Chapter 85 - Taking Advantage Of The Situation

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Chapter 85: Taking Advantage Of The Situation


Ye Jiayao was secretly astounded. Chunyu actually went to the Wei family? When did he go? What did he go there for? To seek confirmation of her identity? It looked like he really didn’t trust her, after all.

Xia Chunyu did not want to mention that imposter First Young Mistress in the Wei family for the time being, but he also did not want to let Wei Liujiang off so easily. He said arrogantly, “There is no need for you to suck up to me. If I wasn’t here today, how would you have dealt with my brother?”

Mu Qinchu trembled with fear, laughing apologetically. “Heir-Son Lord, all the fault lies with me. I drank too much and got intoxicated, so I was a little louder. Heir-Son Lord, why don’t I arrange a feast especially to apologize to this young brother?”

Xia Chunyu turned to look at Yaoyao.

Ye Jiayao mimicked Xia Chunyu’s tone, and said smugly, “There would be no need for the feast. If Young Master Mu is sincere in his apology, then get me 1000 catty of government ice share allocation!”

She knew that this detestable fellow was the son of Assistant Minister Mu of the Ministry of Works. The government ice cellar was under the charge of the Ministry of Works so getting a thousand catty share allocation should not be difficult for him. She was going to take advantage of this situation as much as she could.

Mu Qinchu took a deep breath, his expression sour. It was not that he didn’t want to do it, but getting that much of ice allocation was a little difficult. The supply for the allocation of the ice in the government cellar does not meet the demand every year. Even the highest ranking official would not get more than 600 catty of share allocation for one summer. This young brother was asking for a thousand! Arranging a feast to apologize would be much simpler.

“A thousand catty? Are you sure you want so much?” Mu Qinchu asked.

Ye Jiayao nodded seriously. “Yes, 1000 catty. It actually might not be enough.”

Xia Chunyu knew Yaoyao was making iced drinks, but, 1000 catty was a shocking number. However, since Yaoyao requested for it, he would make sure that Mu Qinchu agrees to it.

“Don’t tell me you cannot accede to this little request by my brother?” Xia Chunyu looked at Mu Qinchu, his gaze full of threat.

Mu Qinchu braced himself and forced out a smile. “I… I will do my best.”

Xia Chunyu continued, “Since you are rightfully apologetic, we shall pretend that this unpleasant event did not happen. Send the share allocation to my residence in three days’ time. Li Yao, let’s go.”

He wanted Mu Qinchu to know that he would be keeping an eye on the matter, and if he failed to deliver, there would be hostile consequences.

Ye Jiayao broke out into a smile. She trailed behind Xia Chunyu, the both of them proceeding downstairs.

Wei Liujiang looked down from above and waited until both of them exited the restaurant before asking Mu Qinchu, “Cousin, who is that chap? Why is Xia Chunyu so protective of him?”

Mu Qinchu felt that the little fellow seemed familiar, but he could not remember where he saw him. He was certain, though, that this Li Yao was definitely not any nobleman from a respectable family. In the social circle of Jin Ling’s noblemen, there was no one that he didn’t know.

“This Li Yao, could he be the one who got famous recently from selling chilled drinks?” Mu Qinchu’s attendant suggested hesitantly.

Mu Qinchu slapped a hand on his forehead. “I remember now! It’s that fellow, the head chef of Heavenly Residence!”

Wei Liujiang found it unbelievable. “A chef could become brothers with Xia Chunyu?”

Mu Qinchu replied with annoyance, “This fellow is no simpleton. I heard that Young Royal Highness Jing from the Helian Marquis is very close to him. It seems that now, Xia Chunyu is added to the list.”

He could not?afford to provoke just the Young Royal Highness Jing alone, and now that Xia Chunyu was in the mix…?This is f*cking annoying!??He was just a chef! Even if he was top-notch, he was still just a chef! Thinking about how he had to apologize humbly to a??chef?was making Mu Qinchu’s blood boil.

This matter was a huge blow to Wei Liujiang. Before he came to Jin Ling, he had thought that he could be considered a very important person, because, in Ji Nan, he could be as unreasonable as he wanted.

He thought that his cousin was formidable here in Jin Ling. His father has a lucrative post at the Ministry of Works and by extent, Mu Qinchu was also a core figure in the society. Hell, he even saw a few noble princes being extremely polite to his cousin just last night.

However, in front of Xia Chunyu, his cousin turned into a meek bobblehead. It looked like Xia Chuyu had the final say in the matters and was the real hegemon of Jin Ling. It was no wonder that his father kept reminding him to be careful before he left for Jin Ling. The son of a prefectural magistrate couldn’t even compare to a fart in the Jin Ling filled with influential officials.

What puzzled him the most, though, was how this chef called Li Yao became brothers with someone like Xia Chunyu. It seemed like the chef was quite capable. He had to think of a way to get close to this Li Yao. Perhaps he could give him connections with the Helian Marquis Mansion and Xia Chunyu.

Xia Chunyu and Ye Jiayao boarded the horse carriage. Ye Jiayao was in deep thought and she looked depressed.

“That is the guy you used to like?” Xia Chunyu recalled how regretful Yaoyao sounded when she mentioned Wei Liujiang, and couldn’t help but become jealous.

“Like? I wouldn’t even take a second look at someone like that,” Ye Jiayao said with disdain.

The original host may have liked Wei Liujiang, treating him as the redemption from her horrible life, but to Ye Jiayao, Wei Liujiang was just another stranger.

“Looks like he doesn’t recognize you anymore. What does this mean now?” Xia Chunyu teased with a slight smile.

Ye Jiayao glared at him. “I was 10 when we last met. How were we supposed to recognize each other after such a long time?”

She would never tell him that she sneaked a peek at Wei Liujiang when he went over to the Ye family last year.

“Do you know how the Wei family and Ye family dealt with the aftermath of you being kidnapped up the mountains?”

From his tone, it was clear that he knew something she didn’t. Ye Jiayao asked, “When did you go over to the Wei family?”

“After the matter in Black Wind Ridge was settled. I think the current imposter of the first young mistress in the Wei family is your second sister, Ye Jinrong.” Xia Chunyu said.

Ye Jiayao was not even surprised. She already knew that.

“Furthermore, your second sister and Wei Liujiang already had an affair. I reckon that Wei Liujiang was the one who supplied her the information of Black Wind Ridge. Otherwise, how would the Ye family in Yang Zhou be able to get the people of Black Wind Ridge to work for them?” Xia Chunyu analyzed.

Ye Jiayao felt like a pail of cold water was thrown in her face. She looked at Xia Chunyu and his eyes conveyed nothing but seriousness. She didn’t want to believe that. She might not like Wei Liujiang, but she had thought of him as a cultured and refined young scholar. Although she had never been in contact with him ever since she was 10, when he came over to stay at the Ye household just last year, she saw him speaking courteously even to the servants.

“You can’t just say that Wei Liujiang had a part to play in this! Do you have concrete evidence?” Ye Jiayao questioned.

“Of course, I have evidence, but now is not the time to bring it out.” Xia Chunyu’s eyes seemed cold.

Did he launch an investigation into this matter? Why would he do that? So he could have a peace of mind?

“Let me ask you, what do you plan to do about this whole situation?” Xia Chunyu already had an idea, and no matter what Yaoyao says, he would never let that adulterous pair off. He still wished to listen to Yaoyao’s thoughts, though.

Ye Jiayao bit her lip. What should she do? She had been asking herself that question for a long time now. She would definitely not let them off. She was not some type of a saint that could just forgive the people who wanted to harm her.

She came all the way to Jin Ling just so that these evil people could get what they deserved.

“I want to expose their lies and let the whole world see their ugliness. I want Jinrong and Wei Liujiang to lose everything they have, and I want my stepmother thrown out of the Ye family,” Ye Jiayao said with a hateful voice, unconsciously clenching her fists.

That was her ultimate goal. Although she has no idea what she has to do to achieve it, she believed that it will happen as long as she advanced towards it.

A warm hand enveloped her fists, caressing her gently and comforting her. Xia Chunyu said in a deep voice, “They will get their retribution, I promise you.”

The warmth of his hands and his hot breath near her ear made half of her body go limp. She couldn’t contain the shudder that went through her.??F*ck! Why must he lean so close?

Xia Chunyu felt her body stiffen up and couldn’t help but smile. His Yaoyao was still as sensitive as ever. He knew every sensitive spot on her body and he remembered how he would purposely tease her back then. He recalled how?she panted, confused and distracted under his ministrations.

Xia Chunyu started to lose control as thoughts of their steamy nights at the mountains flooded his mind. He slowly leaned over and flicked his tongue out to lick her earlobe, indulging in her unique scent.

“Yaoyao…” he breathed. “I missed you…”

Ye Jiayao felt as though there were an infinite amount of electrical current scattering in her body. She wanted to resist Xia Chunyu, but her limbs felt weightless.

She was annoyed. Didn’t she get over him already? Why was she turning boneless the minute he puts his hands on her? Or??any??body part on her?

Xia Chunyu was now alternating between soft kisses and sultry licks, and Ye Jiayao felt so hot she thought that the heat might drown her.

“No…” she protested feebly. In fact, her voice came out so delicate that it sounded like she was acting coquettishly.

“No what?” he asked, a hint of enticement evident in his deep, husky voice. His hand slowly moved up her slim waist, and with little strength, she fell into his embrace.

He was trying to tempt her, wanting to ignite the passion they previously shared. She had been on a roller coaster ride today and she was disoriented. Xia Chunyu supposed that what he was doing could be considered as taking advantage of the situation, but honestly? He didn’t care. As long as it would win her back, he was not above using despicable moves and using her attraction to him against her.

He thought that he had everything under control, but he quickly realized that that was far from the case. He was suffering, probably more than Yaoyao. His skin felt heated and he was so hard, it was painful. He wanted to just push her down and take her to sate both of their hunger, but he knew that he couldn’t act that brash. Yaoyao was no longer that young married woman that would meekly submit to whatever he wanted. She was now a rose filled with thorns, and if he was not careful, he could?get pricked.

Xia Chunyu shifted a little, groaning at the friction it created.

Yep. He was getting burnt as he played with fire.

“Let me go…” Ye Jiayao tried again. She felt so ashamed at how she was acting. She wanted to slap him, get away from him as far as possible, but her body was not cooperating. Her body was a slave to his hands and lips.??Why?