Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: You Are The Only One I Know


“Are you just going to leave it at that?” the nobleman asked angrily.

Ye Jiayao saw the salesmen walk out and watch them cautiously. She decided to drag the nobleman away first.

“I tried recalling what happened and it seems that when you were changing, the purse was already missing. Moreover, the salesmen had such nice attitude before and were coaxing you to buy the clothes with silver. When they saw that we were going back, they changed their attitude immediately and became indifferent. When you mentioned your purse, they became angry, which raises some suspicions,” Ye Jiayao analyzed.

“That’s what I was thinking as well,” the nobleman said heatedly. “No, I can’t take this insult.” He started to walk back to the store, his stance tensed.

Ye Jiayao clung to him firmly. “Can you not be so impulsive? God, they were telling the truth when they said youth without facial hair cannot be relied upon!”

“What did you say about me?” the nobleman’s voice rose by an octave, his eyes bulging in disbelief.

“I’m just saying that you do things without thinking,” Ye Jiayao hollered back.?You think I’d be scared of you when I’ve lived with outlaws before?

“Then what do you suggest?” the nobleman asked unhappily.

“Well, what can we do without any evidence? We can only chalk it up to our bad luck,” Ye Jiayao stated. If they were locals, then they could’ve at least come up with some ideas. However, they were outsiders, what could they do? Even if they have tons of money, it was still of no use. Hasn’t he heard?that a fierce dragon was no match for a snake in its home territory?

“Well, don’t you have any relatives or friends in Ji Nan?” Ye Jiayao asked.

The nobleman responded in a foul mood. “I am escaping, I mean, I don’t have any relatives. I’m out to play and travel by myself.”

Although he corrected his mistake quickly, Ye Jiayao had already picked up on the key point. This child was in his rebellious stage and has run away from home.

“Since you lost your money now, how will you return to Jin Ling? It’s obvious that you’re not very experienced. You should’ve put your money and other belongings in various places so if you lose one portion, you still have another. Putting them all together like that was a rookie mistake. I’m really beginning to have doubts about how you managed to go to Ji Nan from Jin Ling,” Ye Jiayao criticized unrestrainedly.

“Was this not all your fault? If you did not steal my boat, rip my clothes, I would not be in this predicament!” The nobleman started to recount from the start.

“Oh God, we’re back to this again? Why don’t you mention that if it was not for you fleeing from home and coming to Ji Nan then nothing would have happened? Geez! I even gave you a bowl of sugared lotus seed soup! Plus, I am about to pay your boat fee later. If you keep whining, I’ll leave you by yourself,” Ye Jiayao threatened.

The nobleman immediately calmed down and muttered, “I don’t care. You are still partly responsible, anyway.”

Ye Jiayao’s temper flared.?How dare he blame me?

“I don’t have the energy to keep arguing with you. You know, I was really excited to go on this tour, but now? Ha! We should just go back before my mood starts to get worse. I’ll send you back to the shore and we can part ways,” Ye Jiayao said in a huff as she walked off.

The nobleman followed her hurriedly. “You can’t just bring me back to the shore! I don’t have any silver. How can I survive? What will I eat? Where will I live?”

“That’s your own problem, not mine. Don’t ask me,” Ye Jiayao rebutted without even turning to look at him.

“You are also at fault! Who do I ask if not you?” The nobleman followed closely behind Ye Jiayao.

Ye Jiayao stopped her tracks and the nobleman barely managed to stop before almost colliding with her.

“Listen to me. I’m a poor wretch and I am only surviving by begging everywhere and occasionally doing some odd jobs. Are you sure you want to follow me?”

The nobleman observed Ye Jiayao from head to toe and smiled. “A beggar who wants to tour around? Who are you kidding?”

Ye Jiayao shrugged.??I can barely feed myself, little dude, how can I care for you?

The two headed straight for the pier and boarded the boat back.

The boatman chuckled. “Why don’t you stay and tour a bit more?”

“It’s not fun at all,” Ye Jiayao angrily replied.

“Absolutely no fun at all,” the nobleman agreed.

The boatman was confused. It was the first time that he heard people say that they didn’t enjoy the island.

Once they returned to shore, Ye Jiayao paid three hundred copper pieces. She was pretty sure she heard her purse cry from the loss. Or maybe that was her heart.??How can I get rid of this fellow?

“Hey, where’s your home?” The nobleman was afraid of Ye Jiayao leaving him, so he dogged her steps closely.

“Don’t have one”

“Then where do you live?”

“On the streets.”

Umm. ”?Stop lying. What are we going to eat for dinner? I’m hungry.”

“I’ve got no money.”

“Don’t be so stingy. Once I return to Jin Ling, I will pay you back in double.”

“I really am poor. I just came around to tour because I want an escape from my poverty.?You should try and find someone else and stop following me.” Ye Jiayao was about to cry from frustration.?How did I end up being tangled in this mess?

“If I had any idea, then I wouldn’t be following you. Don’t worry. When I go back to Jin Ling, I will repay you ten times of what was spent,” the nobleman vowed.

“A hundred times would still be useless! This is all the silver I have on me right now! I can barely survive,” Ye Jiayao replied with a long face. She had emptied her pockets to prove that she really was poor. “Look, it doesn’t even add up to two taels. These are all my possessions.”

The nobleman replied, “You said before that the silver should be split up,”

Ye Jiayao wanted to choke him.

Ye Jiayao ignored him and lowered her head, walking quickly. The son of nobility matched her pace. When she slowed down, he also did. When she hastened her steps, he rushed to meet her. This went on until the sky gradually darkened as they returned to the city.

For dinner, Ye Jiayao could not afford anything delicious, so she could only buy a few steamed buns and some pickles.

“This is what we’re eating?” the nobleman asked incredulously.

“This is not for us. It’s only for me. There’s none for you,” Ye Jiayao said petulantly. She bit into the steamed bun angrily and glared at him.

The nobleman quickly swiped a steamed bun from her and said resentfully, “I’ve never seen anyone stingier than you,”

Ye Jiayao really wanted to kick him.?You’re eating my food and you dare call me stingy?

As Ye Jiayao chewed on her steamed bun, she started to look for an inn.?I can’t get out of the city tonight, otherwise, I would only be able to sleep in the pavilion. I should stay for the night and buy some rations tomorrow before setting out.

After looking tirelessly, Ye Jiayao finally found a cheap hostel with a bed for five copper pieces. Ye Jiayao paid for one bed and walked in. The nobleman started to follow after her but was stopped by the attendant.

“You need to pay if you want to stay here,”

“I’m with him,” the nobleman said while pointing at Ye Jiayao.

“I don’t know him,” Ye Jiayao said quickly.

The attendant drove the nobleman away without allowing him to explain further.

“Oi! You can’t be like this! We’re together…” the nobleman yelled from outside.

Ye Jiayao could not be bothered caring about him. She had come to a hostel, which was not that much better than a wood storage, and she was tired. She found a bed on the edge and laid down.

The hostel fits ten to twenty people and the room was all full of vulgar men. There were those who were picking at their feet or their nose. The air was filled with all sorts of disgusting smells.

Ye Jiayao scrunched her nose up. She comforted herself by the thought that this was still better than sleeping in a pavilion.

However, her heart was not at ease. Has that fellow left yet? It was more than obvious that he was an inexperienced young man who had not been out much. It seemed a bit unreasonable to leave someone who has no money on him and with no relatives in this foreign place.

Yet, I need to have some capital before I can help others. I can barely take care of myself, so how can I help others?

Thunder rolled outside.

Not long after, the rain came pouring down onto the green tiled roof sounding like the sound of scattering beans.

Ye Jiayao felt even more tormented. Everyone has times of suffering. People would all wish for someone to lend a hand and help during those times, whether it is a place for shelter, or a steamed bun, or a bowl of water.

Ah! Forget it.?She was also headed towards Jin Ling, anyway, it wouldn’t hurt to have a partner along the way.

Ye Jiayao sat up.?If he’s still there and he doesn’t mind suffering with me, then I’ll bring him along!

The hostel was already closed, but Ye Jiayao persuaded the attendant to open the doors.

The attendant was very reluctant. “It’s pouring rain and you still want to go outside?”

“That person is actually my friend. We had a quarrel, and now that I think about it, it was not quite worth it. I want to go out and see if he is still there,” Ye Jiayao said awkwardly.

The attendant only opened the door then.

Ye Jiayao stuck her head outside and saw him standing under the eaves watching the pouring rain, looking indescribably pitiful and lonely.

“Oi! What are you doing huddling there? Come in,” Ye Jiayao shouted at him.

The nobleman turned to look at her expressionlessly and stood still.

Ye Jiayao walked out and dragged him back. The rain came slanting down, making it quite cold.

“Get inside!”

He lowered his head, making the rain drip down along his distinctive forehead and nose bridge.?His pitiful looks made Ye Jiayao feel bad about her uncharitable behavior from before.

As she was about to talk, he suddenly looked up. His dark eyes filled with anger as he yelled, “Why would you say that you don’t know me? You are the only one I know here!”

Ye Jiayao’s temper got the best of her and she yelled back, “What are you getting angry about? You don’t even know my name!”

He was unable to answer.

Geez, he’s really just an immature little kid.?“I’m Jin Yao. How about you? Give me your real name, otherwise, I’ll leave you by yourself,” Ye Jiayao said angrily.

“I’m Helian Jing,” he murmured.

There weren’t many people with the surname Helian. If it was really his real name, it should be easy to ask around when they get to Jin Ling.

“I’m telling you now, I’m poor. As it is, I am also traveling towards Jin Ling. If you are not scared to suffer with me along the way, then we’ll go to Jin Ling together. However, if you are still picky about the smallest of things, then you should just get lost now,” Ye Jiayao said.

Helian Jing nodded quickly.

“Come in,” Ye Jiayao snapped.

Helian Jing scuttled in after her.

Ye Jiayao paid five more copper pieces for another bed.

Once they returned to the room, Helian Jing almost fainted from the horrible smell inside. Once he thought about his situation, though, he decided to tolerate it. He was penniless and without his identification documents in a foreign land – things could be??much worse.

“You can sleep there.” Ye Jiayao pointed to the spot beside her.

Helian Jing did not want to stick together with those vulgar men, and said, “You sleep on the inside and I’ll sleep on the outside.”

“You sleep where I tell you to. What are you fussing about?” Ye Jiayao demanded fiercely.

Helian Jing could only climb to the inside obediently and lay down.

“Take off your wet clothes. I don’t have the money for a doctor if you get sick,”?Ye Jiayao said.

Helian Jing swallowed his anger as he sat up to take off his clothes, revealing his white skin and perfect muscle lines.

Ye Jiayao stared and gulped. This guy has quite a nice body.

It was a shame that she still found it a bit lacking compared to that stupid donkey.