Chapter 53 - Interrogate

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Chapter 53: Interrogate


Ye Jiayao made the mushroom soup and beggars’ chicken that little Jing wanted. She also prepared seasonal vegetables, tree fungus salad, pork tripe chicken, and cabbage with shredded wings, serving them personally to him.

Shopkeeper Li waited for her at the mouth of the staircase.

“Li Yao, ah, go have a couple of drinks with the prince. You don’t have to help out in the kitchen for the time being.”

Ye Jiayao’s jaw fell open.?Am I an escort now?

Shopkeeper Li didn’t think there was anything inappropriate about his order. It was a great honor to join Young Prince Jing during his meal.

“You don’t have to worry, the Heir-son Lord from last night is not around.”

That Heir-son Lord was an infamous homosexual, if Li Yao was invited to dine with him, Shopkeeper Li didn’t think that his young chef would survive it intact.

Why should I be relieved that the Heir-son Lord is not around?

“Quick, get moving. Don’t let the prince wait for too long.” Shopkeeper Li laughed as he hurried Ye Jiayao along.

Well, it was not like she has anything to be worried about. It was just little Jinjing.

Ye Jiayao walked into the lotus room with high fighting spirit.

Helian Jing sat alone at the table, tapping his fingers. Zhao Qixuan’s words replayed in his mind, confusing him even more. Could it really be possible that he was becoming gay? He was feeling worried and anxious for a man. He feels disappointed when he couldn’t see him, elated when he was with him. Was that love?

Unfortunately, Helian Jing wouldn’t know that. In his 16 years of existence, he has never experienced that love for either a female or a male. He felt like he was going crazy trying to make sense of what he was feeling.

“Young Royal Highness, the dishes you ordered are here.” Ye Jiayao placed the dishes on the table efficiently.

She picked up a small hammer and knocked the mud wrapped around the beggars’ chicken off. A burst of flavor together with the scent of lotus leaves drifted through the air.

Ye Jiayao looked at little Jingjing, who was sat there expressionless.??What now? Is this brat going through one of his mood swings again?

She tore off a pigeon thigh and placed it in his bowl. “Didn’t you kick up a fuss wanting to eat the beggars’ chicken? I assure you it is as authentic as it can get, try it!”

The fragrance reminded Helian Jing of the first time he shot a bird. He remembered the joy he felt when he jumped into the lotus pond to pick a lotus leaf. He remembered how he spared no effort in digging a hole. He recalled the curiosity and excitement he felt when he got down on all fours to watch Big Yaoyao prepare the beggars’ bird.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Ever since he was young, he got everything he wanted with a flick of his hand. He has never gone hungry, and neither has he slept in a run-down pavilion, getting bitten by mosquitoes. He had never gone through hardship so it didn’t occur to him that there were so many people in the world who were leading hard lives.

Therefore, that beggars’ bird that came with great difficulty became the most delicious dish he had ever tasted in his life. The smell infused into the bones, the image of both of them sitting on a dirt pile, wolfing down the food, rushed to his thoughts.

He just continued to sit there silently, eating and reminiscing the past, not caring if Big Yaoyao was still standing there.

Ye Jiayao watched him slowly and expressionlessly eat the beggars’ chicken. It looked like he was savoring every bite of the beggars’ chicken and every spoonful of the mushroom soup. She might as well have been invisible for all the attention he was giving her.??This brat took me away from the kitchen just to make me watch him eat?

After finishing the whole bird and half a bowl of soup, Helian Jing wiped his mouth with a piece of the serviette.

Finally, he slanted a look at Ye Jiayao. “Why did you not keep your word?”

The interrogation has finally started! Ye Jiayao pursed her lips and denied, “I didn’t break my promise.”

Helian Jing’s eyes were filled with fury. “You promised to look for me. We even clapped our palms and swore.”

“I was going to look for you. I just wanted to wait until I have settled down and found a job before seeking you out,” Ye Jiayao argued with conviction.

Technically, she was telling the truth. She did not say she would immediately look for him as soon as she reached Jin Ling.

“You’re a liar! Why did you get off at Zhen Jiang? Did you know that I waited for you in the harbor? I waited for Li Mao’s ship but you were not there! Did you know how I felt, then? I went to Zhen Jiang to look for you, my men almost ransacked the whole town to find you, but you weren’t there!?Did you know how I felt, then???Just last night, I begged Zhao Qixuan to get his brother-in-law in Jiang Xi to look for you.”

“Big Yaoyao, how could you break your promise? Even now, you’re still denying it! I hate people who break their promises!” Helian Jing?couldn’t help the words pouring out of his mouth. All the pent up worry, frustration, and anger he was feeling just busted out of him. He had been going out of his mind looking for big Yaoyao, and yet, here he was, looking as if he did not care.

Ye Jiayao felt like screaming back at him. However, she stopped short when she saw his eyes welling up with tears. He looked so angry and sad at the same time that Ye Jiayao could not bear to argue with him.

“Little Prince, you are overthinking this. I went to Zhen Jiang because I have some things to settle there. And I did intend to go to Jiang Xi, but in the end, I decided against it. Jin Ling is a flourishing city, it would be easier to find a job here. I promised you that I’d look for you, and I don’t go back on my words.”

“I even fell ill for two days on the way to Jin Ling and had to hunker down in a ruined temple to wait for the pain to pass. I only reached Jin Ling the night before. It was Manager Du of Laifu Motel who introduced me to work here. I came to apply for the chef position yesterday morning. You can ask the manager of Laifu Motel or Shopkeeper Li if you don’t believe me,” Ye Jiayao explained calmly.

Helian Jing’s anger dissipated when he heard that big Yaoyao fell ill.??What illness did he contract???He would have to get the royal physician check on him after he gets back.

Seeing his expression ease, Ye Jiayao continued, “Little Jingjing, you’re a prince. To civilians like me, you’re unreachable. I admit, I hesitated because I don’t know how to approach you in your mansion. I was going to look for you once I’ve made a decent living here in Jing Ling. I wanted to look for you for the sake of old friends catching up, not to charge you for your debt or beg for something to eat. I didn’t want you to look down on me, little Jingjing.”

Helian Jing was so touched, the tears he was holding in almost fell. He had always dislike how big Yaoyao calls him little Jingjing, but now, it felt like a term of endearment. It was just like how he sometimes call him ‘big Raorao’ to get on his nerves.

Big Yaoyao did not forget me!

Helian Jing stood up and pulled a chair out for Ye Jiayao. “Big Yaoyao, take a seat.”

Ye Jiayao sat down on the chair he offered. The young prince immediately pushed all the dishes she cooked right in front of her. “You must be hungry? Quick, eat.”

Um? Talk about a personality change!

“No, that’s okay. You go eat, I am not hungry. These are made especially for you,” Ye Jiayao replied courteously.

“You eat, you eat! I already had my fill. Besides, if I want to eat the food you prepare, I can just come here every day.” Helian Jing smiled happily.

“That… Little Jingjing, I know that your family is wealthy, but even if you have a lot of money, this is not the way to spend it. Eating in a restaurant every day would not look nice in the eyes of others. They would think that you are idle. A man should have some accomplishment, like serving your country and the commoners. Anyway, I am contractually bound to this place for three years. You can come here occasionally if you have guests or you want to socialize. When I open my own restaurant in the future, you can go over there every day if you wish.”

Helian Jing laughed out loud. “Alright, I will listen to you.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him and he suggested, “Why don’t you open one now? I can lend you the capital if that’s what you’re worried about.”

The more thought he put into it, the more that Helian Jing was convinced that it was a superb idea. Opening a restaurant together would bound him to Big Yaoyao legitimately. Besides, with Big Yaoyao’s culinary skills and his connections as a royal, the restaurant was sure to be bustling with business. They could easily compete and defeat Xiang Yi Restaurant, Heavenly Residence, and Man Ji.

Unexpectedly, Big Yaoyao rolled his eyes. “What are you talking about? I just signed a contract, do you want me to breach it?”

Helian Jing shrugged. “So what if you breach the contract? I will talk to Shopkeeper Li, see if he dares to not let you go.”

“Don’t you dare,” Ye Jiayao told him fiercely. She has only just settled down in Jin Ling and there were still a lot more for her to learn. Moreover, she got this job because of the help of Shopkeeper Du and his wife. She couldn’t just abandon the job they so generously gave her. Also, she wanted to open a restaurant that completely belonged to her. She does not want to bring in other people to partner up. She has seen too many failed business ventures in the modern times just because the partners ceased being friends. She didn’t want that to happen to her.

“We can always discuss opening a restaurant in the future. First, we have to learn how to walk before we run. Opening a restaurant is not as easy as it seems,” Ye Jiayao lectured.

“Oh, also, you can bring anyone you want here but not the person who brought you back in Jin Ling.” Ye Jiayao said, suddenly coming up with a solution to one of her problems.

Helian Jing was puzzled. “Why?”

Ye Jiayao rolled her eyes again. “Because I hate him.”

What???Helian Jing was baffled.?How did brother Chunyu provoke big Yaoyao??They don’t even know each other.?Could it be… could it be that big Yaoyao detests brother Chunyu for bringing him back to Jin Ling, causing them to part?

Helian Jing’s heartbeat involuntarily increased as he thought of this.??Is that really the case? Oh, my god! This is awesome!

Ye Jiayao picked up a slice of potato, watching Little Jingjing stare at the wall, smiling like a fool.

“You do know you look ridiculous when you smile like that, right? Hold up a mirror and I’m sure you’d scare yourself.” Ye Jiayao missed teasing him.

Helian Jing managed to restrain his smile for a while. After a few seconds, it burst out of him again, his eyes glistening like the spring sun reflecting in the ripples of the Qin Huai River.

“Big Yaoyao, I am so glad I found you.”

Ye Jiayao could not help but laugh.?Such a cute little child!

“Mm, I am also happy to see you.” Ye Jiayao nodded.

That was not a lie. She was indeed fond of this little brother.

Helian Jing smiled even more brilliantly, the joy in his heart indescribable.