Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: The awkward thing


“What? Are you playing me?” Xia Chunyu was indignant.

“Shhh! Let me finish talking.” Ye Jiayao covered his mouth. She saw his red nose and immediately thought of how he rushed out to Mr. Liu on the other side of the village. He must’ve taken the long route, allowing everybody to see his nose. She suddenly felt ashamed. Everyone must’ve known that she was the one who bit him because no one else would dare to do that. Even the furious black dog that second brother was raising was afraid of Chunyu!

“I… I have a period.” Ye Jiayao spoke so softly she wasn’t even sure if she heard herself.

“Huh? What?” Xia Chunyu frowned, not really understanding, or hearing, what she said.

“It’s that, you know, that thing that women have every month.”

Menstruation!?This was why she didn’t want to explain this to a guy! If they were in the modern days, she could easily ask for a casual leave from the class teacher without this psychological burden.

Xia Chunyu stared at her blankly. He seemed to grasp her meaning after a few minutes because his cheek turned bright red and he left quickly.

Ye Jiayao heard him talk to Mr. Liu, but she didn’t know exactly what he was saying. She only caught it when Mr. Liu started laughing. “Third-in-charge, you just got married, it is understandable. Since third madam is fine, I’ll just go now.”

Ye Jiayao could just picture how embarrassed he was as he explained the situation to Mr. Liu. He dragged Mr. Liu out in a panic, only to find out that his wife simply had a period. It was such an awkward, embarrassing situation.

He came back, not long after she heard Mr. Liu leaving, his expression adorably shy. He looked at her angrily, like a child who was embarrassed by his mother. “How do you not know your own problem? You get it every month!”

Of course, Ye Jiyao didn’t know! She never had such painful experience, and neither did the original host. She didn’t know why it hurt like that. She was worried and frustrated, thinking that she would have to suffer like this every month.

“I wanted to talk, but at that time, it was too painful to speak. You also rushed out hurriedly!” Ye Jiayao defended herself.

Xia Chunyu groaned, sitting near the bed and staring at her suspiciously.

“Why are you looking at me like that? You think I am pretending?”

Xia Chunyu knew that it was highly unlikely that she was just pretending. It was doubtful that she could act that well. Now, he wondered if her crazy, unexpected behavior earlier was an act. The word ‘bitch’ was an apt description. The way she acted just a few minutes ago was just like a typical bandit’s wife.

“Sister-in-law, Auntie Jiang is here!” Song Qi called from outside the door.

Ye Jiayo blushed. “I told Song Qi to call Auntie Jiang because I don’t have the necessary… stuff.”

Xia Chunyu had no idea what stuff she was talking about. It must be one of those things that only women could understand.

Xia Chunyu left them alone to talk, retreating to his study. Auntie Jiang came into the room, and Ye Jiayao dragged her to talk. Auntie Jiang confessed, “I haven’t gotten that since last year. I already threw everything away!”

“You must help me find a way, please!” Ye Jiayao cried.

“Okay, okay, calm down. I will go back and make one for you, just wait here for a bit.”

“How long?” Ye Jiayao was concerned. She was just spotting at the moment, but it wouldn’t be long before it flowed too much. She wouldn’t be able to move if she didn’t get what she needed! If only she could get her hands on modern-day branded pads, everything would be easier.

“As soon as possible. I should be able to finish it before dinner time,” Auntie Jiang consoled her.

“Thank you, Auntie Jiang, and I’m so sorry for bothering you.” Ye Jiayao had no choice but to wait.

Aunt Jiang went to the kitchen and made a brown sugar ginger tea for her. “Drink this to warm up your stomach. Don’t drink any cold water for the time being. I’m going to do your laundry for now, but, you have to take care of yourself. You can’t get the same treatment from your home on this mountain.”

The words might sound a bit harsh, but Auntie Jiang said it so warmly that she almost hugged her.

Everyone’s dinner was made by Auntie Jiang. Everyone’s clothes were washed by Aunt Jiang. Meanwhile, Ye Jiayao lied on the bed like a patient, rolling around carefully as she feared the flow would leak. She didn’t feel secure with the thing that Auntie Jiang made.

“How many days will this go on?” Xia Chunyu asked casually as he slouched on the couch to read a book.

“I don’t know,” Ye Jiayao answered indifferently.

“How can you not know your own… thing?” Xia Chunyu frowned.

“This type of things change depends on the environment and moods. Even the moon and tides can affect our period,” Ye Jiayao bluffed.

Xia Chunyu was curious. He had no idea that it was so magical.

“Will you just continue to lie down like this in the following days?” Xia Chunyu was concerned about what would happen to their meals for the consecutive days. Auntie Jiang’s cooking was too bad to eat.

Ye Jiayao said casually, “Actually, just a heads up, during this time, my temper will worsen. I’ll be very easily angered, and all the negative emotions will magnify. So, in the future, when I have a period, you have to just bear with me and try not to fight me at every single turn. I have very little self-control when I’m on my period.”

Did she mean, that every month, he would need to stay low-key and let her do whatever she wanted? Xia Chunyu’s foul mood worsened.

“Okay. I will treat you like you have an intermittent mental disorder. I won’t argue with you when you’re sick.” Xia Chunyu liked the word ‘mental disorder’. He found that it was quite accurate when dealing with his woman.

Ye Jiayao glanced at him. “Are you deliberately trying to make me angry?”

Xia Chunyu continued to read disapprovingly. He would have to just bear with it this month, next month… he didn’t even know how long they would still be together. The first-in-charge had made an order to open the Dragon-breaking Stone tomorrow. He asked Xia Chunyu to get in touch with the downhill and send the map out, believing that he could do it in no time at all.

The previous attacks on Black Wind Ridge all failed because they had the Dragon-breaking Stone as an obstacle. This time, Helian Xuan brought two cannons which could easily break it. The only thing they needed to do was find out where the secret tunnel of Black Wind Ridge was and destroy it. No one could survive in the Hei Feng Gang.

“Chunyu, you’re going to open the Broken Dragon Stone tomorrow, right? You’re going down the mountain?”

“Most likely, yes.”

“Then, can you take me down the mountain with you? I need to buy something,” Ye Jiayao pleaded.

“You can order Song Qi or Peng Wu to do that.”

“No! I want to buy women’s product. How can I ask them to buy that for me? Besides, even if I do order them, I doubt that they have the balls to go.”

Goods and materials on the mountain were lacking too much. She had so many things that she wanted that the village doesn’t have. Also, she wanted to buy some cooking ingredients for the meals she was planning. Going down the mountain was necessary.

Xia Chunyu frowned. “We’ll see!”

Taking servants to buy some necessities might be a good excuse to get down the mountain.

“What do you mean we will see? If you’re busy, I can just ask Song Qi to go with me.” Ye Jiayao didn’t like his offhand tone.

Xia Chunyu glanced at her calmly. “You can’t even move right now, why are you in a rush? Also, what will the others think if we go down the mountain the minute the Dragon-breaking Stone opened?”

Well, that was reasonable.?First-in-charge had a paranoid personality. Even if they had caught Tong Hexian, that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t suspect anyone else.

“Fine! You’re going to have to take me down the mountain one day, anyway,” Ye Jiayao said gloomily.

“I know.” Xia Chunyu touched his nose impatiently, breathing cold air onto it. His whole nose was still swollen. He recalled how the brothers in the village looked at him weirdly when he went out to fetch Mr. Liu. He also saw Song Qi and Peng Wu, and he could tell that they wanted to laugh at him so badly.?He felt angry, yet he really couldn’t take it out on her for fear of triggering another meltdown.

All of this is that crazy woman’s fault!?Now, he was acting like a well-behaved bunny. He would want to swear at her, but before he could open his mouth, she would start to cry. She would look all innocent and pathetic, he couldn’t go through with it.

After a while, Ye Jiayao asked, “Can you sleep on the couch tonight?”

Xia Chunyu squinted at her. “Why do I need to sleep on the couch?”

“I have this little issue, remember? What if it gets on you?” Ye Jiayao was worried about the current safeguard measure she had.

“Can’t you just stay away from me?” Xia Chunyu asked calmly.

Ye Jiayao thought that she had already warned him about this. If Chunyu wasn’t going to heed her warning, then he shouldn’t blame her when she freaks out on him again.

At night, Ye Jiayao had a cramp so bad and she couldn’t sleep. She was very uncomfortable. She remembered the time she saw her female classmate looking like death warmed over during her period. Ye Jiayao found it hard to understand that she was really that delicate and soft, that she used to think her classmate was only pretending. Now, she was experiencing the same painful period, and she was feeling sorry for all the ill ideas she thought of her classmate.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Xia Chunyu asked groggily.

She was moving around a lot and it was making it hard for him to sleep.

“Just go sleep. Leave me alone,” Ye Jiayao snapped. Men would never know women’s pain.

She glanced at him in disbelief when she heard him snoring.?The nerve of this man!??Ye Jiayao rubbed her belly gloomily, hoping that the ache would go away. She had been rubbing for quite some time, that her arms started to ache.

Suddenly, Xia Chunyu scooted close to her, his huge hand sneaking insider her shirt. He laid his hand on her belly and started rubbing it softly.

Ye Jiayao froze in surprise. He ignored her and continued on rubbing warmth onto her belly. Gradually, the uncomfortable feeling disappeared. She felt languid and relaxed.

“Is that better?” His voice was hoarse and lazy as he murmured in her ears.

“Yeah.” Ye Jiayao nodded and made herself comfortable against his broad chest. She felt very warm and secure in his arms, and it wasn’t long before she fell asleep.

Xia Chunyu saw her finally drift off to sleep and he contemplated on withdrawing his hands. He hesitated for a moment before he decided to just keep hugging her. If he moved and she woke up, he wouldn’t get any sleep either. Besides, it wasn’t like it was a chore to hug her soft body. She smelled fantastic, too. In fact, she looked like an absolute angel while she slept.

Xia Chunyu suddenly felt worried. If she found out about his real identity in the future, would she behave well?

After all, it was her behavior that would be the deciding factor whether he would take her with him or not.