Chapter 58 - You Must Be Mistaken

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Chapter 58: You Must Be Mistaken


“Sirs, the chef is here.” Ah Xing was mindful to say ‘chef’ instead of ‘Brother Yao’.

With his back to the door, Helian Jing could only clench his fist nervously as he muttered under his breath, “Big Yaoyao, you cannot be angry. This is not my fault, I didn’t bring him here…”

Deng Haichuan entered, cupping his hands together as he said, “Greetings, sirs.”

Upon hearing his voice, Helian Jing’s eyes widened. He turned around and?was even more surprised at what he saw.??How is this Big?Yaoyao????But, no, this is better!??Helian Jing kept silent and buried himself in his food.

Xia Chunyu watched Little Jing’s reaction calmly. The chef standing before him looked like he was in his twenties, tall and sturdy, and not at all like the Big Yaoyao that Little Jing mentioned.

“Did you make these dishes yourself?” Xia Chunyu leaned back, drumming his fingers leisurely against the surface of the table.

Deng Haichuan braced himself and answered, “Yes, I made them. Are they to your liking?”

Xia Chunyu raised a brow and said, “Not bad. What is your name?”

Helian Jing’s heart was hanging by a string.

Deng Haichuan could not bring himself to do it. Brother Yao wanted him to pretend to be him, but how could he?

“I… I am called Li…” Deng Haichuan stuttered guiltily.

Helian Jing fell into a violent coughing fit.

“Little Jing, what’s the matter?” Xia Chunyu asked with concern.

Helian Jing pointed at his throat, answering with a husky voice, “Fishbone, stuck… stuck in my throat.”

Ah Xing reacted immediately. “I will go get vinegar.”

Deng Haichuan seized the opportunity and rushed, “I will go with you.”

After finishing half a bottle of vinegar, Helian Jing said with a bitter face, “This won’t do, it’s not coming out. I have to see a physician. Brother Chunyu, accompany me to the physician’s, I feel terrible.”

Helian Jing pulled Brother Chunyu away without giving him the chance to say anything else.

At Jiu De Hall, the physician asked Helian Jing to open his mouth. He took a look and said, “I think it is still better to go back and drink more vinegar or swallow some rice or buns. That should be able to make it go down.”

“What if it doesn’t go down?” Xia Chunyu asked.

The physician replied, “Then he will have to take medicine. The medicine will soften the fishbone.”

“Then why does he need to swallow rice or buns? Get him some medicine now. Travelling back and forth is such a hassle,” Xia Chunyu said.

“I don’t think there is a need, Brother Chunyu. I am not used to medicines. I think I’ll just go back and swallow some rice.” Helian Jing shuddered at the word ‘medicine’. He has grown scared of medicines after taking so much when he was young.

Xia Chunyu pressed him down and told him firmly, “This is not a small matter. Listen to the physician.”

Do you really think that I can’t tell that you’re just pretending? You purposely came up with a situation that would allow the cook to slip away. Are you that afraid that I will see Jin Yao? Whatever you are hiding, I will find out about it sooner or later. You’re still young Little Jing, you can’t fool me.

“This herb does not need simmering, just add water and you can drink it. It is just a little bitter,” the physician said as he went to prepare the medicine.

Helian Jing was pressed down by Xia Chunyu and could not move. He couldn’t express his disdain, so for the sake of selling his act, he kept coughing so much he almost hacked out a lung. He also downed half a bottle of vinegar. His stomach was so full of acid by now that it was twisting painfully.

After watching Little Jing finish the last drop of medicine, Xia Chunyu ordered the bodyguards, “You two are responsible for sending the Young Royal Highness back to the Helian mansion. Bring him to the Yu De Princess and say that he choked on a?fishbone and it still hasn’t come out yet.”

“Brother Chunyu, surely there is no need to inform my mother? This is just a small matter,” Helian Jing said, flustered.

His mother doted on him excessively. If she so much as hears him cough once, she’d dog his steps the entire day, fussing over him. If she found out about this, Helian Jing was sure that she’d make him spend at least three days in bed.

Xia Chunyu said earnestly, “You choked on a?fishbone while eating with me. If something happens to you, your mother would skin me alive.”

He knew that after Yu De Princess found out about this incident, Little Jing would definitely not be able to leave the house for the rest of the day.

As soon as Little Jing was escorted home by the guards, Xia Chunyu mounted his horse and made a trip back to his mansion. Once he arrived, he ordered?Song Qi to go down to Heavenly Residence and investigate Jin Yao.

“Be careful. Don’t let him see you. I want definite information when I return from work.”

He was 90% sure that Jin Yao was Yaoyao, but that 10% of uncertainty was enough to unsettle him. He did not like the expectation and fear.

He kept telling himself to remain composed, to wait a bit more. The answer would be out soon, he just has to be patient for a little longer.

Xia Chunyu settled his work quickly and left early. He could not wait any longer. Every moment felt like an eternity, every second was torture.

Song Qi was waiting for him outside the palace door. As soon as he dismounted his horse, Song Qi walked up to him agitatedly and said, “Heir-son Lord, I… I saw Miss Ye.”

Xia Chunyu’s hearing tunneled, and for a moment, all he heard was static.

“Are you certain?” he asked, his voice wavering, unable to believe the sudden good news.

Song Qi nodded. “I am sure, Heir-son Lord.”

Xia Chunyu looked up at the sky. The red clouds looked as soft as cotton, and two birds fluttered past, disappearing behind a colorful roof. How long has it been? He felt like he has been living in a blanket of darkness from the moment he returned from Black Wind Ridge. Now… now, his desolate heart was starting to come back to life.

Yaoyao is still alive.

“Heir-son Lord, Miss Ye has disguised herself as a man and is working as a first-class helper in Heavenly Residence under the name Li Yao. She is staying in the Laifu Motel. When I saw her, I was shocked. I thought I saw a ghost…” Song Qi could not stop rambling.

Xia Chunyu lowered his head, smiling. “Did she see you?”

“No, I remembered your instructions. I was very careful.”

Xia Chunyu nodded. “Go back and report to Madame that I have an appointment tonight so I shall not eat with her.”

“Yes, sir,” Song Qi answered merrily.??This is great! Miss Ye is still alive so Heir-son Lord could stop acting so miserable now!?

Ye Jiayao was unable to concentrate the whole afternoon. Little Jingjing choked on a fish bone. Did he get it out? Was it serious? Why didn’t that fellow send anyone to tell her some news? Didn’t he know that she’ll be worried?

There was no sign of anything unusual even until she knocked off for the night. There was no servant informing her of Little Jingjing’s condition, there was no Dumb Donkey barging in the kitchen – nothing.

Ye Jiayao heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that everything would be just fine.

“Brothers, I shall leave first. Brother Xiang, I will treat you to a drink another time.” Ye Jiayao waved her hand, bidding everyone goodbye.

Zhong Xiang did not answer her but his face was no longer hostile.

Li Yao called him Brother Xiang as though they were very close, and that made him feel sort of embarrassed.

“Brother Yao, take care!” everyone told Ye Jiayao successively.

Outside Heavenly Residence, the lights were already lit up, making the streets as bright as the daytime. The Qin Huai river at night was dotted with lanterns, and under the faintly discernible music, it appeared to be even more charming.

Ye Jiayao sashayed unhurriedly, enjoying her leisure time after a busy day at work.

Xia Chunyu followed her from afar.??This silhouette, this walking posture… it’s all familiar.??Xia Chunyu recounted his walk last night. Could it be that the person he saw last night was her?

How could he have not recognized her?

“Ye Jinxuan!” Xia Chunyu shouted.


Xia Chunyu walked slowly towards her, his heart beating rapidly, his breathing ragged.

He was actually nervous.

Ye Jiayao instinctively ran. She didn’t want to see him. She wanted to hide from him forever. He has the most intimate relationship with her, and yet it was the most unfamiliar. There was never trust between them. They were both just acting, but she pathetically and unknowingly took it seriously. Meanwhile, he was just playing a role the entire time.

She has always refused to reminisce the past, but the events of that night were still clear,?flashing past in her mind like a sharp knife. She looked for him without caring for her own safety. She was worried that he would be in danger. She was a fool.

She was glad that she had heard what he said, otherwise, she would’ve remained by his side stupidly.

She could not even fathom the insults and ridicule that he was thinking of when she shamelessly called him her husband. He must’ve been sneering at her.??Such a stupid woman. Do you really think that I’d like someone like you?

She really, really did not want to have any sort of relationship with this person. He was just as repulsive as her stepmother and sisters who plotted against her. They were all full of deceit and completely ruthless.

Xia Chunyu did not expect her to run so it took him a few seconds before he chased after her.

He also didn’t expect her to run so fast. After chasing her for a while, it was clear that he would not be able to catch up to her. He had to use his martial art skills. With a few leaps and soars, he landed in front of her, grabbing her hand. “Stop running, you won’t be able to outrun me.”

“Who are you? Why are you grabbing me? Do I know you?” Ye Jiayao flung her hand hard but she did not manage to shake his hand off.

“Yaoyao, don’t be like this. It took me great trouble to finally find you.” Xia Chunyu sounded bitter and astringent.

He thought that Yaoyao would be angry, maybe even cry and scold him. He was prepared and determined to endure that because it was all his fault. He lost her due to his negligence.

However, she did neither of those. She looked at him so apathetically as if he was a mere stranger. He was at a loss.

Ye Jiayao laughed darkly, “Sir, you must be mistaken! I am not your Yaoyao.”

“Then why did you run?” Xia Chunyu questioned her, smiling faintly.

Ye Jiayao rolled her eyes and answered fiercely, “Can’t I do some physical training? Did I block your path or hinder you in any way? Let go of me now or I will scream.”

“By all means, scream as loud as you want. Don’t you know that the people in Jin Ling don’t like to meddle in other people’s business?” Xia Chunyu replied.

Ye Jiayao was speechless. “How can someone be so thick-skinned? I already said that I don’t know you. What else do you want? Is there something wrong with your head?”

Xia Chunyu remained unmoved despite her insults. His gaze shifted to her shoulder and he smiled lightly. “So you wouldn’t mind showing me your shoulder? I remember that my Yaoyao has a cinnabar mole on her left shoulder.”