Chapter 71 - Who Is Pranking Who

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Chapter 71: Who Is Pranking Who


Before she could even process what was going on, someone bumped into her again.

The person walked away without even a backward glance.

What the hell? Have I suddenly become invisible? Why is everyone knocking into me?

She glared daggers at her latest attacker’s back before she focused back on the money pouch that just appeared out of nowhere. This pouch was a lot heavier than hers, but??where did my money pouch go?

“Aiya, my money pouch is gone!” the person who had bumped into her screamed, looking back at Ye Jiayao.

It was that rude young man from the restaurant earlier!

“Aha! You bumped into me purposely just to steal my money!” Liu Li accused, pointing at the money pouch in Ye Jiayao’s hands.

The passersby gathered around both of them, wanting to get in on the gossip. They all looked at Ye Jiayao with disgusted eyes and talked among themselves.

“He does not even dress like a poor person, why must he steal…”

“You really can’t judge a book by its cover. Do you think only beggars dressed in rags will steal?”

“That’s true. Perhaps dressing this way would make it more convenient to steal since people won’t suspect him…”

Ye Jiayao finally understood what was going on. She has fallen into the trap of this young chap.??This f*cking undergrown brat. What a sore loser.

“Young Master, this prank is not funny at all. If you’re trying to get back at me for all the things I said to you back at the restaurant, then I apologize. Take your money pouch back and return mine. Tomorrow, I will reserve two cups of chilled drinks just for you, you can come anytime you like,” Ye Jiayao placated, knowing that if she didn’t give in, things would only get worse.

The corner of Liu Li’s mouth turned up in an undetectable sneer. It was too late now. She already had been humiliated and a princess would never forgive that.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Liu Li then turned to the crowd and said loudly, “This petty thief stole from me, and to get away from punishment, he’s talking nonsense, making it seem like we know each other. Look, he is holding my money pouch in his hands! There are five taels of golden leaves and a 100-tael banknote in there. If you don’t believe me, get him to open it. Guys, please be my witnesses, and I will give each and every one of you a tael. I despise petty thieves the most so I’ll make sure that this one will get the appropriate punishment!”

The crowd’s mood rose upon hearing that there would be a reward for those who would become a witness. Everyone started shouting their support for Liu Li.

“Little brother, we will be your witness! Drag him to the court.”

Ye Jiayao gritted her teeth.??Fine.?I tried to play nice but you insisted on being a jerk.??You wanna play, little guy? Let’s play.

Ye Jiayao straightened her back and turned to the crowd. “What are you all shouting about? And why are you here? This is a fight between husband and wife, why are you all meddling in our affair?”

Everyone was dumbstruck. Husband and wife? They were obviously both male!

Liu Li was stunned, too. Did he see through her disguise?

While everyone was in a state of shock, Ye Jiayao bowed to Liu Li and said in a low voice, “Little Su, I understand your intentions. I feel the same for you, and my love is definitely no lesser than yours, it’s just… Father disapproves. I can’t just defy him especially now that he fell ill from worrying over our relationship. I am the only son in my family, Little Su, and if I take on this path, Father will die of anger. I love you so much but I can’t be with you. I know you’re angry and I don’t blame you. Hit me, kick me, do whatever you want… just know that I will never stop loving you. I will pray that hopefully, in the next life, we’d finally be able to be together the way we want to.”

After Xia Chunyu told her that Zhao Qixuan was gay, Ye Jiayao asked around about the Heir-son Lord’s love affairs. He was, indeed, the most famous homosexual in the city. It was also well-known that he was very much in love with someone called Little Su. They were Ye Jiayao’s muses for this particular acting show.

“So the two of them are gay…”

“Aiyo! What a sin! Two fine young men just became…”

“You really can’t blame him. If it is my son who goes on this crooked path, I would die of anger, too.”

“That’s right…”

Everyone was deceived by that depressingly loving look in Ye Jiayao’s eyes. They don’t see Ye Jiayao as a thief anymore, but rather, just as a pitiful pervert. Liu Li became the repulsive pervert. His lover’s father was ill, and still, he wouldn’t give in.

Liu Li’s head spun at how the events had changed so rapidly. How did that poor chap gain the upper hand?

“Who is your Little Su…” Liu Li was flustered and panicked.

Ye Jiayao was not going to give him the chance to say anything else that will get the people in his favor. With a voice full of sorrow, she said, “Little Su, remember, whether it is in this life, or the next, or the ones after that, you will always be my Little Su.”

Ye Jiayao did not know how she kept from shuddering as she said that.

“Little brother, you have to understand his situation! Stop kicking up a fuss.”

“That’s right! This is not a glorious matter. Why are you making a fuss on the streets, aren’t you ashamed?”

Everyone’s mood dampened. The ancient people were very?conservative and were generally against this kind of things. They would tolerate Young Masters playing around like this and creating a scene, but they really do not have the patience when it comes from ordinary folks.

The crowd dispersed, mumbling their displeasure.

“Ay, don’t go away! I don’t know him! He really did steal my money pouch!” Liu Li stomped her feet angrily.

Ye Jiayao winked at him.??Ha! That serves you right, you horrible fellow.

Little Ya, who was ordered to hide in a corner far away, rushed over to the princess as soon as she saw what happened. “Pr- um, Young Master…”

Liu Li’s eyes were glistening with tears. She was so angry that all she could do was cry and glare at Li Yao who was giving her a smug look.

Her parents had passed away early so she grew up by the empress dowager’s side. The empress dowager held her dear in her heart, pampering and loving her so much that even the emperor and empress have to give in to her to some degree. She had always been the one doing the bullying because no one had ever dared to go against her.

Today, she was insulted and humiliated??twice??by the same poor fellow!

“Li Yao, you jerk! I won’t let you off!” Liu Li bellowed

The onlookers who have yet to leave completely believed in Ye Jiayao’s story upon hearing that high-pitched bellow.

Ye Jiayao winced at the sound. His bellow had the power of a shrewd wife’s. She was not at all surprised that he knew her identity. It was clear that this nobleman was not one to lose graciously so he must’ve done some digging around to take revenge on her.

“I told you, your internal heat is too strong. That’s not very good. That would give you constipation, a bad liver, and skin rash. Go home and take some cooling medicine. Next time, don’t leave home without your medications, alright? You’re polluting other people’s air,” Ye Jiayao said harshly.

If not for her quick wits, she would have probably ended up beaten by the crowd, tied up, and paraded through the streets just because this brat can’t take a lecture. She was not going to go easy on him.

Just when Liu Li was sure that she was about to combust with anger, she saw a familiar face in the distance. Elated, she immediately ran over to him and pulled on his sleeves.

“Brother Chunyu, someone stole my money pouch and refuses to admit it. He even bullied me! You have to stand up for me!”

Xia Chunyu looked down at the person pestering him, shocked. “Princess Liu Li,?what are you doing outside the palace?”

“That’s not important! You have to fight for me, or… or I’m not returning to the palace and I will say that you are the one who brought me out,” Liu Li threatened.

Xia Chunyu took a deep breath, his eye twitching in annoyance.??Of course, I get to be your scapegoat. Apparently, I don’t have enough stubborn, pain-in-the-ass women on my hands.

“Tell me, Princess, who dares to bully you?

Liu Li pointed at Li Yao. “Him.”

Ye Jiayao cursed her luck when she realized that the brat was asking help from Xia Chunyu. This was the one time that she gets to shop and she immediately runs into him. Was Jin Ling that small? Or does Dumb Donkey just doesn’t have anything to do other than roam the streets?

Ye Jiayao wanted to run but the brat’s servant was firmly grasping her arm, refusing to let go.

Xia Chunyu followed the direction of the princess’s finger and got his second shock in minutes.

How did she provoke Princess Liu Li? This spoiled girl was the most?demanding master of all of Jin Ling!

Yaoyao’s ability to create trouble has certainly increased.

For three days, he had tried very hard to control himself and not look for her. For that whole three days, he was ill at ease, dispirited in all his tasks, and just plain miserable. He told himself that if this continues for two more days, he would cease torturing himself and just go see her. The opportunity came earlier than expected?and with more headache than he had planned.

“Brother Chunyu, bring him to the court and give him a good beating. Make him squat in jail until he dies.”

It was clear to Xia Chunyu that Liu Li’s hate for Yaoyao was very strong.

“Don’t fret, Princess. Wait for me here and I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

“There’s nothing to ‘get to the bottom of’! He bullied me and he made a fool out of me. I have never been so humiliated in my life. I want him to die.” Brother Chunyu was about to become her husband soon, it was only right that he helps her with anything she demanded.

Ye Jiayao stood in place in annoyance, waiting for Dumb Donkey to come over.

After Xia Chunyu calmed Liu Li down, he walked over to Yaoyao and gave her a cold look. “What’s going on? Why did you do the princess?”

Princess??Ye Jiayao looked at the pouting chap who was staring daggers at her. He’s actually a woman? And a princess? Well, that explained why she was so unruly and arrogant.

But… what is the relationship between this princess and Dumb?Donkey??The two of them seemed very close.

Ye Jiayao threw the money pouch in her hand to Xia Chunyu and concisely relayed to him what had happened. She made sure that she had explained herself very clearly as she was going against a princess.

“Okay. So you’re telling me that she spoke rudely in Heavenly Residence so you taught her a lesson. After that, she followed you here, gets a beggar to take your money pouch and replace it with hers to frame you for stealing?” Xia Chunyu repeated.

Ye Jiayao put on a fake smile. “Heir-Son Lord has a smart mind. So in this case, are you?going to side with reason, or with someone of noble blood like you?”