Chapter 86 - None of Your Business

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Chapter 86: None of Your Business


What the hell, Yaoyao! You’re a dumbass! Why do you keep falling for his seduction techniques? Even if he did get rid of your troubles, sent people to protect you, and stood up for you, that doesn’t mean he truly likes you! Yaoyao, wake up!!?

Chunyu maybe handsome and one of a kind, but in this era, love doesn’t rank high on people’s, especially noble’s, list of priorities. Even if he did fall in love with her, he couldn’t just marry whoever he wanted. At best, she’d be his mistress, and she was never going to be okay with sharing her man with other women.

The bindings on her breast were loosened, and she felt the warmth of his palms on her breasts. He stroked them expertly, alternating between soft caresses and firm touches.

If she let this go for a second longer, she would never be able to get away from him. As it was, it already took all of her willpower to push him away.

Xia Chunyu was caught off-guard by her resistance and he fell back on the seats, his head colliding against the wall of the cart with a heavy??thump.?

Ye Jiayao was too busy arranging her clothes back to pay attention to him. She said fiercely, “You’re such a prick! Why are you always bullying me? If you touch me again, I swear I’m going to castrate you!”

Xia Chunyu touched his head gingerly. “How did I bully you? I was loving you!”

Ye Jiayao didn’t answer him and instead continued to arrange the wrap on her chest.??Damnit!??In order to put the bindings back, she must take her outerwear first and if she does that, she’s just going to flash him again. However, if she doesn’t put the wrap back now, people would definitely notice her considerable peaks. After staying at the inn for a few days, all those guys would definitely recognize her.

Xia Chunyu saw the look of helplessness on her face and suppressed a laugh. She looked adorable. He teased, “Do you want me to help?”

Ye Jiayao threw him a scornful look.?Help????Ha! As if!

“Turn around, you horrible man! You’re not allowed to see,” Ye Jiayao demanded.

Xia Chunyu dropped his smile. He really did not want to see her continue to harm her own body. Without hesitation, he snatched the strip of cloth from her and unceremoniously tossed it out the window.

Ye Jiayao’s jaw dropped. That was an important?prop for her disguise and he actually??threw??it away!

Annoyed, Ye Jiayao kicked at him. “Why the f*ck did you throw it away? Pick it up!”

This time, Xia Chunyu was prepared so he was able to push her leg away. “I should have thrown that thing away a long time ago.”

“Do you want that thing to be picked up by someone else?” she questioned frustratedly.

Xia Chunyu paused for a moment.??Oh.??Yaoyao used that to wrap her breasts up and it carried her scent. If it was picked up by some wretched man… Xia Chunyu called for the carriage to stop. He jumped off the cart, picked it up, and stuffed it inside his clothes.

Ye Jiayao stretched out of the cart to watch what Xia Chunyu was doing and found the carriage driver looking at her weirdly.

Ye Jiayao glared at him.

The carriage driver, startled by her fierce eyes, quickly turned around and focused on the road in front of him. He was missing the good old days where homosexuals weren’t so arrogant.

Xia Chunyu jumped back into the carriage and the carriage moved forward.

“Give it to me,” Ye Jiayao demanded, holding her hand out.

Xia Chunyu had a blank expression. “I didn’t find it.”

“Nonsense. I just saw you pick it up.” She scanned his body up and down and figured that he probably hid the cloth by his chest.

“You saw wrong.” Xia Chunyu knew what her plan was before she even moved. The corners of his lips curved up into an imperceptible smile, waiting for her to start.

Ye Jiayao pointed out the window. “Look, what’s that?”

While Xia Chunyu turned his head away, Ye Jiayao pounced and pulled at his jacket.

She still hadn’t found it when she was stopped by a strong pair of arms.

“Now you’re throwing yourself at me?” Xia Chunyu said quietly, his smile deliciously devious.

Even though she was embarrassed, Ye Jiayao only tossed him a glare but did not stop pulling at his clothes.??I’ll deal with your arrogance after I find this cloth.

“Tsk, tsk. So impatient. I can see you’ve?been holding yourself back so much, you poor thing.” Xia Chunyu couldn’t help but laugh as he watched her little hands roam all over his chest.

Ye Jiayao wasn’t in the mood to play with him.

“Alright, okay, okay!” Xia Chunyu caught her wandering hands in his grip. “You’re inside a carriage, no one can see you right now. Just let them breathe freely for the time being.”

Xia Chunyu pointed to her wide open collar. He could see the deep marks that the cloth left where it was tied tightly. It made his heart hurt. She had to go through this every day, and more, just to earn a living.

“Don’t you see? You’ve made such deep marks on your skin. I asked the doctor and he said if you bind it up for a long time, it will not only affect the development there but also will cause various illnesses due to poor blood flow,” Xia Chunyu said seriously.

Ye Jiayao felt her cheeks heat up. He actually went to ask the doctor! How could he have the nerve to ask about that?

Of course, she knew the consequences of binding her breasts, but it was not like she had any other choice if she wanted to continue working as a chef.

“Stop controlling me.” Ye Jiayao pursed her lips.

Xia Chunyu hated when she said things like that.?‘Don’t control me. ‘What right do you have to control me?’

“I am not trying to control you. I want to take care of you.” Xia Chunyu lifted her chin and forced her to look up at him.

His gentle voice was like a sigh. It revealed just how strongly he pitied her. Just this one sentence seemed to contain infinite magical power. In an instant, he had broken through the barrier in her heart and exposed the vulnerability that she didn’t want to acknowledge.

Since starting this new life, she has always felt like her nerves were strained like clockwork springs pulled tautly. She didn’t dare to relax and get comfortable because she felt like there were surprises for her at every turn. She thought that she could be strong enough, that she could endure each difficulty in this hard, perplexing new life. But she was still a woman. Sensitive and soft. There were times that she wanted to succumb to her weariness, to find a shoulder to lean on…

Ye Jiayao buried her head in his chest, not wanting to let him see her moment of weakness. “Chunyu, why won’t you let me go?

She hated it when he leaves her in the dark, puzzled and confused.

Xia Chunyu stroked her hair and said with a soft voice, “I ask myself that, too. You yell at me, you push me away, and yet every time, I always eagerly go back to you. You infuriate me but I can’t stop thinking about you. Do you think there’s something wrong with me?”

Ye Jiayao refrained from snorting.??Oh, Chunyu, there are many things wrong with you.

“In all my years, you’re the only one who reproves me to this extent. Even my father never cursed at me like you have!” As he talked, Xia Chunyu reveled in the feeling of her in his arms. He rarely gets to hold her like this.

Ye Jiayao rolled her eyes. “Ha. You’ve just probably forgotten the times when you were scolded during your childhood. I don’t believe that your father never disciplined you. You’re such an abominable person…”

Xia Chunyu smiled. “Maybe. I just… I just want to tell you that you’re not like the others. You’re different to me.”

Her heart sank.??Not like the others? Is that the best you can do???This wasn’t the answer she wanted.

Ye Jiayao struggled free from his embrace, her heart aching.??Ah! Forget it!???Did I really expect him to say he loves me??

Xia Chunyu stared at Yaoyao’s turned profile, perplexed. She was fine a moment ago as she leaned into her embrace like a gentle, docile cat. Now, she’s become cold and isolated again. What happened? He hastily recalled the last few seconds, had he done or said something wrong?

“Yaoyao, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking?”

“I’m annoyed, I don’t want to talk.”

“What’s there to be annoyed about?” Xia Chunyu went to hold her hand but she shook him off.

“Xia Chunyu, we are nothing to each other. I don’t want to continue being entangled with you. Tonight, I will check out and go back to Laifu Motel. Thank you for these past few days,” Ye Jiayao said indifferently.

She couldn’t continue on like this. She and Chunyu weren’t a good match. Whatever connection or romantic moments they’ve shared was all in the past. She should move on because, despite everything, they have no future together.

Her cold expression and her careless tone made Xia Chunyu’s heart hurt. What did she mean? Does she want to run away again?

Xia Chunyu forced himself to smile. “Alright.

Xia Chunyu wanted to keep her happy, but there were some things that his pride wouldn’t allow him to say out loud. However, he was lost. Yes, he made some mistakes, but how long will she punish him for it? What more does he need to do in order for her to accept him again?

The two of them fell silent.

The carriage stopped and the rickshaw puller said, “We have arrived, sirs.”

Ye Jiayao was the first to lift the curtain and jump down from the carriage.

Umm… what the…

“Where are we?” Ye Jiayao asked.

Xia Chunyu waved the rickshaw puller away before pulling Ye Jiayao by the hand down the alley.

“Hey, where are you taking me? I want to go back to Ruyi,” said Ye Jiayao, struggling.

Xia Chunyu stopped in front of a red lacquered door of a courtyard and knocked.

“Coming! Coming!” someone called from inside the house.

The young man that opened the door looked no more than 20 years old with bushy eyebrows and big eyes. “Heir-Son Lord, please come inside.”

Xia Chunyu introduced him, “His name is Jiang Li, Uncle Jiang and Auntie Jiang’s son.”

Ye Jiayao’s mouth dropped in surprise.

Jiang Li cupped his hands in front of him politely and bowed. “You must be Third Madam!”

Excuse me?? Ye Jiayao quickly denied, “No, I’m not.”

Jiang Li frowned in confusion and turned to Xia Chunyu questioningly. Didn’t the Heir-Son Lord tell them that he’d bring Third Madam today?

“Third Madam…” an excited voice said.

Out of the door, spilling water, came Auntie Jiang. When she saw Ye Jiayao, she tossed the copper pot in her hand and ran over to her in a flurry. Her eyes were filled with tears of joy as she excitedly stammered, “Th-third Madam! When the Heir-Son Lord told me you’re here… I-I couldn’t believe it. You’re really here, Third Madam! I thought I’d never see you again…”