Chapter 420 - Final Results ( 2 ) ?

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At this point, Zhao Qixuan was busy looking at the plan of the new store, while Su Yi was holding a book in his rocking chair, drinking tea while reading, and grasping a handful of peanuts from time to time with relish.

Zhao Qixuan rubbed his eyes and murmured, ” It’s strange that my left eye has been jumping all morning and is still jumping now. It’s said that there is no chance of getting rich recently.”

Su Yi glanced at him lightly: ” Aren’t you getting rich every day?”

Zhao Qixuan said, ” Yes, that’s why it’s strange!”

” Hurry to work, don’t dream in broad daylight.” Su Yi said lazily.

Zhao Qixuan turned a supercilious look. He either read books casually or went out to ride a horse every day, leaving everything to him to do. Otherwise, he admitted that man charged the outside affairs while women did household chores, then he would have no complaints. However, he wanted to be the boss, wasn’t he afraid that he would rebel?

However, this could only be considered in his mind. He had suffered a lot over the years for the sake of this internal and external struggle between the top and the bottom. He had thought about everything and tried it. Every time he wanted to rebel with indignation, he was strongly suppressed. It was really miserable!

When Yaoyao came, he must accuse this fellow of his numerous crimes.

The housekeeper came in and told him, ” Two young masters, someone is asking for a meeting outside.”

” Who!” Zhao Qixuan was not happy, and asked impatiently.

“He has refused to say, saying you will know if you see.”

Zhao Qixuan said crossly: ” Which guy has such a large spectrum and does not report his name when he asks for a visit. Is he very idle? Do I have to see him? I won’t see.”

Su Yi frowned his eyebrows, thoughtfully.

The housekeeper’s eyes flashed with a teasing smile, you said so yourself. It was none of his business if he was beaten later. He just obeyed his order.

“I will answer back.” He said.

Su Yi was about to speak when he heard a young voice sighing: ” The adopted son has come all the way to see adopted fathers, but they have refused to see me. Forget it. Then he has gone back and made a trip for nothing. It seems that what he has said before was false and cheats children …”

Zhao Qixuan and Su Yi looked at each other, dazed for a moment, and jumped up and rushed out at the same time.

Ye Jiayao raised her hand to reward her son with a chestnut explosion, she just asked him to call adopted fathers. He even said such a big deal freely.

As a result, before the hand fell on her son’s head, the two men flew out and hugged her son almost at the same time.

Each of them held Tianci’s little face and kissed passionately.

“My adopted son, I miss you so much to die. Oh, you are taller and more handsome. How can you get so handsome?” Zhao Qixuan shouted excitedly and spat.

Su Yi was also very excited: ” Son, why do you come? Do you come alone? Where are your parents?”

Now it were Ye Jiayao’s turn and Xia Chunyu’s turn to look at each other. Were these two guys’ eyes sick? They two were standing there and not being seen?

Xia Tianci took out a small handkerchief to wipe his face. There was too much saliva, especially on the side of Little adopted father, with his finger pointing back: ” Behind.”

Su Yi and Zhao Qixuan saw Ye Jiayao and others. Zhao Qixuan let go of the gifts and rushed towards Xia Chunyu: ” Oh, elder brother Chunyu, sister – in – law, and my little nieces, I miss you all.”

Xia Chunyu hurried back a few steps to avoid Zhao Qixuan’s bear hug: ” Hey, who has such a big voice and can’t say it?”

Zhao Qixuan said with a shy smile: ” That’s not to know you’re here! If I know, I will burn incense and place the case, and will go out of the city to meet you instantly.”

Xia Chunyu said with a smile: “Burning incense, you should be asking God!”

” God is not as good as you to make me happy, except, uh … god of fortune.” Zhao Qixuan was so happy, his mouth with honey.

It was really nice to meet each year, but it was the first time they’ve met in the border trade city. It was seven years since they came here. For the first time, he had a good friend and a good brother come to see him.

” Oh, Wanwan and Tingting are so big, come on, let me hug.” Zhao Qixuan looked at the twins, wearing the same skirts, stretching out his hand to embrace.

The two little girls were somewhat shy and tightly hooked their father’s neck for fear of being carried away by the bearded uncle.

Su Yi came up and clapped his hands smilingly: ” Wanwan, Tingting, let me see.”

Two little girls eyed the beautiful uncle darkly, one just gave a small hand, and the other rushed over.

Both Su Yi and Zhao Qixuan hugged each other and said proudly, ” See?They like my hug.”

Zhao Qixuan skimmed the pie mouth and said that Chunyu and Yao’s children were as sly as fox.

Everyone came into the room and exchanged greetings. Zhao Qixuan suppressed his breath and was full of tricks. He had to fix two little girls.

Xia Tianci was relieved. Finally, there was no need to suffer any more. Fortunately, mum gave birth to two sisters.

After the two little girls adapted to the new environment, they also let go and let uncle bearded hug them. He was really fun. Unlike grandpa’s beard, his were sparse and few.

So they pulled out their beards and played.

However, their grandfather was also full of beards, all of which were pulled by them.

At first Zhao Qixuan tried to amuse the two children by pulling them out with pain, but then he ran out for a while and came back with his chin clean.

Everyone burst out laughing. Everyone knew why Zhao Qixuan wanted to grow a beard. Zhao Qixuan wouldn’t be able to compete with Su Yi, so he would grow a beard. Su Yi didn’t have a beard and was clean in vain. Zhao Qixuan used a man’s symbol beard to give people an illusion that he and Susu, he was the stronger one.

This kind of trick was useful to cheating people who didn’t know. Nut actually it was no use for him even if to have a full beard on his whole face.

In the evening, Helian Jing and A Yuan also arrived, and the next day Helian Xuan and Naya, Chunfeng and Little Ya arrived one after another. A group of friends gathered in the southern town thousands of miles away from Jinling, tearing Zhao Qixuan’s nose.

This agreement had been said for seven years, and every year it was said that it had finally come true.

In the evening, Su Yi ordered Housekeeper Jiang politely to send two cooks to make a delicious meal. Ye Jiayao said with a smile: ” I am the chef and need I to invite another chef?”

Yes, Ye Jiayao was now the world’s first chef given by the emperor. Moreover, her culinary treasures were regarded as a classic by chefs all over the world.

Today, Jinling City had a gold plaque with a royal gift of “The first floor of the world”, which was left by the emperor when he was a prince. Anyone who came to Jinling would also come here to enjoy the gold plaque.

As a result, four women cooked together, six men drank tea and chatted, and the eight children were led by Xia Tianci, king of the children.

Helian Xuan gave birth to a son and a girl, the son was one year younger than Tianci and named HelianYuchen, the daughter was only four years old this year and named Helian Mengtong, Helian Jing also gave birth to a son and a girl, the daughter was one year younger than Tianci and named Helian Qionglin, the son was three years old this year and named HelianYibo, Chunfeng’s child was now only five years old and was sadly called Xia Taiyang.At the beginning, the old duke failed to put the name on Tianci, deeply regretting that when Chunfeng gave birth to a son, he would use the name anyway, no matter how Xia Chunfeng resisted, it would be invalid. Xia Chunfeng was so depressed and vowed never to give birth to a son again. Otherwise, the next name would be Xia Taishan.

The men chatted happily and the children were also very lively.

Suddenly, they heard someone say, ” Call my husband to listen.”

Then the two young voices sweetly called, ” Husband …” and dragged the lingering sound.

” Well, yes, tomorrow I will take you to buy sugar-coated haws.” One was smiling.

Helian Xuan and Helian Jing sprayed tea, glaring at Xia Chunyu.

Xia Chunyu was very happy and triumphant. He thought that he had been the boss for nearly 30 years just because Helian Xuan was three months old. Now he was well, and his son was fighting for this tone for him.

Suddenly he felt some sharp glances, hurriedly changed his satisfactory face, and said pretended: “Eh, children are just playing.”

Helian Xuan glared at each other: ” Xia Chunyu, you are fish begins to stink at the head.”

” Is that a bunch of sugar-coated haws just want to cheat my daughter out, you are thinking too much.” He said.

“You can’t be bloody, who take me to young marriage?” Xia Chunyu refuted back.

” That is, I can testify that my adopted son is so good that he is not worthy of your child?” Zhao Qixuan was on his adopted son’s side.

Su Yi shook his fan and nodded his head.

Helian Xuan glumly pointed to this and that, one child and three dads, and he said angrily, “Young marriage is right, but your son can only have my daughter and one daughter – in – law, otherwise it will not be discussed.”

“That’s it, my daughter Qionglin is my precious, absolutely can’t be a concubine.” Helian Jing said indignantly.

Xia Chunyu was in a good mood and said disapprovingly, ” How old are the children? What are you worried about?”

Zhao Qixuan looked gleefully at those two brothers and said: ” I’m afraid my daughter won’t listen to me when growing up.”

The debate caused by Tianci’s sentence was not over yet, he heard Tianci say: ” Yuchen will get me a rose cake and Yibo will pour me tea …”

” I tell you, you want to marry my sister, first of all you have to persuade me …” said he like a senior official.

Several adults, with black lines on their faces, looked speechless at the two boys of Helian Mansion who treated Tianci, thinking in their hearts: what kind of genie was born by Xia Chunyu and Ye Jinxuan?

Ye Jiayao and Naya and others had prepared the dishes and come up to see Xia Tianci sitting there like a master, ordering this to instigate that, and he had a face of enjoyment.

Ye Jiayao really wanted to dig a pit and bury herself. This smelly boy had really lost her face.

Xia Tianci saw her coming, and immediately became honest and came running fart to curry favor with the way: “Mummy, I haven’t eaten your food for a long time. It’s really sweet. I can smell the fragrance ten miles away … Tianci loves the food made by mummy … Mummy has worked hard and let me give you a massage at night! And, mummy, Tianci… ”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, thanks to the God that he was afraid of someone, otherwise, it was really terrible!

This night, everyone tasted food, drank wine and told the past, and the picture in memory was still as clear as it was yesterday.

Life was not in a hurry for dozens of years. Fortunately, there were lovers with brothers and mutual support, he in her story, she in his story, the past, everyone walking all the way, and in the future, they would continue to work hand in hand.

Ye Jiayao silently looked at these good friends, good brothers and sisters and was surrounded by full happiness. She was really glad that she came to this world, met so many people worth cherishing for a lifetime, and made her life so happy and complete.

She couldn’t help thinking that if it hadn’t happened to these people, it would have been another story.