Chapter 77 - Crown Prince's Calligraphy

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Chapter 77: Crown Prince’s Calligraphy


In the suite, after a satisfactory meal, the Mao Shan clouds and mist tea were served. As everyone enjoyed their tea, the prince remarked, “The head chef here is very different. He can make ordinary dishes taste so extraordinary. He’s clearly highly skilled and very clever.”

“Your Highness is right. Li Yao gives his heart and soul into his cooking that’s why he could make even the simplest dishes taste superb. After all, as long as it was made with effort, even a wild bird cooked in mud and a few mushrooms picked from the bushes can taste like heaven,” Helian Jing said proudly.

Xia Chunyu snorted quietly.??You haven’t even tried the preserved eggs Yaoyao made!??It was the only one in the world. However, sadly, he has already finished them. One day, he has to get Yaoyao to make him another vat.

“Li Yao is not only good at cooking, he has an excellent personality and he also has good drinking habits.” Zhao Qixuan also wanted to put in a few good words for Li Yao, however, it was not for the crown prince’s benefit but for Helian Xuan’s.

Xia Chunyu and Helian Jing simultaneously glared at him. Of all the things he could say, he has to mention drinking! The last time Yaoyao drank, she fell into the river.

Zhao Qixuan was bewildered. What did he say wrong? Weren’t all that he said flatteries?

Helian Xuan fanned himself and lazily said, “Since Your Highness also praises Li Yao’s cooking highly, why don’t you pen down your comment on paper and gift it to Li Yao as a form of encouragement?

Xia Chunyu secretly rejoiced. That was a brilliant move. The crown prince’s recognition and calligraphy would be akin to the crown prince’s protection. Anyone who would want to harm Yaoyao would have to think twice.

“A few days ago, I heard that His Majesty and the grand tutor mentioned that Your Highness’ calligraphy skills improved, and can even be considered a master. I wonder if we would have the honor of witnessing Your Highness’s calligraphy?” Xia Chunyu cajoled.

The crown prince was a little hesitant at first. Gifting words to a chef seems a little below his status, and although he does have a good impression of this Li Yao, it was not to the state where he would dedicate a writing to him. However, when Xia Chunyu mentioned the grand tutor and his father praising him, he gave in. “Get the writing materials.”

Zhao Qixuan volunteered merrily, “I’ll go, I’ll go.”

Zhao Qixuan found Manager Qian and said, “Quick, get some top grade writing materials. Today is your restaurant’s?lucky day because the crown prince is going to leave his calligraphy! Get Li Yao over to the attic to thank His Highness.”

Manager Qian gaped at Zhao Qixuan in absolute shock.??Is he dreaming?

Zhao Qixuan snapped his fingers and exclaimed, “What are you waiting for? You’re going to miss this opportunity!”

Manager Qian jolted upright and immediately rushed downstairs to look for the shopkeeper. In his excitement, he walked a little too quickly and slipped.

The customers eating in the downstairs hall heard a thud. They all looked up towards the sound and saw someone rolling down the stairs. The person then climbed to his feet calmly and walked away as if nothing happened.

Everyone was dumbstruck. It was good that at his age he still had strong bones!

The moment he turned the corner out of anyone’s view, Manager Qian rubbed his throbbing buttocks, cursing silently.??F*ck!?

Half an hour later, Ye Jiayao was kneeling on the ground, both hands outstretched to receive the crown prince’s calligraphy, kowtowing to thank His Highness. She was so emotional that the words she wanted to say were stuck in her throat. She wanted to shout all over the place and pump her fist in victory.

When the crown prince inherits the throne, this calligraphy would upgrade to the emperor’s calligraphy. She was totally going to frame this up when she opens her restaurant in the future. She was getting too excited just thinking about it.

The crown prince smiled graciously. “If you launch anything new, don’t forget to send a set to the east palace.”

Ye Jiayao nodded enthusiastically. This was a great way to earn the crown prince’s good favor.

“As long as Your Highness likes it, it will be my honor to send my food to you over every day.”

The corner of Xia Chunyu’s mouth twitched, his heart sour with jealousy.?I ran all over the place just to keep you from getting beheaded, shouldn’t I get a set, too?

Helian Jing looked at Big Yaoyao merrily. His heart was indescribably happy. The better Big Yaoayo does in Jin Ling, the less he would be likely to leave.

Her crisis had not only been solved but instead, became good luck. The saying,?the kind of people you mix with would determine the kind of life you’ll have,??came to mind. At the moment, she found it to be very true.

Her fake marriage to an Heir-Son Lord, and accidentally picking up a Young Royal Highness as a little brother gave her one of a kind opportunities and chances.

After sending the crown prince off, Helian Xuan returned to the army department while the other princes and noblemen also dispersed. The only ones left in the restaurant were Xia Chunyu, Helian Jing, and Zhao Qixuan.

The four sit down for tea.

Only then did Helian Jing asked, “Can you tell me now how you managed to offend Princess Liu Li?”

Xia Chunyu fanned himself emotionlessly as he drank his tea, acting as if this was none of his business.

Ye Jiayao narrated the rough course of the events.

Zhao Qixuan slapped the table in amazement. “Li Yao, you’ve avenged me! I wish I could’ve been there to witness this. It’s high time that someone takes care of that little she-devil.”

Xia Chunyu cleared his throat as a warning. “Take it easy, Zhao Qixuan. Your loose tongue may cause trouble and you might wake up in the pond again tomorrow.”

Ye Jiayao, who has heard of this story, pursed her lips to keep from laughing out loud.

Zhao Qixuan scowled miserably. “Brother Chunyu, can you please stop opening that old wound? Besides, as long as you don’t tell her, she’d never know.”

Xia Chunyu frowned, his eyes becoming icy cold.

Knowing that he had said something wrong, Zhao Qixuan backpedaled. “Just kidding, just kidding. Don’t take it seriously.”

Helian Jing said worriedly, “Liu Li is not one to let things pass. She might not be able to openly harm Yaoyao, but she’d definitely find a way to do it secretly.”

Xia Chunyu put his cup down and drawled, “I don’t think she would be able to come out of the palace for a while.”

Everyone looked at Xia Chunyu curiously and chorused, “Why?”

“She should be listening to the empress dowager’s lecture right about now,” Xia Chunyu replied.

Helian Jing asked dubiously, “Are you sure?”

Xia Chunyu raised a brow, smiling lightly.

Of course, he was sure. He was the one who arranged it.

The empress dowager does not allow anyone to lecture Liu Li or badmouth her because the empress dowager reserved that as her right. If it was a matter of principles, the empress dowager would not concede. In fact, when news about Zhao Qixuan’s incident reached her ears, the?empress dowager grounded Liu Li for three months.?Now that the empress dowager was helping Liu Li pick a husband, she would not allow Liu Li to get into trouble. If he guessed right, the empress dowager would keep a close eye on Liu Li from now on and put a stop to her spontaneous trips outside the palace.

Besides, he has also arranged for someone to protect Yaoyao. He won’t allow Yaoyao to be plotted against.

“Then, I can relax a little,” Zhao Qixuan said.

Helian Jing said, “You still cannot let your guard down, Yaoyao. I will ask my brother to send someone from the guards’ camp to protect you.”

Ye Jiayao immediately protested, “Don’t, there’s no need. It is not really a big deal. There is no need to get so many people involved.”

Helian Xuan already has unsavory opinions about her, if Little Jingjing asked for someone from the camp to be sent over, Helian Xuan would probably exterminate her. Helian Xuan’s presence today was 80% on behalf of Xia Chunyu.

Xia Chunyu was uncomfortable hearing Little Jing call Ye Jixuan Yaoyao. Although the Yaoyao he and Little Jing knew were different, it still bothered him.?No one else can call her Yaoyao, damn it!

“Your brother’s guards’ camp can be used whenever you please? Little Jing, it would be more convenient if I send some people over,” Xia Chunyu said casually. Protecting Yaoyao was his responsibility, no one could take it away.

Helian Jing was discontented and unhappy. He hated how he does not have a troop under him. He even had to beg others if he wanted to protect Yaoyao. He has to become strong quickly so that he doesn’t have to beg people for anything.

Zhao Qixuan sighed resentfully. “If only it was the devil who got married to West Mongolia, there would not be so much trouble.”

Xia Chunyu warned again, “Have you forgotten what happened to Princess Jing He?”

Zhao Qixuan pouted gloomily. “I can’t even say what I want.”

“Don’t worry, I will handle whatever comes and be more careful,”?Ye Jiayao assured them.

Actually, she was not afraid of anything that comes at her openly. What she was afraid of was being plotted against.

Xia Chunyu rose and said, “I have to go back to the palace to check some things, I’m off now. Little Jing, your brother wants you to go back early, let’s head off together.”

Helian Jing grumbled, “I don’t want to go. They just debate over a simple problem for three days, I’ll be bored to death.”

“Your brother came today because you performed well. If you take this chance to slack off, I don’t think you can ask a favor from him ever again,”?Xia Chunyu told him patiently.

Helian Jing considered Brother Chunyu’s words. He was right. The?quarrel with his?brother a few days ago was very difficult to patch up. He should take it easy and not make his brother mad again.

“Then, Yaoyao, I’ll be off. Take care, alright? If there is anything you need, come look for me. I would rush over immediately,” Helian Jing said, reluctant to leave.

Zhao Qixuan added with a smile, “If you can’t find them, you can look for me, too. The way you stood up to the princess was enough to get me on your side. Your troubles would be mine in the future, I would never turn you away.”

“Then I shall thank you in advance,”?Ye Jiayao said, smiling gratefully.

After sending the three off, Ye Jiayao let out a relieved breath. She thought about how detestable Liu Li must be for people to cheer Yaoyao on for going against her. Even the crown prince refused to help her! Ay, that was quite pitiful.

Ye Jiayao was greeted by a smiling Shopkeeper Li when she returned.?“Li Yao, can I have a look at the crown prince’s calligraphy?”

Ye Jiayao saw the greedy look in Shopkeeper Li’s eyes and instantly knew what his intentions were.?No, this is my treasure!?

“Shopkeeper Li, I can let you take a look, but the crown prince instructed that unless I make it as a first-rate chef, I cannot display it. Perhaps the crown prince thinks that I am not qualified yet. It would shame him if I take it out,” Ye Jiayao lied smoothly.

Shopkeeper Li was a little disappointed. “Oh, is that so? Then… I’ll just have a look.”

He wanted to hang it up in the shop, but since the crown prince has an order not to, he would just have to settle on looking at it.