingerie was very soft so Lucien could feel their skin against his body, but also the softness of their sexy underwear. So they played for a few minutes.

Cassidy was the first to move towards his dick. She really enjoyed the kissing session, but she also wanted to feel something else in her mouth.

"Ohhh..." Lucien couldn't help but moan, feeling Cassidy's hands stroking his cock. With one hand, she stroked his balls, while with the other his rod and then began to lick its head, giving Lucien much pleasure.

Lucien lifted Mia and made her sit on his chest. Her lingerie had an opening in her pussy, so she didn't have to take her panties off, allowing him just to move her towards his face to connect her pussy to his mouth.

"Ahhh... Sooo good, my dear." He held her thighs while sucking on her wet pussy, making Mia moan while Lucien drank her love juices.

*Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp* *Slurp*

Cassidy started to swallow Lucien's cock deeper and deeper into her throat, making loud erotic sounds echo across the room along with Mia's moans.

Mia was in heaven, feeling Lucien's tongue making a mess inside her wet pussy, but the lascivious noises that Cassidy was making made her start drooling, wanting to taste his dick too.

Lucien could feel Mia's desire, so he turned her over, with his mouth still on her delicious flower. Now Mia could see her mother sucking on his wonderful cock. She leaned forward, and Cassidy, like a good mother, shared the meal with her beloved daughter.

Cassidy stopped swallowing Lucien's cock and started sucking on his balls while Mia took the top of his rod. Lucien still focused on giving pleasure to Mia, started to feel double pleasure from their amazing mouths on his dick at the same time.

"Aahhh... I feel it coming..." Mia was the first to come. Feeling Lucien's cock in her mouth and his tongue in her pussy was too much pleasure for her to take any longer.

Mia began to squirt love juices on Lucien's mouth while she arched her body and moaned loudly. Lucien drank her sweet juices happily and also felt that he was close to coming.

Cassidy took advantage of the fact that Mia had moved the mouth off his dick and attacked again, swallowing it as deeply as she could while also stroking his balls.

"Ohh..." Lucien began to cum as well, filling Cassidy's mouth with his hot cock milk. She started drinking all that white liquid, which she loved so much.

"Mom!!! Leave some for me." Mia, still having her incredible orgasm, saw that Cassidy seemed to want to drink it all selfishly and couldn't help pouting.

"Let's share." Cassidy pulled her mouth away, and Mia didn't waste a second before she started drinking her favorite milk while her mother was stroking Lucien's balls to extend his orgasm even more.

Mia drank Lucien's cum until the last drop before lying on his thigh. She had a fantastic orgasm under the attacks of Lucien's tongue, and her body was still trembling with pleasure.

She already had Lucien's cock in her mouth and pussy, so now she wanted it somewhere else before they start it all over again until they pass out with mental fatigue.

"I want in my ass now. Please, my dear, put your big cock in my naughty ass." Mia tried to say dirty words to stimulate Lucien, but her cuteness was predominant, which made Lucien even hornier.

Lucien had just tasted the delicious taste of Mia's flower, so all he wanted now was to devour Cassidy's pussy too, and have both pleasant tastes in his mouth.

"Come to me, my Queen. Let me taste you." Cassidy didn't think twice about switching places with Mia. She took off her white panties and sat gently on Lucien's face as he squeezed her sexy thighs.

Mia smiled at Lucien's cock and licked its head again as she spoke lovingly. "Thank you for always being so hard, my dear."

Then she positioned the entrance of her ass on his cock's head. Mia could see her mother right in front of her, and both have flushed faces with pleasure.

Mia felt a good nostalgic feeling when her ass felt her lover's cock again. The first time was a little strange, but now she knew she wanted his dick in all parts of her body.

Lucien's cock was still well lubricated by Mia's saliva, so it slid inside her ass easily. Still, Mia's ass was very tight, which gave her and Lucien a lot of pleasure, making them both moan.

Cassidy smiled, seeing Mia's pleased face. She was also taking great pleasure in Lucien's tongue in her happy pussy. At no time did Cassidy or Mia think it was wrong to be with the same man. On the contrary, they were glad to be together alongside with him.

So mother and daughter watched their lascivious expressions while Lucien pleased them both. Mia was riding her tight ass on his cock while he sucked Cassidy's delicious pussy.

Mia held out her hands, and Cassidy held it, so they both supported each other while smiling at each other, happy in a way they never were before.

They didn't know what the future held for them, but just thinking about being like this with Lucien, made their hearts beat faster in sync.

Lucien could feel that sex was now unlike anything he'd had before. Not only was there a strong connection between him and the girls, but they also loved each other, making them feel incredibly happy to be with him.

Mia felt another orgasm coming at the same time as Cassidy. They both moaned loudly while seeing each other's faces getting more and more flushed.

"Lucien, my husband!! I'll come with your cock in my ass!!! Fill me with your love... Fill my ass with your hot cum and mark me as yours again and again... Ahhhh!"

"Lucien, my dear!! I'm coming with your tongue... I love it so much... Ahhhhh!!"

Both mother and daughter came at the same time, and Lucien was not left out. He released his hot load in Mia's tight ass, making some of his essence leaks while their pussies squirts love juices over his face and the bed.

Lucien delighted in Cassidy's delicious love juices as the girls lay on his body, enjoying their orgasms while their bodies trembled with ecstasy.

Despite Lucien's fluids restoring the girls' energy, the large amount of demonic energy and the intense pleasure would make them mentally tired... But Cassidy and Mia are strong girls and still wanted much more of his love.

"More, please!!!" Both mother and daughter asked together, making Lucien laugh. Of course, he would give them a lot more and just stop before it was dangerous to their bodies.

Lucien knelt on the bed to look at his beautiful women, who gazed at him with flushed faces and happy smiles. He first took off her bras then kissed Cassidy's big soft breasts, and then Mia's small and hard nipples.

While kissing the beautiful body of his loved ones, Lucien was using his creativity to think about new positions to try. Then he said to Cassidy to stay in four with Mia on top of her.

"What a wonderful view." The position of the girls allowed Lucien to see their four love holes. Mia's ass still had some of his cock milk dripping while the other three holes waited eagerly for his attention.

Lucien couldn't help but think that they were extremely beautiful and cute. Their delicate pussies and pink asses were a banquet for him. His rock-hard dick couldn't wait any longer, and Lucien penetrated Cassidy's pussy after slapping Mia's ass.

Cassidy and Mia couldn't see Lucien in that position, which made them a little embarrassed and expectant. They were wondering who would be pleased first, but Lucien could easily give them both pleasure at the same time.

"AHHHH, RIGHT THERE!!!" Mia felt Lucien's fingers on her pussy after being slapped in the ass and moaned loudly.

"OHHH YESSS, MY DEAR!!" Cassidy felt Lucien's big rod penetrate deep into her wet pussy, and she moaned loudly too.

The girls' moans were music to Lucien's ears, and the more pleasure he felt, the stronger his true nature became. At that time, he didn't think of anything but making his beloved girls happy and fill them with his love.

Lust could not understand how Lucien could produce so much demonic energy, and the speed at which that energy improved his body was even more impressive.

Everything should have a limit, including the host of a great demon. But Lucien knew no limits and could easily give pleasure to Mia and Cassidy's pussies and asses without stopping or even slowing down the pace.

Lust cannot help asking himself who the great demon really was. And of course, all she wanted was to be receiving that pleasure, which made the girls stick out their tongues in a lascivious way while moaning more and more with pleasure.

Lucien continued to make the girls moan for hours in the greatest love session they ever had. Not only was the pleasure they felt phenomenal, but also the benefits on their bodies were astonishing.