Chapter 393: Celebration

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Chapter 393: Celebration

Nina handed over a piece of metal. It looked like a piece of iron. The color was grayish brown and it was shaped like a triangle. It looked like a metal part that had been broken down from some kind of object. There were even some broken marks at the corners. It was obvious that it had been broken down from something

Nina handed the piece of metal to Heath and said, “You really guessed it. There is indeed something under here. Look, what is this?”

Heath took it over and began to think about the origin of this thing.

The metal piece could sense elemental fluctuations, and this elemental fluctuation was exactly the same as the elemental fluctuations he had detected in the water, it was obvious that the elemental fluctuations in the water came from this thing.

Nina, who was beside him, couldn’t wait to ask, “Hey, hey, quick, tell me, what is this treasure?”

Heath touched his chin and said, “If I’m not wrong, this metal should be Gray Magic Iron. This kind of metal has excellent magic conduction properties and is usually used to make Wizard tools. The elemental fluctuations on this metal fragment should be a Wizard tool, so I think this thing should have been a Wizard tool in the past, but for some reason, this Wizard tool has been broken, and now only this little thing is left.”

Nina said, “Not bad. You can roughly analyze it from this little thing. A magic madman is indeed a magic madman. It seems that you spend all your time on books for a reason. A well-read Wizard is a Wizard like you, right?”

Heath ignored Nina and completely focused on the metal plate. After all, he had felt the elemental fluctuations of this metal plate from a very far distance just now, to be able to release elemental fluctuations over such a long distance, just this alone was enough to prove that this thing was definitely not simple.

What could it be? A high-level Wizard tool? A rule Wizard tool? Or… a Holy item?

Heath really wanted to figure this out, but unfortunately, the damage to this Wizard tool was too severe, and there were only so few fragments left. It was impossible to understand the complete Wizard tool from these fragments alone.

‘Can I extract some clues?’

Heath suddenly remembered that he could use the system to try. If the system really extracted something from it, then he would be able to deduce more clues from this little clue. From this, he could slowly deduce the true identity and origin of this Wizard tool.

With this in mind, he immediately chanted in his heart, ‘Extract.’

[Beep, extraction failed. This substance cannot be extracted.]

Unfortunately, Heath did not get his wish. After he finished speaking, he heard the system reply. Thinking about it, all the items that the system could extract must be complete or close to complete, and since this piece of metal had been damaged to such a state, the system could not do anything about it.

Unable to find any help from the system, Heath could only continue to focus his attention on this piece of metal. After careful observation, he finally made another discovery. The surface of this piece of metal seemed to be covered with a complicated pattern. The pattern covered the surface of the entire piece of metal.

All kinds of heraldry and patterns in the Wizard World were child’s play to Heath. Over the years, he had accumulated countless heraldry, and in heraldry, he was definitely a master figure. As long as it was heraldry used in this world, it was impossible for him not to recognize it, and the pattern in front of him was no exception.

“This pattern is… Golden Leaf Flower?”

After careful observation, Heath found that this pattern seemed to be an emblem called the Golden Leaf Flower. It was a strange flower that grew in the Underground World, and its stamen itself was nothing strange, but the strange thing was that its leaves were golden, as if they were made of gold, hence the name.

Nina asked, “Why? Did you find anything?”

Heath nodded and said, “If I’m not mistaken, the pattern on this emblem should be the Golden Leaf Flower. Yes, although it’s already badly damaged, I’m sure it’s not wrong. This is the pattern of the Golden Leaf Flower.”

Nina was speechless. “What? Just this little discovery? It doesn’t seem to be of any use.”

Heath shook his head. “How could it not be of any use? You have to know that the various Wizard organizations in the Wizard World have strict rules regarding the patterns, heraldry, and the meaning of each pattern. As long as this is a Wizard organization under the Alliance, you can deduce the identity of the other party from the patterns.” Nina’s eyes lit up. “Then you know what this thing is?”

Heath shook his head. “Unfortunately, I don’t.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Hey, are you kidding me? Isn’t it pointless to talk about it?”

Heath said, “I can’t deduce what this thing is, but I know that the Wizard organization that uses this emblem is a Wizard organization called the Volcano Tower. This Wizard organization is located near the lost volcano, and that is one of the entrances to the Underground World.”

Nina’s eyes lit up. “So, this thing should be related to the Wizards of the Volcano Tower?”

Heath nodded. “If there isn’t someone pretending to be an emblem, then this must be from the Volcano Tower, and…”

According to what Heath knew, the Wizards of the Volcano Tower seemed to be related to the Underground Gnomes tribe… To be exact, it was related to the Wizard who sent the Underground Gnomes to this forest and settled down here…

Nina asked, “And what?”

Heath shook his head. “Nothing. Well, that’s it for now. In the future, if we meet a Wizard of Volcano Tower, we can take the thing out and ask him, and we should be able to find out the origin of this thing.”

Nina was a girl who was overly curious. If she believed that this thing was related to the Underground Gnomes, she would definitely catch the Underground Gnomes and interrogate them about all kinds of messy things. This was something Heath did not want to see.

Even if Heath really wanted to know something, he only intended to ask it in private.

Nina clapped her mouth in boredom. “Alright, alright, how boring. I thought I would get some treasure after wasting so much energy, but I didn’t expect to get such a piece of junk. It’s really disappointing.”

After a pause, she yawned and said, “Yawn! I’m sleepy. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to the ring to sleep. See you later.”

With a ‘bang’, Nina exploded into a cloud of smoke and quickly disappeared into the ring in Heath’s hand. Meanwhile, on the spiritual link between Heath and Nina… Heath quickly sensed that Nina had entered a dormant state.

Heath was speechless. “She just woke up and then went to sleep. She shouldn’t be called a ghost, she should be called the god of sleep.”

“Hey, don’t talk bad about me in secret. I only sleep to recover my spiritual energy, but that doesn’t mean that my consciousness has fallen into a chaotic state. I’m always monitoring your every move.” Nina’s voice sounded in his spiritual sea.

Heath said, “Then I really appreciate your concern.”

Nina giggled and said, “You’re welcome. After all, I’m your spirit pet. This is what I should

Heath said, “Go to sleep!”

Nina said, “Okay, okay. I’m really going to sleep this time. Good night.”

After saying goodbye to Nina, Heath did not delay any longer. He wagged his tail and slowly swam to the surface of the lake. A distance of more than a thousand meters was nothing to the speed of the Ice Carp. After a few scuttles in the water… Heath soon arrived at the surface of the lake.

Splash! A clear sound of flowing water could be heard.

A beautiful ice-blue carp leaped up from the lake. The dirty water scattered colorful light under the mottled sunlight.

When he returned to the lake, Heath immediately looked behind him. On the shore behind him, the previous bombardment of magic by the Tarot Spider had stopped. The entire forest returned to its previous silence. However, there were waves all over the shore. The entire shore of the lake had been completely destroyed.

Looking at the ground that had been blasted into pieces and the trees that had completely disappeared, even after so long, Heath could not help but twitch the corner of his mouth. Even if he tried his best, he might not be able to do such terrifying damage. Previously, he had thought that if he tried his best, he would be able to fight the Tarot Spider 50-50 or even gain an advantage, but now, he felt that if he chose to fight the Tarot Spider head-on instead of running away, it was hard to say who would win…

“Before I become stronger, I should stay away from that thing… No, I should stay away from that forest…”

After thinking for a while, Heath made this decision silently.

Although he was very interested in the material that the Tarot Spider, an advanced-level demonized creature, could extract, even if Heath wanted to kill the Tarot Spider right now to extract it, it seemed to be an unrealistic idea at the moment. It was better to put it in his mind for the time being.

With this in mind, Heath swam toward the opposite shore.

In fact, according to his speculation, the Tarot Spider on the shore should not be hiding at this time. It had just used so much magic power… Even the Tarot Spider could not completely hide its aura. However, Heath still did not sense the Tarot Spider’s aura from the shore. From this point alone, it could be confirmed that it had already gone far away.

However, to be safe, Heath still did not choose to retreat. Instead, he continued to swim towards the other side of the lake according to the original plan. After all, speculations were speculations. Who knew if that thing had really retreated? If it were to launch a sneak attack, wouldn’t he suffer a great loss?

Heath did not stop all the way to the other side of the lake. However, even at this point, Heath still did not go ashore. Instead, he carefully swam around the river bank and opened his spiritual power net to carefully observe his surroundings. He confirmed that the Tarot Spider did not come over to ambush him.

After all, the lake was not too big. There were only a few places that could land. Who knew if the Tarot Spider would run to the other side to wait for him after it failed to get him out from the other side after a series of bombardments?

Originally, Heath did not really predict that the Tarot Spider would come to wait for him. He was just taking the chance to be safe. However, unexpectedly, after this search… He actually felt the aura left behind by the Tarot Spider on the shore.

‘No way, there really is?’

Heath was shocked. The perseverance of this thing was really beyond his imagination.

Although the Tarot Spider predicted that he might land from this side, it could not be completely sure. The scent left behind here was obviously from a long time ago. Apparently, the big guy had wandered around here for a while and left after finding nothing.

‘What a vengeful little monster.’

While exclaiming in his heart, Heath returned to the shore.

It was night, the Achute Tribe of little people.

“Sir Wizard, you’re back.”

“Sir Wizard, how is it? Did you find the materials you need today?” “Good evening, Sir Wizard. I’m so happy to see you. We’ve prepared a bonfire tonight. Can you come with us?”

It was already night when they returned to the Underground Gnomes tribe. During this period, they were in a peaceful period of absence from the Nightmares. The tribe would not be attacked by the Nightmares, so the Underground Gnomes seemed to be very relaxed. There was even a bonfire inside the tribe. They were singing and dancing around the bonfire.

Although the Nightmares were terrifying, they did not appear all the time. Especially every time the Nightmares broke out and were defeated, it would go through a long cycle before the next attack. If the cycle was short, it would take a few months. At the longest, there would even be a few years where there were no Nightmares.

After greeting the Underground Gnomes who had come to greet him, Heath was ready to return to the laboratory. However, before he could return, he was stopped halfway by the Underground Gnomes. No matter what, they had to drag him to the bonfire banquet.

During the battle with the Nightmares, the Underground Gnomes were almost completely wiped out. It was not an exaggeration to say that the reason why they could still sing and dance here and eat barbecue around the bonfire was because of Heath’s efforts. It was all the result of Heath’s efforts to turn the tide.

In the face of such a great achievement, Heath had long become the hero that the entire Underground Gnomes tribe worshipped. The original purpose of this bonfire banquet was to celebrate the victory that they had just won. In such a big celebration, Heath would definitely be the main character. How could he be absent?

“Sir Wizard, please come.”

“We’ve prepared barbecued meat, fresh elk, and fresh fruit for you. We just got them from the forest…”

“Hero, our dinner is prepared for you…”

Heath opened his mouth. He was not interested in the dinner, but he could not resist the enthusiasm of the Underground Gnomes, so he finally agreed…