Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Son Of Nobility


Once Ye Jiayao left the Wei residence, she went to the location of Da Ming Lake on the east side of Ji Nan City. However, it was not called Da Ming Lake but Lotus Lake, because of the lotuses covering it.?It was also called Li Xia Ripple because it was located below Mount Li. Whatever it was called, a lake was still a lake, and the scenery was still magnificent. As the saying goes:?lotuses on four sides, willows on three, a city of spring scenery, half a city of the lake.

Today, the sun’s rays shone through the pure, turquoise lake water. The willow trees form a dense shade, and walking by the side of the lake, with a gentle breeze blowing, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. It wasn’t the season for the lotus to blossom so Ye Jiayao was unable?to witness the majestic sight of extensive lotuses on the lake in full bloom.

There were many travelers floating around on boats on the lake and it was a pleasing sight to behold. Ye Jiayao ran to the pier to rent one, but there was only one left and it cost 200 coppers.

Ye Jiayao could not help but clutch to her purse tighter. She did not have much money, and what little she had, was allotted to supporting herself in Jin Ling. She really couldn’t spare the 200 coppers to tour the lake.

However, it took so much effort to make the trip here. If she just walked along the bank and not even take the chance to go to the pavilion at the heart of the lake, she would regret it.

“Boatman, could you make it cheaper? I won’t stay for long.” Ye Jiayao negotiated with the boatman.

The boatman judged her from the corner of his eyes, replying impatiently, “If you want to rent it, rent it. If not, go away. Don’t hinder my business.”

Ye Jiayao was still determined not to spend that 200 coppers. “Then, can I find someone to rent the boat with?”

The boatman did not even look at her. “The base price is 200 coppers, there is no negotiating on that. If you add one more person, it would be another 100 coppers.”

Peh! It’s just a bloody old boat!???Do you know how many big meat buns you can buy with 200 coppers? Exactly 100 of them!?

“Boatman, to the center of the lake.” A young man dressed in magnificent clothing walked over and boarded the boat immediately.

The boatman greeted him with a smile. “Customer, watch your step, it is slippery.”

“Ay! I rented the boat first, you can’t just snatch it away!” Ye Jiayao pulled the young man back, seeing that the last boat was about to be taken.

The young man looked back at her. The long and thin pair of almond-shaped eyes slightly squinted as he looked at Ye Jiayao. He then shook her hand off in distaste. “You rented it first? Then why didn’t you get on the boat?”

“Who said I rented my boat to you? Can you even afford it?” the boatman cut in. He was worried that his business would be ruined by this poor chap.

Ye Jiayao could not stand this kind of self-serving people.?Screw you!??I won’t fight for steamed buns but I will fight for my rights! I will stand up against you today.

“Who said I can’t afford it? Open your eyes wide and take a good look.” Ye Jiayao took out a handful of silver pieces, swinging them in front of the boatman.

The boatman simply looked down on those silver pieces. Renting the boat to him would only earn him 200 coppers at most, but renting it to that son of nobility might get him tips.

“You still have to haggle for just 200 coppers. If you cannot bear to spend money, just stand by the bank and look. Master, this way please.” The boatman nodded and bowed to the son of nobility.

Ye Jiayao blocked his path, her hands on her hips as she said overbearingly, “How can you do business like this? You should always go according to the order of arrival. I didn’t say I won’t rent the boat. Did you write on your boat no haggling? Or is it because he is better dressed and looked richer than me? Do you know what you are? Self-serving. If you don’t rent your boat to me, I swear, I’d flip it over.”

The boatman was stupefied. He did not think that the poor chap would be so unreasonable. His business has always depended on amiability to bring in money. If this poor chap was set on making it difficult for him, there would be serious trouble.

“Forget it, forget it! You two just partner up and get on the boat together.”

The son of nobility said in disdain, “I like to be alone. How about this? The one who can offer a higher price gets to rent the boat.”

The boatman could not contain his joy. “That would, of course, be good.”

Ye Jiayao finally managed to scare the boatman yet this rascal stirred up trouble.?So what if you have money? If I did not end up in dire situations, I would not be worse off than you!?Ye Jiayao moved close to the son of nobility and sniffed. “What is so smelly?”

The son of nobility was immediately angered. “What are you saying?”

Ye Jiayao rolled her eyes. “I said you reek of copper smell. You are quite good-looking but why are the words from your mouth so hollow?”

“You little – do you know who I am? How dare you diss me?” The son of nobility’s face was flushed red.

That f*cking southern dialect! He’s a foreigner! I’m not scared of you! I’d be?gone after touring the lake, anyway.

Ye Jiayao was not bothered as she strolled on to the boat. “I don’t care who you are. Anyway, I rented this boat. I, too, don’t want to share it! It is so satisfying to be alone.”

“Boatman, start the boat.”

The son of nobility just stared at her.?The boat got snatched away from me just like that?

“Hey! We’ll just take it together and split the money.” The son of nobility jumped onto the boat, landing steadily next to Ye Jiayao.

The boat rocked and Ye Jiayao, not having the time to sit yet, wobbled. She frantically tugged the son of nobility’s sleeve to steady herself.

The sound of silk ripping prompted Ye Jiyao to glance at the son of nobility, eyes widening as his sleeve tore widely.

“Let go, you rascal!?You tore my clothes.” The nobleman was boiling mad as he shook Ye Jiayao off with all his might.

“You jumped in so suddenly! Do you think this is hard ground?” Ye Jiayao was still clinging tightly onto his sleeve and the two of them tangled up, rocking the boat even more.

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t do this please, the boat is about to capsize,” the boatman said urgently.


Another ripping sound echoed and Ye Jiayao fell on her ass, a sleeve in her hand.

The son of nobility stared down at his tattered clothes, his face looking murderous.

Ye Jiayao was also shocked. She did not know that the material of his clothing could be so unreliable!?It was might have looked very impressive but it was ultimately useless.

“Take… take this back.” Ye Jiayao stood up, dusting her backside, returning the sleeve to the son of nobility.

The nobleman took the sleeve and threw it ruthlessly into the water, gritting his teeth and glaring at Ye Jiayao. “What are you going to do now? This is the first-rate Hang Zhou silk, Yun Shui Bi! You might not even get a bolt for 100 taels.”

Ye Jiayao’s lips twitched as she shot back, “You still have the cheek to ask me what to do? If not for you jumping in so rashly I wouldn’t have grabbed onto you! I would’ve fallen into the water! What would you do if I drown? Can you compensate? I haven’t even asked you to pay for my distress!”

Afraid that both of them would end up getting off the boat, the boatman quickly sculled and left the bank.

Seeing that the chap had a come-bite-me-if-you-can’t-accept-it face, the son of nobility bottled his anger in. He should’ve checked his fortune when he left the house. If he had, he might’ve known that he would meet his nemesis today.

“Hey, we agreed on splitting the fee in half!” Ye Jiayao could not be bothered by his anger. Even if he was angry, that was still his fault. The important matter was settling the rental fees.

The son of nobility snorted angrily, staring daggers at Ye Jiayao as he sat down.

This episode seemed to have no effect on Ye Jiayao’s mood in sightseeing. After all, why wouldn’t she be happy? She was touring the lake and she had managed to save 50 coppers.

“Wow, there are so many fishes! There is even a gold carp!”?Ye Jiayao was so giddy, she was like a little child at a fair. “Wow, it’s a water bird! Boatman, what is this bird called?”

The boatman sculled, replying lazily, “It’s a little egret.”

“Is it the little egret from a row of little egrets flying up the blue sky? Truly beautiful,” Ye Jiayao was deeply moved at finally seeing the little egret from the poem.

The son of nobility looked at Ye Jiayao from the corner of his eyes scornfully.I?mitating scholars reciting poems? What a pretentious guy!

“Ay, boatman! I heard that the lake has four wonders; the frogs do not croak, the snakes are hard to find, the water level does not fall with prolonged drought, and neither does it rise with prolonged rainfall. I know the reason for the three but what is with the frogs not croaking?” Ye Jiayao asked.

The boatman replied in disbelief, “I have made my living on this lake for more than 20 years and I don’t know what you mean. Do explain,?why snakes are hard to find, the water level does not fall with prolonged drought, and why it doesn’t rise with prolonged rainfall.

Ye Jiayao was pleased. “What do I get from telling you? How about you give me 50 coppers discount for each one I answer?”

The boatman shut his mouth tactfully. Satisfying his curiosity was not worth the money he would lose.

However, the son of nobility sulking at the side, became interested.

“Say, if it makes sense, I will pay your share.”

For a moment, Ye Jiayao found the youngster quite cute and naive. If it was that dumb donkey, he would’ve never fallen for it so quickly.

“Treat me to a meal at the island and I will tell you.” Ye Jiayao was the best at asking for a foot after getting an inch. Only stupid people would not jump at the chance of extortion. She heard that there were many characteristic delicacies on the island. However, things were always expensive in tourist spots, and since she was short on money, she had to spend wisely.

“Answer it first.”

Ye Jiayao laughed mischievously.”Take a look at the birds at the lake, aren’t there exceptionally dense in population?”

The son of nobility raised his brows. “What connection is there?”

Ye Jiayao continued, “Don’t you know that many birds do not only feed on fishes in the water but also snakes and insects? There are so many species of birds here that insects and snakes would naturally not be able to survive.”

The son of nobility frowned and pondered, saying unwillingly, “I guess that would make sense.”

Ye Jiayao pouted. “It makes sense because it is a fact.”

In my previous life, I especially studied travel guides just to travel to Da Ming Lake. I’ve researched everything with regards to this site, be it local traditions and customs, delicacies, cultures, myths, and legends. Trust me, boy, I’m an expert.

“Then what about the last two?” the son of nobility asked curiously.

Ye Jiayao kept him in suspense. “The explanation would be more profound. I don’t know if you would understand.”

“You must be boasting.” The son of nobility scoffed.

Ye Jiayao wrinkled her nose, explaining, “The water level does not rise even with prolonged rain because the lake has many drainage outlets. Any amount of water would be discharged in time. With regards to the water level not falling during prolonged drought, it is because the bottom of the lake is a layer of igneous rock with a fine texture. Therefore, it would be difficult for the water in the lake to seep through. Do you understand?”

The son of nobility replied embarrassedly, “For all I know, you are just babbling nonsense.”

It was Ye Jiayao’s turn to scoff. “If you don’t want to, don’t believe me. Anyway, I never expected someone with average intelligence to know this.”

“It does make some sense,” the boatman spoke.

He did not know what igneous rock was, but seeing how that poor chap explained it so confidently, he decided to believe him.

“So? So? You pay the rental fee and treat me to food!” Ye Jiayao giggled.

The nobleman rolled his eyes. He was fretting how he could overcome the shame of touring the island with his torn clothes.