Chapter 61 - Would you please leave

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Chapter 61: Would you please leave


Zhao Qixuan finished his duty and went out with a few friends to drink. He came back home very late and saw Helian Jing’s message. In the morning, he got up early to get the menu from his mom and personally delivered it to the Helian Mansion.

Helian Xuan and Helian Jing were eating breakfast?with their mother and grandmother when the servants reported that the son of Duke Yongan came to find the Young Royal Highness.

“Grandma, Mum, Big Brother, I’m going out for a bit,” Helian Jing excused, quickly putting his chopsticks down before rushing out excitedly.

Helian Xuan frowned, staring after his younger brother. He said, “Grandma, Mother, I’m going out, too.”

He wasn’t comfortable with the son of Duke Yongan getting close with Helian Jing.

Princess Yi Dechang knew her son’s character. He was very capable, yes, but his temper also runs hot. She had also heard about the proclivities of the Duke Yongan’s son, so it wasn’t hard to put things together.

“He’s a guest, don’t be rude,” she reminded her son sternly.

Helian Jing ran all the way to the front foyer.

“Zhao Qixuan, did you bring what I wanted?”

“Would I dare to come emptyhanded?” Zhao Qixuan said as he rubbed his temples. Drinking too much last night and getting up this early was giving him a huge headache.

“Come on, give it to me,” Helian Jing rushed.

Zhao Qixuan gave him the menu and said, “The chef we invited was Fu Ji. He’s the best cook in Jin Ling for birthday celebrations.”

Helian Jing looked at him contemptuously. “Whatever he can do, I’m certain that Big Yaoyao can do it better.”

“Big Yaoyao? Are you talking about Li Yao?”

“You’re going to let him do the celebration? Helian Jing, this is no joking matter!”

“Well, why not? You’ve tried his food, you know it’s much better than Zhen Fugui’s!” Helian Jing reasoned.

Zhao Qixuan shook his head and said, “This isn’t just about making good food. If it’s an ordinary family’s birthday celebration, I support you hiring Li Yao. Helian Jing, this is the ancestor of the Helian Mansion’s birthday! There are too much customs to consider. You can’t let someone without experience do this.

“I know you want to help Li Yao, give him a chance to raise his name and all that, but… have you really thought about this. What if he screws this up? Helian Jing, this isn’t a smart move. And, do you think your brother will let you do this? He’s going to question your motives! Young Royal Highness, sometimes you need to lay low if you want to live longer. I?was too impulsive and look what I got. Don’t follow in my footsteps.”

Helian Jing stared at Zhao Qixuan, weighing his words. The Duke Yongan’s son was right, he didn’t think this through. When his big brother gave this job to him, his first thought was hiring Big Yaoyao to be the chef. He had thought that if Big Yaoyao did well in the feast, he’d be famous in the city. It didn’t cross his mind that this could harm Big Yaoyao.

“Then…. what should I do? I already told Li Yao.”

“Just say that your brother didn’t approve of it, I’m sure he’ll understand. I have to say, he’s really brave for daring to take on something this big,” Zhao Qixuan said as he waved his fan around.

Helian Xuan was shocked by what he had heard.

Lay low to live long? Don’t follow in my footsteps? And who is that Li Yao??

Helian Xuan left and immediately told a servant, “Call Ping An over.”

The servant replied, “Ping An hasn’t been here these past few days. He seemed to have been sent out by Young Royal Highness Jing to do something.”

Helian Xuan frowned, displeased. Ping An was Helian Jing’s closest servant. Whatever Helian Jing was up to must be confidential for him to send Ping An out. Did it have something to do with that Li Yao?

“Fine. Follow the Young Royal Highness. Find out where he goes, who he talks to, and report it to me. Take note of someone called Li Yao, find out who he is,” Helian Xuan ordered.

Helian Xuan wasn’t going to let his younger brother fall into the wrong path.

After Zhao Qixuan left, Helian Jing retreated to his room for a long time, disheartened. He suddenly lacked the motivation to do anything. However, after?torturing himself with negative thoughts, he decided to follow Zhao Qixuan’s advice and went out to find Big Yaoyao.

“Your brother won’t agree?” Ye Jiayao couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Ever since Helian Jing told her about this, her thoughts had been consumed with plans to make this birthday celebration great. She was still thinking about the menu last night right before she fell asleep, comforted by the feeling of a bright future ahead.

Helian Jing’s words felt like a bucket of cold water thrown in her face. However, she could understand the situation. Despite Helian Jing’s desire to help her, he still has?to obey Duke Helian. She could even understand why Duke Helian didn’t approve of her. After all, who would give such an important celebration to someone who has never even been heard of?

“Big Yaoyao, I’m really sorry I couldn’t convince my brother,” Helian Jing said apologetically.

Ye Jiayao smiled. “It’s fine, Little Jingjing. I was just thinking about how to break it to you that I wouldn’t be able to accept the job. Now, we both don’t need to worry.”

Helian Jing didn’t feel relieved. He knew that Big Yaoyao was only saying this to comfort him.

“Hey, don’t be like that. It’s your grandmother’s birthday, you need to look joyful and arrange it well. You need to show everyone what you’re capable of. Come on, tell me what preparations you’ve made.” Helian Jing looked so dejected and pitiful that Ye Jiayao couldn’t help but try to comfort him.

“I haven’t really done much yet. I was thinking of doing something new like inviting the circus, but my mum said that Grandma loved watching the opera, so I invited the famous Chun Opera in Jin Ling. I hate listening to opera!??Yi Yi yay a!??I don’t even know what they’re singing,” Helian Jing complained.

“Well, it’s not your birthday, it’s your grandmother’s. You have to do it according to what she likes. When it’s your birthday, I’ll help you prepare your celebration and you can invite the circus,” Ye Jiayao said with a laugh.

Helian Jing perked up for a second before deflating again. He muttered, “But my birthday has already passed this year! The next one would be next year.”

“Okay, then, I’ll invite you out to drink when it’s my birthday,” she said.

“When is your birthday?”

Ye Jiaoyao replied, “August 8th.”

Her birthday was the same as the original host’s which she found quite strange.

“That’s soon, Big Yaoyao! What present do you want?” Helian Jing asked joyfully. His grandmother’s birthday was July 28th.

Ye Jiayao shrugged. “I’m okay with whatever. I’ll be happy regardless of what you give me, you’re my only friend.”

Helian Jing was very excited to know that he was Big Yaoyao’s only friend! He silently vowed to make Big Yaoyao’s birthday great and happy.

Helian Xuan soon got the report. Li Yao was a chef from Heavenly Residence. He was new, pretty-looking, and Helian?Jing visits him almost every day.

A chef.?Helian Jing is infatuated with a chef.

Helian Xuan shook with anger and disgust. Zhao Qixuan was into the handsome third son of the left prime minister, at least. What was a chef?

This has to end now, while Helian Jing wasn’t too far down the rabbit hole yet. He must remove this Li Yao.

Thus, in the evening, Helian Xuan came to Heavenly Residence and asked for Li Yao to come and personally serve him.

Ye Jiaoyao knew that Little Jingjing’s big brother was here so she didn’t dare to be careless. She made the dish with extra attention and delivered it to him herself.

Everyone thought that since Brother Yao had a close relationship with the Young Royal Highness, Duke Helian must’ve come here to support him.

As Ye Jiayao arranged the dishes on the table, she sneaked glances at Duke Helian. Just like Helian Jing, he had almond-shaped phoenix eyes. However, the similarities stopped there. Helian Jing’s eyes were clear?and innocent. Duke Helian’s eyes were deep and looking at it felt like staring into the abyss. His eyes didn’t betray his thoughts, only his serious temperament.

She knew that the Black Wind Ridge was annihilated by Chunyu and him.

“Duke Helian, please enjoy.” Ye Jiayao was uneasy. He didn’t seem like he was here to befriend her.

Helian Xuan studied this Li Yao.

His face was delicate. He had watery eyes and distinctive features. His face was more exquisite than a girl’s and was indeed very handsome. Helian Xuan could understand how Helian Jing fell for the chef, because even him, a duke with vast experience, was captivated by his looks.

Li Yao was also well-mannered and polite, but not scared. This fellow wasn’t simple.

This made Helian Xuan more adamant about his decision.

“Li Yao.”

“Duke?Helian, what are your orders?”

Helian Xuan motioned for his servant. The servant dutifully stepped forward and placed a stack of cheque on the table.

Ye Jiayao looked at Helian Xuan in confusion.

Helian Xuan said, “This is a cheque for 500 silver pieces, three years worth of your salary here. Now, please take this and leave Jin Ling. I don’t care where you go, just don’t let Helian Jing find you again.”

Ye Jiayao was stunned. “Why?”

“There’s no why,” Helian Xuan replied coldly. “You just need to do as you’re told. I will compensate for the restaurant’s losses, but you must leave here.”

Ye Jiayao was so angry all she could do was laugh.

“Duke Helian, I believe I haven’t offended anyone while working here. If you don’t want the Young Royal Highness to be friends with a lowly citizen like me, you just need to tell him. What has this got to do with me?”

What the fuck???She had seen rich families use tactics like this to break up their children’s relationship, but was that necessary for??friends???Helian Jing treated her as a friend and she considered him as a little brother. They weren’t lovers!