Chapter 47 - I Can Do It

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Chapter 47: I Can Do It


The business for lunchtime had finished and it was too early for dinner. Ye Jiayao decided to go back to the motel and book the accommodation during this spare time.

Manager Li was such a great man and gave her almost one silver coin as a subsidy for accommodation. She was glad because it saved her a lot of money.

After Ye Jiayao stepped out, Helian Jing and Zhao Qixuan rode to the restaurant on the back of their respective horses.

Zhao Qixuan got off his horse first and handed his horsewhip to the greeting bellboy.

“Helian Jing, come down!”

Helian Jing said, “I’m not hungry. Just what you want to eat so we can leave.”

“No, no! I can mistreat anyone but not the Young Royal Highness. Hurry, come down, come down,” Zhao Qixuan hastened.

Helian Jing reluctantly got off the horse.

“I heard that chef Niu was snatched by Xiang Yi restaurant. I don’t know what can this new chef do, but no matter, I personally like to taste new things,” Zhao Qixuan said, patting Helian Jing’s shoulder.

Helian Jing moved out of his reach. “Take your hand off me. I don’t want people to think we have sort of connection.”

Helian Jing didn’t like to spend time with this guy because?he has a bad reputation. However, he had something to ask of him, so he had no choice but to deal with him.

Zhao Qixuan cut him a cold look. “You are just an overgrown child. I am not interested. I have such strong relationship with my little Su and our love is deeper than the sea. I would never cheat on him.”

Helian Jing shivered in repulsion. The talk of love between two men was so shameless, he could not bear it.

“If you shift your love to another person, Su’s family would play fireworks to celebrate,” Helian Jing sneered.

Zhao Qixuan sighed and looked up melancholically. “People in this world don’t understand what true love is.”

Helian Jing’s almost bit his tongue off in an effort not to say anything.?True love my ass!?You are the same as a gangster who kidnaps civilians. Mr. Su doesn’t even like you.

The two royals walked into the restaurant, talking about business. Manager Qian heard that the heir-son lord of Yong An and Jing Young Royal Highness were here. He nervously ran out to welcome them, desperately trying not to wet his pants despite his anxiousness.

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“Heir-son Lord and Young Royal Highness, welcome. Come upstairs to take a seat.”

Zhao Qixuan waved him away and sat down on a random chair in the hall. “I want to get a few dishes. Bring the menu over and let Young Royal Highness order.”

“Right this instant!” Manager Qian asked the staff to bring the menu and he personally held it up for the two royals.

“Helian Jing, order whatever you want.” Zhao Qixuan had a bad reputation for harassing pretty men. However, he has his strengths. He was a generous man and he has a warm heart. He also knew how to do business, thus further extending his riches. All of the good and bad sides of his reputation made him popular in the capital city.

Helian Jing browsed at the plain dish names and couldn’t stop thinking of big Raorao’s menu. If this menu was made by big Raorao, she might change ‘Mandarin Duck Snowflake ‘Roll’ into ‘Envy the Mandarin Ducks but not Gods’, and change ‘Steamed Mixed Stew’ into “Happiness Overload”. Playing to the gallery was big Raorao’s specialty.

“I don’t want anything else, just add a Double Taste Duck Roll and Lotus Wrapped Chicken.” Helian Jing folded the menu and returned it to manager Qian.

Zhao Qixuan raised his eyebrows and protested, “That is too little. Manager Qian, add Carp Leap Over Dragon Gate and Sandalwood Fan Duck Feet.”

Manager Qian wrote the orders down, grinning widely. “Heir-son Lord, what else do you need?”

Zhao Qixuan said, “Just these for now. I will add more if it is not enough. Ah, Manager Qian, I heard Chef Niu left. Who is your new chef now?”

Manager Qian had a glint in his eyes as he said conspiratorily, “We hired a chef from another city. He will take over tonight’s cooking. Heir-son Lord, you’d be the first to taste the new chef’s dishes.”

“I love tasting new things. You tell him that if I am satisfied with the dinner, I will reward him.”?Zhao Qixuan was interested.

Manager Qian added, “Not to brag, and if anyone asks, this didn’t come from me, but our new chef is definitely better than master chef Niu.”

“Better than master Chef Niu? Manager Qian, don’t bluff!” Zhao Qixuan was curious. Master Chef Niu was one of the best chefs in Jin Ling. Xiang Yi Restaurant wouldn’t have paid such a high price to poach him, otherwise.

“I won’t say such things in front of Heir-son Lord, that’s a disgrace. You can decide for yourself, Heir-son Lord, once you taste the food,” Manager Qian said proudly.

As soon as the manager left with their orders, Helian Jing turned to?Zhao Qixuan and said earnestly, “Qixuan,?I have to go back. I have some matters to attend to in the mansion. I will come back at night.”

“Don’t go yet. What business do you have? You don’t have a title nor any responsibility, you have no power over businesses in the mansion.” Zhao Qixuan stood up and grabbed his arm, dragging him out of the restaurant. “Come with me to the lake. I have prepared a gaily-painted pleasure-boat. I also invited new head brand of Changchun attic who could play Pipa well. Let’s go to the lake and listen to music together.”

“Aye! Stop dragging me! I can walk by myself!”

“Well, you’re a slowpoke.”

“Don’t call me a slowpoke!”

The two royals people pulled and pushed each other as they walked out of the restaurant.

Inside the Laifu Motel, Manager Du spotted Ye Jiayao?in the lobby and hurried to her. “How did it go? Were you successful?”

Ye Jiayao smiled proudly. “I got the job! I’m a first-class chef helper!”

Manager Du laughed and patted Ye Jiayao’s shoulder. “Little brother Li, not bad! I’m sure that after a few years, you’ll easily become a master chef.”

“Thank you for your compliment big brother. I will treat you to a round of drinks someday,” Ye Jiayao said affectionately. Since she wanted to live in his place, she would have to build a good relationship with him.

“Why wait for ‘someday’? I will treat you to a drink today.” Manager Du patted his broad chest boastfully.

Ye Jiayao gave him a patient smile. “I’m afraid, I can’t go today, Manager Du. I still need to go back to the restaurant later. They have important guests tonight, and Manager Li asked me to show off my skills.”

“Aiyo! That’s great little brother! It’s your first day on the job and you’re already being handed important task,” Manager Du said. He thought that if big uncle was confident to hand important guests to little brother Li, the kid must’ve been better than he originally thought.

“I know. I will try my best to impress them all and not make you regret giving me a shot. Thank you, again, for that,” Ye Jiayao vowed. She really appreciated the help that Manager Du and second lady Li gave her. No matter how good her skills were, if she would’ve applied alone, she wouldn’t have gotten the job of first-class chef helper. If normal workers or chef would want to rise to that position, it would take years of hard work.

“Little brother Li, you are welcome. However, if you didn’t have any real skill,?my older brother wouldn’t have given you such an important task. It wouldn’t matter if I recommended you or not.”

“Oh! Big brother, I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is the matter?” Manager Du asked.

“I actually want to rent a room for a long period. Do you do any long-term rental for your rooms?”

“Oh, yes, we do long-term rentals. If you live for one month and above, you get 20% off your fee, and for three months and above, you get 30% off. How long do you plan to stay for?”

Ye Jiayao thought about it and answered, “I will take three months first.”

“Okay, I’ll give you a 70% discount and you can stay however long you want,” Manager Du said offhandedly.

Ye Jiayao was stunned. She thought that Manager Du would give her a 50% discount at most, but?she never thought that he’d raise it to 70%! That was practically for free!

“Manager Du, I can’t take that. How about 50% off?” Ye Jiayao suggested, abashed. Her father has always taught her not to always accept cheap deals from others. She must give what she thought was fair as everyone has?their own livelihood to think of.

“Don’t worry about it, little brother. We have spare rooms all the time and there’s no point leaving them empty. You’re a good person with a righteous heart, and I can tell that we’ll get along really well. You’re another friend that I can chat and drink with.” Manager Du truly liked this young man. He has met all different kinds of people in running his business, but it was rare to see someone like little brother?Li who doesn’t expect any reward for his help.

Ye Jiayao hesitated for a moment before saying, “Thank you so much, big brother!”

Whenever I am free, I’ll help with the chores in the motel so I’d at least earn the huge discount Manager Du is giving me.

With her accommodation problem solved, Ye Jiayao bid her farewell and headed back to Heavenly Residence to?start preparing tonight’s dinner.

Li second lady showed her tonight’s menu: “Here, have a look at the menu. I’ll help you in any dish that you may not know.”

Ye Jiayao flicked through the menu and realized that the people who were coming for dinner tonight must either be rich or royal. Tonight’s dinner was really important not just for the restaurant but also for her. If she could manage to make a good impression, she’d bring the restaurant a good reputation as well as start to make a name for herself.

Another reason she was more determined than ever to amaze the diners was the way everyone looked at her. As soon as she came in a moment ago, the workers started staring at her dubiously. Ye Jiayao understood their hesitation. She was a young chef brought by second lady Li just this morning, and already, she was in a higher position than them. It was only natural for them to feel uncertain. It was up to her to prove to them that she deserved her position.

“Big sister, let me handle everything. I can do it,” Ye Jiayao announced.

Second lady Li glanced at her, unconvinced. There were a few difficult dishes on the menu which required excellent skills and complicated equipment.??Can he really do it all?

“Tonight’s guests are very important, little brother. You can’t make any mistakes. Are you sure that you can do it?”

Ye Jiayao chuckled brightly. “I assure you that I can, big sister. If you’re worried, you can watch over me.”

Second lady Li was still not certain. She recommended little brother Li, and of course, she wanted him to be successful immediately, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any doubts.

“Alright, then. Tonight’s dinner is all on you.”

Ye Jiayao took a deep breath and steeled herself.??You can do it, Ye Jiayao!

She started to arranging food materials and assigning the workers responsible for cutting vegetables, preparing fish, roasting, and broth-making. She has worked in kitchens ever since she was young, thus, she was very familiar with what order everything should go.

Second lady Li’s apprehension with Ye Jiayao loosened when she saw how efficient she was.

Ye Jiayao took some red and white carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and started to work on them.

Everyone looked on at the little brother, confused.?He assigned all the hard work to us and he’s just messing around with heaps of carrots? What is he doing?

However, the complaints soon turned into admirations as they saw Ye Jiayao turned those carrots into flowers, white rabbits, and red-and-green-feathered parrots.