Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Rock, Paper, Scissors


This time, Xia Chunyu had enough patience and control to work her up and make the experience pleasurable for her. He didn’t want her to hurt and he certainly didn’t want to see her looking like she was about to face the death squad. That would just be a hit to his ego. Making love was a wonderful, out-of-body experience, and he wished that she would be able to enjoy it.

He moved his body while he watched her reactions, memorizing her body, and trying to find all her sensitive spots.

Strange and weird feeling flooded Ye Jiayao like a tide. Every time it felt like it was going to burst out of the embankment and crash, he would stop, and she was left suspended, unable to reach her climax. She felt like she would jump out of her skin, her body tense and anticipating. She was certain she was going to go mad and she had a feeling that he was doing this to her on purpose.

Xia Chunyu intentionally kept her from her peak, liking the way her eyes looked so cute when she doesn’t get what she wants. He could not help but tease her.

“Do you want it? Beg for it,” Xia Chunyu said playfully. Once again, he pushed her to the brink of explosion, stopping just right before she tumbled over the edge.

Ye Jiayao wanted to kill him. How dare he play her like this? He really had no morals.

“If you can’t do it, you must not have the strength,” Ye Jiayao groaned out, knowing that he could not stop.

Xia Chunyu raised his eyebrows, his eyes darkening ominously.?Even though he knew that she was only antagonizing him, he could not just let her questioning his prowess go unpunished.

“As long as you can bear it,” Xia Chunyu said coldly. He turned her body over and penetrated behind her. He had no scruples at all, thrusting punishingly hard as he pressed himself against her wantonly.

The excitement of the intense penetration made Ye Jiayao almost lose her breath.?Evil man!?W?as he trying to kill her?

Ye Jiayao couldn’t bear anymore and wanted to move away, but he has her waist locked tight in his iron grip. “Stop, stop, I’m sorry, I was wrong, stop!” she panted, her voice breaking and tearful.

“What was your mistake?”

“Questioning your strength, please, it’s me that’s weak,” Ye Jiayao begged, overwhelmed with so many emotions.

Xia Chunyu smiled smugly at her concession, his eyes bright. He changed his angle, making sure to hit her sensitive spot with his every thrust, keeping at it until he felt her walls tighten around him. He felt her reach her climax and he immediately pulled out, spraying his release over her smooth back.

Ye Jiayao felt paralyzed in bed, every part of her tingling from what they had just done. Her mind was blank, and her eyes were blurry, still not recovered from the ultimate pleasure he had just given her.

Xia Chunyu fetched a towel, wiping the sweat off of him before cleaning her from any traces of their love-making.

They lied down the bed, side by side. Xia Chunyu looked at her and saw that her eyes were dull and somewhat worried. “Uncomfortable?”

Ye Jiayao shook her head then nodded.

Xia Chunyu laughed. “Which is it?”

Ye Jiayao resisted the urge to roll her eyes. She was just too tired and didn’t want to move or talk.

“Still not satisfied?” He bent his head and kissed her.

It sounded strange. It wasn’t like he didn’t have women. If he would so wish, there were plenty of women who would look after him. It was just that he wasn’t keen on this type of things. Most of the time, he partakes just purely to satisfy his physical needs. However, whenever he was with her, he couldn’t help wanting more. Was it because of his long abstinence? Or was it her beauty? Or was it because she was special? She was unlike other women who tried hard to please him, to be submissive in front of him, and flatter him even it was against their wills.

Ye Jiayao also knew how to please him. Every time she pissed him off, she would act like a cute cat, meowling at him with wide eyes. After his anger had evaporated, she would return to her former manner and tried to take advantage of him, literally and figuratively. Perhaps, that was the reason why he felt that she was so novel.

Ye Jiayao tried to turn her away but she couldn’t, so she just accepted his kiss. However, he kept kissing her endlessly, his hands roaming around her especially sensitive body. A few more seconds of this kind of teasing was certain to make them?horny. As much as she liked what had transpired earlier, she was way too tired. If they did that once again, she was sure that she would not be able to get?up tomorrow.

“I am very tired,” Ye Jiayao said, keeping her voice lively and shrill.

Xia Chunyu teased, “Are you sad about the money you lose?”

Ye Jiayao said sulkily, “No energy to be sad.”

“Sleep.” Xia Chunyu smiled, once again finding her very adorable.

They extinguished the candles and settled in together. After a while, Xia Chunyu heard her soft breathing and knew that she had already fallen asleep.

Him, however, could not doze off. It wasn’t because he wasn’t satisfied. He was worried how to deal with her once the business in Hei Feng ridge was over. She didn’t seem to be someone sent by the first-in-charge, so perhaps she would like to be a concubine??Ye’s family shouldn’t have any problem with that, maybe it would even exceed their expectations.

What if she didn’t want to???Could she really be unwilling? She was already his. Even if she didn’t want to, there was no other choice.

Ye Jiayao woke up alone again. She was curious as to how she could sleep so tight that every time he woke up, she didn’t even notice.

She went to the kitchen and realized that Song Qi had already done what she told him last night. He had brought the lime and ash, as well as other food and ingredients.?Saleratus and tea were already there, but they lacked cypress branches, wheat straw, and yellow powder. Ye Jiayao asked Song Qi to get them.

While he was gone, she rolled out the pickle jar in the backyard and cleaned it. One jar should be enough since there weren’t many duck eggs.

Ye Jiayao started to cook the ingredients as soon as Song Qi came back. She mixed the salt, tea, and cypress branches in one pot before she put lime, ash, and yellow powder in another small water tank. She then poured the cooked soup in, ordering, “Song Qi, come and stir this evenly. Be careful not to touch the lime.”

Song Qi happily took over the stick and stirred it up. “Big sister, are preserved eggs tasty?”

Ye Jiayao put the wheat straw in the pickle jar, smiling. “You’ll see.”

After putting the wheat straw in, she then put the duck eggs in carefully, one by one. She used the leftover cypress branches to put on top of the duck eggs to prevent them from floating after pouring the soup.

“Song Qi, pour the soup in carefully. Slowly pour it along the sides of the jar,” Ye Jiayao said. Song Qi became her good helper nowadays. It seemed like he liked cooking with her and it looked like he didn’t do much of anything else.

Ye Jiayao sealed the mouth of the jar tightly with a cloth wrapped with yellow mud, finally done.

Song Qi carried the jar to a shadowy place before running back to ask, “Big sister, do you have other requests?”

Ye Jiayao squinted at him. “If you have something to do, you can go.”

“I was up all night last night and I wanted to take a nap.” Song Qi scratched his head, embarrassed.

“Did you win or lose?” Ye Jiayao grinned.

Song Qi looked cheerful. “Won a lot, they were addicted, and we will continue tonight.”

“How much is a lot?” Ye Jiayao asked with a bad intention.

“I won 10 and Peng Wu earned more than me!”

He really made a fortune! Plus the money he won from her, he made 10-ish bucks. Meanwhile, she didn’t even have a single coin on her! If she ran away in the future, she would need some money. She would get nowhere without funds.

“Song Qi, how about we play Rock, Paper, Scissors?” Ye Jiayao smiled even more splendidly. “If I win, you’ll return the money you won from me yesterday. If you win, I will make poke stomach and chicken for you to eat.”

Song Qi was shocked to realize that sister-in-law was still sad about the five bucks that she lost.

“Pig stomach and chicken is absolutely delicious. If you lose, I will still make it for you.” Ye Jiayao knew that Song Qi loved eating, and she continued to use food to lure him to do her bidding.

Song Qi thought about it and deemed that the bet was fair and square. If he lost, he would just return two point five bucks. If he won, he would still have ten bucks, and he could eat pig stomach and chicken.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors? Isn’t that Hammer, Scissors, and Paper?”

Ye Jiayao nodded. “That’s right. Let’s play one game, okay?”

“Let’s go.”

“Rock, paper, scissors…”

“Ha!?I won! Give my money back!” Ye Jiayao jumped for joy. That psychologist really knew his stuff. He told me that when men played Rock, Paper, Scissors, the first round would always be rock. She played with her dad before and failed all the time. However, it worked when she played with Song Qi.

Song Qi was frustrated. Why did he play hammer all the time? One hammer, and his two point five bucks were gone.

He was tempted not to give away the payout, but she was his sister-in-law, he could not deny it deliberately. He handed the silvers to her, regretful and sad.

Ye Jiayao took the money happily and consoled him, “Whenever you hunt boars, I will cook pig stomach and chicken for you.”

After saying that, Ye Jiayao walked away, hopeful as she thought about finding a chance to win her money back from Peng Wu. This was the first fortune she made in this world. It may be little, but every little made a mickle. After all, mosquitoes were small but they were still meat.

Song Qi hung his head and went to take a nap bleakly.

Later in the day, Song Qi saw that Peng Wu was asked for help by big sister and knew that he was doomed. He wanted to warn Peng Wu not to play hammer but changed his mind quickly. He lost to her already, why should Peng Wu escape that dilemma? He stayed quiet and waited expectantly for Peng Wu.

Not long after, Peng Wu walked out with a depressed look on his face.

Song Qi was happy as he asked him quietly, “The money you won last night, it was lost to sister-in-law now, isn’t it?”

“How do you know, did you overhear?” Peng Wu asked, surprised.

“Mine was taken by sister-in-law too. Hammer, scissors, and paper. One game, win or lose. I’m guessing that you play hammer.”

“How did you know?”

Song Qi patted his shoulder and shook his head. “Because I played hammer too. Do you know why we always play hammer?”

Peng Wu thought about it.?Why, indeed?

“It is all a bubble, one slap to break,” a cheerful song sounded from the kitchen.

Song Qi and Peng Wu both covered their ears and returned to their rooms.