Chapter 423 - Extraneous(Ⅲ) Zhao Qixuan and Su Yi ?

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Zhao Qixuan and Su Yi had been troubled by a problem for a long time.

Two people together, must distinguish who was strong or weak,inside or outside!Who was whose wife?

Because of this, he and Su Yi had conducted many in-depth discussions and had heated debates.

For example, on this day, Zhao Qixuan spent a lot of effort to help Su Yi got a chess book. While Su Yi was happy, Zhao Qixuan thought about fighting for it.

” Susu, you see how nice I am and know what your favorite thing is . ”

Someone turned over the chess book and nodded with satisfaction.

” But you don’t have to thank me, love wife is a man’s duty.”

Someone thought deeply and nodded, and said: “Well, I will love you and make sure that you will love it.”

Zhao Qixuan secretly gnashed his teeth. This fellow always believed he would stay with him forever by his good skills . In addition to his skill well, which point was better than me? Every time we fight, every time a dispute couldn’t be resolved,we would use violence to solve the problem. I was so embarrassed that you were so gentle like a jade, good look ,that was all pretended.

Zhao Qixuan had to pretend that he didn’t understand someone’s implication. He pulled out an account book and handed it over: ” Look, this is the account for this month. Ha ha, it’s 10 % more than last month’s income. Is your husband good? ”

Someone had a short stop when he turned over the book , he gave him a faint look and slowly swallowed: “What did you say?”

The slender phoenix eyes were slightly narrowed, and the corners of the mouth still held a gentle smile, but the threat from the deep and remote black eyes was already very obvious.

Zhao Qixuan shrank his neck and said weakly, ” No, I didn’t say anything!”

What else could he say in that threatening look?

Someone continued to turn over the books and said slightly, ” There are many times more merchants in the border trade city now, and this income has only increased by 10 %. I’m ashamed to boast of my business genius.If genius are all like you,the world had no genius.

Er … Zhao Qixuan was so angry that he almost fell back. He didn’t do anything every day. He walked the bird at home, played chess and read books. And even thought he was bashful. Didn’t he know how hard it was for a man to work outside. Too injustice.

Su Yi looked at his grievances, but he took out a title deed:”I bought the mountain in the east of the city and spent 10,000 yuan. I want to plant some Bupleurum, Sanqi or something. Now the medicine is expensive!”

“What? How much silver do you say?” Zhao Qixuan licked his ears. Did he hear the mistake?

Su Yi stuck out a finger: “One thousand.”

“One thousand?” Zhao Qixuan stunned and screamed.

How could this be? In the east of the city, there were a few hundred acres of mountains. According to the land price here, there was more than 100,000 yuan of silver. He… how did he do it?

Su Yi shook the paper fan and said: “This mountain was bought by Childe Wang . I asked him to play chess with me three times and I won it. You also know that I have never loved to take advantage of others. This money still has to be given a little.”

Zhao Qixuan almost slipped down from his chair and looked at Su Yi like a monster. He won a mountain in three chess games, but he said that he didn’t like to take advantage of others? What did he want to take advantage of?

“Hey, that Childe Wang’ skill of chess is really bad. I want to hold the next draw in the first game. The second game only lets him lose one. The third game still loses one. Qixuan, you don’t know, It’s a very painful thing to pull your own level like him. It’s a very painful thing for men. It’s not easy for men! So, if you spend money as an insider, don’t spend a lot, be considerate of the hard work of men.” Someone Sighed.

Zhao Qixuan had been speechless, this fellow didn’t want to get any disadvantages, he just shook a gun, he immediately retaliated.

“The Childe Wang will still play chess with me tomorrow. I heard that the store you bought last time was preempted by him. Tomorrow, I will get it, Qixuan, this time you said to him. How much silver is worth it? I think, three thousand is almost… um… I think it’s OK.” Someone got a fan and got up and rubbed the temple: “I’ll go to sleep first, recharge my batteries, at night,I have to love you more, it will cost my brain tomorrow, men are not easy…”

Zhao Qixuan’s eyes widened, his fingers trembled, but he couldn’t say a word. After a while, his head was heavy on the table, and his heart was filled with anger. Was this life being bullied by him?

Su Yi’s posture was leisurely tilted on the couch with one hand resting behind his head, and he could not help but raised his mouth when he saw Zhao Qixuan crying. Fought with him, Zhao Qixuan was still a little tender. In this life, it was better that he was the insider.

Zhao Qixuan certainly wouldn’t give up.

On this day, Zhao Qixuan and Su Yi went to travel together. They went to see the five pavements that Su Yi won from Childe Wang .

With these five pavements, that half of the street was belong to them.

Since coming to the Maocheng, Su Yi rarely traveled with Zhao Qixuan. The folk customs here were simple, and he was afraid that it couldn’t accept such a situation. Therefore, Su Yi paid attention and tried to keep a low pitch. Because both of them were eye-catching,and more conspicuous when they walked together.

In fact, Zhao Qixuan was also a beautiful man. It was not a very burly figure. It was also a well-proportioned figure. The shoulders and waist were wide and the legs were slender. If he didn’t go with Xia Chunyu and Helian Xuan, he was also considered to have a grand appearance.

Su Yi was needless to say, it was not an exaggeration to describe it with the appearance of Pan An. The facial features were as exquisite as paintings, and the figure was slender and tall, with one hand raised and one foot thrown, the charm was graceful and elegant, not to mention that the woman would be elated when she saw it, and even the man would not move his feet when he saw it, and there would also be some people who admired him.

Su Yi kept a distance from Zhao Qixuan as far as possible, but Zhao Qixuan, who was a relatively like to gule him, always used his elbow to barrel him, and sneered.

” Susu, how red your face is?”

Su Yi gave him a look. Outside, it was not convenient to teach him, so he had to endure it first.

“Susu, you look like a little shy wife.” Zhao Qixuan cheerfully said.

Su Yi hid on the side, and he glued again. The two walked from the middle of the street to the left, and from the left to the right, liked the Chinese word “Zhi”.

Pedestrians on the road were all pointing to them.

Su Yi was guilty and angry. He felt that everyone must have seen something. He could not help but lower his voice and shouted, “Are you enough ?”

“Then you admit, admit that you are the insider, I will be enough.” Zhao Qixuan which willing to miss such a good opportunity.

“You see that you are so white and beautiful,and look like an insider, right?”

Su Yi couldn’t bear it anymore, stopped and said coldly: “You go by yourself, I am back.”

“Oh, don’t do it, what are you ashamed, we are wife and husband?” Zhao Qixuan was a cheeky, he didn’t care whether other people knew or didn’t know, knew what? Not breaking the law?

The key was that those sisters and aunts , saw Su Su’s eyes shining like hungry wolves saw little sheep.

Shit. This handsome man belonged to me.They should stop thinking to obtain him, hum!

He wanted to declare sovereignty.

” Susu, you admit it, admit it won’t be less meat?”

Su Yi was angry, he used a little paper fan, pointed Zhao Qixuan’s acupuncture points.

“After an hour, the acupuncture points are self-solving. You like to be seen by people. You stand here and let people see enough!”

Su Yi turned around and left.

Poor Zhao Qixuan, with a lascivious smile on his face, made a gesture of pulling people in one hand and a fan in the other, It was just a women who wanted to slap a good woman, now was pointed the acupuncture points on the street.

Pedestrians came and went on the streets, all of them cast curious eyes.

First, They were curious, and then they felt so funny. When they realized the deep meaning of Zhao Qixuan’s expression, they spit it up and talked about it.

Was this person crazy?

He must think a girl crazily.They saw his face grinning.

Ah… Pitiful, asked what the emotion was, just made people crazy in the street, but unfortunately such a beautiful man.

Zhao Qixuan cried, teared in two lines.

The bottom of his heart was roaring: Susu, you were a jerk, was there such a torture? He didn’t take revenge, he would follow your last name. When he went back, he would not definitely let Su Yi out of the door for three days.

After standing in the street liked a fool for an hour, he finally moved. Zhao Qixuan still wanted face and pretended to knock the palm of his hand with a paper fan: ” Ha, this mystery has finally been solved by me.”

Then pretended to be very happy, shook the paper fan and walked back slowly with a square step.

It suddenly dawned on someone that this young man was thinking about problems. However, it must not be a serious problem to think about, otherwise he could look so lewd just now?

Zhao Qixuan went to the places where had few people, only to withdrew his smile and ruthlessly grind his teeth, Su Yi, wait for him.

When Zhao Qixuan angrily returned to his yard, he saw Su Yi sitting under the wisteria trellis, stretching his legs slowly, and drinking tea while reading.

” Su Yi …” Zhao Qixuan walked over and stood in front of Su Yi like a stake.

” Su Yi, you are too vicious, have you done this to your own man?”

Su Yi’s eyelids did not lift: ” Go away, don’t block the sun, I’m basking in.”

Zhao Qixuan angrily complained: ” Su Yi, since I met you at the age of ten, I can no longer hold anyone else in my heart. You have been hiding, I have been chasing,suffering so much. For you, I almost saw through the world of mortals. For the sake of my hard pursuit, can’t you give me in once? Can’t I have a little man’s dignity? Can’t you be gentle once? Is it a shame to admit that I am your man?”

Su Yi picked his eyebrows, looked up at him, hooked his fingers and motioned him to bend over.

Zhao Qixuan was angry and straightened his waist but did not bow his head.

Su Yi lost his smile, sighed, put down his books, stood up to face him, then put his arms around his waist, pulled him into his arms, bowed his head and kissed him.

Er … didn’t think this would please him.He was angry.He was very angry.

Unfortunately, Zhao Qixuan had no resistance to Su Yi’s gentleness. He soon became soft and was unconscious by a kiss. The purpose of justice was soon thrown outside .

In a daze, only listened to someone whispered softly sigh, spoiled to whisper …His wife, why was he always so capricious? what should he do with him?

Someone … almost spouted blood.

Sad in heart: Su Yi, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing …