Chapter 421 - Announcer I ( Liuli ) ?

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In the winter of the ninth year ofTianbao, it would be December 18th in a few days, and the snow had fallen one after another. The whole world were wrapped in silver, all saying that the auspicious snow was a sign of good harvest. But in some people’s eyes, it seemed that heaven and earth were remembering the queen mother who had died for ten years.

Today was the queen mother’s day of sacrifice. An imperial decree was handed down in the palace early. On this day, the queen would go to Ciyun Temple to pray for the queen mother’s spirit in heaven.

Zhao Liuli got up early and took a broom to sweep the snow with the nuns in the temple. She was still a princess, the emperor did not deprive her of the princess’s title, and even sent some dim sum in the palace for the New Year’s holiday, so the host took special care of her with different degree of food and clothing, and her work was easier than that of others. But the queen’s coming to pray today was the top priority in the temple, and everyone was assigned work.

Zhao Liuli mechanically swept the snow. She thought she had been in Ciyun Temple for eight years. She looked down on everything and figured it out. But today because the queen was coming, she has evoked some dusty memories and her mood was also uneven.

Today’s queen, the princeling princess of the year, once being looked down upon by her very much, because the princeling princess’s family was not a prominent family member, but a lady from the family of officials of the third class. The queen mother was opposed, but she was in the eyes of the first queen and the prince and became the princeling princess. For this reason, the queen mother also ignored the first queen for a while. Until the crown princess gave birth to the emperor’s grandson, and she had always been cautious and flattering in front of the queen mother, the queen mother’s facial expression gradually soften. She was willing to give her a few minutes of face in front of her, but she still had a few words after her, but now, she had become the queen and mother of the world.

It’s really impermanent, but there were too many people she looked down upon in those days. At that time, she was the apex of the queen mother’s heart. She could call wind and rain. No matter what she did, she teased and humiliated, the queen mother did everything she could to protect her. Even when the Emperor would like to blame her, under the strong protection of the queen mother, he had to go and forget about it.

She was so spoiled that she felt that she was right in everything she did until the emergence of Ye Jinxuan, the person she hated most in her life and the biggest enemy.

However, at that time, she also looked down upon in the eyes, repeatedly fighting against the law and repeatedly failing miserably. At that time, she seemed to be trapped in evil influence, intent on stepping this person under the soles of her feet and stepping into the mud, never turning over. Ironically, she was the one who finally fell into hell, and she was the one who could not turn over any more.

In the first year of praying for the queen mother in the palace, she thought every day and night that if she had been more tolerant a little, maybe everything would had been different.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t! For the first time in my life, she was beaten in Ye Jinxuan’s hands, followed by envied, envied of such a mediocre woman and humble cook, who won Xia Chunyu’s heart. Hated every time Xia Chunyu’s eyes when seeing Ye Jinxuan , full of gentle love, as if the world in addition to her Ye Jinxuan, there was no other woman; Hated every time she heard others praise her Ye Jinxuan for her ability, and hated the people around her one by one towards Ye Jinxuan. Hated every time she complaint it to Chunfeng, Chunfeng always said good things about Ye Jinxuan …

Yes, envied and hated because of jealousy, she was jealous of Ye Jinxuan. Clearly nothing was like her, but she lived better than her. She had a mother-in – laws high regard for her , had a husband loved her, had friends liked her , and is famous for her Tianshangju restaurant in Jinling …

Very uneasy, she finally had a chance to stand up, better than Ye Jinxuan’s chance, her child, but it was gone.

Therefore, she began to calculate, but again and again, in the end, retribution fell on her own head.

For the first time, she was scolded by the queen mother for Ye Jinxuan.

For the first time being treated coldly by parents in-laws due to Ye Jinxuan.

And got unfamiliar with Chunfeng due to Ye Jinxuan.

Lost Little Ya because Ye Jinxuan.

Forced to move away from Marquis house of Hou because Ye Jinxuan.

Reputation was ruined because Ye Jinxuan.

But now thought about it, not so much because Ye Jinxuan, but because she did it herself.

Xia Chunyu scolded her for a long time. On the same day in Lanting Tea House, Xia Chunyu said, “When you bully others by yourself, you are happy. Have you ever thought about how others feel? Don’t you think bullying others is taken for granted? You can’t stand any injustice …

At that time, she only felt angry. Of course, she took it for granted that she bullied other people because she did not like them.

Later, framed Ye Jinxuan and Liu Xiaotian, Xia Chunyu scolded her for doing wrong.

Chunfeng’s eyes were getting colder day by day, and she still complaint that Chunfeng did not help her, did not look towards her, and even doubted what Chunfeng and Ye Jinxuan have some thoughts in mind.

Now she understood, it was not Chunfeng who liked Ye Jinxuan to be disappointed with her. Ye jinxuan was his sister-in-law and his family. He was disappointed because she had repeatedly hurt him to lose face and embarrassed him in front of his family, making him feel guilty. Chunfeng was a person who regarded his family as very important.

Unfortunately, she understood these principles too late and was too proud to know how to lower her noble head.

She silently recited the name in her heart, as if her heart had been pierced by a needle, and it was aching faintly.

Chunfeng, do you still hate me?

You must still hate me, otherwise, why don’t you come to see me for so many years? Even if it was good for the servant to take a look and let me know that you don’t hate me anymore!

Chunfeng, did you know that, in my life, I only treated one person sincerely, that was you, did you know how much I regreted ?Did you know how much I missed you …

Zhao Liluli raised her head and looked at the dark sky, pushing back the tears.

Chunfeng, did you know, now I had only this thought, I hoped I could see you again in my life, even if I looked at you from a distance.

At last it was light, and the queen’s ceremony arrived at Ciyun Temple.

Zhao Liuli mixed up in a group of nuns while chanting sutras, and then hid in her own room. she didn’t want to see the queen.

It was beyond expression to see people who were looked down upon by themselves in the past so shiny and bright.

However, after the queen’s blessing, she was specially asked to meet her in the past.

If she had been a crown princess before, she would never have gone, but if she saw that the family was a queen, what the queen said was an imperial decree, and she had to abide by it, she did not dare to disobey it.

The queen and the host were drinking tea in the fragrant room and saw Zhao Liuli in a blue frock coming in, but they didn’t recognize it at first sight.

In fact, when she recited the scriptures before, she was looking for Liuli in all the Sani, but everyone was wearing the same monk’s clothing and hats, with their heads down, and couldn’t tell the difference at all.

Now saw her, She was also surprised, not seen for many years, Liuli had lost a lot of weight, the original round face had now become a standard melon – shaped face with a pointed chin, which shows her eyes are particularly large, and her broad frock is worn on her body and empty.

When the queen saw her like this, she was deeply touched in her heart. The once glorious glass monarch had now become like this.

If she could be a little capable and tolerant, she would not fall into this field today.

Previously she also asked the host, how did the Liuli live here? The host said that Liuli was quite quiet and had few words. She would never object to anything.

The queen sighed silently and motioned for everyone to step down. She wanted to say a few words to Liuli alone.

Quietly in the room, only sandalwood filled the air.

The queen deliberated and said, ” LIuli, would you like to follow me back to the palace?”

Liuli looked up, eyes low was surprised to look.

For the first time since she came here for so many years, someone asked her if she would like to go back to the palace.

The queen smiled slightly, ” Before I came here, the emperor mentioned you, saying that you had blessed the queen mother for many years. Your filial piety is commendable. Now you are still a princess. If you are willing to go back to the palace or you are willing to remarry, the emperor will decide for you.”

In fact, Ye Jinxuan told her this, and she told the queen mother and the emperor that the queen mother thought that Liuli was the only daughter of the seventh wise kings after all. Even if she did something wrong, the punishment for so many years would be enough, and she could not really call Liuli the ancient Buddha for the rest of her life.The emperor was a filial piety, so the queen mother said, the emperor naturally had no objection.

Liuli cornered of the mouth with a wry smile, back to the palace? However, the palace was the last place she would like to stay. She spent the most beautiful time in the palace. She asked Ciyun Temple to stay there without being looked down upon.

As for remarriage, a notorious unruly princess and an abandoned woman who was old and yellow, who would like to marry her?Even if someone had to marry because of the majesty of the royal family, she was afraid he wouldn’t treat her sincerely. Why bother again?

Unless this person was Chunfeng.

Liuli lingered for a long time and asked, ” Is Marquis house of Hou all right now?”

The queen knew that Liuli was concerned about Xia Chunfeng.She couldn’t help but think of Ye Jinxuan’s words again: She said that Liuli did so many wrong things, but she was true to Xia Chunfeng. It was just youthful and spoiled. Even if she wanted to be good to a person, she didn’t know how to do it.Of course, Chunfeng was now very happy, and it was impossible to renew his lead with Liuli.

The queen said slightly, ” the old duke of Marquis House of Hou has already retired, and he has lived a carefree life in his home. now Xia Chunyu has inherited the title.”

After a pause, the queen added, ” Chunfeng is now a general, guarding western Sichuan and having two sons.”

Liluli couldn’t say whether it is joy or loss in the heart. The joy was that Chunfeng was so promising. In fact, he didn’t like it when the queen mother sent him to Dali Temple. He wanted to kill the enemy like the old duke and the second brother Xia Chunyu. Now, he was getting his wish.

What was lost was that Chunfeng married another and had two sons.

Couldn’t help but thought again, if her children were saved at the beginning, perhaps, there would not be so many things behind.

” I don’t know which girl is so blessed?” Liuli said with a smile, the thought in the mind was very bitter.

The queen also hesitated and said, ” It’s Chen Ya, the daughter of Longyuan Pavilion.”

Liuli dazed, Chen ya, wasn’t that Little Ya? Little Ya was a child of a crime minister who didn’t enter the palace to be a slave. Had her father’s case been vindicated?

Her face was burning and her complex emotions were rolling. She thought it would be the daughter of her family, but it turned out to be her former maid Little Ya, a mute, and Xia Chunfeng was really sentient beings and righteous, marrying a mute and helping her to rehabilitate her family.

Ridiculous, ridiculous, once so noble, she had now become a layman disciple in an tang, once humble and lowly girl had become the daughter of a university student in Longyuange, and the wife of a general was really ironic.

The queen saw that her face was blue and white, and her face was complicated and indistinguishable. She didn’t expect Liuli to care so much after such a long time.

” Liuli, as long as you figure it out, you will still have a good future.” The queen advised.

Liuli gave a sad smile, ” Thank the queen for remembering me, but I think this life is very good. I am quiet here for the rest of my life. I just want to pray for the queen mother and the emperor and queen.”

The only thought was shattered. What hope does she have?

” You don’t have to rush to answer me, you are still young, your life still has a long way to go, you think it over, let people send a message to my palace, and I will arrange it for you.” The queen and said.

Liuli bowed her head and kept silent. Was she still young? She was almost 30 years old. She could have how many 30 years in life. One step was wrong and the other was wrong. She couldn’t return her head.

Three days later, Zhao Liuli officially fell out of her hair and became a nun. Her name was Buhui (no regret).

In this life, she had too many regrets and hoped that she would not regret again in the next life.